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How To Turn Blue Light On iPhone

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Keep Your Phone From Waking You Up

How to turn blue light off your iPhone!

Not sleeping? You might need to turn off blue light on your phone. This week, I was interviewing John Medina, author of Brain Rules, for a future episode of Every Classroom Matters. He made the offhand comment, blue light wreaks havoc with your brain. We’ve known this since 2006, This Psychology Today article can help explain why your teenager may be awake ALL NIGHT.

Thank goodness we can turn off blue light on Apple devices now. I recorded a quick video and am telling everyone I know to make sure they set their iPhones and iPads up this way especially for kids. I turn off blue light in the evening until the morning so that if I have to look at my phone, it won’t wake me up so much.

Note that after you follow these instructions, your iPhone;or iPad will have a brownish twinge to it;because the blue light is turned off. You want that. It took me two days to get used to but it isn’t that big of a problem for me.

Tell all the parents you know.

Here’s a quick tutorial I just uploaded to YouTube.

Should I Use Blue Light Filter All The Time

Its important to remember that blue light isnt inherently bad for you its an excess of blue light that can have negative effects. If you spend a lot of your daytime hours under artificial light or working at a computer, or both, it makes perfect sense to wear your blue light filter glasses during the day.

C Restore Your iPhone To Factory Settings

This should be your last option, as restoring your iPhone back to its factory settings might help resolve the problem as this procedure will get all your phone data to be erased. But you can gain confidence in doing this one by performing a backup of all your phone data first, so after the factory settings restoration, you can sync your phone data back to the device. If youâre now sure in doing this, do the following steps:1. Connect your iPhone device to your desktop computer or laptop with iTunes already installed in it .2. Launch the iTunes and check if it has detected your iPhone. If yes, there should be an iPhone icon appearing on the menu row of iTunes located on the upper left corner.3. Click this iPhone icon to view the settings and details of your iPhone device.4. Locate the âRestore iPhoneâ¦â button from the Summary panel.5. A confirmation message will appear. Click the âRestoreâ button after ensuring that itâs now safe to restore your phone back to its default factory settings.6. Wait for the iTunes to finish the restoration to factory settings.7. Once done, your phone will automatically restart.

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Go Blue With Blueboard

Head into Cydia to search for and install the free BlueBoard tweak from the BigBoss Repo.

Once installed, go into your Settings app and locate BlueBoard to set preferencesEnable, then respring to apply the changes to your keyboard.

If you want a dark background to go with your cool blue keys, just enable Dark Keyboard as well, which I think is definitely the way to go, but to each their own.

And that’s it, easy as pie. Remember, this doesn’t change your keyboard, it only themes it. If you want to go back to the stock look, simply disable BlueBoard .

Now just change the color of your text bubbles and you’ll be a lean, mean, blue-matching machine.

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How To Turn On The Blue Light Filter On Your Computer

How to turn off blue light on iPhone using Night Shift ...

You can either set the filter on your computer to come on at a certain time or you can permanently set it to be on. Below are instructions on how to change the settings of your blue light filter.

  • Press the Windows key on the keyboard.
  • Select Settings
  • Choose System from the menu
  • Select Display from the menu on the left as shown below.
  • Under the color section on right, select to turn Night light on.
  • Below the on/off button you will see Night light settings. Click this link to see the configuration options.
  • The Night light settings window, as shown above, allows you to control your blue light filter.
    • You can turn the blue light filter on/off immediately.
    • Schedule the blue light filter to automatically come on/off at certain times.
    • Note that if you want to switch the blue light filter on permanently then select the Turn on now option and leave the schedule section set to off.

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    Does Blue Light Affect Your Sleep

    Exposure to all colors of light helps control your natural sleep-and-wake cycle, or circadian rhythm. More so than any other color, blue light messes with your bodys ability to prepare for sleep because it blocks a hormone called melatonin that makes you sleepy.

    Hard Reset iPhone To Fix iPhone Blue Screen

    This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to know how to resolve the iPhone blue screen problem. If you are lucky, then you can fix this issue by forcefully restarting your phone. This breaks the present power cycle of your device and performs a hard reset. In the end, your phone would be restarted in the normal mode.

    1. For iPhone 6s and older generation devices

    1. Long press the Home and Power button at the same time.

    2. Ideally, after holding the button for ten seconds, the screen will go black and your phone would be restarted.

    3. Let go of the buttons when the Apple logo would appear.

    2. For iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

    1. Press the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously.

    2. Keep holding the buttons for at least 10 seconds till the phoneâs screen will go black.

    3. As your phone would be restarted in normal mode, let go of the buttons.

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    Review Reminders Before The Recovery Process

    On the next page, there are some important reminders for you to take note before commencing the recovery process. These include a note that all your current phone files and data wonât be lost or erased during the recovery process, and warnings that your phone will be locked again if itâs in unlocked status and will be back to non-jailbreak status if you have managed to successfully jailbreak it. Once done, click âStartâ button to continue.

    How To Fix iPhone Blue Screen Of Death Without Data Loss

    iPhone Blue Light Filter (Night Shift) Turn On & All the Time iOS 13

    Dr.Fone – System Repair is a multi-platform software developed by Wondershare. It can be used to repair iPhone system issues like the blue screen of death, white screen or the Apple Logo screen. The unique feature of this tool is that Dr.Fone will fix your system issue without any data loss. So, every time your phone loses display, you can remain assured that all your data are safe and secure. Other features presented by Dr.Fone are:


    Another point here is its dynamic nature. Apart from system recovery, Dr.Fone allows you to back data up and restore it to your new phone at will.

    Find out how to fix iPhone blue screen of death without any loss of data by following the next few steps:

  • Connect your iPhone to the PC and launch Dr.Fone. The software will detect the phone automatically. Click on “System Repair”.
  • Once your iPhone is recognized by Dr.Fone, hit the “Standard Mode” or “Advanced Mode” to continue.
  • Dr.Fone will detect the phone model and you can directly select “Start” to go to next screen.
  • After download, click on Fix Now, Dr.Fone will start repairing your phone automatically. The device will boot in normal mode, and no data will be lost.
  • 4 simple steps and no surgery on your phone. Your iPhone going dead with a blue screen is a software issue. All Dr.Fone did is repair this. But, then again, itâs always better to have options. In this view, the next few parts discuss how you can repair your iPhone without using Dr.Fone.

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    What Is The Blue Dot In The Corner Of My iPhone

  • I have a blue dot in the top left corner of my iPhone screen I have no idea where it came from and I can’t get rid of it! Any ideas what it is??03-28-2016 07:44 AM
  • Recently updated apps have a blue dot next to them. Is the dot next to an App’s name? Check the App Store to see what updates have recently installed.03-28-2016 08:34 AM
  • Hi, no it’s not on an app it’s in the top left corner under the signal bar03-28-2016 09:14 AM
  • I’ve never seen anything like that. I only know of the blue dots on the app icons. This is interesting May e someone else can provide additional assistance. I’d love to see a screenshot.03-28-2016 10:02 AM
  • Originally Posted by amberoo1Hi, no it’s not on an app it’s in the top left corner under the signal barBlue dot or blue circle? If it’s the latter, it means that you are on a really slow cellular network .03-28-2016 07:48 PM
  • jamielampert, MooMooPrincess and brkyk94 like this.03-28-2016 09:27 PM
  • Originally Posted by Honey BeagleWhy do you not put a photograph of this here.How can i put a capture?04-07-2016 01:55 PM
  • An error accord when I tried to put the screenshot.04-07-2016 03:48 PM
  • Originally Posted by Ammar QareshAn error accord when I tried to put the screenshot.Try again with TapaTalk.Choose image then tap Reply04-07-2016 04:22 PM
  • but when i swipe on it becomes like what in the attached file, no more04-09-2016 01:10 PM
  • Originally Posted by Ammar QareshHere you goThe image before showed a search bar with a mic. What was that?04-09-2016 03:43 PM
  • Video Guide: How To Fix A Blue Screen Of Death On iPhone

    Use FoneDog – iOS System Recovery to fix the video steps of iPhone Blue Screen of Death. what are you waiting for? Come and download for free.

    Similarly with the other blank screen issues in iOS devices, suffering from a Blue Screen of Death is definitely a showstopper towards using your iPhone to the fullest, especially when you have just upgraded your phone to iOS 14, or you have a goal to do it soon.

    If the issue is caused by a software issue such as a failed software update or an incomplete software package was installed, restoring factory settings or using FoneDog toolkit might be your best solutions.

    But if these didnât work, it might now be due to a hardware problem that will need to be addressed with a help of a professional mobile technician. Donât hesitate to bring your iPhone to your local Apple store or service center and have it checked.

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    How To Turn Off Blue Light On iPhone And iPad With Night Shift

    Like with many of the user-focused settings in iOS, the Night Shift setting is easy to find and use. Here’s the full procedure:

  • From the iPhone or iPad’s main screen, open the Settings application.
  • Scroll to Display and Brightness, tap on it, then slide the toggle for Night Shift to the active position.
  • If desired, adjust the slider from Cooler to Warmer to achieve the preferred color temperature.
  • Optionally, toggle and adjust the Night Shift Schedule setting to have the iPhone automatically engage Night Shift at certain times.
  • With this process completed, iPhone users should be able to see the colors of their device’s screen change at their specified times and hopefully have an easier time getting to sleep and staying asleep. We can’t personally attest to these types of results, but anything that’s meant to help smartphone or PC users stay rested and avoid fatigue is a win in our book.

    For more tips on mobile phones, including iPhone and Android-specific guides, keep it tuned right here to Shacknews.

    How To Enable Night Shift On Your iPhone For Easy Nighttime Reading

    Anti Blue Light Film iPhone X / XS Protection Tempered ...

    Jason Fitzpatrick is the Editor in Chief of LifeSavvy, How-To Geek’s sister site focused life hacks, tips, and tricks. He has over a decade of experience in publishing and has authored thousands of articles at Review Geek, How-To Geek,;and Lifehacker. Jason served as Lifehacker’s Weekend Editor before he joined How-To Geek. Read more…

    Bright blue-white light blasting in your face at night isnt so great for your sleep or general health, but dont worry: iOS supports color shifting so you can warm up the light of your iPhone for easy nighttime reading.

    RELATED:Artificial Light Is Wrecking Your Sleep, and It’s Time to Do Something About It

    There is a growing body of research suggesting that exposure to artificial light late into the evening,;especially blue light like the crisp blue-white glow of our beloved gadgets, is a serious issue that effects our sleep cycles and general health.;You can, however, minimize the effect of late-night light exposure by shifting the color to warmer tones. iOS makes this easy with its new Night Shift;mode. Lets take a look at what you need and how to set it up.

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    B Failed Or Interrupted Software Update

    Keeping your iPhone device up-to-date by installing upgrades for the current iOS version is beneficial to do to continue using your device with the much-improved user experience. However, itâs inevitable that software update failures and interruptions can happen.These can occur when youâre trying to download and install the update but your network connection suddenly got cut off, or when you lost battery power during the upgrade. If you have recently performed a software update and it has failed or was interrupted, that could be the most likely reason why youâre now having the blue screen issue.

    Discover The Safest Solution To Blocking Blue Light

    However, blue light blocking glasses are proven to be successful in blocking the blue light from electronic devices. At Swanwick Sleep, we’re dedicated to creating the best swannies blue blocking glasses out there. Don’t solely rely on your device filters to protect your eyes from blue light, get yourself here.

    When the lights go on, put your Swannies on!

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    How To Keep Night Shift On Constantly

    To turn on Night Shift, go to Settings / Display & Brightness / Night shift. You will see the screen below.

    You can schedule night shift to turn on any time you’d like, but I recommend keeping it on all day. We get plenty of blue light and this way you never have to worry about looking at your phone.

    To trick your iPhone into doing this, simply choose a time period, for example, from 4:00 AM to 3:59 AM the following morning. This way your phone will turn off Night Shift for one minute a day, and then immediately turn back on.

    For some reason, choosing a time from 4:00 AM to 4:00 AM the following day doesn’t work. You need to have a one minute gap.

    Although the screen may seem too orange at first, your eyes will quickly adjust. I don’t even notice it anymore.

    Pairing this iPhone trick with glasses that block blue light gave me huge improvements in evening sleepiness and my ability to fall and stay asleep.

    What Is Night Shift Mode

    How To Block Blue Light On iPhone And iPad

    Night shift mode is an inbuilt feature on Mac that let manages screen temperature according to day or night time. It automatically detects your current geographical location and accordingly set the cool or warmer screen temperature. If it is night time, the screen will be warmer as we say it blue light filters and on the day time, it gets to turn off. But with manual turning it ON, you can set the warmer screen temperature all day.

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    How To Enable The Ios Blue Light Filter

  • Open the;Settings;app.
  • Choose the;Display & Brightness;option.
  • Select the;Night Shift;button.
  • Adjust the settings on this menu to schedule or enable night shift.
  • Our article continues below with additional information on enabling the blue light filter on an iPhone, including pictures of these steps.

    What Is iPhone Night Shift

    Fortunately, there is a way you can reduce blue light exposure on your iPhone. Apple recently introduced a feature called Night Shift that changes the colors on your screen towards a warmer hue.

    When Night Shift turns on, the screen noticeably becomes more orange, kind of like a sunset on a nice summer evening. This reduces blue light exposure and means looking at your phone won’t affect your melatonin production as much.

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    A Brief Explanation Of Blue Light

    In previous articles of ours, we have explained what blue light is and what health problems it can cause.

    Summarized, blue light is a natural high-energy visible light, its main source being the sun.

    The problem is the blue light exposure in the evening or at night.

    Melatonin is the hormone responsible for sleep the daylight awakes us, while the darkness of the night, acts as a signal for the body to finally relax and prepare for bed.

    But the blue light constantly emitted from the devices we use confuses the brain, which makes it think it is still daytime.

    This results in disrupting your sleep cycle, consequently poor sleep quality and other health conditions.

    Blue Light Wakes Up Your Brain

    ÐÑпиÑи ÐейÑ? MakeFuture Flex Apple iPhone 11 Pro Light Blue

    Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland in your brain that helps your body know when to sleep. Blue light from our digital devices mimics what the brain sees at noon on a sunny day, and your brain interprets this as sunlight and suppresses melatonin production.

    To maximize your health you have to be disciplined about when you start to wind down in the evening and limit light exposure before bedtime.

    Start to think about your phone as a “sunlight device”. So when you’re lying in bed at midnight glancing at your phone, blasting blue light into your eyes, it’s no wonder you can’t get to sleep.

    Needless to say, sleep is vital to our overall health. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to depression, anxiety, diabetes, and obesity, among other things.

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