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How To Make Font Larger On iPhone

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How to Make Font Size Larger on iPhone and iPad

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How To Change The Font In The Mail App On Your iPhone

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We’ve written about how to change the font in the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad, both the type and size. Now it’s also possible to change fonts in the Mail app by choosing between other pre-installed fonts, although the option isn’t easy to find. Let’s get started learning how to get different fonts in your iPhone’s Mail app.

How To Make The Font Bigger Or Smaller

To use the Text Size option to adjust the font size on an iOS device:

  • Open the Settings app.

  • Go to Display & Brightness > Text Size. On versions of iOS older than iOS 11, go to General.

  • Drag the slider right to increase the text size, or left to decrease the text size. The sample text changes as you adjust the text size.

  • On iOS 11 or newer, add the Text Size shortcut to Control Center for quicker access.

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    Change Bold Font On iPhone In Display& brightness

    You may be wondering if you can change the size of the font on your iPhone7, then can you change the boldness of the fonts at the same time? The answer is yes!

    Step 1: Also, go for Settings app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod and find Display & Brightness.

    Step 2: Tap the button to enable Bold Text. This operation will reboot your iDevice.

    And if you want to know how to turn off bold font on iPhone, please follow the same procedure.

    How To Make Keyboard Bigger On iPhone

    How to make the font bigger on the iphone!
    • Turn on your iPhone and go to the Settings app.
    • 2.Now tap the General tab, find Accessibility on the page and tap on it to open your accessibility screen.
    • If you have iOS 10 or later, triple-clicking the iPhones Home button should open Accessibility automatically.
  • 4. Tap the Zoom tab.
  • 5. Toggle it Off to On to initiate the Zoom feature.
  • 6. Tap the Home key to go back to the main menu.
  • In this way, you have successfully made your text bigger on your iPhone through the zoom feature. However, if you do not like the above procedures, you can install a third-party app on your device to make your keyboard bigger.

    They are a third-party app for iPhone that makes the keyboard button bigger outwardly, increasing the overall display size.

    Big Keyboard is one of the best and recommended third-party keyboard app for the iPhone. The app gives 40 percent bigger buttons than the default iPhone button, displayed with 100 percent added diversity.

    But if you do not like the Big Keyboard, you can download your favourite third party keyboard app that makes text bigger and enable them via your iPhones Settings menu. Under General and Keyboards, tap Add New Keyboard and allow the Keyboard of your choice in the Third-Party Keyboards menu.

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    How To Make Text Font Size Bigger On iPhone 12

    In order to enlarge the font size on every app to enable the zoom view of texts, you can change the size of text across every app at once using the slider in the Settings app . If you want to have more or less content displayed on screen, you can follow steps below to move the slider to make the text size larger or smaller .

    How-To Steps To Make iPhone 12/11 Pro Text Larger:
  • 1
    Step 1:
  • How To Enable The Zoom Feature On Ios

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Zoom
  • Toggle on Zoom
  • Tip: For ease of use, we also suggest toggling on Smart Typing, which will prevent your iPhone from zooming in on the on-screen keyboard, which can make typing difficult.

    Navigating with zoom is a little different than normal. Here are the main navigation features.

    • Three-finger tap to zoom in or out
    • Drag with three fingers to navigate while zoomed in
    • Double tap with three fingers and immediately drag them up or down the screen to change zoom level

    Using the zoom feature takes a little getting used to, but it is especially handy for apps that don’t support Dynamic Type and allows users to get a better look at small user interface elements in apps.

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    What Text Gets Enlarged

    After enlarging the text using one of the two ways above not all of the text on the iPhone or iPad will be enlarged. Unfortunately, adjusting the font size only works on certain apps which include mail, contacts, calendar, phone, notes, and other apps that support Dynamic Type. Which does cover a majority of what people use one of these devices for but not everything. However, dont be dismayed because there are several other ways to access the information that does not get enlarged. I will be covering some of the other options in future articles and videos.

    How To Increase The Font Size In Safari On iPhone & iPad

    How to make font size larger on iPhone | Increase iPhone text size

    Make Text Bigger in Safari on iPhone and iPad

    Follow these steps to make the text bigger on Safari on iPhone and iPad.

  • Launch Safari app on your iPhone and navigate to a website of your choice, we
  • Tap the aA icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Now tap on the larger A that appears on the right side to increase the percentage and keep tapping on it until you get the desired text size. It can zoom in up to 300%.
  • You can also decrease the percentage of font size of the web page by tapping on smaller A located on the left side. It can zoom-out up to 50%.
  • Its that simple to increase and decrease the font size in Safari on your iPhone and iPad running on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 respectively.

    In case you dont want to repeat the same steps for all the websites, you can just specify a permanent zoom percentage for all the websites you want to readregularly.

    How to Set a Bigger or Smaller Text Size for All Websites in iOS 13 Safari App

    You dont have to use the above method every time to make a text smaller or bigger in Safari. You can set a permanent zoom percentage for all the websites by simplychanging a couple of settings outlined below. Here is how to do it!

  • Launch Settings App and navigate to Safari.
  • Scroll down to Settings for Websites section and tap on Page Zoom option.
  • You will find a list of websites under Page Zoom ON that you have previously increased or reduced the font size. Tap on that website to set font size of your choice.
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    Through The Display & Brightness Menu

    1. Open the Settings app.

    2.Tap Display & Brightness, and then tap Text Size.

    3. On the Text Size page, you can drag the slider at the bottom of the screen to make the text larger or smaller.

    If you have trouble seeing your iPhone’s text even at larger sizes, you can also make all the text bold. To do that, go back to the Display & Brightness page and turn on Bold Text by swiping the button to the right.

    How To Make Your Text Message Look Bigger On Your iPhone

    Reading and composing may text messages throughout your day can take its toll on your eyes. However, you don’t have to download a special app to make your text messages easier to read. Large Text, which is one of the Accessibility features on your iPhone, enables you to increase the text size used in the Messages, Calendar, Notes, Contacts and Mail apps. You can also decrease text size or return to the default setting at any time.


    Tap Settings on the Home screen.


    Tap General, select Accessibility, and then tap Large Text.


    Tap the desired text size on the Large Text screen. A check mark appears next to the selected size.


    Press the Home button to exit the Accessibility menu and return to the Home screen. Tap the Messages app to view your text messages with the size you selected.


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    How To Increase Font Size In Safari On iPhone & iPad

    iOS 13. You can easily make textlarger in Safari on your iPhone or iPad. If you want to increase the font size of text on any webpage in Safari on iPhone or iPad, there are a few simple steps which you need to follow.Here is the step-by-step guide which can help you to adjust web text size with any iPhone or iPad running iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 or later.In the previous version of iOS, you could use the Safari feature pinch-to-zoom to increase the font size of a website on iPhone or iPad. With the latest features of iOS 13, Safari has dedicated zoom controls to complement its pinch-to-zoom feature, making web browsing even more convenient.In iOS 13, Safari has gotten much better Beginning fromclosing Safari tabs automaticallyit just became easier to brouse in Safari. And now, to make the text bigger on Safari is no longer a pinch-to-zoom!While you can still read an article by simply zooming in or zooming out, you are required to scroll either way as it doesnt fit on your screen. But with the latestFeatures added in Safari, you do not require to scroll or zoom in to increase the font size of a given website on the iPhone or iPad.

    How To Make Text Bigger On iPhone iPad Or Ipod Touch

    How to make font bigger on iPhone

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    If you’re having a hard time reading the text on your iPhone, here’s how to make the text on your screen larger in just a few simple steps.

    There are two different ways of changing text size on an iOS device through Display settings and then through Accessibility. We suggest trying the Display method first.

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    How To Change Text Size On An iPhone From Control Center

  • To open Control Center, use your finger to swipe up from below the bottom of your iPhones display.
  • Press and hold the Text Size control until the vertical Text Size slider appears on your iPhones display.
  • To change font size on your iPhone, drag the slider up or down. The higher you drag the slider, the larger the text on your iPhone will become.
  • How To Make Font Size Larger On iPhone

    With iOS 14, your iPhone has got a lot more options to adjust the size of the text than ever before. There is a wide range of options available with Dynamic type and font size. Moreover, you can even make the text bold if you find it too thin for your liking. Not sure how to make the font size larger on the iPhone? Here’s how:

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    Benefits Of Using Larger Text Size

  • 1It helps to reduce eyestrain, especially with prolonged phone use. Most people nowadays are very dependent on their iPhones and it has indeed become a necessity in day-to-day life, not just in business. Therefore, a good amount of people’s time are actually spent in front of a smartphone doing many different things such as email, text messages, even reading a book. With this, since there is obviously prolonged use, it is advisable to adjust the text size so it’s more comfortable for you to see, and doesn’t strain your eyes. Larger fonts are easier on the eyes if the user is myopic, so there is no need to squint just to be able to see the text.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 2It helps avoid confusion because of misread information. The larger the text is, the less the likelihood of making mistakes in understanding because the message was read incorrectly. This is especially important when crucial information is being sent via text message.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 3It encourages the elderly to continue using smartphones. Eyes deteriorate with age, so it’s common for the elderly to have trouble reading small text. For that reason, being able to adjust the size of the font on smartphones is very encouraging for this age group. Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • How Do I Change The Font Size When Printing

    How To Increase Font Size On iPhone

    For page size scaling, use settings in the Print Preview window or in Resizing Options in the print driver. Open the document, then highlight the text that you want to change. To select all the text in the document, press the Ctrl + A keys. Click the Increase Font Size or Grow font button to make the fonts larger.

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    Disadvantages Of Very Large Text Fonts

    There are a few issues when you adjust your text so it is very large.

  • 1It diminishes a bit of privacy. If your text fonts are too big, there is a tendency for people sitting beside you or near you to be able to read your messages. This may be an issue if you are talking about something confidential. In this case, you may want to use those screen protectors that only make the screen visible to you and not to the people sitting near you.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 2It may require you to scroll down more often. Since the iPhone screen can only accommodate so much, if you use large text fonts, you’ll have to scroll down and move left and right more often than if you were using smaller fonts.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 3It may lead to some misunderstanding as well, especially when not all of the information is displayed on the screen. There are cases when a message is actually longer, and what you see on the screen is only a part of it. From there, you can make conclusions without actually reading the entire message, and those conclusions may not be positive. Just remember if you’re are using larger fonts, you need to scroll far enough down that you read the entire message, and you don’t miss very important details. Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • How To Bold Text In iPhone

    You can bold the text in any iPhone running iOS 14 or iOS 15 this way,

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap Accessibility.
  • Find and tap Display & Text Size.
  • Enable the Bold Text button.
  • Get daily updates for the new iPhone, iPad, and iOS on our social page, dont miss to subscribe to us, as well on Mac. Therefore kindly keep in touch with us to know more about your iPhone and the Apple device.

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    How To Change Font Size On An iPhone From Control Center

    Apple integrated the ability to customize your iPhones Control Center with the release of iOS 11. One of the features you can add to Control Center is Text Size, which allows you to quickly and easily change the font size on your iPhone.

    If youre not sure whether or not your iPhone is running iOS 11, open up the Settings app and tap General -> About. Look on the right side of Version to find which version of iOS you have installed . If the number is 11 or greater, you can customize the iPhone Control Center!

    Adjust Font On iPhone 7/7 Plus In Settings

    Top 4 Ways to Change Text Font on iPhone/iPad (iOS 12 ...

    Step 1: Tap the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

    Step 2: Scroll down and click Display & Brightness.

    Step 3: Select Text Size. You’ll see there is a sliding bar on which you can adjust the font size at your desire. Drag it slowing and you can clearly find the font size changing along with it slowing.

    Now you have the ability to preview the font size at the top of the screen. Meanwhile, if you want a bold font, please follow the next part.

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    Limits To Your Font Options In The Mail App

    I’ve noticed a major glitch with this tip currently, many pre-installed font options in the Choose Font menu can be selected, and show up in the Format section of your email message once tapped. However, once you start composing your email, you’ll notice that the font hasn’t actually changed. Many fonts do work, though, and hopefully, all of them will join this group in a future iOS and iPadOS update.

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    Download Big Emoji Keyboard

    In the iPhone, you can add any amount of keyboard to use in the text message. So we can use a third-party keyboard to make emojis bigger. Big Emoji Keyboard is the great keyboard app that you can use to send bigger emojis to your friends through the text message on the iPhone.

    Once you downloaded Big Emoji Keyboard from Apps store, open it. Then you can see lots of emojis on the app interface. Select your favorite emoji and tap on the Send button. Once you clicked the send button, its automatically pop-up all text messaging apps on your iPhone including iMessage.

    All you need to do is, tap on any text messaging app that you need to send emoji through it. Then it automatically opens the text messaging app that you have tapped and you will able to send the big emoji through it.

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