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How To Add Mp3 To iPhone Without Itunes

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Where Are These Songs Stored On My iPhone

How To Transfer MP3 to iPhone Without iTunes (2021)

All your audio files are stored on the iPhone in the Apple Music app.

Now you may also wonder what is the actual location of stored audio files on iPhone. That’s a question that would probably rise at some point. Unless your phone is jailbroken, the file path to music files is irrelevant and not meaningful.

Just as a fun fact, all of your music files are located inside a folder named Music’, which is again located inside another folder called iTunes_Control’.

That is another difference between Android devices and iOS. In general, a user doesn’t need to know all the technical details like where the file is stored or how the whole file system is organized.

How to add music to iPhone from the computer is a question that all iPhone users are concerned about. There are iTunes and many other alternatives, so I hope that this guide gave you an idea of what types of software there are that will do this task for you.

Using A Cloud Storage App

It is an easy way around to add music on iPhone without iTunes when you have got MP3 files to transfer. Although, you require using a computer for it .

You can pick any of the cloud storage services for the work but ensure that it does have an iOS app associated. For instance, you chose Google Drive. Heres what you need to do next:

Download Music On iPhone Without Itunes Via Apple Music

Music streaming is awesome because you can listen to any song you want without spending any storage space from your phone. But when it comes to cellular data, streaming music can be a very costly thing.

If you have an Apple Music subscription and iCloud Music Library enabled, then you can easily download any song, playlist, or album to your iPhone for offline listening. Just follow this process to learn how to put music on iPhone without iTunes via Apple Music-

Step 1: Launch the âMusicâ app from the home screen of your iPhone.

Step 2: Go to the song, album, or playlist you want to download.

Step 3: Hit the âmoreâ button, it looks like some dots on the right side of the music name.

Step 4: Tap on âMake Available Offlineâ.

Step 5: The downloading process will begin and you will be able to check the download status in the download bar from the top of the screen of your iPhone.

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How To Put Audiobooks On Ipod Without Itunes

The steps required to add audiobooks to iPod are similar to the ones for an iPhone. It is also very common to listen to audiobooks on an iPod, simply due to its convenience.

WALTR 2 remains the perfect solution for this task as it supports every single generation of iPods out there.

Let’s download A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens to be sure WALTR 2 works for iPods as well. And now, just follow these three quick steps.

Step 1. Launch WALTR 2 and connect an iPod

Plug your iPod in using a USB cord. If you have an iPod Touch, you can connect your device via WI-FI.

Step 2. Drag & Drop

Pick your file from a Finder or a desktop. Drop it into WALTR.

Wait for several seconds

Step 3. Play M4B on iPhone

After you see Transfer Complete, you can listen to an audiobook. If you have an iPod Touch, open a default iBooks app and go to the Audiobooks section.

On an iPod Nano, go to the Music app and scroll down to Audiobooks. As you see, WALTR 2 automatically transfers all your files to the appropriate default app.

WALTR 2 is a great option if you want to transfer the audiobook from computer to iPhone without iTunes. It doesn’t matter which format you choose, as WALTR 2 supports all. Obviously, if you choose to add M4B audiobooks to your iPhone, you will get all the benefits mentioned in our M4B vs MP3 comparison.

Airdrop Mp3 From Another iPhone To iPhone

How To Get Music From Itunes Onto My iPhone
  • Turn on AirDrop, Wi-Fi connection, and Bluetooth on both iPhones.
  • Open the Music App on the source iPhone and choose the song you want to transfer.
  • Tap the More button at the lower right corner. Then tap the Share icon.
  • Choose AirDrop and choose the target iPhone to send the music. On your target iPhone, just tap Accept to receive.
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    Download Music On iPhone Without Itunes Using Media Monkey

    Media Monkey is a great and famous music player and manager for the Windows platform. You can also use it to sync your music to the iPhone by following some easy steps.

    Step 1: Download and install Media Monkey on your PC.

    Step 2: Download some iTunes services that you will need. You can also download iTunes like normal if you want to manage your data files. You need to download the iTunes installer. Then you need to rename the file iTunesSetup.exe to . Then you need to double-click on the .zip file to open it and find MSI . Drag this file onto your desktop. Install the connection service on your PC. Now download and install QuickTime on your PC.

    Step 3: Open Media Monkey on your PC while your iPhone is connected to it. Then select the iPhone from the left menu which will show you the summary of your iPhone storage.

    Step 4: Now click the âAuto-Syncâ tab to choose if the songs that you didnât select to be synced with iPhone to be deleted or not and also if the iPhone should sync automatically when itâs connected.

    Step 5: Check the âOptionsâ tab to handle the settings of importing the songs, album art, and other options.

    Step 6: You can add all of your music to the Media Monkey library so that you can manage them using the tools. Media Monkey will also monitor your folders to keep the library updated.

    Faqs Of Mp3 To iPhone

    Can MP3 be downloaded to iPhone?

    Yes. To download MP3 files to your iPhone, there are 2 ways. The first one is to download MP3 on a computer, and then add those downloaded MP3 files to iPhone. The second method is to use the MP3 downloader application on iPhone to download MP3 files directly.

    What is the music file format for iPhone?

    iPhone uses the following audio formats: AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, AU, PCM, MP3, AC3, AA, and AAX.

    Can I transfer an emailed MP3 file to my iPhone music without a computer?

    To add an emailed music file to your iPhone Music all, you can make it without a computer. You just need to download a music manager application like Bridge, Streaming Radio, etc., from App Store and use it to transfer music files to the Music app.

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    To Put An Mp3 On iPhone Using Airdrop Do The Following:

    Before we begin, head to Finder on your Mac and make sure that AirDrop is enabled in the sidebar.

    Step 1. Swipe upward from the bottom of the display on your iPhone & start the Control Center.

    Step 2. Make sure that Bluetooth and WI-FI are turned on.

    You don’t actually need wireless networks for the transfer, it’s just that it should be enabled.

    Step 3. Enable Airdrop by tapping on it. It turns white when it’s on.

    You are to select who can see your device & airdrop files to you: your contacts only or everyone. If you choose contacts you have to be logged in to your iCloud account. To avoid extra hassle and put an MP3 on iPhone ASAP, you may as well let yourself be discovered by everyone nearby.

    Step 4. Now check if you see your device in the AirDrop tab in Finder. Positive?

    Step 5. Use the finder to find the MP3 you want to put on an iPhone.

    Step 6. Drag it to the AirDrop in the sidebar and hover till you’ll see an AirDrop window.

    Alternatively, you might also find the MP3 file you wish to share, right-click on it, in the context menu choose Share’, then AirDrop’. You will see an AirDrop window, select your iPhone from the list.

    Step 7. Head to your iPhone and confirm the transfer.

    Note. You need to have some third-party player to open your MP3 on your iPhone. Unfortunately for the Apple fans out there, there is no way to play MP3 files on iPhone without the side apps unless you transfer MP3 to iPhone using WALTR 2.

    Copytrans Manager For Windows

    Import mp3’s without using iTunes – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

    If you’re a Windows user, there’s a free program called CopyTrans Manager that can fully replace iTunes and relieves you of some of its common annoyances. The freeware allows for on-the-go edits, drag-and-drop additions to your library, and can be copied to a flash drive for management on multiple PCs.

    CopyTrans Manager also transfers your iTunes library to its own music player. This is great for people who already have a bunch of music on iTunes and are afraid of losing those songs by using another service.

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    How To Put Mp3 On iPhone Wirelessly With Airdrop

    How do I transfer MP3 to iPhone wirelessly?” many users asked. If you are one of them, why not try AirDrop? With AirDrop on, you can send files like photos, videos, music, contacts, and more between two AirDrop-supported devices. To use AirDrop, you will need to make sure that both your iPhone and Mac are within the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range, then turn on AirDrop on your iPhone and the Mac.

    To transfer MP3 to iPhone via AirDrop:

    Step 1. Locate the MP3 file you wish to export on your Mac.

    Step 2. Right-click it and select “Share,” then choose “AirDrop.”

    Step 3. In the pop-up, select your iPhone.

    Step 4. Click “Accept” on your iPhone to receive the MP3 file.

    You can also choose to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone via AirDrop.

    To AirDrop MP3 from one iPhone to another:

    Step 1. Turn on Airdrop on both of your devices.

    Step 2. Go to the “Music” app, and find the mp3 you want to send.

    Step 3. Tap it to play, then you can see the “Airdrop” button in the middle at the bottom.

    Step 4. Tap the “Airdrop” icon and choose the name of the target iPhone.

    Step 5. Tap “Accept” on the other iPhone to start transferring music to your iPhone.

    Using AirDrop to put music on iPhone is convenient but you may encounter issues like AirDrop not working. If you can’t use AirDrop to transfer MP3 to your iOS device successfully, use one of the alternative tips to get things done.

    S To Add Music On iPhone Using Cloud Storage Services

  • Log in to the cloud storage service through the desktop browser or by utilizing the desktop sync client.
  • If you are logged in through the browser, you simply need to upload the desired MP3 files to any of the target folders.If you are utilizing a desktop client , you need to copy all of your required MP3 files to the synced folder.
  • Now, install the cloud storage services app on your iPhone and open it.
  • Search for the required MP3 file.
  • When you got the file listed on your iPhone, you need to click on the options for that file as shown in the image above. Now, you will see something similar to the image below. In case you encounter only some of the options, you need to scroll up in order to see the rest.
  • Finally, you need to click on Available Offline. You will get notified when the MP3 file is available for offline as shown in the image below.
  • Now, you can play that music whenever you want without requiring an active Internet connection. Similarly, you can transfer a whole lot of MP3 files to your iPhone using a cloud storage service.
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    S To Add A Ringtone To iPhone Without Itunes

    However, you can select your favorite song as a call hint via a few small detours. This article shows you several ways how this works.

    Read more:

    Do you manage music on your iPhone via the Apple library? Then you know: nothing works without iTunes. You can use the software to create playlists and transfer your music from your computer to your iPhone. Similarly, you can also create ringtones in iTunes and set them on the iPhone.

    With an iMac or MacBook, all you need for putting ringtones on iPhone is your music library in iTunes and a Lightning cable that connects your iPhone and Mac.

    Note, however: The instructions only work if your desired song is in your music library. If, on the other hand, you listen to music via services such as Spotify or Deezer, you, unfortunately, cannot use iTunes to transfer it to the iPhone.

    How To Transfer Music With Cloud Services

    Transfer MP3 Files to iPhone iPod with and without iTunes

    Sure, it’s also worth considering the other options available on the market. Well, of course, you can even use the archaic way like getting songs from iTunes to iPhone, and it’ll work. If you want to try various options before actually making any decision, read this section below and learn some other old but gold ways to get what you want from your Mac or PC to iPhone. Enjoy!

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    Add Mp3 To iPhone Automatically

    This method is able to transfer MP3 files to iPhone automatically. You do not have to manually drag and sync your songs.

    Step 1: Firstly, open the latest version of iTunes and click File> Add File to Library . Then add MP3 files to iTunes library from your hard drive. If you do not have iTunes, download it from Apples website directly.

    Step 2: Hook up your iPhone to your machine, and click the Device icon after your device is detected.

    Step 3: Choose the Music tab under Summary, and tick the checkbox of Sync Music. When prompted, click Remove and Sync.

    Step 4: Next, select Entire music library and click the Apply button.


    1. Your music library on iPhone will be replaced by iTunes music library. So, youd better make a backup before syncing.

    2. If you put non-MP3 music into iTunes, you could also convert to MP3 with iTunes and then add to iPhone easily.

    Transfer Mp3 To iPhone Without Itunes

    If you do not want to be locked down by iTunes, AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro is the best alternative. The biggest advantage of iPhone Transfer Pro is to encode files automatically when adding MP3 to iPhone.

    • Transfer data between iPhone and PC or another iOS device.
    • Support all formats of music, video, photo and more.
    • Keep the original quality while data transfer without iTunes.
    • No damage existing files on your iPhone.
    • Integrate a ringtone maker to convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone.

    In short, iPhone Transfer Pro is the best way to help you put MP3 on iPhone for listening to or setting as ringtone.

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    How To Transfer Mp3 To iPhone Without Itunes Using Documents App

    Step 1: Download Documents on your iPhone device.

    Step 2: Click on the bottom right corner after opening the Documents app on iPhone.

    Step 3: Now on the top, in the address bar enter site like, which is a music download site.

    Step 4: Now search the music which you want to download on the mp3juices website and click on download to add the free music in your iPhone from the Documents app.

    Way : Download Music To iPhone Using Google Play Music Manager

    Add free mp3s to an iphone without through itunes

    Google play music manager is a music service. you can add songs to your Google Play Manager on your computer, then download them on your iPhone.

    1. Download Google Music Manager on your computer and iPhone, install it. Sign in with the same Gmail or YouTube account.

    2. Choose âUpload songs to Google Playâ and select songs from your computer to sync.

    3. Listen to your music on iPhone after itâs loaded. Also, you can make it offline.

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    How To Load Mp3 To iPhone From Mac Via Airdrop

    Step 1: Enable AirDrop on both iPhone and Mac

    For iPhone: Open the Control Center> tap AirDrop> select Contacts Only or Everyone.

    For Mac: Go to Finder> Go> AirDrop> allow the device to be discovered by Contacts Only or Everyone.

    Step 2:

    On your Mac, locate the MP3 files you need to transfer, then right-click it and click > AirDrop> select your iPhone’s name in the pop-up window.

    Step 3: Receive MP3 on iPhone

    A window will be prompted on iPhone, click Accept to receive the MP3 that transferred from Mac.

    Adding The File To Your Itunes Library

    Before you add the MP3 or AAC file to your iOS device, youll have to add it to your iTunes music library. Fortunately, thats incredibly easy.

    1. Launch iTunes.

    2. Go to the Music section and then select Library .

    Navigate to the Music section of your iTunes library.

    3. Drag and drop the MP3 or AAC files you want to sync from Finder into your music library.

    Drag your MP3 or AAC file into iTunes.

    Thats it! You should see the music in all your iTunes music lists: Artists, Albums, Songs, and Genres. You can now play those tracks in iTunes on computer.

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    Transfer Mp3 To iPhone With Itunes

    iTunes is a program created by Apple to back up files on Apple devices. This tool is also used to transfer files from iPhone to computer and vice versa. Therefore, with this application, you will be able to transfer your favorite music to your iPhone. Here are the following steps to help you get the songs from your computer to your iPhone:

    • To copy mp3 to iPhone, you have to download and install iTunes to your computer. Make sure you install its latest version because it usually notifies you to check for updates in case the older version is installed on your PC.
    • To begin, you have to connect your iPhone to your PC using a lightning cable then open the application. After that, click your iPhone on the main interface of the program, specifically at the top left corner of the main menu.
    • Next, on the left side of the application, choose Music. Select Sync Music and choose Entire Music. You also have the option to include videos and/or include voice memos. After you have selected your preferences, click Apply on the lower right corner.

    Note: Make sure you are not using another computer because iPhone can be synched with only one computer. If this happened, you might lose your files on your iPhone, and it will notify you that your iPhone is already synched with another iTunes library. Of course, you dont want to lose your data, so to be sure to keep them, you can use this application to send mp3 to iPhone.

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