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How To Change Your iPhones Name

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How To Enable Your Hotspot On An iPhone

How To Change Your iPhone Name

To enable a hotspot on your iPhone, go to Settings> Cellular> Personal Hotspot. Then tap the slider next to Allow Others to Join. If you have an older iPhone, you might have to select Set Up Personal Hotspot in Settings first.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone. This is the gear-shaped icon on your home screen.
  • Then tap Cellular. This is a green icon near the top of your Settings page.
  • Next, tap the slider next to Cellular Data if it is off. You will know it is on if it is green.
  • Next, select Personal Hotspot. If you dont see this option, check to see if you have an option that says Set Up Personal Hotspot and select that. If you receive a pop-up message that tells you to contact your cellular provider, you might not have cell service, or something might be wrong with your SIM card.
  • Finally, tap the slider next to Allow Others to Join.
  • You will then see your hotspot password below Allow Others to Join. Your hotspots name is set to the name of your iPhone by default. You can see your hotspots name in the text below your WiFi password.

    Once you enable a hotspot on your iPhone, you can easily change your hotspots name and password. Heres how:

    How To Change Your Hotspot Password On An iPhone

    To change the password of your iPhones hotspot, go to Settings> Cellular> Personal Hotspot. Then tap the text next to Wi-Fi Password. Next, tap the x next to your current hotspot password and enter a new one using your on-screen keyboard.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Then tap Cellular.
  • Next, select Personal Hotspot.
  • Then tap the text next to Wi-Fi Password.
  • Next, use the on-screen keyboard to type a new WiFi Password. Your new WiFi password must be at least 8 characters long, and it can only contain numbers, letters, and certain punctuation.
  • Finally, tap Done. You can find this in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Note: Once you change your iPhones hotspot password, all your connected devices will be disconnected.

    Heres How To Enact An iPhone Name Change

    To change the name of your iPhone, youll need to go to Settings and then General. Go to About. From there, tap Name. The phone will show the name page. At the top, youll see the name under which the device is currently known. That is how the device identifies itself, but also how iCloud and Find My iPhone see it.

    At this point, erase the name that you have, and put in a different one of your choosing. Once you tap Done, the device is renamed. Its simple and painless, and it goes into effect immediately. Everywhere you see the name of your iPhone, you will see that new name.

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    How To Change Your Name In Google Meet On An iPad

    Just like with an iPhone, you might have to install Gmail on your iPad. However, if youre using Google Meet, its highly likely that you already have the Google apps running on your iPad. Heres what you need to do to change your name in Google Meet on an iPad:

  • Open your Gmail app on your iPad.
  • Tap on your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Go to Manage your Google Account.
  • Proceed to the Personal Info tab.
  • Under Basic Info, find the Name section.
  • Tap on your current Google name and delete it.
  • Type in your new first and last name.
  • Select Done.
  • Tap on Save when youve finished.
  • Youve successfully changed your name for Google Meet and other Google apps.

    How To Activate New iPhone

    How To Change iPhone Name

    Whether youre switching from another iPhone or a different smartphone, youll want to follow these steps to ensure your iPhone activates properly:

  • Make sure both phones havent been turned on yet.
  • Swap the SIM card, if necessary.
  • Power on the new iPhone.
  • Follow the on-screen setup steps.
  • Note: If the setup steps ask you to turn the old phone back on, then its all right to do so.

    Who doesnt love getting a new iPhone? Getting it all set up is both fun and exciting. And hopefully, after youve read this article, youll be able to avoid some of the frustrations of transferring your data to your new device.

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    How To Connect To Your iPhone Hotspot

    To connect to your iPhones hotspot via WiFi, simply look for your iPhones name in a list of available WiFi networks on another device. Then you can enter your iPhones hotspot password when asked for the WiFi password.

    To connect to your iPhones hotspot via Bluetooth, simply open the Bluetooth settings on your device. This is the same way you would connect a Bluetooth mouse or wireless headphones. Then click Connect to Network on your device. This might be different, depending on what device you are trying to connect.

    Then make sure that the code that appears is the same on your device and iPhone. Finally, tap Pair on your iPhone.

    To connect to your iPhones hotspot via USB, simply plug your iPhone into your device. Then find your hotspot name in your list of available networks. If you are trying to connect using a computer, your iPhone hotspot might appear as an Ethernet connection.

    If you want to know how to set up a hotspot on any device, including a Mac or Windows 10 PC, check out our step-by-step guide here.

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    How To Change Your Hotspot Name And Password On An iPhone


  • How to Connect to Your iPhone Hotspot
  • Setting up a personal hotspot on your iPhone lets you access the internet on your other devices when you are outside a WiFi network. A personal hotspot takes your cellular data and converts it to a WiFi signal, so you will need to have your cellular data enabled. Heres how to enable a personal hotspot on your iPhone, how to change the name and password of your hotspot, and how to connect to your iPhones personal hotspot from another device.

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    Why Do You Need To Name Your iPhone

    There are many reasons why your iPhone needs a name. When you plug it into a computer, this is how you identify it. When youre out somewhere, and you set up a personal hotspot, it will carry the name of your iPhone. You also need a name for the device when you use Airdrop or a similar service. Theres one even more crucial reason your iPhone needs a name, though, so lets talk about that for a moment.

    Change The Airdrop Name On Your Apple iPhone Or iPad

    How To Change Your Name On Your iPhone

    AirDrop can be incredibly handy for sharing files between your Apple devices, but thats only if you can differentiate yours from the many that may share the same WiFi space around you. To ensure that all of the files you want to transfer are going to the correct device, youll need to change the name.

    You can change your devices name in the Settings of your iPhone but youll quickly notice that your AirDrop name is unchanged. This is because your AirDrop feature works with your contacts. So, youll need to update your contact card instead. Heres how:

  • Open the Dialing app on your iPhone. Tap on Contacts at the bottom.
  • Tap on the contact card at the top.
  • In the upper right corner, tap Edit.
  • Type the name that you want to others to see when the AirDrop you files. Then, click Done in the upper right.
  • Now, when others attempt to AirDrop something to you, theyll see the new name youve created. You can even add a profile picture to your Contact Card by tapping on Add Photo.

    Note: It may take a while for your device to appear in others AirDrop selection after making these changes. If your name doesnt appear, go to Settings> General> Reset and reset your Network Settings. Your phone will restart and appear in the senders AirDrop list.

    To change the name of your iPod classic, iPod nano, or iPod shuffle:

  • Youll have to connect your iPod device, regardless of version, to your computer.
  • Launch iTunes from your computer.
  • Locate and click on your device.
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    Change iPhone Name Using Mac

    An easy way to change the Name of your iPhone is by using the Finder Utility on your Mac.

    1. Connect iPhone to Mac using its supplied cable.

    2. Click on iPhone in the left-pane. In the right pane, click on the current Name of your iPhone, type a New Name and click on the Sync button.

    3. Once the Syncing process is completed, you will see your iPhone appearing with its New Name in Finder.

    How To Change Etsy Shop Name On iPhone Ideas

    How To Change Etsy Shop Name On iPhone. 3) log in to etsy using your apple id address and click forgot password. 4) youll need to verify this in your personal email 5) sign in to etsy using apple id email and the new password you created

    A confirmation email from will be sent to your new email address. Access my shop dashboard from chrome 2.

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    iPhone 13 Is Coming Soon But You Can Still Make Your Current iPhone Home Screen ‘aesthetic’

    Here’s how to change the look, names, size and color of your app icons in iOS 14.7.

    You can now change the way your app icons look.

    Apple has never been big on customization, but since the iOS 14 update last year, it’s finally possible to change the look of your home screen to make it as pretty as you want. You can change the size and color of your app icons, customize your wallpaper and even tie everything together into an overall theme. Creating an “aesthetic” iPhone home screen is still a popular trend, but you need to follow a few steps to make it happen, with the aid of two apps.

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    Read on and we’ll show you how to customize the way your iPhone’s home screen icons look, give them completely different names and change their size and color — without rooting or jail-breaking your iPhone or running skins and launchers. Ready? Let’s begin.

    Change The Name Of Your Apple Tv

    How To Change the Name of Your iPhone or iPad

    If you have not changed the name of your Apple TV before but assigned it to a room in the Home app, it may have the name of that room as the device name. Otherwise, it will have the default Apple TV name. Heres how to change it.

  • Open the Settings on your Apple TV and select General.
  • Click About and then click the Name field at the top.
  • Enter the name you want to use and click Done on the keyboard.
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    How To Go Back To Your Old iPhone Name

    If you dont like your new iPhone name for some reason, you can change it back to the old name at any time.

    To do that, head into Settings > General > About > Name, enter the old name of your iPhone, and tap Done.

    If you don’t remember the original name, just change it to ‘s iPhone.

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    How To Change An iPhones Name In Ios 8

    iPhones are very popular, and have been around for a long time. Therefore, it is likely that you will encounter multiple people that have an iPhone device in an environment like a school, office, or even at home. In situations where it is necessary to individually identify different devices, this can make that identification a little difficult.

    Fortunately you do not need to leave your iPhones device name at the default setting in iOS 8, and you can adjust it to almost anything else that you would prefer. Our article below will show you where to find this setting so that you can adjust it as needed.

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    Why Cant I Change My Caller Id On My iPhone

    You cant change your caller ID on your iPhone because it is the duty of your carrier network change caller ID on iphone.

    No iPhone users has the power to change their caller ID by themselves but rather their carrier networks. If you want to change your caller ID, go to any of the branches of your carrier network, and request that you want to change your caller ID on your iphone.

    For sure they will assist you with that.

    How To Edit Your Apple Id Name On An iPhone

    How to Change the Device Name of your iPhone

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to change the email address associated with your Apple ID from your iPhone.

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    Reasons You Might Want To Change Your iPhones Name

    The main reason you want to select the name of your iPhone rather than leaving it up to chance is that you want to be able to distinguish your particular device at all times. Lets say that you never bothered to name your iPhone, and as a default, the phone refers to itself as simply iPhone. Thats the way that other services perceive it as well. Then, the phone gets lost. Its at this point that you want to engage the useful app, Find My iPhone.

    You go to access it on your laptop or desktop, but theres a problem. You didnt bother to name your iPhone, and it has the same generic name, iPhone, as all of your other family members cell phones. Now, finding the device through the app is almost an impossibility. You have no way of knowing whether the service is tracking the right iPhone as opposed to one belonging to your dad or your brother. Youve made the situation much harder on yourself because you didnt attend to this one minor detail.

    You might also want to create a nickname that is meaningful to you alone. The name of the phone might be an inside joke. Assigning it a distinct name can be something fun for you to do, but more importantly, it ensures that there is never any chance that you might mistake someone elses phone for your own. A one-of-a-kind name means that you can always keep an eye on your phones location both in the digital and the physical world.

    How To Switch iPhones

    This article was co-authored by Josef Storzi. Josef Storzi is an Apple and Mobile Phone Repair Specialist and the Owner of Imobile LA, a mobile phone repair company based in Los Angeles, California. Josef specializes in repairing screens, charging ports, batteries, water damage, speakers, and microphones on all mobile phone brands including Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia, and Sony. He also specializes in tablet, laptop, and computer repairs as well as the pros and cons of recent mobile software updates.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 424,771 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to seamlessly transition from one iPhone to another, including how to transfer your data.

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    What If The iPhone Name Change Doesnt Seem To Work

    Changing the iPhones name is one of the more fundamental things that you can do with it. The execution of the maneuver is not complicated, so there should be no reason that youll run into trouble along the way.

    However, as with anything you do with an iPhone or another electronic device, something can go wrong. If you cant seem to change the name via the directions that we gave you, you can reach out to Apple Support via their website. You can call the number and talk to someone, or you can do an online chat if thats your preference. You could even take the phone to your local Apple Store and get the Geniuses to look at it if you want.

    It is highly probable, though, that you will have no problems with the name change whenever you decide the time has come to do it.

    How To Change The Way Your App Icons Look On iPhone

    How to Change the Name of Your iPhone

    This app makes it easy to experiment with different looks on your iPhone.

    The iOS 14 update finally lets you customize apps to your liking. Here’s how.

    1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone .

    2. Tap the plus icon in the top right corner.

    3. Select Add Action.

    4. In the search bar, type Open app and select the Open App app.

    5. Tap Choose and select the app you want to customize. For example, Facebook, Spotify or the Messages app.

    6. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner. From here, give the shortcut a name and tap Add to Home Screen.

    7. Where it says Home Screen Name and Icon, rename the shortcut to anything you’d like.

    8. Next, go to the Safari app to find a new icon image. You can search for something like the Facebook icon aesthetic. When you find an image you like, save it to your photos.

    9. Go back to the Shortcuts app and tap the current icon. Select Choose Photo and tap on the image you just saved. You can zoom in or out on the image. Tap Choose.

    10. Tap Add.

    Now you have a customized app on your phone. The original apps will remain on the phone, but you can store them in a folder.

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