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How To Listen To Amazon Audiobooks On iPhone

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Overdrive: Best To Access Global Libraries

How to Listen to Kindle Books on iPhone

Overdrive is arguably the best app for free audiobooks on iPhone.;You have to access it through your library, but unlike Hoopla, the catalog is specific only to your library.

You can borrow audiobooks for free and even request the library to add specific titles to the catalog. The ease of checkout is astounding, and if you dont enjoy a title, you can delete it and download another!;

It eliminates the problem of fines and late fees because titles are automatically returned when they expire. Further, you can place holds on books you want to get next and create wishlists to track your listening list.

Its your one-stop app to access over 30,000 libraries worldwide. Of course, you can also read ebooks on it!


  • A valid account with a participating library, school, or other institution is required.
  • Long wait times for popular titles

Price: Free

How To Listen To Audiobooks On iPhone: A Guide For New Listeners

Whether youre a frequent traveler, going for an afternoon walk, or have a pile of dishes that need washing, audiobooks are a wonderful way to squeeze in more reading time. And thanks to modern tech, all you need is your iPhone! There are loads of apps and services that will allow you to download audiobooks directly onto your IOS devices , but each functions slightly differently. Were going to break down how to listen to audiobooks on iPhone for each major app.

How To Add Audible Narration To Kindle For iPad And iPhone

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Want to listen to audiobooks on your iOS device? You can get a dedicated app, but you can also do it with your Kindle app.

Unlike the Android version, the Kindle for iPad or iPhone doesnt provide a text-to-speech feature.

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There is, however, a way to listen to the Kindle book you have bought. Its possible thanks to an advanced feature called Whispersync for Voice.

What is Whispersync for Voice? Its service that lets seamlessly switch between reading a Kindle book and listening to its audiobook version.

As youve noticed, youll need also to buy an audiobook companion to the Kindle edition you have, to enable the Whispersync for Voice. Be prepared for an additional cost between $0.99 for the classic title to even $15 for the current bestseller.

There are over 60,000 Kindle books that come with audiobook narration. How to find them? Amazon provides a clever feature that will let you find out which of the Kindle books you own have the Audible narration. You can find your match beginning at the Audible narration home page.

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Does Kindle Have Audiobooks

While all Kindles include text-to-voice narration by Alexa, you can’t purchase audiobooks on older Amazon e-readers. However, you can transfer Audible books you’ve purchased to older Kindles using the Audible Manager for PC and a USB cable. Amazon has a list of Kindles that support audiobooks natively.

On Amazon Fire tablets, it’s also possible to sideload audiobooks from outside of the Audible store.

You can make Alexa read to you on any Alexa-enabled device including the and Echo Show.

How To Get Free Selected Amazon Prime Audiobooks

How to Listen to Free Audible Books with Amazon Prime ...

Amazon is the largest book, ebook, audiobook sellers in the world. To improve the experience of enjoying digital content, it also created the Whispersync service which allows users to switch between reading and listening seamlessly. When you search an ebook, it will display the counterpart audiobook which is available. Besides, you can listen to them by streaming online but have no authority to download them. For offline listening, it requires an Audible membership.

Step 1. Open your Fire or Kindle device. If you are using a computer, go to the Amazon website, select the “Kindle Store” section.

Step 2. Search a book you want, it will show you some book results.

Step 3. Check to find the ebook which has a Prime logo and the Wispersync option.

Step 4. You can borrow the ebook first with Prime membership and then click the “Listen for free” button to borrow the audiobooks.

Please note only some titles are available on Amazon Prime. If you’d like to see all the Prime audiobooks, you can click “Prime Benefits” under the “Audible” category on a Fire tablet. Or you can check with Audible narration on computers.

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Bonus Tip: How To Add Audiobooks To Itunes

For you who own audiobook CDs, you may want to import audiobooks from the CD to iTunes. Afterward, you can listen to an audiobook from iTunes or transfer these items to an iPhone.;

To add audiobooks to iTunes and organize the items well, follow the detailed guide on how to import and organize audiobooks on computer.

How To Use Skip Forward And Skip Back

In addition to being able to use the playhead to scrub through an audiobook, you can skip forward or back by a number of seconds using the controls next to the play/pause button. And this number of seconds can be customized.

  • Tap Settings.
  • Under Audiobooks, tap Skip Forward or Skip Back

  • Tap the number of seconds to skip.
  • Tap Books.

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    Listen To Audible Books On iPhone/ipad Via Audible App

    Its easy to listen to audiobooks on your iPhone and iPad. To get started, download the free Audible app from the App Store. Then continue below step by step instructions.

    1After downloading the Audible app, open it and sign into your account using the same credentials you used to purchase the audiobook on Amazon or Audible.

    2Tap My Library at the bottom of the screen>>Tap the Cloud tab in your library.

    3In the Cloud tab, tap on the title you are trying to listen to. The cover art for the audiobook should feature a down arrow in it, indicating you can download it. If it does not, the title is already downloaded to that device.

    4You can listen to the Audible books right away after the title you selected to download has finished downloading.

    Audiobook Apps From The Library

    Amazon Audible Review – Audiobooks on iPhone, Echos & Computer

    Your local library is one of the best resources for digital audiobooks. Specific services and apps may not be available at every library, but chances are they offer at least one of the following options. Check your local librarys website or ask a librariantheyll be super happy to tell you what digital services are available for you.

    Now lets go over how to add audiobooks from the library to your iPhone! Once youve learned which service you can use through your library, download the app and sign in to your library account .

    Libby and Overdrive are probably the services you will most frequently see available at libraries. They are essentially two sides of the same coin, but . Essentially, Libby is the pretty, easier to use app which is powered by Overdrive. When youre browsing your librarys catalog online, if an audiobook is available to checkout via Overdrive, it means you can listen to it in the Overdrive OR Libby app! Now, to break these all down individually.

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    Is Listening To Audiobooks As Good As Reading

    Some people think that listening to audiobooks is not as effective as reading. But the general consensus among people who have done both is actually that they each give the reader an experience with the book , and that neither of them is better or worse.;

    One way of putting it is this: while they are absorbed through different senses , they both challenge your comprehension and expand your vocabulary by exposing you to a wide variety of words.;

    In fact, some advantages of audiobooks include:;

    • You get to hear how difficult words are pronounced, skipping over the difficulty of reading unfamiliar words.
    • With the right dramatization of audiobooks, you can hear how different accents and colloquialisms actually sound, even if youve never heard them before.
    • You can listen to them even while youre doing something else: this is something thats virtually impossible to do with a physical book.

    However, some challenges of audiobooks include:;

    • You cant highlight or write notes on an audiobook.
    • Its more difficult to locate parts where something resonated with you.
    • Its easier to space out while listening to an audiobook, compared with a book that requires your full attention when reading.

    For a more complete analysis, check out our post on the benefits of audiobooks vs. reading.

    Load Audible Aa/aax Files To Viwizard

    To get started, please click the “Download” button above to download and install ViWizard Audible AA/AAX Converter to your PC or Mac computer. After that, open the ViWizard app and import the audiobooks downloaded from Audible to it. You can simply drag and drop the files or click the “+” button to add them.

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    Google Play Books: Works In Browsers

    If you love Google services, heres an audiobook app that will add value to your life. The catalog is not as extensive as Amazon & Audible, but the advantage is that you can buy audiobooks one by one instead of paying for a subscription.

    Its one of the best audiobook apps for iOS that gives you access to a vast library of digital content, including ebooks, audiobooks, textbooks, and comic books.

    Moreover, in addition to listening to the audiobook on your iPhone or iPad, you can also listen in a browser on your laptop. Your content syncs across devices and is also compatible with CarPlay.


    • Cannot purchase directly from within the app due to App Store policies

    Price: Free

    How To Listen To Audible On iPhone/ipad Via Official Method

    10 Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone or iPad 2019

    Amazon allows you to listen to Audible audiobooks on Apple devices including iPhone and iPad. You can download the free Audible app and then play the audiobooks on iPhone 6s and above, like iPhone 11 Pro, iPhhone XS Max, iPad Pro, etc. Next let’s see how to listen to Audible on iPhone and iPad step by step.

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    How To Use The Audiobook Player In Overdrive For Mac/windows

    Step 1. Download and install OverDrive desktop app to your Windows/Mac computer.

    Step 2. Login with your OverDrive account and password. If you don’t have one, you can sign up one quickly.

    Step 3. Search the local libraries and locate the audiobook you want and click “BORROW”. If you are the first time to use the library, you need to input the card number and PIN.

    Step 4. The audiobook will show up on your Media Library, you can select the audiobook and click “Play”. The player has powerful feature like position slider, fast forward or backward, add a bookmark.

    How To Listen To Books On The Kindle App

    1. Download the Kindle app and sign into your Amazon account.

    2. Tap on Library

    3. Find the book you want to read/listen to.

    4. Tap on it to download it to your device.

    Note that you must have an Internet connection to download the book. After the book has been downloaded you dont need an Internet connection to read or listen to it.

    If the book is Whispersync-enabled and you own the Audible audiobook, youll see a headphones icon in the bottom menu bar. Tap the top of the screen to show the menu bar. Tap the headphones icon to be taken to the audio version of the book.

    Youll see the book cover and a download arrow. Tap the arrow to download the audiobook to your Kindle app.

    => If you only own the audiobook version of the book and not the Kindle book you cant use the Kindle app, you must use the Audible app to listen to the book.

    After the download is finished, tap the headphones icon to switch to listening to the audiobook. Tap the Play arrow button to begin listening to the audio version of the book.

    If youve already started reading the Kindle ebook version of the book you may be asked if you want to skip ahead to where you left off reading in the book.

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    Librofm: Best For Supporting Local Bookstores

    If you want to support local bookstores around you, heres a perfect app to help you out. Purchase your favorite audiobooks from your local bookstore and help boost the communitys economy where you live. This might seem like a small gesture, but it makes a difference in significant ways, such as stimulating employment opportunities.;

    This app offers over 215,000 audiobooks, including bestsellers and bookseller picks. You can organize your library with customizable tags and listen at your own pace with adjustable playback speed.;

    It works on a subscription model wherein you get one audiobook credit each month in exchange for an automatic charge of USD 14.99 plus tax. This might be on the pricier side but supports your local bookstore, which makes it worth it.;


    Link An Existing Audible Account To Your Amazon Account

    How to Download Audible Books on iPhone or iPad

    If you have an Audible account and want to use your Audible credits or coupons on Amazon, or manage your audiobooks from Manage Your Content and Devices, you can link your Amazon and Audible accounts.


    To link your Amazon and Audible accounts:

  • Go to and enter your Audible username and password.
  • Enter your Amazon account email address and password.
  • Select the card you wish to use as the Default Card for Audible purchases and membership charges or enter a new credit or debit card.
  • After confirming your purchase details and billing address, your Amazon and Audible accounts will be linked and any audiobooks you’ve purchased from Audible will appear in Manage Your Content and Devices on Amazon.


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    Other Kindle App Audiobook Features

    The Kindle app has other helpful features to help you listen while you read. You can adjust the speed of the narration to be slower or faster by tapping on the speedometer icon and choosing the narration speed.

    You can jump ahead or rewind 30 seconds. You can also use the Sleep Timer so you can fall asleep while listening to the book.

    About Audible Channels And Audible Channels For Prime

    With Audible Channels, Audible and Amazon members can listen to 70 channel types, including magazines, newspapers, and more.

    Audible Channels is available for all Audible and Amazon customers. Amazon Prime members and active Audible members have unlimited access to Audible Channels. Amazon customers who arent Audible Premium or Amazon Prime members have access to channels for 30 minutes per week when using a compatible Audible app for iOS, Android, or Windows 10.

    Note: Audible Channels are only available through the Audible apps for Android, iOS, Windows 10, and 4th, 5th, and 6th generation Fire tablets.

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    Realm: Most Unique Audiobook Experience

    When youre in the mood to experience something truly unique, Realm has original audio content thats worth checking out. Enjoy curated shows that match your preferences and are created by award-winning, bestselling authors.;

    What makes this one of the best audiobook apps is the cinematic sound design. It offers an immersive experience with sound effects and mesmerizing narrators like Tatiana Maslany & George Takei.

    Of course, it also boasts all the usual features like offline mode, speed controls, sleep timer, and dark and light mode support. It goes a step further with hypnotic animations and five color schemes. You can sample the content for free and even switch between listening and reading.;


    Bound: Best Audiobook Player

    Kindle app for ipad audio books

    If you dont want your audiobooks to take up precious space on your iPhone, heres an innovative cloud-based solution that can help. Bound lets you stream DRM-free audiobooks from cloud storage services, such as iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive, playing them on your iPhone for convenience.;

    This mp3 audiobook player supports a variety of other formats too including .m4a, .m4b, and .aac files. If you play these in a regular audio player, you would probably lose your spot each time you close the app.

    But Bound gives you the benefit of adjustable playback speeds, a sleep timer, and options for bookmarks and seek times. Its a pretty nifty solution if you already own DRM-free audiobooks!;


    • Sometimes has problems downloading larger files.;

    Price: $3.99

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    How To Set A Sleep Timer On An Audiobook

    If listening to a good book puts you to sleep, you’re in luck. You can do so without draining the battery on your device by using a sleep timer.

  • Tap the audiobook you want to play.
  • Tap the sleep timer button.
  • Choose a number of minuteseven a custom number of hours and minutesbefore the audio playback stops.

  • The timer will begin immediately, and you’ll need to tap the play button to begin playback.

    Find Out How You Can Get It Audible For Free And Get Access To A Huge Selection Of Audiobooks

    BySomrata Sarkar, Senior Staff Writer| 21 May 2021

    Audible is Amazons online platform dedicated to Audiobooks. If you find that you don’t quite have time to sit down with a book any more, it’s a great way to listen to the best of fiction and non-fiction while doing something else or on a commute, especially as the world starts opening up again after lockdown.

    Quite similar to the online Kindle store, it enables you to buy thousands of audiobooks and to listen to them on diverse devices.

    There are a few ways you can get the service for cheap or absolutely free. Here’s how.

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