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How To Restore Whatsapp Messages On New iPhone

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Way : Recover Whatsapp Messages On iPhone 13/8/8 Plus Without Backup Using Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery

Backup & Restore WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recoveryis a pro in lost data recovery on iPhone/iPad/iPod. It helps to get lost WhatsApp files back without iTunes or iCloud backup. Follow the steps below to get back your lost WhatsApp chat history safely and selectively.

Step 1: Launch Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery in your computer, and connect your iPhone 13/8/8 Plus to it. Select the WhatsApp & Attachments option and click Start Scan.

Step 2: After scanning, the WhatsApp data will be displayed, including the deleted and lost files. You may choose to show all or only deleted data and click Recover. The recovered data will be saved in your computer.

Way : Restore From Icloud Backup

Normally we will make a backup through iCloud. If we enable the iCloud backup, we can save all data in our iPhone to the iCloud , so we can easily restore it anytime. Let us know how to get this done.

  • Step 1. If you have already gone through the setup process, reset it again. For this, tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings.
  • Step 2. Now, your device will reboot. When it starts, reach to the Apps & Data screen.
  • Step 3. Tap on Restore from iCloud Backup. Enter the same iCloud ID as in the previous phone and choose the backup. You will get the WhatsApp messages transferred.


When you restore data from iCloud, it will restore all data on your iPhone, not only the WhatsApp Data. If you only want to get back the WhatsApp, this is not a good choice.

How To Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Android To iPhone

  • To begin, download the dr.fone tool on your computer.
  • Now, connect your Android device and iPhone to the computer.
  • Open the dr.fone tool and tap on Restore social app.
  • Select WhatsApp and click on Transfer WhatsApp messages.
  • The app will now connect to both your phones and show the two devices on the screen.
  • The transfer process will begin, and you will be able to see the transfer status on your computer.
  • Once the transfer is complete, tap the Ok button and disconnect your device.

Transfer using email

  • On your Android device, open WhatsApp and go to Settings.
  • Now, you can select whether you want to include the media in the backup or not.
  • Select Gmail and enter the recipient email address. You can use your own email address here.
  • Tap send and restore this message in your iPhone.

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How To Transfer Whatsapp Messages To New iPhone

Posted by Ali Hassan Mahdi on Oct 29, 2017 in How To

Some of us prefer to use WhatsApp over other messaging apps such as Telegram or even iMessage. Over time, WhatsApp will store a lot of data on your iPhone, such as photos, videos, message, voice messages, and so on. When you buy a new iPhone, you cannot afford to lose all these precious data.

Luckily, there are a couple of ways in which you could transfer your messages and other data from WhatsApp to iPhone. The most obvious method is backing up via iTunes, but this wont be a suitable option if you only want to transfer your WhatsApp messages to your new iPhone.

In this tutorial, well show you the two different methods of transferring your WhatsApp messages to a new iPhone.

Tip: Restore Whatsapp Messages On New iPhone

Recover Deleted Old WhatsApp Messages ( Android &  iPhone ...

ChatsBack is a a professional WhatsApp data recovey tool. If you are switching to a new device,the program can also help you to restore WhatsApp messages on a new iPhone from the old Android phone or iPhone, Google Drive backup and iTunes backup.

It’s like an alternative to Google Drive or iCloud but more powerful. You can also use the program to scan your WhatsApp data regularly. WhatsApp data will be stored in the program and you can check the WhatsApp messages from the History Records at any time.

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How To Transfer Whatsapp Messages From iPhone To iPhone Via Email

The four ways above will transfer all your WhatsApp data from one device to another. If you want to transfer WhatsApp messages selectively, you can export your WhatsApp chats via an email.

To transfer WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to iPhone:

Step 1. Open WhatsApp and tap on “Chats”.

Step 2. Find the conversation you want to transfer to the new device.

Step 3. Swipe right to left across the conversation and choose “More”.

Step 4. Select “Export Chat” and choose Mail to send the messages.

Step 5. Check the messages from your new iPhone.

Restore Whatsapp To New iPhone From Itunes Backup With Itunes :

Now, lets check how to restore WhatsApp messages on a new iPhone using iTunes:

  • Firstly, make an iTunes backup with your old iPhone.
  • Open iTunes and connect the iPhone to the computer.
  • Now, Restore iTunes Backup on the new iPhone.
  • Open iTunes again and connect the new iPhone to the computer.
  • Restore WhatsApp Messages from iTunes Backup

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    Backup iPhone 11 Whatsapp Messages

    Step 1Go to ‘Settings‘ on your iPhone 11, tap your Apple ID on top. Then go to ‘iCloud‘, enable ‘iCloud Drive‘ and ‘WhatsApp‘.

    Step 2Now launch WhatsApp on your iPhone 11. Go to ‘Settings‘ > > ‘Chats‘ > > ‘Chat Backup‘, then tap ‘Backup Up Now‘ to authorize iCloud to save your WhatsApp Messages. If you want to save your WhatsApp conversations in time, you can set a time cycle to save chats regularly.

    How To Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Android To iPhone Free Using Email Chat

    How to Restore WhatsApp Backup Messages on New Phone – Android to iPhone | iPhone to Android (2021)

    Using Email Chat, you can also share a backup version of your WhatsApp chat history, but since Google and Apple use different cloud storage for WhatsApp, it is difficult for most users to import the backups into their new iOS apps.

    However, they can try uploading the backup files to Google Drive, transferring the file to their iCloud storage, and finally, importing the backup files to their iOS WhatsApp application.

    Follow these steps to transfer your chat history using email from Android to iOS:

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    How To Transfer Whatsapp From iPhone To iPhone Via Whatsapp Icloud Backup

    If you have backed up WhatsApp on iPhone before, you would know that there is a feature in WhatsApp that allows you to back up your WhatsApp chat history and media to iCloud. With the backup, you will be able to restore your chat history and media when you switch to a new iPhone and reinstall the WhatsApp app.

    Thus, the default way to transfer WhatsApp to the new iPhone is to back up WhatsApp data from your old iPhone to iCloud and then restore WhatsApp messages to your new iPhone from the backup.

    Before you start, there are the preparations you to make:

    • Make sure you have signed in to your iPhone with the Apple ID you use to access iCloud
    • Make sure iCloud Drive is turned on.
    • Make sure there is enough free iCloud space to save the backup

    To move WhatsApp to new iPhone:

    Step 1. Open WhatsApp on the old iPhone and go to “Settings” > “Chat”.

    Step 2. Click “Chat Backup” and tap “Back Up Now” to perform a manual backup.

    Step 3. When the backup completes, go to your new iPhone to install WhatsApp on the iOS device from the App Store.

    Step 4. Set up WhatsApp using the phone number and iCloud account that you used on the source iPhone.

    Step 5. Then the “Restore from iCloud” page will appear on your iPhone. Click “Restore Chat History” to start restoring WhatsApp messages and attachments to your new iPhone.

    Retrieve Deleted Whatsapp Messages From Itunes Backup

    If you have backed up deleted WhatsApp messages to iTunes before, then you can utilize this method to get them back:

    Step 1. Open Finder on Mac, or iTunes on PC.

    Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer, choose “Trust This Computer“.

    Step 3. Select your iPhone when it appears in the window.

    Step 4. Select Restore Backup.

    Step 5. Choose the most relevant backup, click on Restore. Enter the password for your encrypted backup if asked.

    • You have to restore the whole backup and can’t selectively choose the deleted WhatsApp messages to restore.
    • You can’t preview the data in the backup.
    • It requires a prior iTunes backup before the deletion.

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    Best Way To Backup And Restore Whatsapp From Google Drive To iPhone

    You have a lot of important WhatsApp data stored on your iPhone Contacts, chat history, settings, etc. To protect your data, youd better make sure that WhatsApp data is backed up in case your iPhone ever goes on the fritz. Apeaksoft WhatsApp Transfer is a great choice to back up WhatsApp on iPhone, which allows you to store messages, photos, attachments, and other data locally, away from risks. Once the WhatsApp backup is created by this program, it can be easily viewed, exported to your computer as HTML for further reading or printing. More importantly, you can restore the WhatsApp backup to your iPhone if you need it.

    How To Restore Archived Whatsapp Messages On iPhone

    How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone without ...

    Maybeyou did not actually delete the chat whose messages you wish to get back. Ifyou archived the chat, follow the steps below to restore the messages:

    Step 1: On the chat list, scroll up until yousee the Archived Chats.

    Step 2: Tap on the option. On the chat youwish to restore, swipe left. Tap Unarchive.

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    Bonus Tips: How To Back Up Whatsapp To Google Drive

    To use Google Drive to backup your WhatsApp, you will need:

    • A Google account activated on your phone.
    • Google Play services installed on your phone.
    • Enough free space on your phone to create the backup.
    • A strong and stable Internet connection.

    Step 1

    Open WhatsApp on your phone, then tap More options in the upper-right corner. Tap on Settings, tap on Chats.

    Step 2

    Transfer Whatsapp Android To iPhone Using Anytrans

    AnyTrans is a transfer and backup tool that also allows you to move WhatsApp messages from a WhatsApp android to an iPhone easily. You can follow the steps below to move your messages

    1: Download the AnyTrans on your computer and then connect your Android and iPhone to the computer via USB cables and you have to click on the Social Messages Manager mode

    2: Click on the WhatsApp to device option then tap on the transfer now option to go on

    3: You can select your Android as the source phone and your iPhone to be the target phone and then click on the next button to transfer WhatsApp messages to your new iPhone from your old Android phone

    4: Then, you have to follow the popup instructions displayed on the AnyTrans tool to continue. Just click on Next on the screen that states Step 1 to Step 4 written on the screen. Make sure to follow all the steps mentioned on the screen. All these steps mainly create a backup of your WhatsApp chats and then install a modified version of WhatsApp to extract the backup of the chat and migrate it to your iPhone.

    Step 5: You will have to login your WhatsApp on your Android phone if you have not and tap the Restore button and then click Next in AnyTrans

    Step 6: AnyTrans will now begin the transfer of your WhatsApp data to the iPhone

    And once this process is complete all your chats will migrate from your Android device to your iPhone.

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    Sync Whatsapp Messages On iPhone 12 Via Icloud

    WhatsApp is so popular on iPhone, so iCloud is allowed to store the chat history. You can make an independent backup of WhatsApp data in iCloud and it would be convenient to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone 12 for free. There are a lot of media files in WhatsApp, so the free storage of iCloud might not be enough for it. If your iCloud storage is almost full, you can delete some unimportant data to leave space for it.

    1. Upload WhatsApp messages on old iPhone. Open WhatsApp > go to Settings S> select Chat > select Chat Backup > tap Back Up Now.

    2. Sync WhatsApp chat on iPhone 12. Sign in the new iPhone 12 with the same iCloud account > log in WhatsApp with the same account > select Restore Chat History.

    Extra Tip: How To Restore Deleted Whatsapp Number

    How to Backup & Restore WhatsApp Messages on iPhone (3 Ways)

    Currently, WhatsApp does not have a separatedatabase for holding contacts. The contacts you have on your phone will appearon WhatsApp. This means that if you delete a contact on your iDevice or Androiddevice, the contact will also disappear on WhatsApp if you do not have chathistory with the contact.

    If you happen to delete a contact accidentally, youcan get the contact either on or on Google contacts depending onwhether you use an iDevice or an Android device. For the contact to beavailable on Google contacts, your Android device should be synced with yourGoogle Account. If your iDevice is synced with iCloud, your deleted contactshould be available in iCloud contacts.

    If you had a WhatsApp chat history with the deletedcontact in the past, you can recover the deleted number by restoring your oldchat history. To learn how to recover deleted WhatsApp number, you will need tofollow the steps we have already looked at above for restoring the WhatsAppmessages.

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    How To Transfer Whatsapp Chats From Android To Ios Without A Pc Using Icarefone

    1. the iCareFone App from Google Play Store.

    2. After receiving the Service Agreement and User Privacy Policy, connect the Android device to the iOS phoneor iPadusing a USB OTG cable. Then, allow the application to access your phone.

    3. Enter your phone number to receive a verification code from your WhatsApp account to create the backup.

    4. After verification, the backup process will begin automatically. Please wait until the backup is completed, then tap on next.

    5. Before transferring the WhatsApp backup to your iPhone, disable Find My iPhone in Settings> iCloud account> Find My.When you disable the Find My application, the transfer will begin.

    6. After the transfer is completed, uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall the social application to view the transferred chats.

    If youre having difficulty following the steps, we recommend watching the video below.

    It is worth noting that you can also use Tenorshare iCareFone App using a PC and transfer your old WhatsApp chats to your new iOS device.

    How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages On iPhone

    My son deleted some of my crucial WhatsApp messages on his iPhone 12. I need those messages for my current work project which is due next week. Last year, I had come across an article that stated that WhatsApp retains chat logs after the actual chats have been deleted. Does anyone know how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from iOS devices? Jimmie,

    If you are in Jimmies situation, learning how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages is crucial. In this article, we will show you how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages iPhone. Before we show you the methods you can use to perform iPhone WhatsApp recovery, lets see whether it is actually possible to recover deleted WhatsApp messages.

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    Is There Any Workaround

    Yes, a workaround is available which will allow you to get your older chats on your new device but you will be unable to import them into WhatsApp. You will however have all your messages in one place which you can refer to anytime you would like. This is achieved by using the export chat feature in WhatsApp. Lets take a quick look at it.

    On Android

    Open WhatsApp and navigate to the chat you wish to export. Now tap on the 3-dot menu icon in the top right corner of your screen.

    Tap on More.

    Now select Export Chat.

    You will now be asked if you wish to export media along with the chat. Tap on the option of your choice.

    You will now be shown the share menu by Android. You can now share/store the file to your desired platform or service.

    Your WhatsApp chat should now be exported.

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    On iOS

    Open WhatsApp and navigate to the chat you wish to export. Tap on the Profile of the contact at the top of your screen.

    Scroll down and tap on Export Chat.

    iOS will now ask you if you wish to export your media along with the chat. Tap on the option of your choice.

    Your chat will now be exported in a .zip format and you can share it with any platform or service that you wish to.

    We hope this guide helped you easily restore your WhatsApp messages on your new iPhone. If you face any hurdles or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.


    How To Restore Whatsapp Messages On iPhone

    How to Restore WhatsApp Messages on New iPhone? 5 Ways

    For many people, WhatsApp is the most important communication tool around. It can be used to chat with friends and family and to send important photos or videos.

    But accidents happen. If youve deleted some important WhatsApp messages from your iPhone, you might be wondering if theres a way to restore them. To find out if thats possible, keep reading.

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