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How To Request Desktop Site On iPhone 11

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How To Change Between Desktop And Mobile Site In Firefox

iPhone 11 : How to Request Desktop Site on iPhone 11

To return to the Mobile Site in Firefox, tap the More icon and then select Request Mobile Site. The web browser will refresh and display the mobile version of the site.

If you want to use the Desktop Site, go back to the same More menu and select Request Desktop Site.

Wrapping up

What do you thinkpretty easy procedure, right? Well, unless youre on iOS 12. Then you have to do a bit of fiddling with your Settings to switch between Mobile and Desktop sites. Nonetheless, where theres a will theres a way.

Still, stuck on Desktop or Mobile view? Let us know more about your issue in the comments and well do our best to help you out.

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Manage Multiple Websites For Request Desktop Website

View and Check all the website that has been enabled and requested for Desktop Website view for always-on iPhone and iPad. Sometimes this trick the fix the problem on your iPhone loading desktop view all time. Follow the below steps on your iPhone settings app.

  • Open Settings app on iPhone, iPad.
  • Scroll to Safari Option.
  • Again Scroll to the Request Desktop Website option.
  • Enable Toggle for Turn on Particular Website Toggle. Otherwise disabled it. also, we can clear all data with the Edit option at the top right corner of the screen.

    Manage All Websites for Request Desktop view

  • Thats it.
  • How To Request Desktop Site In Safari Ios 15

    Using a website on Safari browser is the easy way to access the net. However, sometimes, some features are available only when we access the site with our desktop. So if you are missing those features and want to force your Safari browser to show you the desktop version even when you are using iPhone or iPad you can still do it.

    Many website owners offer different versions of their site for mobile and desktop. For example, if you access with your Safari browser on your iPhone, you will notice that the content is small to fit perfectly on your screen. However, we also enable the site by default to display only Mobile-friendly content on mobile devices to increase the loading speed and user experience. Furthermore, when you open the site on a desktop, you will get a different view entirely.

    Oftentimes, there are features on most site Desktop versions that will only frustrate the mobile version. So if you are using iPhone, iPad, or iPod and want to force a desktop View on any particular site, you can do it right on your browser. Below we will show you how.


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    How To Force Safari To Load Desktop Sites On iPhone

    Mobile websites are great, but they are very limited when it comes to how much content can be displayed on the small screen. Apples iPhones have gotten bigger in size over the years and thanks to HTML5, viewing desktop sites on your phone isnt nearly as bad as you think. Plus sometimes you may need to use the full desktop version of a site, so you may come into a situation where forcing Safari to load the desktop site onto iPhone is necessary.

    By default, when you visit a website using Safari or any web browser on an iPhone, youre shown the mobile version of the site. Although its pretty easy to request the desktop site manually from the address bar, some people may want to access desktop websites at all times. No one would be okay with having to request the desktop version every time they visit a new website. Its honestly far from convenient. If youre one of those iOS users whore frustrated by this, youve come to the right place, so lets cover how to force Safari to load desktop sites on iPhone and iPad.

    Desktop View On iPados

    How to Request Desktop Site on iPhone Latest iOS 13 .3 .4 ...

    If you have an iPad running on iPadOS, theres nothing you can do here. This is because Safari automatically defaults to the desktop versions of all websites you visit on your device. Remember, iPads offer a bigger screen size, some are even bigger than a MacBook, so Apple decided to default our iPads running iPadOS to the desktop versions. On the other hand, iPhone and iPods come with a small screen, thats why they have a mobile view of all sites by default.

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    Review Site Set On Desktop View In Safari

    Step 1: On your device, open Settings> Safari.

    Step 2: Scroll Down and look for the Settings for Websites

    Step 3: Tap Request Desktop Website.

    Step 4: Now review the list of sites.

    Step 5: You can use this setting to change back to the mobile version by toggling off the site from the list

    Step 6: To go back to default for multiple sites, Select the sites and delete the site from the list.

    Step 7: To remove all sites from showing desktop mode, choose Clear All Settings and confirm.

    Ios 12 Or Earlier Mobile Devices

    • Step 1: Go to Safari on the iPhone or iPad and Open it.
    • Step 2: Now, Open any of a website within the browser.
    • Step 3: Here, I opened See below image for iPhone safari view.

    There you can see less and compressive view of options and contents compare to the desktop screen.

    • Step 4: For see, Desktop view option tap and hold on reload button, until you see an option for Request Desktop site.
    • Step 5: The website will reload once again, and you can see the desktop view on the internet site from your safari browser.

    See below image,

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    And Theres A Ton Of New Ios 13 & iPados Safari Features

    • A : Check the status of a file thats downloading, access all your Safari downloaded files quickly, and drag and drop them into a file or email youre working on. Safari even downloads files in the background so you can go about your business
    • Jump to open tab from Smart Search field: when you type an address of a site thats open, Safari directs you to that open tab instead of creating a new tab
    • : resize your photos to small, medium, large, or actual size before uploading
    • Page zoom: cant read a websites text? Font too small or too large? Quickly and fluidly zoom in and out of any webpage
    • Per website privacy settings: choose to enable camera, microphone, and location access for each website you visit
    • Bookmarks: Need to go? Quickly save a set of open tabs to your Bookmarks and reopen them later, even on another device if using iCloud
    • Email sharing options: email a webpage as a link, a PDF, or in Reader viewall from your Safari share sheet

    How To Permanently Set All Sites To Always Open In Desktop Mode In Safari

    How To Request Desktop Site On IOS 13 / iPhone 11
  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Tap on Safari.
  • Scroll down and Tap on Request Desktop Website and turn on the toggle for All Websites.
  • From now onwards, all the websites you visit in Safari will load the desktop version.

    • Do not see All Websites in step 3 above? Turn on the toggle for Other Websites or tap on Edit from top right and then tap on Clear All Settings. Now you will see the option named All Websites.
    • To stop all websites from loading the Desktop version, follow the above steps and turn off the toggle for Request Desktop Website.

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    Request Desktop Version Of A Website In Safari In Ios 11

      Launch Safari in your iDeviceTap the Safari icon from the Dock of your iPhone or iPad. This launches the Safari web browser. If youve opened any website earlier, the same will be re-loaded upon the web browsers launch.Open a websiteType the URL of your preferred website in the address bar and tap Go. This opens the mobile version of the site. By default, every time you open a website on your iDevice, its mobile version is loaded.Get the desktop version of the site

    Request Desktop Site

    Switch Back Or Revert Desktop View To Mobile In iPhone Safari Browser Ios

    Still, there is no other choice for the revert from desktop view to mobile view on Safari iPhone or iPad with iOS. But you can do that with clearing cookies, cache stored on the browser as a cache.

    Dont want clear all cache but you need to delete for selected websites data.

    Go to the Settings > Safari > Advance > Website Data.

    See the list of URLs you visited on safari browser.

    From the top right corner, Tap on Edit.

    Next, Tap on the red icon and Delete data.

    Then go to Safari and re-visit the same website.

    Now you are switch back into mobile view after mobile view website in desktop view Safari iPhone.

    Great options for seeing blocked content on website view thats not visible in the desktop view. Any query on view mobile website in desktop view, Share with us.

    Useful Tips

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    How To Force Desktop Site In Safari With Ios 12 And Lower

    If you cant update your device to iOS 13, here is the option to view the desktop version of the site on your device.

    Step 1: Open Safari

    Step 2: Visit the site you want to view on desktop mode.

    Step 3: Now press and hold the refresh button and choose Request Desktop Site.

    Step 4: Or tap the Share button, scroll the bottom row, and choose the Request Desktop Site button from the Share.

    How To Request The Desktop Version Of A Website For Your iPhone Or iPad

    How to View a Full Desktop Website in Safari for iPhone

    While many websites in this day and age have embraced responsive design, which rescales a full webpage to properly fit on smaller screens, there are still a pesky number who insist on serving “slimmed down” mobile versions to iPhone and iPad users. This can be a pain, especially if you’re using an iPad and are triggering a far-too-big-for-your-screen mobile display, or you’re trying to find a feature that the website owner simply hasn’t provided in mobile form.

    Thankfully, you can disregard the website owner’s wishes and get whatever version you prefer with a quick Safari trick.

    Note: While this will work for “” websitesyou just have to retype the original “” in the URL bar to get the siteyou won’t get a “desktop”-sized version if the site you’re visiting has been responsively designed to scale to certain screen sizes.

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    Manually Change Safaris Settings To See Desktop Versions Of Sites On Your iPhone Or Ipod

  • Open Safari
  • Locate a site that you want to view in desktop mode
  • Tap on the AA icon thats to the left of the search bar
  • Choose Request Desktop Website from the Quick Action menuthe site immediately switches to the desktop version, if available
  • Tap the AA icon again to return to the mobile version or simply close the tab
  • The above steps temporarily change the site to the desktop version. Safari does not save or remember this information. So the next time you visit this site, it shows up as the mobile version.

    If you instead want that particular site to have desktop mode as its default, read on!

    How To Request Desktop Site In Safari With Ios 12 And Lower

    If your device cant update to iOS 13 or iPadOS there are still options for you!

    Since iPads run the same iOS as iPhones and iPods in versions iOS 12 and below, these instructions work for all types of iDevices.

  • Open Safari
  • Go to the site you want to view in desktop mode
  • Press and hold the refresh button and choose Request Desktop Site
  • You can also tap the button, scroll the bottom row, and choose the Request Desktop Site button from the Share Sheet
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    Forcing Desktop View Of The Site In Safari On The iPhone iPad And Ipod

    • For those using iPadOS, Safari defaults to desktop versions, so you dont have to change anything.
    • Those with iPhone or iPod running on iOS 13+, can change the view by going to AA icon next to the website address and choosing Request Desktop Site.
    • If you want to change sites to desktop mode permanently in iOS 15+, tap the AA icon and choose Website Settingstoggle on Request Desktop Site.
    • To change all sites by default to show desktop mode, go to Settings> Safari> Request Desktop Website.
    • For those with iOS 12 or below, you can change desktop mode by going to the refresh symbol next to the web address and choosing Request Desktop Website or tap the share button and choose the Request Desktop Website from the sheet.

    What Are Different Website Settings In Ios 15

    How to Request Desktop Site Chrome or Safari for iPhone 11
  • Page Zoom: If you have difficulty seeing standard webpage text and images, you can set the zoom level for all the websites.Note: If you had individually set the zoom for a page, it would be listed here. You may tap Edit to clear that and set a page zoom level for all websites you visit.
  • Request Desktop Website: This lets you access the computer version of a website. You may have to pinch out with two fingers to see the content. Note: Several websites do not let you access the desktop version even if you use this feature.
  • Reader: Websites are full of ads and other kinds of distractions like email popups, offer banners, and more. Reader Mode removes all these and lets you focus on the meaningful text and image on a website. From here, you can enable it for all websites.
  • Content Blockers: This option will only appear if you have downloaded a third-party content blocking or ad-blocking app on your iPhone. It lets you block ads, popups, tracking scripts, etc., on the websites you visit. If you are using a content blocker app, it makes sense to enable it for all websites. However, if a specific website does not function properly, you may temporarily turn it off.
  • Camera, Microphone, Location: From here, you can allow, deny, or force all websites to ask your permission before accessing the iPhone camera, microphone, or your current location.
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    How To Request Desktop Site In Safari On iPhone

  • From Safari, go to the mobile webpage you want to view the Desktop Site for
  • Tap on the Sharing action icon, it looks like a box with an arrow flying out of the top
  • Swipe through the options to find Request Desktop Site and tap on that
  • The webpage will instantly reload into the desktop version of that site .

    Here is an example of what two versions of a website look like, side by side, in this case with the mobile site and the desktop site:

    The ability to switch from a mobile to desktop site is really intended for the iPhone and iPod touch, though the request feature in Safari does exist on iPad as well. Because most websites serve a full desktop site to the iPad by default, its a bit less useful there.

    This method works for requesting the desktop site in Safari for iOS 13, iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10, and iOS 9. If you have an iPhone or iPod running an earlier version of iOS, you can still perform this action though its done in a different way as discussed below.

    Bottom Line: View Desktop Site On Chrome Ios

    If you want to experience full-fledged desktop sites on your iPhone, then Chrome iOS lets you do that. With the view desktop site iPhone feature, you can easily switch between desktop and mobile versions of a website.

    Its a highly recommended feature if youre browsing online forms, , etc. Not only will it help you understand the content of the website better, but it will also eliminate the risk of mobile-driven viruses that the mobile version of the website contains.

    Now you dont have to read more of your iPhone has infected with the XYZ virus, click here to fix type of messages if youre using a desktop version of the website using Chrome iOS.

    Similarly, you can also enable the mobile site view on the chrome computer browser. Its just the opposite of what we just learned. The mobile site view is useful for web developers who want to test the site view in different screen layouts .

    Let us know what is your perspective about the desktop site iPhone option. Isnt it great? Do share your thoughts.

    Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.


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    How To Request Desktop Version On An iPhone


    You can do this using the request desktop website feature in Safari. Lets look at it.

    Open Safari.

    Go to the desired website.

    Press the icon on the left of the address bar.

    You will now see the Request Desktop Website option. Tap on it.

    Thats it.

    For the desktop version of Gmail

    Log into your Gmail account in Safari. Request the desktop site using the steps above.

    Tap the three vertical lines at the top left.

    You can now see the basic HTML view.

    If you want to find the desktop version of Gmail, tap the standard link at the bottom.

    To Automatically Request the Desktop Version

    You can set up Safari to automatically request the desktop version of the site every time you visit it.

    Heres how you can do that:

    Open Safari.

    Visit the website for which you would prefer to do this.

    Press the icon on the left of the address bar.

    Hit Website Settings.

    Tap Done at the top right.

    Request desktop version for all websites

    Safari also can request the desktop version for all sites.

    You need to enable this option, and heres how you can do that:

    Open Settings.

    In the Settings for Websites section, you see the Request Desktop Website. Hit it.

    Enable All Websites.


    • Facebook does not open in the desktop version, even after completing the above steps. So, visit this website with its desktop version URL, and you will be able to see the Facebook desktop version.
    • The above steps load Gmail in its desktop version .
    • This does not work for all websites.

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