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How To Find Recent Locations On iPhone

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Spyic Is The Most Special Location Tracker Heres Why

How to check your past locations on iPhone | How to find your recent locations on iPhone

In all my research looking for an iPhone location tracker, I have found nothing better than Spyic. It has so many unique benefits that compel me to use it.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Web Based Interface:

  • Spyic has a web-based interface. This means that you dont even need to download an app to monitor the target devices location.

    Spyics dashboard can open in any web browser, provided that it has an internet connection. Therefore, you can monitor the location remotely from anywhere.

  • No App Installation on Target Phone:

  • When I looked for iPhone monitors and location trackers, almost all of them wanted me to install their app on the iPhone I want to track.

    However, Spyic is different. It can work without any app installation at all. Its innovative method has allowed it to extract data from the cloud backup itself.

  • No Jailbreak:

  • I dont know how Spyic works without jailbreak but it is simply magic. Similar tools offer much less and still need to jailbreak as their first step.

    However, Spyic offers so many features that can monitor every bit of the target iPhone. Yet, it doesnt require you to jailbreak the phone at all.

  • HUGE User base:

  • Spyic is enjoyed by millions of users in over 190 countries. This makes me feel safe while using Spyic. If so many users are using it already, my data is secure.

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    How To See iPhone Location History Delete & Stop Tracking

    Your Apple device keeps track of your current location. The aim is to entertain you with accurate location-specific services. iPhone is saving a detailed history of the location you visited with a time stamp. In iPhone settings, this location log history is named as Significant Locations. Even though Apple saying this as Significant Locations history, the is not just significant. You can see almost all of your visit history here. If you dont remember exactly you were on a particular day, your best bet is this log history on your iPhone.

    If you are concerned about your privacy, this location saving may not be good news for you. Here is the step by step instruction to see iPhone location history and clear location history on the iPhone.

    Clearing Your Entire Specific Locations History

    Deleting locations one by one is time-consuming, so it’s better to wipe the whole record if you don’t care about fooling anyone that may get eyes on the list. Doing so will clear everything on every one of your iCloud-connected devices.

    On the Specific Locations preferences, scroll to the bottom and tap “Clear History.” Your iPhone will ask you if you’re sure you want to clear your significant locations. Touch “Clear History” to confirm and completely erase your places and history. However, iOS will continue to track your locations, so Significant Locations will populate with more places as soon as you start traveling again.

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    How To Delete Google Location History On An iPhone

    While your iPhone is tracking your location history everywhere you go, its not the only service interested in following you around. If you use Google Maps, you are probably giving out your whereabouts to Google, too even if you deleted your ‘Significant Locations’. Delete your location history on Google Maps or simply turn off the default settings by following the steps below.

  • Open Google Maps and tap the Menu icon.
  • Click on the gear icon for Settings.
  • Scroll down to Personal content.
  • Scroll down to Location Settings and tap Delete all Location History to remove it permanently. Neither you nor Google will ever be able to access it again.
  • You will then see a pop-up asking you to confirm your choice. Agree and tap Delete.
  • To disable further tracking, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Click on Google Maps and choose Never.
  • You can also choose to automatically delete Location History that is older than 3 months, 18 months, or 36 months. That means you can be sure that everything is wiped out after a certain time and youre not storing private data on your iPhone. Otherwise, your records could be kept on your device indefinitely. This applies both to Google Location History and your iPhone.

    This Hidden iPhone Feature Tracks Where You Go And How Long You Were There

    How to Change City and Find NEW Locations on iPhone ...

    “Frequent Locations” feature on the iPhone / Screenshot Credit: Amit Chowdhry

    Mobile applications are known for tracking your location for the purpose of targeted advertising or to provide contextual information. For example, the Yelp app uses your location to highlight nearby restaurants, bars and coffee shops. And the Yahoo! Weather app is able to quickly pull up the weather forecast of your current location. But did you know there is a hidden iPhone feature that tracks and maps where you go, how long you were there and how often you go there?

    The Frequent Locations feature is located under Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations. Once you tap on that feature, you will see all of the recent places you visited, including the streets, cities and states. And it will show you when the location was first recorded along with the amount of time that you spent there. As you tap on those locations, it breaks down the approximate address of those places zoomed in on a map. Fortunately, there is an option to clear your history and you can turn off the Frequent Locations feature by toggling it off. The Location Services features uses GPS, Bluetooth, crowdsourced Wi-Fi and cell tower locations to track approximate locations. Apparently this feature has been around ever since iOS 7 launched back in June 2013, but it is so well hidden that iOS users started to recently notice it.

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    How To See Visited Location History On iPhone

    If locations service is enabled on your iPhone, you will be able to see a map that shows all the places you visited. Apart from a map, you will also be able to see a list of the places where your phone tracked your location. Lets have a look at this history saved on the iPhone.

  • Click the Settings icon on the iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on Privacy Option in Settings.
  • Select Location Services from the very top.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on System Services.
  • Note: This will show you the list of system apps and give you the option to turn location services on or off for each of them.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Significant Locations.
  • Your iPhone will ask you touch ID or Face ID permission to show location.
  • There you go, under Significant Locations Screen you can see the history of the location or cities where you have been, or rather, your phone has been. Click on any city and it will show you the map view of the city, marking the places where you visited with your phone. The list will also display the time stamps when you checked in or checked out from any place.

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    Getting In Touch With Your Carrier

    Another step you can take is to call your carrier and ask them to put your number out of service. Once you report your lost iPhone as stolen, the carrier can flag its International Mobile Equipment Identity number and stop it from being operational.

    Check out this table to see how you can reach out to some of the most popular carriers:

    Carrier Name

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    The Drawbacks Of Find My iPhone

    There are a few drawbacks with Find My iPhone that are important to know. Server errors happen when your devices dont have good coverage you Find My can present you with an error. If that happens, it is impossible to locate your iPhone.

    A connection error happens when you are connected with an alternative iPhone, and this will also appear as an error, which means that once again, you are unable to locate the device.

    No location will appear on your devices from time to time too. This can be for no reason, lack of data or WiFi, or just a slow-loading application.

    A huge drawback is that you cannot view the location history. So if you have an iPhone with a specific idea to keep friends and family safe, then access to history can be an important part of that. It should be noted that significant locations and history are not the same things. You wont get a full history of where the iPhone or other device has been from the Significant Location menu. Find My was improved to be able to locate the device without WiFi or LTE, but users still have some issues.

    If you have iOS 12 or an older iPhone model, then you will find the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone are separate applications. This can make navigating to them with speed more difficult. Check out some alternatives to Find My iPhone.

    How To Track My Lost Phone Without An App

    iPhone iOS 14: How to Locate the Missing Find My iPhone App On New iOS

    iCloud isnt the only way to track your iPhone. There are many more ways which are just as efficient .

    Google Timeline is one such method. Its interface is much better than iCloud .

    Here is how you can track your lost phone through Google Timelines:

    • Go to .
    • In the top left corner, you will have to select the data. Click on Today to choose todays data. You can also choose the date manually.
    • In the left panel, you will find the recent locations along with time stamps. Scroll down to the bottom to check for the most recent location.
    • Once you click on this most recent location, you can see the location on the map. Also, note the timestamp with the location. This would be the time your phone was last synced with Google.

    Also, you should analyze the location properly before you run to get your phone. If your phone is still, it means that it is probably fallen and lying on the spot intact.

    However, if the phone is moving, it can be a sign that it has been stolen. It is not advisable to chase a thief alone. Report the authorities and take their help to retrieve your phone.

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    What Is Significant Locations On iPhone

    As mentioned above, the Significant Locations feature on iPhone is designed to keep track of places that you visit, how you visit, when you visit and how often you visit them.

    According to Apple, this data is protected with end-to-end encryption and is used to provide personalized services like predictive traffic routing, memories in Photos App and Calendar events.

    While Encrypted Data cannot be read by Apple, people with access to your device can still view this data in human readable format and gather Significant details about your visited places.

    If this bothers you, it is possible to Disable Significant Locations Tracking feature and prevent your device from meticulously recording your locations.

    How Location Services Work

    Not many people know that the location awareness of their portable devices and software extends to tracking and recording their location history, as well. In the case of Google, if you opt-in to Places You’ve Been in your account settings, your location history consists of a detailed and searchable data file with a visible trail, organized by date and time. Apple provides less information but keeps, and displays at your request, a record of your recently visited places, without the detailed trail feature that Google offers.

    Both Google and Apple provide these history files with assurances about privacy, and you can opt-out, or, in the case of Google, erase your location history.

    These are useful services that help you as long as you’re aware of them and have them opted into your comfort level. In some situations, location history could play an important role in legal or rescue situations.

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    How To View The Current Location With Find My

    If you wish to see someones current location on Find My, here are the steps that you will need to take.

    • Unlock your iPhone
    • Navigate to the Find My icon. It looks like a green radar circle with a blue dot in the middle.
    • Tap the icon
    • You will be presented with a menu at the bottom of the screen: People, Devices, Me.
    • Tap on the name or the device that you wish to see the location of.

    How To Remove Significant Locations From Your iPhone

    Find My iPhone Updated with Support for iOS 8 and Family ...

    There are two ways to remove significant locations: the nuclear way, and the surgical way. At any spot in these lists of data, you can tap the Edit button at top right, and then remove entries. Depending on how deep you are in the list hierarchy, you can separately delete individual visits to a single location or remove an entire city from your history.

    In our example of an undercover cop, the officer might choose to just remove the police station visits and leave the rest, although that means removing each and every future visit as well to stay clean.

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    Track iPhone Location By Phone Number Without Installing An App

    Its very easy for you to track an iPhone by the number without having to install any app. If you want to do this then you need to use Family Orbit. Here are some of the benefits that you should know about.

    When you download the app, you will be able to monitor call details. This includes the date, the number and even the duration of the call. This gives you complete peace of mind you need to feel confident knowing that your child is safe. When you are tracking your childs call history, you know that your child is going to be safe from the digital world and you know that you can also step in if you are concerned about their behavior.

    Its also possible for you to track any text messages and iMessages that might have been received. If your child happens to delete any SMS messages then they will be sent to a backup location before they are actually deleted, so you know that you will be able to keep track of them with ease. With everything you could ever need in your hand, you can easily track entire conversations, so if you know that your child is being bullied, then you can feel confident knowing that you can act accordingly without losing sleep over it.

    How Does It work?

    Using Family Orbit to track your childs iPhone activity without installing any app is easy. Simply follow the below three steps and you are ready to go.

    Step 1

    Get your free trial key here, and create your online account.Step 2

    Enter your childs Apple ID credentials in the secure online panel.

    Step 3

    How To Track My Stolen iPhone Location Without App

    There is even one more way to track your iPhone location. This way is extremely helpful when your iPhone has been stolen or lost.

    It includes the Find my iPhone app which probably comes pre-installed on iPhones and iPads. Even if it isnt pre-installed, you can install it on any iPhone through the App Store.

    Once you have this app on an iPhone, you can launch it from the app list. Enter the iCloud credentials of the stolen device. Tap on the name of the device that you are missing.

    Not only can you track the devices location, but there are also a few other options. Through Find My iPhone, you can also:

    • Play Sound: To play a test audio on your device. This will help you locate it if the location is nearby in your room or surroundings.
    • Lost Mode: You can enter a number here. This will be broadcasted on the lost iPhones screen. The person can use it to call you.
    • Erase: if you are convinced that the device is stolen, you can select this option to erase all private data remotely.

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    How To See Apple Maps Location History On iPhone/ipad

    Unlike Google Maps that go into detail on location history, Apple Maps offers less information on previously visited places. In comparison, Google Maps go deep into detail with Timeline covering years of travels, photos taken on locations, and much more. Apple Maps show a few recent locations with an approximate position along with a date. Today, we took a short route to show you how to check Apple Maps location history.

    How To Access iPhone Location History

    How to Change City and Find NEW Locations on iPhone Weather App 2020

    Want to know where your iPhone has been? Its simple to do, all you gotta do is follow the following steps to view a complete history of all the locations your iPhone has visited, presumably with you :

  • At the bottom, youll see a tab for HISTORY. Tap the location listed under the HISTORY header, this will reveal ALL your locations
  • As you can see, theres an option to CLEAR HISTORY too. If you want to erase all of your iPhones stored location data, simply click this and it will all be deleted. This will not stop your iPhone from tracking you, however, only delete all current records. Once you go back outside, itll start tracking you again.

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    See The Location Of A Device

    Tap Devices, then tap the name of the device you want to locate.

    • If the device can be located: It appears on the map so you can see where it is.

    • If the device cant be located: You see No location found under the devices name. Under Notifications, turn on Notify When Found. You receive a notification once its located.

    For troubleshooting steps, see the Apple Support article If Find My iPhone is offline or not working.

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