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How To Fix The Back Of An iPhone Xr

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There Are Three Ways To Repair The Back Glass On An iPhone

iPhone XR Easy Glass Replacement without disassembling
  • The first option is to heat the back glass of your iPhone with a heat gun and rip it off. The glass is held on with extremely strong glue and requires upwards of 450 Celsius to melt. This is awful for the phone and can damage internal parts. Not only is it bad for the internal components, the repair never comes out right because it is very difficult to get rid of all of the glue on the frame for the new glass to sit flush. This is not the right way to do it.
  • The second option is to replace the whole metal frame on your iPhone. This option is very expensive and time-consuming. To replace the metal frame on an iPhone you need to remove all the internal components of the phone and swap it over to a new frame. New iPhone frames are very expensive, and repair shops need to charge hundreds of dollars to cover their labor and part costs. Not only is it costly and time-consuming, but you are also always going to get an aftermarket metal iPhone frame, not an original, which can cause defects/issues in the future.
  • Is iPhone Xr Screen Strong

    The LCD screen in the iPhone XR has a similar level of durability as the OLED screen featured in the iPhone XS and XS Max, said Jason Siciliano, vice-president global creative director at SquareTrade. The iPhone XR does cost less than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and it costs less to repair as well.

    Section Ii: Terms And Conditions

    • Goods sold are not refundable
    • Cancellation of services is not allowed once the repair or delivery is in progress.
    • Payment methods: Cash, PayNow, GrabPay, and ShopeePay. A handling fee of 1-3% applies for PayNow, GrabPay, and ShopeePay for transactions above $1000. A handling fee of 3% applies for VISA/ MasterCard / AMEX transactions regardless of the transaction amount.
    • Mister Mobile is not GST registered. All advertised prices are net. GST will not be charged.
    • Faulty or unrepaired devices that are not collected within 90 days will be disposed of. Disposal service is free of charge. You will not receive any compensation for any losses resulting from such disposal.

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    Under The Backups Column Select Back Up Now

    If you want to secure your personal data by using encryption, select Encrypt iPhone Backup. This option means that people using your computer wont be able to open the backups without a password. Dont skip this step if you have sensitive content on your phone.

    There are a few other options you can check at this point. iTunes lets you manually choose which data you want to save. If you like, you can also select the automatic sync options. While these are turned on, backups will be created automatically, but your phone may slow down.

    How To Repair iPhone Xr Back Glass

    Refurbished iPhone XR 128GB (Dual Sim)

    Repairs related to other damage, like a shattered glass back, cost $399 on the iPhone XR versus $549 on the XS and $599 on the XS Max. The iPhone XS and X from last year have the same repair costs overall.

    Also know, Can you get the back glass replaced on an iPhone XR? Brand New and 100% Perfect FitOEM quality rear back glass replacement for iPhone XR 6.1 inches. 100% perfect fit replacement. You can put the new glass back on directly after removing old broken glass. It is much easier for you.

    People ask also, Does iPhone XR break easily? And according to drop test results from warranty company SquareTrade, it appears that the Apple iPhone XR is just as breakable as the iPhone XS and XS Max. In their video, the iPhone XR was subjected to the same tests that SquareTrade did for the iPhone XS and XS Max in September.

    Also, How can I fix my cracked iPhone back?

    Likewise, Does Apple fix back glass? Apple doesnt repair the back glass and the device must be replaced.

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    We Return Your Repaired Device

    Once the repair is completed, we will dispatch your device back to you using a tracked, insured next day courier. You will receive a notification on the day of the delivery with the tracking number for your delivery.

    If you do not receive your tracking number within 48 hours of receiving confirmation that your repair is completed, please Contact Us

    I Want To Mail In My iPhone For Back Glass Repair Service How Do I Proceed

    Looking to mail in your iPhone to get your back glass professionally replaced? To mail in your phone please use go to our mail-in page and follow the instructions, and please fill out the mail-in form, before sending us your device. Your iPhone will be mailed back the next day after we receive it. We have every color iPhone back glass in stock to complete your repair right away. If you have any questions dont hesitate to give us a call @ 732-387-8838.

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    iPhone Front/rear Camera Shows Black Screen

    You are just going to take a photo and open the Camera on iPhone as usual. However, instead of capturing the target object, the camera shows black screen. You return to the home screen and try to re-enter the camera for several times, but the camera screen is still black. If this sounds like the situation that you are facing, go ahead with these steps.

    Step 1. Inspect iPhone front and rear camera. Open a app to make video call, such as Skype, Facetime or Viber. Check if both the front and back camera are working fine during the video call, if so, you are facing a software problem that can be solved by yourself. If the camera still shows black screen, you may need to turn to Apple for help.

    Step 2. Close Camera app on iPhone. Tapping home button and returning to home screen doesn’t close an app. To close Camera, double tap home screen until you see App Swticher, where you can see all the apps that are currently running on your iPhone. Find Camera app and swipe up to close it. Then return to home screen and tap Camera app again. If the screen is still black, move on to next step.

    Step 3. Press and hold the home button and power button until the apple logo appears. The iPhone will restart and you can now check the camera is working now or not.

    iPhone Front/back Camera Not Working

    iPhone XR Back Glass Repair

    Although iPhone is one of the greatest smartphone for photos in the current market, users come across different camera not working problems whether they are using new models like iPhone X/8/7/6s/6 or earlier version like iPhone 5s/5. This article collects all common problems that may happen to iPhone front/back camera and tell you what to do about the non-working camera.

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    Are you facing one of the problems described as below? Click and jump to the solutions that you need.

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    iPhone Xr Screen Repair

    The iPhone XR has an advanced LCD, even faster Face ID, and a breakthrough camera system. The iPhone XR is incredible any way you look at it. And we know you are reliant on your iPhone XR to keep you connected on the go. Which is why we know that when your screen is cracked, you are not happy. If you need an iPhone XR screen repair, you need an incredible repair solution, you need uBreakiFix.

    No matter what happened to your iPhone to cause the screen to crack, when you bring your iPhone XR screen repair to uBreakiFix we do a complete exam to make sure there is no other damage. This scan is free of charge and allows us to provide you with an accurate quote and timeframe for getting your iPhone XR screen repair completed properly. Most of the time our professionals can get this done while you wait. And, your iPhone XR screen repair is in great hands with our trained and experienced technicians. Its our specialty.

    uBreakiFix promises high quality service for your iPhone XR screen repair. We also promise the lowest price out there. In fact, we guarantee it and if you find a less expensive option for the same iPhone XR screen repair, well meet or beat it by $5. All of our work is backed with a 90-day warranty on parts and service. When you need a quality, affordable and quick iPhone XR screen repair, you need the nearest uBreakiFix.

    Millions Of iPhone Repairs Completed And Were Ready For Yours

    • Apple Genuine Parts available.
    • Get your device back fast with Same-Day Turnaround.
    • All repairs backed by a 90-Day Warranty.

    Glass is not always the only thing to break on a iPhone XR. After a drop the LCD can suffer damage as well, leading to a black screen, lines across the display or a screen that does not respond properly to touch or swipe gestures. Stop in today, and we can get your iPhone XR started on its very own glass/LCD repair process.

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    iPhone Xr Repair Services

    If you own the Apple iPhone XR, having a reliable iPhone XR repair service that you can count on definitely provides peace of mind. When your iPhone XR needs anything from a screen repair to a battery replacement, CPR has the parts, tools, and experience to get the job done right quickly and hassle-free. You can also sell your iPhone XR to CPR or trade it in for one of the many premium pre-owned devices available in our stores.

    With 12 MP camera, A12 Bionic chip, a stunning display, and an affordable price tag relative to similar models, the iPhone XR has all you need in a smartphone and more! Keep your device running optimally by enlisting the help of CPR Cell Phone Repair when youre in need of iPhone XR repair and troubleshooting services.

    iPhone Camera Flash Not Working

    iPhone XR Screen Replacement Singapore

    When taking photos in dim light, you may want to turn on flashlight when shooting. However, the camera flash is either totally not working or it is on before or after the photo is taken. For users with camera flash not working problem, the following steps may be able to help you.

    Step 1. Test LED flash. Swipe up to bring out Control Center. Tap flashlight and see if the light is on. If it is, the LED flash is fine. If the flashlight is not on, remove the iPhone case or bumper if there is any. Then clean the flash len to make sure there is no obstruction covering on the lens.

    Step 2. Open iPhone camera, tap flashlight icon on the top left corner and make sure you have tapped “On”.

    Step 3. Go to “Settings”> “Privacy”> “Location Service”. If the camera is allowed location access, tap “Never” to disable it.

    Step 4. If you are taking video with the flash on, or the iPhone gets too hot, you might get the message that flash is disabled. You are unable to use the camera flash until iPhone cools down.

    Step 5. Restart iPhone by holding power and home button .

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    How To Fix The Broken iPhone Xr Screen

    When you buy a new iPhone, you think that you will take such good care of your new excellent phone and that nothing will happen to it. However, accidents happen very often, even if you are very cautious. In most cases, it is the phone display that gets broken after the impact. When you need an iPhone XR screen replacement, you should leave it to a professional.

    But dont worry, replacing and repairing the screen on your iPhone doesnt have to be too expensive or take too long. We offer the cheapest and fastest iPhone XR screen repairs. We repair phones in our workshop and do not send them to other providers. Our skilled technicians provide fast and high-quality service, and they return devices to our customers in a short time.

    If you are dealing with a broken iPhone battery, we also offer a battery replacement service. Instead of going to a store, you can replace it by contacting our technicians. Our online shop provides searching filters so you will find the right service easily and extend the functionality of your smartphone.

    Besides the broken phone screen and damaged battery we mentioned above, there are a couple of other accidental damages that can occur on your XR. It can be water damage, broken back cover, broken back cover, broken charging connector, camera issues, etc.

    If the damage is small and you think you can handle it yourself, check out our iPhone XR spares and change the part yourself.

    Apple iPhone Xr Third

    The iPhone XR was officially announced on September 2018 and then hit shelves one month later. It has an impressive 6.1-inch LCD with liquid retina technology. The LCD technology used in the XR is considered to be the best on the market. Customers have left many positive reviews regarding the phones single rear camera. It seemed like a bold choice when the other X line models had dual rear cameras, but the gamble paid off. The XR was immediately the top phone on the market after launch and its easy to see why.

    Choosing A Non-Manufacturer Repair Option

    Caring for an iPhone XR can be a serious task. One accidental drop and the screen could be permanently damaged. Manufacturer repair services could well charge hundreds of pounds to replace the screen with a factory component. You can reduce the stress and lower the cost by choosing to use a local third-party repair company like us instead of the manufacturers official services. Our replacement components come from different sources and that translates to a lot of money saved. Whether sending us your faulty or broken XR or dropping it into one of our local partners in your area, the benefits will be there.

    Here are some questions and answers regarding iPhone XR mobile repairs that were asked

    Does the iPhone XR have A Glass Back?

    How Much Does It Cost To Repair An iPhone XR Screen?

    Can You Replace An iPhone XR Battery?

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    iPhone 5 Repair Costs In Canada

    The out-of-warranty prices apply only to repairs made by Apple. Apple Authorized Service Providers may set their own prices.

    iPhone 5

    Other damage

    iPhone 5s

    $ 379

    Fees are in Canadian dollars and are subject to tax. We’ll add a $ 10.77 shipping fee if we need to ship your iPhone and it isnt covered under warranty or an AppleCare+ plan. If the issue with your iPhone was caused by certain damage , you might have to pay the full replacement value.

    Getting Your Device Repaired Shouldnt Break The Bank

    iPhone XR back housing replacement

    Our low price guarantee ensures that we always offer the best price to our customers. Just bring in any local competitors published price for the same repair, and we will happily match and beat their price by $5.

    The repair price must be a regularly published price. This offer does not apply to competitor’s specials, coupons or other discounts.

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    We Can Repair Your iPhone Xr In 20 Minutes Or Less

    Our smartphone repair technicians are the cream of the crop, which allows us to provide fast and affordable services to customers in Philadelphia who need iPhone XR repairs. Within just 20 minutes, we can usually fix the problems youve been experiencing with your device, and you wont find lower prices anywhere else in Philly if you do find someone with better deals, just tell us, and we will match the price for you! My Phillie Wireless is committed to providing our customers with an unmatched experience each time they walk through our doors, and we understand that speed and quality are the most crucial components of that experience.

    The Following Are Guidelines And Limitations:

    • Price matching is only available for repair services listed on
    • The price in question must be published by a local retailer with a brick and mortar store front within 10 miles of the uBreakiFix location
    • If the device you are seeking to repair is a repair service that uBreakiFix provides as an authorized service provider for an original equipment manufacturer, the local competitor must also be an authorized service provider and use original equipment manufacturer parts to repair the device
    • We reserve the right to verify the price of the identical, in-stock repair components at the retailer location .
    • We do limit quantities to one-per-customer, per repair, per day

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    How To Back Up iPhone Xr To Pc Effortlessly

    I get a new PC these days and want to backup my iPhone XR files to the new machine. How can I do that? Anybody able to suggest anything? Thanks.

    You iPhone XR gets more important than ever. As time passes it becomes a centralized warehouse which is employed to store a lot of documents and data. Certainly you wish to have all those contents saved on iPhone for a long time, and even never suffer the pain of data loss.

    Actually, the best way to ensure youll never lose your iPhone XR data is to make backups for the device regularly. Here we will provide you a few of our favorite approaches for backing up iPhone XR to PC, and you can choose one to get the job done as your wish. Let’s move on.

    Apple’s Route

    Make a full backup from iPhone XR to PC by iTunes

    Apple’s own iTunes is the classic way to back up an iPhone XR to a PC for free. It allows you to make a complete backup of the device in a matter of minutes, and you can restore the device anytime you need.

    iTunes makes backing up iPhone XR easy, here’s how to do.

    • Connect iPhone to the PC, and launch iTunes.
    • In Summary section, select Back Up Now.

    Wait for the iTunes finishes backing your iPhone XR data to PC machine. You can enable the Encrypt iPhone backup option under Backups part to protect your backup file with passcode.

    • Run iTunes and attach your iPhone XR to computer.
    • In Summary section, choose Restore Backup.

    Please noted that the restore process will erase the data since the date of the backup.

    Third-party Route

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