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How To Chromecast From An iPhone

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How To Cast Video From Your iPhone To Your Tv Using Airplay

How to Setup Chromecast on iPhone and Cast to TV With Google Home

Unlike screen mirroring, casting a video to your TV fills the entire screen. This is the best way to watch movies or view photos on your TV, since they arent limited to the aspect ratio of your device. You can also use other apps on your iPhone while casting videos to a TV, without them showing up on the big screen.

To cast video from to your TV without screen mirroring:

  • Load the content on your iPhone that you want to send to your TV.
  • Look for an AirPlay button in the app, which might be in the menu. If you cant find it, open the Control Center and long-press on the Media Controls item in the top-right corner.
  • Tap the AirPlay button and choose your AirPlay receiver. A blue bubble appears at the top of your lock screen to show that youre casting a video to your TV.
  • To stop casting video to your TV, tap the blue AirPlay bubble, then tap the AirPlay button and choose to play the video on your device instead of the TV.
  • Since AirPlay is wireless, you might find that radio interference, slow Wi-Fi networks, and older Bluetooth devices can impact performance. Youll also notice a slight delay between your iPhone or iPad and what you see on the TV.

    Unfortunately, this means AirPlay isnt always lag-free when playing games. But its still a great choice for watching videos, listening to music, giving presentations or sharing photos on the big screen.

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    How To Screen Mirror iPhone To Chromecast

    You can Chromecast or screen mirror iPhone or iPad to your TV using some third party apps like Cast for Chromecast Home TV, TV Cast from Chromecast, AirbeamTV etc. You need to install these apps from Apple store to work screen mirroring from iPhone to TV. Further your iPhone and Chromecast should be connected with same Wi-Fi access point from your Wi-Fi router.

    Many of these apps are paid version and some apps are free too. However some advanced features are limited to pro version only.

    You can also screen mirror iPhone to Laptop or PC, using some apps and tweaks. You can further connect the Laptop to TV using HDMI cable to watch contents from iPhone to TV even without Chromecast or any such streaming device.

    Access From The Bluecurve Tv Mobile App

  • Open the BlueCurve TV app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the hollowed out cast icon in the header of the app.
  • A list of available devices is shown. Tap the device you want to stream to.
  • Once connected, the casting icon appears solid.
  • Choose a program to watch and it’ll play on the selected device. Use your mobile device as a remote for playback controls.
  • To stop casting, tap the cast icon again and select Stop Casting.
  • Did you know: While casting content, you can browse through the guide or library for another show to watch, without disrupting the stream.

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    Mirror iPhone To Tv With Apple Tv

    This method is what Apple suggests you follow for having top-notch seamless entertainment. Here, the uplifted technology includes 4K video processing. However you can even opt for a 32GB 2015 model to bear all the basic needs.

    Investing in Apple TV varies anywhere from 150 dollars to 180 dollars, depending on the model youre considering. Although, from all of them youll be able to easily mirror the iPhone or iPad devices to the TV via airplay. At the same time, you can use dedicated apps to play your desired content on the big screen.

    Heres the practical step by step guide to mirror your iPhone to TV using Apple TV.

    Practical Steps:

    • Before considering any further steps, make sure both the devices are connected via the same Wifi.
    • Now, swipe up to open the Control Centre. Although, if youre having recent Apple devices, the Control Centre will open by sliding down the screen from the upper-end side.
    • Tap the Screen Mirroring option.
    • Select your Apple TV from the list.
    • An IOS passcode will be visible to your TV.
    • Copy the same code to your iPhone for establishing a secure connection between the devices.

    How To Connect Your iPhone To A Tv

    How to mirror Whatsapp to Chromecast TV with iPhone ...

    How does screen mirroring work on iPhone? Heres how to mirror your iPhone to a TV using several simple methods.

    Dont get stuck watching videos or playing games on a small screenconnect your iPhone or iPad to your TV wirelessly instead. There are a few ways to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to your TV, including AirPlay, Chromecast, and physical adapters for when wireless screen mirroring isnt an option.

    Theres also a difference between mirroring your iPhone screen and streaming video to a TV. The latter lets you use other apps on your iPhone while watching a video on the TV. Heres how everything works.

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    Cast Apple Tv+ Directly From An iPhone Or Android Phone

    For one, you cant directly Chromecast an Apple TV+ show from an iPhone without some significant workaround. If youre in the Apple TV app, youll only be given the option to use AirPlay, and your Android TV wont appear in that list by default. Theres also no Apple TV app currently available for Android at all, so if you were hoping you could just cast your phone screen, that wont be an option.

    But remember those significant workarounds I mentioned? There technically is a way to make your Android TV AirPlay-compatible, but its not exactly the most elegant workaround ever. Some apps like AirReceiver and AirPin were built specifically for this purpose, so feel free to give them a shot if you absolutely want to AirPlay those Apple TV+ shows on your TV. Both of these apps could use aesthetic facelifts, but from the reviews, it seems they work at the very least.

    Is Wifi Or Internet Required For Chromecast Screen Mirroring

    Screen mirroring is a modern device function that allows devices to mirror their content on smart TV screens. Wifi or a good internet connection allows your devices to mirror each other successfully. To watch an online video or stream web content, the internet is necessary. However, to display photos or your phone content on screen, Wifi is not that much required.

    Although it can work without Wi-Fi, screen mirroring technology is quite attainable for a number of people. All you need is receiving and sending device that supports technology and an adapter device such as Screenbeam Mini2 for wireless display.

    People can also use Chromecast to mirror their devices on the TV screen. Unlike Chromecasting your device on the smart TV, where you need an internet connection from different sources, screen mirroring allows people to display their content using Chromecast without any Wi-Fi or internet. However, the feature of Chromecast screen mirroring without internet is only available for android devices. Presently, no such options are available for iOS devices.

    The Chromecast developers mentioned in their statement that they did not intentionally omit iOS devices, but the limitations of iOS created a barrier for this innovation. However, the developers are looking for a way to launch Chromecast screen mirroring without internet in iOS.

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    Go Buy A Roku Or Fire Tv For Cheap

    How To Screen Mirror iPhone with Chromecast 2020

    Another easy solution to this issue is to simply go buy a Roku or Fire TV and call it a day. Both Roku and Fire TV platforms have fully-supported Apple TV+ apps, so if you own one of these devices, all you have to do is download the app and youre all set.

    Here are some great options for cheap Roku and Fire TV devices that would solve your problems right quick:

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    How To Mirror Your iPhone To A Chromecast Tv Using The Chromecast Streamer App

    1. In your iPhone’s App Store, download and launch the Chromecast Streamer app. It’s free to download and use for a week, at which point you’ll have to sign up for a subscription.

    2. When prompted, give Chromecast Streamer permission to find and connect to devices on your local network. Make sure that your iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast.

    3. You should see your Chromecast appear with its given name. Tap it, and then tap “Connect.”

    Once you’ve connected, you should be able to close the app and use your iPhone normally, with its screen mirrored to your TV.

    Again, this app is only free for one week. After that, you’ll have to pay $4.99 per month, or a one-time fee of $17.99.

    How Do I Connect My iPhone To My Tv With An Hdmi Cable

    Hooking your phone up to your TV with a wired HDMI connection isnt as convenient as casting from your phone to the TV, but wired connections do offer a more reliable streaming experience.

    The simplest way to physically connect your iPhone to your TV is to use an HDMI cable from your phone to your TVs HDMI port. Youll need an iPhone-to-HDMI cable adapter to connect the HDMI cable to your iOS device. Its called a Lightning Digital AV Adapter. You can get it direct from Apple for $49.99 or a bit cheaper .

    The above Amazon link will also show you some third-party knockoffs priced as low as $13.99. Apple, of course, always recommends that you buy its products for optimal compatibility, but the third-party versions will get the job done and save you a good chunk of change. Just make sure it supports High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection .

    Amazon.com Price $43.19 . Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon.com at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. CableTV.com utilizes paid Amazon links.

    Pro Tip: HDCP is an anti-pirating measure implemented by many streaming providers. If the adapter doesnt support this protocol, you cant play content from several streaming services.

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    What Is The Best Way To Link An iPhone To A Google Chromecast

    The preliminary configuration is the first step. You should pair your iPhone with your Chromecast by following these simple steps:

  • Plug the Chromecast into the wall outlet and into the power source.
  • Download and install the Google Home app on your iPhone. Make sure your iPhone and Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Turn on your iPhones Bluetooth.
  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and join a Wi-Fi network with a name like ChromecastXXXX.b.
  • Open the once youve connected.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If the steps to configure Chromecast arent visible, press Include + > Configure device > Configure new devices in the upper left corner of the main screen and follow the instructions.
  • How Does It Work

    How to Cast Web Videos from iPad or iPhone to Chromecast ...

    A Chromecast is built to operate based on Googles Cast protocol. In fact, Cast is a proprietary protocol developed by Google. It was created to make it simple for devices like smartphones to mirror their content. The content will be mirrored to a larger screen or a smart speaker. Google Cast was first announced in 2013. And, since then, it has been integrated into pretty much all the major apps and platforms.

    The compatible app will display a Cast icon whenever a Cast-enabled receiver is connected to the same network. That means the devices like your phone or computer. You can then tap that cast icon to send whatever youre watching to your Chromecast.

    It is true that Chromecast is also connected to the internet. Because of that, your phone will share the contents URL. So, the entire process is almost instantaneous, and thereby you will not experience any delays.

    PS: here are the top solutions for you to fix The certificate for this server is invalid with ease.

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    How To Cast iPhone Or iPad Screen Using Chromecast

    Chromecast as most of us know is a device from Google that enables the user to stream videos from their mobiles, tablets and personal computers to a larger television for better viewing experience over Wi-Fi without the need of any cables. There have been three major iterations for the device over the years. But the iPhone/iPad doesnt natively support screen casting, which can be a major concern for the iOS audience.

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    There are of course some apps available in the Apple App store which enables users to cast/mirror iPhone or iPad screens using Chromecast. In this article, well have a look at some of the best and most popular apps in the App store that enables iPhone users to cast there screen using Chromecast.

    by Tiago Martinho |

    Facetime is an exclusive video calling Apple app that allows you to connect between iPhone, Mac, iPad and iPod Touch users. Whether using wi-fi or mobile networks, it works perfectly. If you have a good connection, video and audio quality is very good.FaceTime does not need to be installed on the other persons device in order to connect , and it is saving storage and battery life of your device.If you have an iPad or an higher version of an iPhone X with Face ID you can create an memoji that you can use during the conversation.

    And dont worry about your privacy. The Replica app only shares information but it does not collect any data.

    How To Chromecast From iPhone To Tv Using Native Google Apps

    There is good news for iOS users that they can use all the Google apps to cast their content using Chromecast icon available in these apps.

    Just open the desired app e.g. YouTube and tab over cast icon and video will be start playing over TV.

    Similar thing happened on Google Photos and Google Play Movies apps.

    So that to cast all the photos and videos from your iPhone to Chromecast all you need is just to install Google Photo app in you iPhone or iPad. is very useful app that not only allow you to view the photos from your phone camera roll, even you can backup your precious memories to free Google Drive cloud.

    Earlier there was no limitation of the storage consumed by the Google Photos however, from 1st June you can only save the photos and videos limited to you Google drive storage that is 15GB. However same can be increased by purchasing extra storage.

    Another benefit of Google photo app is that it allows you to share the photos with your friends and relative just by one click. And in seconds, your friends have access to all the photos available in your phone.

    This method is very easy to share bulk photos between friend circle compared to various traditional methods like & Xender app, Upload and download through Google drive / iCloud, copying through USB OTG device or using computer USB Cable.

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    Set Up Google Chromecast Device On iPhone

    The next step is to download Google Home App on your iPhone from App Store and complete the Setup process.

    1. Open App Store on your iPhone and download Google Home App.

    2. Once the App is downloaded, open Home App and agree to Terms & Conditions by tapping on Accept.

    3. On the Home screen, tap on Set up 1 device option.

    4. On the next screen, select Home and tap on Next.

    5. Wait for Google Home App to Locate your Chromecast device and tap on Yes to continue.

    6. You should now see a Code on the screen of your TV and a Code on the screen of your Phone. Tap on Yes if you are able to see the Code on TV screen.

    7. On the next screen, you can tap on either Yes, Im in or No thanks to move to the next step.

    8. Next, select a Location for your Chromecast Device and tap on Next.

    9. On the next screen, select your WiFi Network and tap on Next.

    10. Finally, enter your WiFi Network Password to finish the Setup process of your Chromecast device.

    Access From The Bluecurve Tv Web App

    HOW TO Mirror Your iPhone to Chromecast!
  • Sign in to using the Chrome browser on a computer.
  • Select a program to watch.
  • Hover your mouse over the player to see the controls.
  • A hollowed out cast icon is shown to the left of the Mini-Player button, and next to the Search field at the top right of any page .
  • Click the cast icon, and a list of available devices is shown. Click the device you want to stream to.
  • Once connected, the cast icon will appear solid and your program will play on the selected device. Use your browser as a remote for playback controls.
  • To stop casting, click the cast icon again and select Stop Casting.
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    How To Set Up Your Chromecast

    Before you can play media between your Chromecast and iPhone, .

  • Plug the Chromecast into an HDMI port on your TV.
  • Go to the Apple App Store and download the Google Home app for your iPhone, before launching it.
  • With your Google Home app open and your iPhone connected to Wi-Fi, create and name a new Home account to begin setting up your Chromecast device. Be ready to link your Google Account, set up Google Assistant, and connect your new Google Home profile to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Once setup is completed, your iPhone’s Google Home app should show your Home’s name and the locations of your Chromecast devices around your house.
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