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How To Unlock iPhone If Screen Is Broken

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Way : Unlock Broken Screen Android Via Android Control Apps

How to Unlock Broken Touch Screen iPhone Passcode?

Android control apps allow you to gain access to locked Android phone on a PC. When the screen is smashed, it’s a great choice to proceed. Currently, there are many controlling apps on the App Store, if you are interested in them, just search on the Internet and you can find tons of answers.

However, this method also has its disadvantage, which is you must enable ADB on computer and USB Debugging on your Android. If you didn’t turn on USB debugging before screen was broken, go to next solution.

Ways To Unlock iPhone With Broken Screen

Posted by Theodore TongJanuary 13, 2021 18:40

While the daily usage of your iPhone, screen get broken is kind of a common situation. If iPhone screen is cracked and cant respond to touch correctly, you cant enter password to unlock the iOS device. In that case, do you know how to unlock iPhone with broken screen?

When you get a crashed iPhone screen, broken screen, or unresponsive screen, you are not allowed to enter your screen password in order to access it. In fact, there are still ways to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen. Here in this post, we will tell you 3 effective ways to help you remove locked screen on iPhone and unlock iPhone without touch screen.

How To Unlock iPhone With Broken iPhone Without Siri

To access iPhone with broken screen, you can simply use a professional iPhone unlock tool to do this job. Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker can easily unlock iPhone without passcode when the screen is broken and unresponsive. It uses a pretty easy method to bypass the screen lock and helps you get into your broken screen iPhone withint a few minutes. Plus, it won’t ask any prompt during the process of unlocking the iPhone.

No matter your screen passcode is a 4-digit or 6-digit numeric one, or a more complicated Touch ID or Face ID, Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker can remove the screen lock in a few clicks. Besides, this program is fully compatible with almost all iOS devices and systems, ranging from the oldest iPhone 4s to the newest iPhone 13 and iOS 15.

Key Features of Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker:

Now let’s move to the detailed instruction on how to unlock iPhone if screen is broken by using Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker.

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Unlocking A Broken Screen iPhone Using Third

The market is full of iPhone unlock tools with a high success rate. In addition, they also wont/should not erase your data. These tools are simple to use and will also normally not ask for any password to unlock. You also dont have to worry about your iOS version as they are compatible with almost all the systems.

Way : How To Control iPhone Broken Screen From Computer With Itunes

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As a traditional tool from Apple, iTunes enables you to get your iOS device restored and thus unlock it, giving you the freedom to access your iPhone with a broken screen. For safety, ensure you have a backup of your device before the restore if it has trusted your computer.

How to control iPhone with broken screen using iTunes?

  • Launch iTunes on your PC.
  • Mac users with macOS Catalina, please open Finder on your Mac.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer through a USB cable.
  • You will see your iPhone displayed in iTunes or Finder.
  • For Windows PC, go to Summary > Restore iPhone.
  • For Mac, head to General > Restore iPhone.

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Top 3 Ways To Unlock iPhone With Broken Screen

An expensive phone like iPhone is expected to last long. Besides the sleek design that makes it unique from other mobile phones, it is also built with sturdy equipment to ensure prolonged use.

However, having a broken screen is almost inevitable when using a sophisticated phone like an iPhone. If you have to deal with a broken screen, you might not be able to use the phones touch well, making the phone almost useless. Within this blog, we will explain how to unlock iPhone with broken screen very easily.

Now lets get started!

How To Unlock iPhone With Broken Touch Screen Via Find My iPhone

When your iPhone screen cracked and you can’t unlock it, another method you can try is Find My iPhone. You can access this feature through the iCloud website, and then remotely erase your iPhone with broken screen. After erasing, your iPhone will be unlocked.

Note: To use this method, you need to have signed up iCloud account and enabled the Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone.

Step 1: Visit on your computer or another device, then log into your iCloud account with Apple ID and password.

Step 2: Click Find iPhone and then select your iPhone under the device list.

Step 3: Click the Erase iPhone option to erase all files and settings on your iPhone remotely.

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Way 1 The Easiest Method To Unlock iPhone 13 With Broken Screen

If your device is suffering from broken or unresponsive screen and you have no idea on how to unlock your iPhone 13 if screen is broken then you can use a third-party software iPhone Screen Unlocker – Tenorshare 4uKey to unlock that iPhone. It doesn’t require the iPhone or sends any prompts to your iPhone 13. Here are the detailed steps to use 4uKey:

  • You need to download and install 4uKey on your computer. Then, run the program on your computer.
  • After that, connect your broken iPhone 13 to the computer via a USB cable.
  • 4uKey will detect the device automatically. Now tap “Start”.

  • Now, get the latest firmware package, choose a location and then click “Download”.

  • After the firmware is downloaded, hit “Unlock Now” to unlock the device.

The lock removal procedure takes several minutes but after that, you will be able to access the locked device.

Unlock iPhone With Broken Screen With Find My iPhone

How to Unlock iPhone When Screen is Broken â Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen in Minutes â

One of the best ways to unlock your iPhone with a broken screen is using the Find My iPhone method. This method work for any model of iPhone, whether it is iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or others.

As an iPhone user, an iCloud account should not be a strange term to you anymore. However, it is possible that you dont know all the benefits of linking your iOS device with your iCloud account.

Make sure you know the following with Find My iPhone:

1.One of the benefits of doing is that it enables you to perform some functions on your phone remotely. With it, you can find your phone if it is lost, stolen, and most importantly for this course, if its screen is broken.

2.You must have enabled the Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone before the screen got damaged. If you didnt enable this feature, unfortunately, this option cant work for you.

3.Lastly, one of the downsides of this method is that it will wipe out your data. Be sure to have backup your storage before you begin this process. If you have done the backup, you can proceed to unlock your phone following these steps:

Step 1: Open a browser, open the iCloud website. Supply your iCloud login and click enter.

Step 2: When you gain access to your iCloud account, locate the Find iPhone option and click on it. Once you click on it, the Find My iPhone feature will be opened.

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If You Have Never Trusted A Computer Before

It may seem impossible to back up your data if you had not selected the Trust this Computer option before you broke your iPhones screen. Fortunately, there may also be a solution for that if you have paired a Bluetooth keyboard with your device. if so, follow these steps to access your iPhone and create a backup.

  • Press the power button to check whether the display lights up or not.
  • If the display is visible but you cannot touch the keys, use the Bluetooth Keyboard that you had paired with the device to type the password.
  • Tap the Trust button when prompted to trust this computer and select Backup option to retrieve all the important data.
  • Note: you can also use Siri instead of an external keyboard if a small area of the screen is working. The process is similar but you will need a working part of the screen to enter the passcode using Siri.

    How To Unlock Broken Screen iPhone With Computer

    In this part, you’re required to use a computer to unlock the device with a broken screen. If you don’t have a computer, you can borrow one from your best friend, or visit a nearby Apple Store. You can also skip to the next part to unlock iPhone with broken screen without using computer.

    Forgot your passcode? We have a guide on how to unlock iPhone without passcode.

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    Solution 4 How To Control iPhone With Broken Screen From Computer Using Itunes

    If your iPhone has trusted your computer before, you can control and get the files from your broken iPhone to the computer with iTunes.

    Here are the steps:

    1. Plug your broken iPhone into the computer that you have synced with the iPhone before.

    2. Open iTunes on your computer.

    3. Once it recognizes your broken iPhone successfully, click your iPhone icon at the upper-left corner, and tap the Summary option from the left window.

    4. Tick This Computer under the Backups section and click Back Up Now to begin to back up your iPhone to the computer.

    Way : Unlocking iPhone Via Recovery Mode

    How to Unlock iPhone if Screen Is Broken: 4 Possible Ways

    If iTunes can’t recognize your locked iPhone, put your device into recovery mode to reinstall the operating system. It’s the same here: You’ll lose all of your data after your iPhone with broken screen is unlocked. It’s not possible to get back the data unless you have any prior backup for your device data.

    1. Power off your iPhone with broken screen first by pressing the Side button in iPhone 7, 6s, or old models or holding both Side button and either Volume button iPhone 8 or newer models.


    • Can’t move the slider to shut down the device? Use the steps here instead to put your iPhone into recovery mode.

    2. Enter iPhone recovery mode by pressing corresponding buttons.

    If you use iPhone 8 or newer, connect your device to your computer and hold the Side button. Keep holding the Side button until you see the recovery mode screen.

    If you use iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, keep holding the Volume Down button while connecting your device to computer. Release the button when the recovery mode screen appears.

    If you use iPhone 6 and earlier, plug your device into computer while keeping holding the Home button. When you see the recovery mode screen, release the Home button.

    3. Open iTunes , and then click Restore to unlock your iPhone with broken screen.


    • Your device will automatically exit recovery mode if the restoration process takes more than 15 minutes. Then, you need to repeat the above steps to re-enter the recovery mode.

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    How To Retrieve Data From iPhone

    But what if you want to retrieve all your data restored into your iPhone after fixing your broken screen iPhone cannot be locked?

    Do not worry! iPhone Data Recovery can help you easily recover the deleted, lost data and files from locked iPhone. Now lets start learning how to recover data with iPhone Data Recovery:

    Step 1: Download and run iPhone Data Recovery

    Step 2: Plug your iPhone in computer

    Connect the iPhone with broken screen with your computer via a USB cable. Then iPhone Data Recovery will start detecting and scanning your iPhone automatically.

    Step 3: Recover data from iPhone

    Now you can choose recover data with the Recover from iOS Device mode. After that you can click the Start Scan the button to retrieve files for broken iPhone. Select the desired files you want to recover from the scanned results.

    Step 4: Sava data as backup

    Preview and retrieve contacts, photos, messages and other data from your broken screen iPhone. You can click the Recover button to get the desired files. Do not forget to save them as backup in your computer.

    Check the details to recover data from broken iPhone here.

    You’d Better Know About Unlock iPhone With Broken Screen

    Q1: How do you unlock a disabled iPhone?

    If your iPhone is disabled and you forgot your passcode, you can erase iPhone from iCloud or restore it with iTunes. Or if you want to quickly unlock a disabled iPhone with 100% success rate, you can choose PassFab iPhone Unlocker. Besides, it is also a helpful software when you want to remove Apple ID, bypass screen time passcode and remove remote management.

    Q2: Can I unlock my iPhone without iTunes?

    Of course you can. You can erase your iPhone with iCloud if you turned on Find My iPhone on your iPhone and know the Apple ID and password connected to the locked iPhone. Just sign into iCloud through any browser, select your device from All Devices, and then you can erase your iPhone remotely. Also, you can use PassFab iPhone Unlocker to unlock your iPhone without iTunes within minutes.

    Q3: Can I unlock my iPhone with my voice?

    You can use Voice Control feature to set a command and then enter pin to unlock your iPhone.

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    How To Unlock iPhone With Unresponsive Screen Via Icloud

    When you get an iPhone with broken screen, you can also rely on iCloud to remove the screen lock. The following guide will show you how to unlock iPhone with unresponsive screen via iCloud.

    Step 1 Open your browser and navigate to the official iCloud site. Then sign in with your Apple ID and password.

    Step 2 When you get there, choose the Find iPhone option. Then you need to select your iPhone from the All Devices list.

    Step 3 Now you can choose Erase iPhone feature to remove all content and settings from your iPhone. By doing so, you will remove the screen lock from iPhone at the same time.

    Note :

    How Many Times Can You Attempt To Unlock Your iPhone

    How to unlock a iPhone With Damaged Touchscreen With Non Apple Keyboard #fixed1tAPPLEIOStips

    Typically you haveten attempts to unlock your broken screen. There are levels of sanctioning thatwill be done before the phone lock completely. After the sixth attempt, thephone will become disabled for one minute. When you keep trying, the phone willbe disabled after the seventh failed attempt.

    Since your screenis broken and you cant tap on the correct keys without making a mistake, thephone will be disabled for fifteen minutes on the correct attempts. It will bedisabled for one hour when you reach the ninth attempt. Tentatively you willneed to unlock it using any of the listed options when you reach the tenthfailed attempt.

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    Unlock iPhone With Broken Screen Using External Keyboard

    The final solution to unlock an iPhone with a cracked screen is to plug the iPhone’s lightning adapter into a wired USB keyboard and then connect it to the iPhone. What is a wired USB keyboard? Where can I get it? Well, you can buy a wired USB keyboard from Amazon or eBay. For example, a regular Dell USB keyboard costs about US$14 to US$20.

    Wired USB keyboard:

    • Use the original Apple Lightning cable to connect the wired USB keyboard to your broken iPhone.
    • Double-click the space bar to activate the lock screen.
    • Enter a 4-digit or 6-digit password, and then your device will be successfully unlocked.

    Bluetooth keyboard:

    You can also use a Bluetooth keyboard to help you complete the above tasks. The premise is that Bluetooth has been enabled on your iPhone.

    • Please turn on the Bluetooth keyboard and wait for it to connect to your broken iPhone.
    • Double-click the space bar to activate the lock screen.
    • Enter a 4-digit or 6-digit password, and your device will be successfully unlocked.

    iPhone Screen Cracked Unlock Using Itunes

    What’s more, we can also restore and unlock iPhone from computer broken screen via iTunes without a password. Since iTunes is an effective way to back up your data, probably you’ve used it on this computer. Why do I mention this? because The prerequisite to unlock screen broken iPhone is having “Trust this computer” when you synced data to iTunes on PC.

    Note: the recently added data on the iPhone will be cleaned up after backup.

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your previously synced PC.

    Step 2. Launch iTunes on the PC.

    Step 3. Find the “Summary” option on the top.

    Step 4. For the “Check for Update” option, you can click on it to check if any updates are available.

    Step 5. Then click on the “Restore” option to restore your iPhone.

    Step 6. Finally, choose “Restore from iTunes Backup” as the prompt requests.

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    Way : How To Control iPhone With Broken Screen Via Controller For Broken iPhone

    iPhone screen broken, water damaged, iPhone stuck in the boot loop, accidental deletion, iOS upgrade failure… These are the common scenarios with your iPhone. Confronted with a broken iPhone, you are probably worried that you cannot access or control the data on your device without a previous backup.

    Fret not! Just take a look at Controller for Broken iPhone – MobiKin Doctor for iOS. This smash program makes it easy for you to view, control, or recover your iPhone content with or without backup.

    Impressive features of Controller for Broken iPhone:

    • Control iPhone with a broken screen on a PC/Mac by extracting from iTunes backup.
    • Preview and recover data like contacts, SMS, notes, photos, call logs, voice memos, calendar, Safari history, and more.
    • Recover lost files from iPhone directly, or from iTunes backups.
    • Intuitive interface, easy to use, fast running, non-destructive recovery, etc.
    • Work well with a full range of iOS devices, including iPhone 12/12 Pro /12 mini, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, iPhone X/XR/Xs/Xs Max, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus, iPod, iPad, etc.
    • It never intrudes on your privacy.

    How to control and restore broken iPhone via Controller for Broken iPhone:

    Step 1. Launch Controller for Broken iPhone

    Step 2. Scan for your wanted iPhone data

    All recoverable file types are listed here. Just choose the data type you want to control and then click “Start Scan” again.

    Step 3. Control iPhone with a broken screen

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