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How To Unlock My iPhone With Itunes

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Option 3 How To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode Via Find My iPhone

iPhone is Disabled, Connect to iTunes? 3 Ways to Unlock It!

Apple’s Find My iPhone feature allows users to wipe out everything, including passcode from the iPhone remotely. This could be the easest solution to get into a locked iPhone. But to use this method, you have to make sure:

  • You have signed into the locked iPhone with an Apple ID and you still remember it
  • You have enabled the Find My iPhone feature on the device
  • There is an Internet connection on the iPhone

If you do, follow the steps below to unlock your iPhone without a passcode:

Step 1. Go to on your computer.

Step 2. Log in to iCloud’s website using the Apple ID and password you use on the locked iPhone.

Step 3. Choose “Find My” and click on the “All Devices” option to view all the devices linked to your Apple ID.

Step 4. Select the locked iOS device.

Step 5. Then, you will be displayed various options, including “Play Sound”. “Lock”, and “Erase iPhone.”

Step 6. Click on the “Erase iPhone” button to erase the iPhone.

How To Stop Your iPhone 11 Being Disabled In Future

It is becoming commonplace to hear of the disabled iPhone issues. Perhaps you’ve experienced the issue and you wonder how to prevent this from happening. After all, unlocking disabled iPhone will lose all data. Below, we discuss a few ways to stop your iPhone from being disabled.

  • Input your passcode carefully.
  • Change a complicated passcode.
  • Write down your passcode on a piece of paper or a sticky notebook.
  • Don’t use passcode. But this way is not very recommended for you as passcode is important when your Touch ID or Face ID is not working.

That’s all. Hopefully you can unlock iPhone 11 that is disabled and says connect to iTunes after reading this article.

How To Unlock A Disabled iPhone Without Itunes Or Icloud Using Unlock Tool

If neither iTunes nor iCloud can help you to unlock the disabled iPhone, what can you do to unlock the disabled iPhone? Here is the solutionuse StarzSoft KeyPass. We will discuss how this software can help you unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes or iCloud so you can enjoy your phones features to the fullest, and educate you from start to finish about how you can use this tool to unlock your disabled iPhone without iTunes.

What StarzSoft KeyPass does

Before using any new software, we all want to know about the benefits of running it, and the same is true with StarzSoft KeyPass. These key features of StarzSoft KeyPass make it one of the best iPhone unlocking tools on the market.

With it, you can:

  • Remove the Apple ID from an activated iPad or iPhone.
  • StarzSoft KeyPass also offers widespread compatibility with different versions of iOS, including the latest iOS and iPadOS 14 betas. It works with the most-recent iPhones, including the latest iPhone 12. Plus, you can test StarzSoft KeyPass by trying the trial version, which offers limited features.

    Long story short, StarzSoft KeyPass is the ultimate option for you to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes or iCloud.

    How to unlock a disabled iPhone with StarzSoft KeyPass

    Now, its the time to learn the step by step process for unlocking your disabled iPhone with StarzSoft KeyPass. The following are the steps you have to use to bypass your iPhone without iTunes or iCloud.

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    Option 1 How To Get Into Locked iPhone Without Passcode With An iPhone Unlocker

    The reason why we put this method in the first place is that this method has many advantages that the following four methods don’t have. The most obvious one is its simple processing steps. No special skills are required. With only five simple steps, you can get into a locked iPhone without a hitch. Whether you are using a 4-digit code, 6-digit code, Touch ID, or Face ID, you can use the iPhone unlock software – EaseUS MobiUnlock to unlock the iPhone without a passcode.

    In addition to getting into a locked iPhone, this iPhone unlocker is also helpful when you need to:

    • Fix a disabled iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

    To unlock an iPhone without the passcode:

    Step 1. Have your iPhone connected to the computer and run EaseUS MobiUnlock. Click “Start” to proceed.

    Step 2. Verify your device model and download the suitable firmware for your iPhone. If the firmware package has been downloaded, just select it by clicking on the “Select” button at the bottom of the screen.

    Step 3. After firmware download, click “Verify Firmware.”

    Step 4. After that, click “Unlock.” Enter the needed information in the box and click “Unlock” again to regain access to your locked iPhone without hassle.

    Step 5. Wait for the unlock process to complete. Then, you can set up your iPhone, iPad, iPod.

    Reason Why You Can’t Connect To Itunes When iPhone 6 Is Disabed

    Unlock iPhone Passcode Without iTunes Restore

    Although connecting to iTunes is obviously the recommended solution for the “iPhone disabled” situation, sometimes when you try connect your disabled iPhone to iTunes, there would be another message saying iTunes couldn’t connect to iPhone because it’s locked with a passcode.

    It could also be iTunes could not connect to iPhone because an error occurred, or iTunes could not connect to iPhone because the device timed out.

    In fact, odd as it may sounds, the reason why you receive such messages has nothing to do with passcode or iTunes. The main reason for you being not able to connect iTunes to iPhone 6 when disabled is surprisingly simple: you have reached the device limit for your Apple ID.

    Each Apple ID can only associate with 5 devices. If the device you are connecting has not been not previously associated with the Apple ID on your computer, then you may receive this kind of message and fail to connect disabled iPhone to iTunes.

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    Put Your iPhone In Recovery Mode

  • Get ready by finding the button on your iPhone that you’ll need to hold in the next step:
  • iPhone X or later, iPhone SE , iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus use the Side button.
  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus use the Volume down button.
  • iPhone SE , and iPhone 6s and earlier use the Home button.
  • Press and hold the correct button for your iPhone while immediately connecting your iPhone to the computer. Don’t let go of the button.
  • Keep holding the button until you see the recovery mode screen on your iPhone, then let go.If you see the passcode screen, you need to turn off your iPhone and start again.
  • If you cant get your iPhone to show the recovery mode screen and you need help, contact Apple Support.

    A Reliable Itunes Alternative: iPhone Unlocker

    iPhone Unlocker also makes it easy to wipe clean iPhone to get it unlocked – no button presses are needed – and can troubleshoot the errors arising when unlocking iPhone through iTunes like:

    • Get “To allow access, please respond to your iPhone…” in iTunes
    • Get “iPhone is locked with passcode, please try again later” when try backing up iPhone in iTunes
    • iTunes prompts that “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPhone before it can be used with iTunes”

    Aside from unlocking your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to remove the passcode such as lock screen passcode and Screen Time passcode, this tool can also erase the Apple ID, Touch ID, or Face ID within just a few clicks. Here’s how it works to unlock the iPhone.

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    How To Unlock iPhone With Broken Screen Via Ios Unlock

    “iPhone screen broken how to unlock passcode”? It’s really a troublesome but very common problem. You can simply draw support from a professional iPhone unlocking tool to do the job. iOS Unlock can easily unlock your iPhone password when the touch screen is broken, cracked or unresponsive. During the entire unlocking process, you will not be asked to enter the original password.

    Unlock iPhone With Imyfone Lockwiper

    iPhone 12 is Disabled, Connect to iTunes? Here is How to Unlock

    iPhone users have many other options available for them to use to unlock their iPhones. Are you still not able to open your iPhone using the above methods? The iMyFone LockWiper tool is another way you can use to unlock your device. How does this tool work to unlock an iPhone?

    You may wonder how the iPhone passcode hack software works, right? This easy-to-use tool is secure, fast, and can open 4-6 digit passwords from any iPhone. It is an excellent tool that saves you when you find your iPhone locked. So, how to unlock iPhone with iTunes is an old question. You can use iMyFone LockWiper.

    First of all, you should download the tool to your computer, open it and connect your locked iPhone via USB. Once your device detects it, it opens up the screen and gives you the option of restoring it. The following are the steps you follow:

    Step 1: Download the iMyFone LockWiper tool to your computer. Install it.

    Step 2: After you launch it, select the Unlock Screen Passcode option.

    Step 3: Open the tool and click on start. After that, plug in your device via USB.

    Step 4: Boot your device into DFU mode. To do that, turn off your iPhone, then locate the power and volume down button. Press and hold together for around 10 seconds. Next, let the power button go off while continuing to press the volume down button. Your phone immediately boots to DFU mode.

    Step 6: Click on start to verify. This action will start the verification of firmware.

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    For Macos Catalina Users If You Cannot Find Itunes

    If you are using a Mac computer and you cannot find the iTunes app, dont panic. The solutions introduced above still apply, but with a different entrance. Here are the details:

    Apple removed iTunes on macOS Catalina. Instead of being integrated into one app, your music, videos, podcasts, and audiobooks are organized in to their own dedicated apps. Also, the device information and related functions are moved from iTunes to Finder.

    So if you are using a Mac computer running macOS Catalina, you might not be able to find the iTunes app on your computer in the first place. But from Finder, you can also find all account and device related functions like sync, restore, backup and more. Just in iTunes.

    To connect your disabled iPhone to Finder, here is what you need to do:

    Step 1: Open a Finder window.Step 2: Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Step 3: Click the name of your device on the left sidebar to select it. If prompted, trust your device.Step 4: Then you can user Finder just the way you would use iTunes to sync, backup or restore your device.

    Option 2 How To Get Into Locked iPhone Using Recovery Mode

    There is an official solution for you when your forgot the passcode on your iPhone, which is to put your iPhone into the recovery mode and restore your device. Whether you want to break into a locked iPhone or fix a disabled iPhone, follow Apple’s guide or the steps below to learn how to erase all data and settings, including the lock screen passcode, on your device. Afterward, you can set up the iPhone again and use it as ususal.

    To get into a locked iPhone without the password:

    Step 1. Install the latest version of iTunes on your Mac or PC.

    Step 2. Connect your iPhone with the computer with a USB cable.

    Step 3. On your iPhone, press the Home button until the iTunes icon appears on the screen.

    iPhone models with Face ID: Press and quickly release the “Volume Up” button. Press and quickly release the “Volume Down” button. Press and hold the “Top” button until your device goes into recovery mode.

    iPhone with Home button: Press and hold both the “Home” and the “Top” buttons at the same time. Keep holding them until you see the recovery-mode screen.

    Step 4. Then, open your iTunes on the computer. It will recognize your device and ask you to restore your device.

    Step 5. After that, you can set up your iPhone.

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    How To Unlock Disabled iPhone In 2021

    Apple products have a great everyday usage and people tend to rely on this technology quite often. However, if the device gets locked or disabled for some reason, it can be a huge hassle. If the Apple device or iPhone is disabled and showing the message âConnect to iTunesâ, then read this article for its solution.

    This article will explain the latest solutions and fixes for the “connect with iTunes” issue in the iPhone or any other Apple device and how you can apply these solutions to your respective devices. There are many paid and unpaid methods of fixing this issue. This article will cover both.

    How To Unlock A Disabled iPhone Without Itunes Or Finder

    How to Unlock A Disabled iPhone with/without iTunes ...

    If you haven’t disable “Find My iPhone” before you forgot your passcode, the iTunes or Finder will ask you enter the iCloud passcode. Sometimes, the iTunes or Finder may ask your device passcode or to Trust This Computer, because you forgot the passcode, you cannot unlock iPhone with iTunes or Finder.

    To remove your passcode from a disabled, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without using iTunes or Finder, you need to use a professional iOS Unlocking tool.Follow the steps below to unlock a disabled iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with a third-party iOS Unlocker tool.

    The tool UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker is what you need. It is professional iOS unlocker and iOS System Recovery, the tool provides an reliable, extremely secure and fast solution to unlock a disabled iPhone, iPod and iPod touch.

    UkeySoft Unlocker not only can help you fix a disabled iPhone, but also enables you fix other iOS issues like malware attack, iPhone stuck on Apple logo, iPhone stuck on recovery mode, iPhone stuck in the recovery loop, black screen of death, and more.If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is disabled or locked, it support the latest iOS 13 versions and works well on Windows and Mac computer.

    UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker

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    How To Get Into iPhone When It Says Disabled Try Again In X Minutes

    Well, you cant do anything other than WAITING. When the stated amount of time on the screen runs out, enter your correct passcode carefully to unlock the disable iPhone. Please be aware that once you tap wrong numbers again, you will get another error, indicating how long the iPhone is disabled for the next timeout.

    Again, you have to wait. It might sound ridiculous, but that’s the way Apple thinks about passcode security mechanism. During the timeout the emergency call service is still available.

    It should not be a problem to wait for 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes or even one hour. As long as you get it correct, your iPhone will be unlocked again and everything is still there. However, if you continue to enter the wrong passcode one more time, you will eventually see the “Connect to iTunes” message or “Connect to computer’ in iOS 14 and be locked out of your iPhone forever.

    The good news is, Apple gives you option to remove the forgotten passcode and return the device back to life again.

    Ios 8 & Unlock iPhone In Itunes

    If for any strange reason you are still using iOS 8 follow the steps below and you will Unlock iPhone in iTunes with no problems. But do yourself a favor and install iOS 9 or later iOS versions!

    Step 1: Wait until you receive the email informing you that your iPhone has been unlocked

    Step 2: Take out the original SIM card that was locked by the Carrier and put another SIM card by another Carrier

    Step 3: Make sure there is an active Wi-Fi connection

    Step 4: On your screen, there will be the Activation Required message

    Step 5: It is time to connect the iPhone to an active WiFi Network and iOS will complete the process for you and activate the unlocked status

    Step 6: When your iPhone is activated, install the latest iOS version using iTunes or WiFi

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    Unlock iPhone Locked To Three Uk

    iPhones that are locked to Three are one of the quickest to get unlocked. On weekdays , Direct Unlocks say that they can unlock an iPhone locked to Three in a matter of hours. When you compare that to how long a network like EE takes, its excellent.

    When using Direct Unlocks, there are no restrictions on time so you dont need to have had your contract for any amount of period or use a Three Pay-As-You-Go SIM for 30 days. Just click on Direct Unlocks and follow the instructions for Three.

    What To Do When Your iPhone Is Disabled

    iPhone SE is Disabled, Connect to iTunes? 3 Ways to Unlock It!

    Having your iPhone refuse to unlock while displaying an “iPhone is Disabled” message is terrifying. And if youve forgotten your passcode or have somehow managed to get locked out of your iOS device until the 22nd century like this poor dad, that panic is only going to escalate.

    Luckily, all hope is not lost. Heres what might have happened to your precious smartphone to cause it to become disabled and how to restore your iPhone to full functionality. Weve also got tips on avoiding that iPhone is disabled message in the future.

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    How To Unlock A Disabled iPhone With Itunes Or Finder

    iPhone is disabled? To fix iPhone is Disabled. Connect to iTunes you need to put iPhone into recovery mode firstly.

    This is the worst scenario for an iPhone being disabled because it requires you to connect the iPhone to a computer to gain access to it again. Hopefully you made a backup recently to that computer, and hopefully you remember the actual passcode for the iPhone, otherwise youll have to erase the device and lose all data on it.

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