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How To Screen Record Facetime With Sound On iPhone

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How to screen record FaceTime call on IPhone

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How To Capture Facetime With Audio On Mac

If you have a Mac, you should call people using it as it will offer a larger display, and you will find it quite convenient, especially if it’s going to be a group call. The interface that you will get on the app is highly intuitive, and you will be able to understand it quite easily. It will also be much easier to record on the Mac in comparison with the iPhone or iPad.

Given are the steps that we are going to mention, here, for your question on how to record FaceTime with audio. The Mac versions, Mojave and Catalina, offer an integrated tool to let users record their screen activity. The screen recording feature will be needed for multiple purposes, and we have understood its necessity in these pandemic times.

Let’s go through the steps that you will need to follow to record your FaceTime call. The following guide will also allow users to record the audio that is coming from the desktop and also the mic input.

Can You Take Pictures On Facetime On iPad

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. It’s the gray gear icon for settings on the home screen.
  • Tap FaceTime. This is indicated by a green video camera icon.
  • Make sure the FaceTime Live Photos switch is turned on.
  • Open the FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Find a contact on FaceTime.
  • Tap their name and then FaceTime.

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Can You Record Video During Facetime

When you start a FaceTime video call, press the record button to start the FaceTime recording. Alternatively, you can use iOS Call Recorder, a type of FaceTime recording app, to record your FaceTime calls directly on your iPhone or iPad, or you can make a FaceTime video call for Mac instead of your iOS device and save. with QuickTime.

How to facetime on iphone

Can You Screen Record Facetime With Audio On iPhone

How To Screen Record FaceTime With Sound On iPhone

Yes, you can record FaceTime with sound on your iPhone. Unlike, most Android devices which require third-party apps for screen recording, no such apps are needed for iPhone. The screen recorder on the iPhone is good enough to capture the screen you are in the FaceTime call.

Step 1: Launch Settingsapp on your iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down and locate Control Centre and tap on it.

Step 3: Make sure, you turn on the toggle switch for Access within Apps. Tap on Customize Controls.

Step 4: This will show you a list of apps which are allowed to appear in the Control Centre. To add the recording app, click on the plus sign in front of Screen Recording. It is now included on the list, which will make Screen Recorder icon in the Control Centre.

Step 5: Launch FaceTime app, select a contact, and make a FaceTime call.

Step 7: Once the call starts ringing, you need to open the Control Centre. Tap on the Screen Recorder will start a recording, this will only record the screen with no sound.

Now if you wish to record FaceTime with audio, you need to follow one additional step.

Long press on the Screen Recorder, and you will see all the options while recording. It shows a sign for a microphone which appears greyed out and the says Microphone Off.

Step 8: Tap on the Microphone sign, and it will show you the sign get colored and the command shown below changes to Microphone On.

Wrapping up:

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Easy Steps To Record iPhone Facetime Calls

  • Swipe down from the top-right of the home screen to launch the Control Center. Here, you will see a white circle icon, that’s the Screen Recording button.
  • Once you tap on it, the tool will give you a 3-second grace period to get ready. As soon as the screen recording starts, you will get a red indicator on the top left.
  • Launch FaceTime and place the call. Once done, you will need to go again to the Control Center to stop the recording. Tap on the screen recording button again, the video will be saved in the Photos app.
  • To answer your question, can you screen record FaceTime with audio? You need to add one more step. In the control center, tap & hold the Screen Recording button, and then, turn on the microphone.
  • As you will tap on it, it will turn red to indicate that it’s turned on. Tap on Start Recording. Now, the video will be recorded with your mic input.
  • Apart from this limitation, the tool also starts acting weird when you launch FaceTime while the recording is turned on. It tends to automatically stop the session once the call connects.

    Do You Need Service To Use Facetime On An iPhone

    You can use FaceTime from your home, hotel, restaurant or a Wi-Fi hotspot without the need for a premium mobile phone. Since Wi-Fi is supported, it works not only on iPhone, but also on iPod touch, iPad and Mac. However, FaceTime also works over cellular networks, so you can use it at home with your cellular data plan.

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    Record Facetime On Your Mac

    As mentioned above, you can also screen record FaceTime with audio on your Mac. You can do more than just use FaceTime settings, however. Use QuickTime player to complete your screen recording by using the steps below.

    1. Open the QuickTime application on your Mac.2. Press File in the menu bar.3. Click New Screen Recording and wait for the pop-up window.

    4. Next to the word Record, press the downward-facing arrow.5. In the section labeled Microphone, select the appropriate device you want to use.

    6. Open the FaceTime app and keep QuickTime up.7. Press the red button that means record on QuickTime.8. To record just the call, press the FaceTime window.

    9. To record your entire computer screen, press the desktop.10. Call one of your contacts!

    How To Record Facetime Calls On iPhone And iPad

    Can you screen record FaceTime with sound?

    Despite Apple adding the option to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad, you arent able to record sound, so this defeats the purpose of our goal. To overcome this limitation, we have to employ the same finicky technique as described above, albeit in a slightly different way.

    1) Plug your iPhone or iPad into your Mac using the USB to Lightning cable. Make sure your device is unlocked and the Home screen is visible.

    2) Launch the QuickTime app on your Mac.

    3) With QuickTime as the active app, go to File > New Movie Recording.

    4) In the window that appears, click on the arrow down button and make sure to select your iPhone or iPad under the Camera section. By doing this, we are actually telling QuickTime to record what is happening on the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

    5) Click on the red recording button in QuickTime, then start your FaceTime call.

    6) When youre done with the call, hang up, then click the same button to stop the recording. Your FaceTime recording will be available immediately. From there, simply go to File > Save in order to save the recording to your computer.

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    How To Record Facetime Call On Mac

    The FaceTime free service is available to macOS, either. The real fun of making FaceTime calls on a Mac computer lies in the facecam. You can use the facecam that comes with your Mac or use high-definition facecams from other manufacturers to yield a better video quality, especially when making online conferences or online training courses.

    There are two methods to record FaceTime with Audio on Mac. If your Mac computer is in macOS Mojave or later, you can use the native Screenshot toolbar. If your Mac computer isn’t running in macOS Mojave or later, you should take a look at QuickTime or other alternatives.

    How Do You Record A Facetime Video

    How to Record FaceTime Calls on Mac 1) Open the FaceTime application on your Mac 2) Also open the QuickTime application on your Mac and with that application in the front go to File > New Screenshot. The trick is that they take a screenshot of the FaceTime video call, just like it happens on your computer.

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    How To Screen Record With Audio On Ios

    Contrary to popular belief, you can record FaceTime call audio. The process is quite simple. Of course, weve also included some third-party applications in this section that will perform the same task.

    At any point during your call, go back to the Control Center and long-press the screen record icon. Here, youll see a Microphone icon. Tap it so that it says Microphone On.

    Now, your FaceTime call will record the in-call audio. When you are finished recording, go back to the Control Panel and tap on the Screen Record icon again. The recording will end. Upon ending the recording, you can find the finished product in the Photos app on your iPhone.

    If the method above didnt work for you, Apps such as Record it!, DU Recorder, Web Recorder, and others will get the job done.

    All of these apps are free to download and fairly trustworthy. Upon installation, follow the on-screen instructions to enable the screen recorder and also where you want to store any files from the application.

    How To Turn On Facetime

    How to record a FaceTime call on iPhone &  Mac

    Step 1: On your Apple portable devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod, first you need to run the FaceTime app. Sign in this program with your Apple ID.

    Step 2: You can also go to your Settings app to turn on FaceTime, and then use your Apple ID to log into it.


      For an iPhone user, FaceTime can register phone number of him/her automatically. For registering your email address on your iPhone, iPad and iPod, you need to navigate to Settings > FaceTime> Apple ID to make it.

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    Can You Screen Record Facetime With Sound

    Even though the screen recording tool on iPhone and iPad does offer a microphone feature, it will not record the audio for a FaceTime call.

    Youll notice that if you enable the microphone for the screen recorder and place your call, only the video will record. You won’t hear any sounds in your recording except those from your device before and after the FaceTime call.

    How Can I Install Facetime On My iPad

    Here are the instructions to install FaceTime on 1st generation iPad. You must have a jailbroken iPad to continue. Create a new folder on your desktop called Pwnage and place the following files there. Double click to extract the PhoneDisk file. Then double click on the .mpkg file to install the application.

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    Add The Screen Recording Option To The Control Center

    Some users find that they need toadd the screen recording option to their iPhones control center. Follow the steps below if you are in this situation.

    1. Open the Settings app.2. Scroll down to the Control Center option and click it.3. Toggle the Access within Apps button to the ON position. 4. Click the plus sign next to the words Screen Recording.

    Screen Record Facetime With Audio On iPad

    iPhone Screen Recorder With Audio (No Extra App Required!)

    Screen recording FaceTime with sound on iPad is quite the same process as we follow on iPhone . Maybe one or the other option can differ. However, the whole gist will be the same.

    Be it an iPad or iPhone, almost every option on both the platforms are quite accessible if youre familiar with any one of them.

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    How To Get A Screen Recorder

    • In iOS 14 or later, go to Settings > Control Center and click More Commands , then click Add.
    • Open the Control Center on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
    • Press and hold the gray record button, then tap Microphone.
    • Open the Control Center on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and click the red Save button.

    How To Transfer Facetime Screen Record To Computer For Backup

    It is not so convenient to save your FaceTime screen record on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, for the recordings can take much space on your device. It is easy for them to be lost when your iDevice has some errors or get lost. Therefore, here I recommend you to transfer FaceTime screen record to computer for backup to free up your Apple device space and to avoid them being lost. To finish this task, you can resort to Leawo iTransfer to help you. This tool is powerful in transferring files, including apps, music, movies, TV shows, ringtones, ebooks, photos and Camera Roll and so forth. It can cope with the transfer tasks among iTunes, iOS devices and computer at ease. The following step-by-step instruction will tell you how to operate Leawo iTransfer to complete the FaceTime recording transfer task to computer with no effort. iPhone will be taken for example.

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    Record Facetime Call With Ios Facetime Screen Recorder

    Step 1: Launch iOS Screen Recorder

    Free download, install and launch Apeaksoft iOS Screen Recorder on your computer.

    Step 2: Connect to the same network

    Connect your iOS device and computer to the same Wi-Fi or local area network.

    Step 3: Mirror your iOS device

    Swipe up from the bottom/top of your screen to open Control Center.

    Tap on “AirPlay” / “AirPlay Mirroring” / “Screen Mirroring” .

    Then select “Apeaksoft iOS Screen Recorder” and enable mirroring.

    Step 4: Record Facetime call

    Open Facetime to start a call and click the red record button to start recording.

    After recording, your Facetime call video will be saved to the folder on your iOS device.

    Even if you are launching a group FaceTime chatting, it can also record the screen.

    Disable Live Photos Settings On Your Mac

    How To Record a FaceTime Call [October 2020]

    Again, the other caller will receive a notification if you take a live photo of the FaceTime call on your Mac. To prevent anyone from taking this type of picture, disable the setting using the steps below.

  • Open the FaceTime app on your Mac.
  • Press the Preferences option.
  • Remove the checkmark next to the Allow Live Photos option to disable the setting.
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    S On How To Screen Record Facetime With Sound On iPhone

    1. Launch FaceTime and Begin the Call.

    The obvious first thing to do is to launch FaceTime and begin your call.

    2. After You Have Installed the Software, You Will Notice an Orange Button on the Screen.

    This software is available for installation on the Google Play store. To start recording, click the orange button at the bottom of your screen. After you have begun recording, you should notice three more circles that allow you to pause the recording, stop, or navigate to settings.

    3. To Adjust the Recording Configurations, Select the Settings Option.

    In the initial step, you effectively started recording. You may, however, change the preferences by choosing the settings button on the menu. A panel with numerous choices will display, and you may adjust the toggle switches to pick all of the recording settings you wish.

    4. By Selecting the Video Button at the Top of the Screen, You May Record Live.

    Once you have gone through all of the selections, you may record live videos by selecting the video button at the top of the screen, or you can see any snapshots or photographs you have captured.

    How To Capture Facetime Calls On Android

    With easy-to-use, great accessibility, and better clarity, FaceTime calls are becoming increasingly popular. People may wish to record these calls on their Android device to use it as a reference for later use. Unlike iOS, Android mobile devices don’t have the default feature of screen recording.

    If you still wish to record your FaceTime calls on your Android device, you need to install a third-party screen recording app. You will find such apps in your Google Play Store. Such third party apps usually are free software, and you can easily download them. Learn how to record FaceTime calls on Android devices.

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    How To Record Facetime With Audio On iPhone

    #1. Open Facetime and start a call.

    #2. Swipe up from your iPhone screen below to access Control Center.

    Note: You will be able to find several shortcuts for airplane mode, WIFI and music in the control center. You can edit the shortcuts from the Customize Controls option if you want to change them.

    #3. Hold the Screen Recording option until you see the microphone activation option. This captures sounds from your mic, that requires you to modify the volume levels for better sound.

    #4. For quick access, a recording status in red will appear on the top left of your screen. Once the recording is complete, tap the Status Bar and select the Stop button in the dialogue box.

    #5. Another method to stop screen recording is by bringing the Control Center up.

    Hurray! you successfully recorded FaceTime with audio on your iPhone, now to access the recorded files open your gallery or photos app.

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