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How To Move From iPhone To Android

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Transfer Files From Android To iPhone By Itunes

Transfer Data iPhone to Android 2021

iTunes can also be used to transfer your music and video files from Android to an iPhone. Follow the steps below.

  • Connect and copy the music and video files on to your PC from the Android device.
  • Install iTunes on the same PC and then connect the iPhone you want to transfer your files on.
  • Add the video and music files to the iTunes library. To do so, in the iTunes window, open the File menu and then click âAdd Folder to Libraryâ. Browse the files in the computer and press âSelect Folderâ. The entire folder will be added to the iTunes library with all its content.
  • Now as the music and video files are loaded into the iTunes library you will be able to copy it to your iPhone. In iTunes select your device and youâll get a control panel view for the device. Select the âSync Musicâ and choose the playlists, then press sync.
  • For transferring video files go to âMovies, TV Shows, or other categoriesâ. Tick the âSync Moviesâ and then select all the video files you want to copy to iPhone.
  • Transfer Content From An Ios Device With Samsung Smart Switch

    Congrats on your new phone! You’ll be happy to learn that the Smart Switch app lets you seamlessly transfer all your content from your previous iOS phone to a Samsung Galaxy phone. You can also create a backup of your iOS device and sync data using Smart Switch for a Mac or PC.

    Note: Smart Switch allows you transfer content from an iOS devices to Galaxy devices only.

    Sync Your Contacts Calendar Documents And Photos

    Google might be trying to take over the world, but its going to make managing your data really easy in the process. Seriously, all you need to switch your contacts, calendars, photos, and videos from your old device to your new device is your Google account.

    Just download the Google Drive app on your old iPhone . Then open the app and click on the menu in the top left corner. Select Settings and then Backup. In the backup menu you can choose to backup your contacts, calendar events, photos, and videos. Heres what it looked like on my old iPhone 6s.

    When you choose to back up a certain kind of data you can select the actual content you want to transfer .

    When you sign in to your new Android phone, youll be able to access all of these files! Woohoo! That was easy.

    Just make sure that your iPhone is plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi when you do the backup. It can take some time and use a lot of data.

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    How To Move Data From iPhone To Android

    ByShubham Agarwal02 August 2021

    If you are switching allegiances from iPhone to Android, this guide will show you how to transfer your data

    Switching to Android from an iPhone isnt as cumbersome as it used to be. While Apple still heavily restricts what goes in and out of your iPhone, recent updates have made it easier than ever to migrate your data, such as contacts and pictures, to an Android phone.

    With the right tools, you can bring along most of the data your iPhone has collected for years, including your media gallery, calendar appointments, local files, and more, to your new Android phone. Heres how to get started.

    How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android Using Gmail

    How To Transfer Contacts From IPhone To Android

    You can also sync the contacts to Gmail. However, this will only transfer the contacts that are linked to your Gmail account. Also note that you’ll need to have a Gmail account enabled on your iPhone beforehand to do this.

    1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap the Mail option.

    2. Tap Accounts, and then select the Gmail account you want to use on your Android.

    3. On the page that opens, make sure the Contacts slider is toggled on.

    4. Now on your Android phone, log in with that same Gmail account. All of that Gmail account’s contacts should cross over automatically.

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    How To Transfer Passwords To New iPhone Using 4ukey

    How do I transfer my passwords to a new iPhone? Well, you can use 4uKey – Password Manager to export all the saved passwords from your old iPhone first, and then transfer them to new iPhone. It is one of the best methods to import and export your passwords, accounts and passwords, and credit card information from iPhone/iPad. It is simple and anyone with a pc or mac can use it. The steps to manage passwords using 4uKey are mentioned here:

    • The application can auto detect your device. Click on start scan to start scanning. The software will ask for a backup password. If you don’t have one, enter “a” to process.

    • All the passwords detected or scanned are displayed now. They are displayed under the specific categories. Preview, select and click Export button to export them.

    • In this way, all your saved passwords can be exported. Save them to a cvs file, then you can import them to another device.
    • Choose “Import custom passwords” and click Next.

    • You may need to adjust the password info as the format of the sample csv file shows and them import the file.

    • After you preview and choose the passwords you want, click on “Import to device”. Wait until it finishes.

    S To Transfer Files From Android To iPhone

    Android and iPhone make the most of todayâs mobile phone market share. People frequently shift from one to another and while moving to another platform is their own choice this change can lead to problems for the user because the devices are not meant to share files among one another. So, to help users shifting from Android to iPhone, Iâve compiled the 8 best techniques to let them transfer files from Android to iPhone without much hassle.

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    Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android Using Google Drive

    Google Drive is an easy way to move your contacts across to your new Android, and to move most other data as well. You can backup contacts, calendar events, photos and videos on your Google Drive and simply redownload them straight to your new phone. Or if you’re switching to a tablet then you can follow the same steps.

    Some other content such as Notes takes a bit more work, but more on that in a minute. Here is how to use Google Drive to move from iPhone to Android.

  • Download Google Drive to your iPhone
  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Go to menu > settings > backup to back up your data
  • Select the content that you want to back up and click Start Backup
  • Note that backup can take several hours, so youll want to be connected to WiFi and plugged into a charger
  • On your new device, sign in using the same Google account you used to back up your data
  • All your data will be available through Google Photos, Google Calendar and your Contacts app
  • iPhone Vs Android: Which Is Better

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

    For a long time now, the greatest smartphone debate has been that between iPhone and Android. iOS and Android are the two most popular and most prominent mobile operating systems there are. After existing for over a decade, these two have accumulated great features that offer quality to their users. There are various similarities and differences between these two operating systems which gives one some edge over the other.

    This is one of the biggest rivalry cases in technology, and one of the biggest questions Which is better? iPhone or Android. There is no direct answer to that question. However, we will break down the argument into common features between the two of them and rank both for each feature. The question is difficult to answer as a whole, but breaking it down will help each individual determine which is a better option according to featured they feel are most important to them.

    For this purpose, we will break this down into the following features and compare between iPhone and Android.

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    Transferring Phone Contacts From iPhone To Android

    Switching from an iPhone to an Android device isnt difficult, but it can be time consuming. Passively time consuming that is. The amount of effort on your behalf to transfer data from your iPhone to your new Android is absolutely minimal but you will need to wait around for a bit while the internet does its thing.

    In this guide, we look at the easiest ways to move your data from iOS to Android, and minimise losing anything in the process.

    Transfer Whatsapp From Android To iPhone

    Apparently, the transfer function will only be available if the most current WhatsApp is installed on both devices the sender and the receiver. This is logical, given that during the procedure, some mechanisms are used to ensure a safe transfer.

    This is how the screen for transferring chats to WhatsApp on iOS will look like

    At the same time, the technique itself is still unclear. For some reason, the screenshot shows two smartphones tilted one towards the other. The transfer may be possible only if there is a direct connection between them via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, without a cloud, which the developers consider unreliable.

    If WhatsApp really allows all of its chats to be transferred between iOS and Android, this could be a big breakthrough in the development of the messenger and, perhaps, really provoke users transition from one platform to another. The problem has always been that WhatsApp kept backups of correspondence on separate cloud servers. Android used Google Drive, and iOS used iCloud.

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    How To Transfer From Android To iPhone With Move To Ios

    The second way is to use the program – Move to iOS, whose purpose is to transfer data from Android to iOS. It is convenient for Android user to solve the problem on how to transfer content from Android to iPhone. You can use it to transfer contacts, photos, videos, messages, Google account, bookmarks. Here’s how to transfer Android to iOS with the help of Move to iOS.

    Step 1: Install the app to transfer data from Android to iPhone.

    Go to the store to download the Move to iOS at first. Then, open the new iPhone, follow the instructions step by step to enter the “App & Data” window and click on the “Move Data from Android” option.

    Step 2: Connect the old Android to the new iPhone.

    Launch the app on Android phone, choose the button of “Continue” and then keep following the prompts. On iPhone, press on “Continue” to go on when you get the page of “Move from Android“. Wait for a code on iDevice and enter your Android device appears the window of “Enter Code” with this code.

    Step 3: Transfer data from Android to iOS.

    Here, you can choose the contents you’d like to transfer on the list and tap “Next” to start the process. Now, your iPhone will receive all essential data from Android phone device. Click “Done” on your Android phone and tap on “Continue” to keep going on to set up the new iPhone.

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    How To Transfer Whatsapp From Android To iPhone : 4 Step Guide

    How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone
  • Transferring WhatsApp Backup from Android to iPhone
  • In this article, we will learn how to transfer Whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone for FREE. Switching Whatsapp from Android to iPhone has always been a pain. Previously, the only working method to transfer the WhatsApp chat was by using 3rd party paid tools. But, today we will share the only working free method. So, lets get started.

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    There’s A Learning Curve

    Switching from iPhone to Android isn’t the same as upgrading the from the iPhone X to the iPhone 11. It’s more akin to switching from Mac to Windows . General functions are similar, but major Android phone manufacturers will often have proprietary user interfaces, distinguishing them from other makers.

    Therein lies the rub. There is no single version of Android in the way that there’s only one iOS. Companies take the Android operating system, interpret it and mold it according to their vision, meaning you’ll get a different experience using a Samsung phone than you would using a Google or OnePlus phones.

    Though all Android operate similarly on a fundamental level, it’s the little, finicky differences that set them all apart. It may take some getting used to.

    If you’re just about to turn off your iPhone and put your SIM card into a brand new Pixel, Galaxy or something else shiny, here’s what you need to know!

    Transfer iPhone Data To Android Via Third

    For the remainder of your iPhone data, you can turn to third-party services like MobileTrans. This desktop software can transfer content between phones with a click of a button. It can sync your contacts, call history, voicemail, reminders, and just about everything else youd want to keep from your old phone — for a price. MobileTrans is not free, and you will have to shell out at least $45 to access it.

    If you do decide to pay for MobileTrans, theres little you need to do next. Start by plugging in both your iPhone and Android phone to your Mac or Windows PC. Open the MobileTrans app and grant the necessary permissions from the pop-ups on your devices. Keep your phones unlocked while MobileTrans will take a couple of minutes to siphon up all the data from them.

    On the MobileTrans app, make sure your iPhone is on the left side of the window, and in case it isnt, click the Flip in the top center. Now, pick what data you want to migrate from the list of checkboxes in the middle and hit Start to kick off the transfer process. MobileTrans will move the selected data to your Android phone in a few minutes or hours and notify you when its done.

    MobileTrans also offers mobile apps if you dont want to install it on your computer or migrate the data wirelessly, but it failed to work in my testing.

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    Transfer Content Via Usb Cable

    Note: The USB-OTG adapter is provided in-box with the Galaxy S10+, S10, S10e, Note10+, Note10+ 5G, and Z Flip. If you are transferring a large amount of data, we recommend using Wi-Fi so that both phones can be plugged into chargers during the transfer.

    You can also use a USB cable to transfer content between your iOS phone and your new Galaxy phone.

    However, you will need both the iOS cable that came with your iOS phone and a MicroUSB to USB adapter . Also, make sure both phones are charged beforehand since you can’t charge them during the transfer.

    Launch Smart Switch on the new Galaxy phone, and then tap Receive data. Tap iPhone/iPad. Connect the two phones using the iOS phone’s lightning cable and the USB-OTG adapter that came with your Galaxy phone. Tap Trust on the iOS phone. Tap Next on the Galaxy phone. Select the content you want to transfer, and then tap Transfer. When finished, tap Done on the new phone, and tap Close on the old phone.

    The following data can be transferred with a USB cable:

    • Personal content: Contacts, Schedule, Messages, Notes, Call history, and Bookmarks.

    • App data: Photos, Music , Videos , Documents, Recommended apps, and Voice Memos.

    • Settings, etc: Wi-Fi and Alarms.

    Move From Android To iPhone iPad Or Ipod Touch

    Android Basics: How to transfer your data from iPhone to Android

    Ready to transfer to iOS? Download the Move to iOS app to get help switching from your Android device to your new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    If you can’t use the Google Play Store, learn .

    • On your Android device, make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on.
    • Plug your new iOS device and your Android device into power.
    • Make sure that the content you’re moving, including what’s on your external Micro SD card, will fit on your new iOS device
    • If you want to transfer your Chrome bookmarks, update to the latest version of Chrome on your Android device.

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    How To Transfer From iPhone To Android: Move Your Contacts From iPhone To Android

    Probably the first thing you’ll want to move from your iPhone to an Android phone is your contacts.

    Your contacts are linked to your email account. So you may have them stored in iCloud, or in your Gmail account . Here’s how to find out:

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Calendar.
  • Tap Default Account.
  • If your default account is under Gmail then all you need to do is sign into your Android device using your Google account.

    If you’re using iCloud for your contacts, then it’s best to transfer your files as vCards . You can share each contact card you want individually. Go to each contact and choose Share Contact. You can email the vCard to your Gmail account and then open it when you set up your Android phone.

    If you have a lot of contacts it’s easier to jump on to Apple’s website on a Mac and download your contacts.

  • Open in Safari.
  • Can You Transfer Apps From iPhone To Android

    Unfortunately, iOS and Android are very different ecosystems, and so are the apps that run on these operating systems. You cant just push a button and automatically get your apps back. Many popular apps for social networks, games, and more will exist in the realm of Android as well. Before buying your new Android, youll want to search online to ensure that there arent any missing apps that are absolutely crucial to your phone experience.

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    If these are premium apps, you will have to buy them all over again. Annoying, but ultimately not a big deal for most folks unless you have spent a significant amount of money on iOS apps.

    Even if you find one or two apps you used on your iPhone that arent offered on Android, there are many great replacements for some of iOSs best exclusive apps, which you can find in our Android alternatives to the best iOS apps list.

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