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How To Fix The Sound On My iPhone

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Can A High Quality Speaker Help Solve The Low Volume Issue

How to Fix iPhone Sound Problems

Bluetooth sends audio in the form of a signal from your iPhone device. To do that, Bluetooth compresses the audio sometimes too much that the audio quality suffers. Some people prefer to use WiFi instead of Bluetooth when they need better audio quality.

You can solve the issue by using a device with Bluetooth aptX or BLE these are Bluetooth version 5.0 and 4.0 respectively. These devices have a special way of compressing files so that the files do not lose their quality.

A better quality speaker will also play audio at high volumes without any distortion. If the volume of the speaker is high, you may not even realize that you have a Bluetooth volume problem. You can check my guide on how to buy the best Bluetooth speaker for the money.

For your iPhone, you only need to update your software and your app. If you stream music from Spotify, ensure you have the latest Spotify program so that your audio plays in a clean way. If youâve had your app for a long time, uninstall it and install it afresh.

Turn Off Bluetooth & Do Not Disturb

This solutions for no sound on iPhone problem is for those users who make use of the Bluetooth headset along with their device. You need to confirm that your device is not paired with the headset. For this,

  • Run to “Settings” in your iphone.
  • Hit on “Bluetooth” and toggle the Bluetooth switch off.

When iPhone sound is not working, you should also check “Do Not Disturb” option and turn it off if it is enabled. For this,

  • Run to “Settings” in your iPhone.
  • Go to “Do Not Disturb” and toggle the switch off to disable it.

Tip : Enable Phone Noise Cancellation

To make it easier for us to talk to our contacts, iPhone has a native feature of noise cancellation. This would minimize all the ambient noise during calls when you are holding the receiver so that you can concentrate on the other persons voice. You can follow these steps to enable this feature and do the iPhone 7 low volume fix.

  • Unlock your device and go to its Settings > General > Accessibility settings.
  • From here, just scroll to the Phone Noise Cancellation option.
  • If the option is disabled, then toggle the switch to turn it on. Now, try to call someone and check if it fixes the iPhone call volume low issue.
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    Troubleshooting An iPhone 11 That Has No Sound After Ios 132 Update

    While its possible that the cause of this no sound issue is a busted loudspeaker, theres still a bigger chance that its an issue with the firmware or other things. Loudspeakers dont get damaged easily unless you poke them with sharp objects and the electric current inside the device is well-refined so its impossible to get a damaged loudspeaker due to over voltage. Needless to say, if this issue started after an update, then its more likely just a firmware problem. Heres what you need to do about it

    Issue: Poor Battery Life

    FIX for

    Battery life for the iPhone 7, although pretty good for the most part, did get various complaints about rapid battery drain. These complaints often coincide with an OS update, and get solved with a later update.

    Potential solutions:

    • Update to the latest version of iOS.
    • If you head into Settings > Battery, you can turn Low Power Mode on to stretch your battery further, but it comes at a cost. Mail fetch, Siri, Background app refresh, automatic downloads, and some visual effects get reduced or turned off completely. However, you can individually turn off any of these things for a lesser bump in battery life.
    • Take a look at Settings > Battery > Battery Usage to see if a particular app is guzzling too much juice. Consider updating, uninstalling, or replacing the offending app.
    • Check out our iPhone battery tips for more ideas, or our roundup of the best portable battery chargers.

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    Restore Your iPhone To Factory Settings Using Itunes

    To restore iPhone using iTunes, you need a Mac/PC with the latest iTunes version installed on it. Follow the steps below:

    • Make sure your iPhone is charged
    • Ensure your iPhone is connected to a stable WiFi. This is important, otherwise, you may this issue: iPhone stuck in recovery mode.
    • Connect iPhone to your computer
    • When the restoring is completed, set up your iPhone as a new device.

    Which Other Solutions Can You Try To Crank Up The Volume

    I hope that by now you have checked the volume level on your speaker or headphones. You may be having a challenge, but all along your issue was low volume on the speaker or headphone. Use the buttons on your speaker to turn up the volume.

    You can also try and refresh your music streaming app and see if that helps. If the music app is stuck on your screen, it might be challenging to change the volume settings. Force stop the app from your iPhone screen and try the volume settings above.

    Check the app switcher and swipe up the app to stop it. Re-open the app and try the volume. If the volume is still low, try other settings above.

    You can also disconnect the Bluetooth device from your device and re-add the speaker or headphone. This can help if your Bluetooth is having connection issues.

    To remove a Bluetooth profile from your iPhone, open Settings > > Bluetooth and scan for the speaker or headphone. Tap on the next to the device name to access information about it. Tap âForgetâ and you will have removed its profile.

    Turn off the Bluetooth trigger on your iPhone and your speaker or headphone. Re-add the device on your iPhone. To do that, you only need to turn on Bluetooth on your speaker and your iPhone and scan for new devices from your iPhone.

    You will see your speaker on the list of available Bluetooth speakers, and you can connect to it. After that, try and play music to see if the low volume problem is fixed.

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    Problem: Microphone Cuts Out

    When in the middle of a voice call and using either speakerphone or the handset, the mic cuts out, resulting in static and unintelligible sounds. The problem is intermittent. Often, after hanging up and calling again, the static is gone, but the caller is still hard to hear or muted completely.

    Potential solutions:

    • Restart your phone and check for an iOS update.
    • Back up your iPhone, then perform a factory reset and restore the phone using the backup.
    • Contact Apple Support or go to an Apple Store to rectify a hardware issue if software solutions fail.

    See If Do Not Disturb Setting Is On

    iPhone No Sound or Volume from Speaker – How to Fix

    Another common reason for a sudden cessation of sound is when the Do Not Disturb setting gets turned on accidentally or is left on after a meeting has finished.

    To work out if this is the case go to Settings > Do Not Disturb, and check if any of the sliders are turned on. Should you find one, disable it and see if that makes a difference.

    For more on this feature read our How to turn off Do Not Disturb while driving guide.

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    Why Does My iPhone Ear Speaker Sound Low

    If adjusting the volume doesnt do the trick, try removing the case and cleaning out all the speakers and microphones. Make sure to clean each speaker and microphone carefully. There is one microphone in the earpiece, one at the bottom next to the charging port, and one on the back of your iPhone near the camera lens.

    Check The Notifications Settings

    If you cant hear any sounds from a specific app or some apps, the problem may be in your Notification settings. Make sure that you turn on Allow Notifications and Sounds. You can check by going to Settings > Notifications and choosing the app. On the next screen, make sure both the Allow Notifications and Sounds switch are green.

    Fix iPhone No Sound by Enabling Notifications and Sounds

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    Make Sure Your iPhone X Isn’t Stuck In Headphones Mode

    When connected to headphones, your iPhone X plays sound through them instead of your speaker. If your iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in, itâll try to play sound through them, even if they arenât there.

    This is common when a piece of debris or a small amount of liquid gets trapped inside the headphone jack. Check your device to see if it says Headphones under the volume slider when you turn the volume up or down. If it does, read this article for the fix.

    Check If Your iPhone Is In Headphone Mode

    No Sound on iPhone During Calls? 5 Ways Here (iOS 13/12 ...

    If there is no sound on your iPhone, one possible reason can be that your iPhone is stuck in the Headphone Mode. To check if you iPhone is in Headphone mode or not, tap on the volume buttons and pay attention to volume slider. If you see “Headphones” just above the volume slider than you has been stucked in Headphone mode which is why your device is thinking that headphones are still plugged in your device, despite the fact that they are not. Try cleaning out the headphone jack to remove any junk or debris present in it with the help of tweezers or by blowing compressed air directly into the headphone jack. Once you get it cleaned, plug in your headphones again in your iPhone and then plug it out, repeat this for several times and then check if your device starts making some sounds or still there are no sounds on iPhone.

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    Guide To Fix No Sound On iPhone

    Step 1 ââ¬â Launch the program and connect your iPhone with the computer. Hit “Fix iOS System” and then choose “Standard Mode” from the first screen.

    Step 2 ââ¬â Next, put the iPhone in the DFU mode. The instructions will be on the screen if you donââ¬â¢t aware how to do this.

    Step 3 ââ¬â The program is smart enough to detect your device. After detecting, it will let you download the latest firmware matching to the device. Just press “Download” and leave on iMyFone D-Back.

    Step 4 ââ¬â In the last, go to “Start to Fix” and your problem will start fixing automatically. Restart the device now and see if the problem is gone!

    Problem: Speaker Button Is Grayed Out During Calls

    On some iPhone 7 models, the speaker icon is grayed out when making phone calls. This issue, acknowledged by Apple, affected a small number of users. The company is no longer offering free out-of-warranty repairs for internal speakers.

    Potential solution:

    • This issue may be attributed to paired Bluetooth accessories. Turn off Bluetooth by swiping up from the bottom of your phone and tapping on the Bluetooth icon to disable it.

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    Tip : Reset Audio Call Routing

    If you are getting the low call volume when your device is connected to a Bluetooth headset or speaker, then you should check these settings. The call routing feature lets us divert the call to any other connected device . Therefore, you can just reset the feature or set it to Automatic to fix iPhone call volume low issue.

  • To start with, just unlock your phone and go to its Settings > Accessibility > Call Audio Routing settings. If your device is running on iOS 13, then you would find it under General > Accessibility > Touch > Call Audio Routing.
  • From here, you can just set the preferred option. Ideally, it is recommended to just set it as Automatic.
  • Besides that, you can also reset the Bluetooth option on your phone by visiting its Settings > Bluetooth. You can also turn it on/off from iPhones Control Center too.
  • How To Fix No Sound On Recorded iPhone Videos

    No Sound on Your iPhone Here’s How to Fix It!!

    If the iPhone video without sound error is present only in the recently recorded iPhone videos, it may be an application or video error. It may be happening due to the iPhone not recording sound on the video issues. Its hacks will be a bit different from the ones you read above. For the application section, you can try reinstalling the application or resetting it. Restarting the phone or resetting it is also an option.

    However, before you proceed any further, firstly check your videos. There is a possibility that the video format is not right, or the iPhone video has no recorded sound, or the video is corrupted.

    In the first case, converting the files will do the job, while in the second case, you need to re-record the video or add sound to it manually. As for the video corruption error, you will need an application to repair your videos. Wondershare Repairit Video Repair tool can help you with this hack. Here’s how you can use it to recover the videos.

    Step 1: Move the video to a pc or laptop

    Wondershare is a desktop application, so you need to move the files to your Windows PC or MacBook before repairing them. Install the iTunes application on your system and connect your phone via data cable to import the corrupted videos.

    Save them in a separate folder on the system drive and then head to the Wondershare Repairit application.

    Step 2: Repair video

    1. Add videos

    Use the “Add corrupted video” option or the “Add” button to upload videos on the interface.

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    Can You Hear Sound Through Headphones

    If the internal speaker on your iPhone is not producing any sound, try plugging in a pair of headphones to see if that works instead.

    Should you now hear audio, it could mean that either the phone’s speaker is faulty or that the headphone jack is making a contact somehow. Give the port a gentle clean, making sure to remove any fluff of dirt inside, and see if that helps.

    iPhone No Sound On Calls Steps To Fix

    For any reason if you find that your iPhone sound not working and iPhone cant hear caller, you may follow the steps below for a possible solution. After each step, check if you still find no sound from iPhone or cant hear on iPhone, before going to the next one.

    Step 1. Clear any blockage of the iPhone receiver

    If the receiver of your iPhone is blocked or exposed to dirt and dust it wont work properly. Therefore, take the following steps to clear any possible blockage in your iPhone receiver when you experience no sound on iPhone when calling:

    • Clean the receiver opening with a soft clean bristled brush or any small pointed thing that is not made of metal
    • Remove any case or screen protector that may be blocking your iPhone receiver

    Step 2. Increase the volume if iPhone sound low on calls

    If you find iPhone volume low on calls, make sure that the volume of your phone is suitably adjusted by the volume buttons so that the conversation can be heard and followed properly

    Step 3. Do not connect headset to your iPhone

    Ensure that nothing is plugged into the headphone jack or the dock connector of your iPhone. If your phone is connected to a headset, you wont be able to hear any sound through the iPhone receiver or from the speaker-phone

    Step 4. Turn off Bluetooth

    Turn off Bluetooth to disconnect any wireless speaker or headset from your iPhone. To disable Bluetooth, go to Settings > Bluetooth > Toggle Bluetooth to Off

    Step 6. Restart your iPhone

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    Tip : Clean The Speakers Of Your iPhone

    Is your iPhone old or has gone through some wear and tear? Well, chances are that its speaker would be clogged with dirt and debris, making the call volume sound low. You can easily fix this by cleaning the speakers of your device carefully. For this, use a dry cloth and simply wipe the speaker off from debris. You can also use a pin or a brush gently to clean the speaker without causing any damage to your iPhones screen.

    Solution : Increase The Volume To Maximum

    How To Fix iPhone Sound Not Working

    Increasing the volume to maximum is a common step when we are stuck in speaker error. And also check the silent button above the volume keys.

    • Step 1: Go to Settings and open Sounds & Haptics.
    • Step 2: Slide the Volume Slider Under RINGER AND SLERS Section, to the maximum volume. Also Keep enable Change With Buttons. So The Volume f the ringer and alerts can be adjusted using the volume buttons.

    Also, Adjust Audio Balance for Left and Right Speaker on iPhone while Landscape mode,

    • Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Scroll to Balance section Left and Right and Keep on center. Thats it.

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    Tip : Adjust Mfi Hearing Aids

    If you have a hearing impairment or are not able to hear the other person on the call, then you should enable this feature on your iPhone. Most of the devices come with a hearing aid mode that improves the sound quality and makes it easier for us to fix iPhone call volume low. While in older devices, it is listed as a hearing aid, new iPhone models have listed it as MFi Heading Aid.

  • Unlock your iOS device and go to its Settings > General > Accessibility. In the newer models, it is listed as Settings > General > Accessibility > Hearing Devices.
  • Here, you can find the MFi Hearing Aid or a Hearing Aid Mode feature listed. Simply turn it on to have more clarity during your calls.
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