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How To Unlock Your iPhone With Your Apple Watch

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Ios : How To Unlock Your iPhone With Apple Watch When Wearing A Face Mask

How to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch Apple Support

After upgrading from iPhone 6s Plus to iPhone 11, I realized how amazing Face ID is. But then the pandemic struck, and we all started wearing face masks all the time. This crippled Face ID almost entirely.

Thankfully, with iOS 14.5, you can now unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch when youre wearing a face mask. Let me show you the requirements and the steps to do so.

Serious Warning Issued For Millions Of Apple iPhone Users

You’ll notice it mentions a few caveats in the description for the feature. We’ll get to those, but first let’s make sure your Apple Watch is set up properly.;

Open the Watch app on your phone and select Passcode. If you don’t have a Passcode enabled, you’ll need to turn it on here. Face ID unlocking works only if you have your Apple Watch secured with a Passcode.;

Youll also need to select Wrist Detection so that your Apple Watch can’t be used to unlock your iPhone when it isn’t on your wrist. This automatically locks your Apple Watch with the passcode when you take it off.;

While you’re here, you might as well select Unlock with iPhone. This makes having a passcode on your watch a much less annoying thing. Now, whenever you unlock your paired iPhone, if your Apple Watch is locked, it will automatically unlock it, allowing you to use it as if you’d entered the passcode.;

Bonus Tip: How To Unlock Your iPhone If You Forgot Passcode

Apple Watch is not the only Apple product that can get locked after several incorrect passcode attempts. Your iPhone can also get locked if you are not careful enough and you end up entering the wrong passcode several times. Your device can get locked if you cannot recall your passcode as well.

If it is your iPhone that is locked, you will need to follow a different procedure. One of the ways to unlock a locked iPhone passcode is to use a third-party app.;AnyUnlock iPhone Password Unlocker, allows you to unlock almost any type of lock on your iPhone. There are many things you can do with this tool. Check them out and follow the steps below to unlock your iPhone.

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How Does Apple Watch Unlock Mac

When this featurecalled Auto Unlockis working correctly, it’s like magic. Sit down at your Mac while wearing Apple Watch and the Mac unlocks, just like you entered your password!

Auto Unlock takes advantage of Apple devices sharing information between them, plus some standard networking features.

For Auto Unlock to work, you need to be signed into iCloud using the same Apple ID on both your Apple Watch and Mac. You also need Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled on both devices. When you’ve done that, and an Apple Watch and Mac detect they’re near each other, they check what Apple ID each is using for iCloud. If they match, the Mac unlocks.

What You Should Know About Unlock With Apple Watch

How to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch

The following feature is quite helpful for those who own an iPhone and an Apple Watch. However, its worth noting that the way it unlocks your device is less secure than Face ID since the feature doesnt use it to recognize your face under a mask.Apples workaround to this issue is simple. Your Apple Watch has to be on your wrist, and it should be within a few meters of distance to your iPhone.Furthermore, whenever you use your watch to unlock your iPhone, it gives you haptic feedback and prompts you about the unlock. If you didnt do it, simply tap the Lock iPhone button on your watch to lock your device. However, you will need to confirm the passcode on your iPhone the next time you wish to unlock it.

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How Do You Set Up A Watch To Unlock iPhone

Follow the guide to enable the feature in the iPhone and enable it in the Watch.

  • Tap on the Settings>Face ID & Passcode.
  • Tap on Face ID & Passcode to continue.
  • Enter the iPhone passcode to confirm the identity.
  • Swipe down until Unlock With Apple Watch shows up in the list.
  • You should find Apple Watch and toggle to enable it.

If the Apple Watch option is greyed out then it is telling the user to update the Watch software to the latest version. Your iPhone & Watch should have the latest software version because they are introduced in the latest edition.

You are good to go and move onto the next instruction.

How To Set A Longer Passcode To Unlock Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you know very well that the simple passcode for Apple watch stands for a four-digit passcode. If you turn off this setting, then it means that you will be able to set a longer password as compared to simple passcode for better security. But for this, you first need to enter the previous password twice. But once you toggle this switch, you will have to enter your current password before entering the new one. You will be able to do this password entry on your Apple watch by itself.

You could enter max 10-digit passcode. To pick up an appropriate password for the Apple watch will be a balancing act between increased security and easy to use. To create a 10-digit long passcode is quite easy on your Apple watch. But to remember this much long password is a bit hard. So you might need to safe your diary.

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Reset Face Id On iPhone

Sometimes, the problem might be with the Face ID sensor on your iPhone. In this case, try resetting the Face ID on your iPhone.

To reset Face ID, go to Settings Face ID & Passcode Reset Face ID. Additionally, you can also set an alternative Face IDso that it doubles your chances of unlocking the iPhone.

Apple’s New Unlocking Feature

How to Unlock Your iPhone with Your Apple Watch

Apple has taken a brilliant step to ensure that life is more convenient for you if you own an Apple Watch. There are tons of ways your Apple Watch can help you fight COVID, and this is one of them, as you do not need to pull down your mask to unlock your iPhone in public anymore.

Interestingly, this has also proven helpful for motorcycle users, especially delivery agents, who can now unlock their iPhones while they have their helmets on. Make good use of your Apple Watch and put this feature to use immediately.

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How Do You Set Up The Unlock With Apple Watch Feature

You can enable this feature from the Settings app on your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings and tap Face ID & Passcode.
  • Enter your iPhone’s passcode.
  • Scroll down to the heading Unlock with Apple Watch. Enable the toggle for your Apple Watch. If the option is grayed out, you may not have updated to iOS 14.5 or watchOS 7.5 or later.
  • Image Gallery

    Unlock iPhone With Apple Watch

    This is how you can unlock the iPhone using your Apple watch. You can also lock your phone through the amazing device.

    • Tap on your Apple Watch and enter your passcode
    • Then Unlock your iPhone

    The passcode is a must to enter whenever you remove and wear your wrist apple watch for the whole 24 hours. Sometimes it seems boring to enter a passcode again and again but it is for your security reasons. What a great feature Apple has updated, there are still many; IOS 14.5 features that Apple has updated in this new IOS version. Check these new IOS 14.5 Features

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    How To Unlock Your iPhone With An Apple Watch While Wearing A Mask

    Face ID doesn’t work while wearing a mask, but Apple Watch users can get around it with this feature.

    The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in millions of iPhone users adopting masks and finding they could no longer unlock their iPhone using Face ID. Of course, all you need to do is tap in your passcode or pull your mask down quickly, but Apple came up with a better solution for Apple Watch owners.

    At the end of April 2021, Apple released a new iPhone feature that allows Apple Watch users to instantly unlock their iPhone without needing Face ID.

    Here’s how you get it done.

    Turn Off/on Bluetooth And Wi

    How to unlock your iOS 14.5 iPhone with your Apple Watch ...

    For the feature to work correctly, make sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both Apple Watch and iPhone are enabled.

    To turn off Wi-Fi on your iPhone, head over to Settings Wi-Fi Toggle off Wi-Fi. Similarly, go to Settings Bluetooth Toggle off Bluetooth.

    On Apple Watch, go to Settings Toggle off both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

    Remember to turn them on after you disable them. Otherwise, the feature wont work.

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    Setup To Unlock Your iPhone With Apple Watch

    If you have all the requirements as per mentioned above, then check these steps for unlocking your iPhone with an apple watch even if you are wearing a face mask.

    Step 1 Open the settings app of your iPhone with IOS 14.5

    Step 2 Select the Face Id & Passcode option

    Step 3 Then type your iPhones passcode

    Step 4 Now scroll down till you find Unlock With Apple Watch and now turn ON the toggle in front of this feature. If you havent enabled your wrist detection feature then turn it ON. By chance, if you noticed that you cant enable your Unlock With Apple Watch feature, this means you havent updated your iPhone to IOS 14.5

    Is This Feature Only For Unlocking Your iPhone

    Apart from unlocking the screen, you can also use Face ID to perform several other functions on your iPhone. These include downloading apps, logging into accounts, and using Apple Pay.

    Unfortunately, using Face ID with an Apple Watch and face mask will not work for any of these other features. You can only use it to unlock your iPhone.

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    How To Unlock Apple Watch With iPhone

    When you do the initial setup of your Apple Watch, it asks you to enter a pin code to secure its data. Then, each time you take the watch off your wrist, it automatically locks itself and requires you to enter the pin code on the tiny number pad to unlock.

    Entering the Pincode whenever you wear your Apple Watch can be frustrating. Alternatively, you can use your iPhone to unlock your Apple Watch by enabling the option in the settings.

    In this article, we will guide you on how to unlock Apple Watch using iPhone and unlock iPhone with Apple Watch when youre wearing a face mask.

    Here Is How To Unlock Your Apple Watch With Your iPhone

    How to Unlock your iPhone using your Apple Watch While wearing a FaceMask! 4K

    Apples long list of amazing tech products and services all sync together. With the new 2020 updates, you can literally link up all Apple products and use them with ease.

    The same is with the Apple Watch and the iPhone which now connects even much better than before. Being able to use the iPhone to unlock your Apple Watch is a big deal and that is what well be discussing in this short guide.

    One thing is that most people dont want others to be prying into their personal life and that is why its essential to keep our Apple Watch well secured especially if you use the Apple Pay service.

    Yeah that sounds right but then the mini screen on the Apple Watch isnt really made for typing such a long chunk of numbers which is where the iPhone comes in because usually, most people are always on their phone and interacts with it far more than they interact with other devices like their smartwatches for example.

    So if thats what you want, heres how you unlock your Apple Watch with your iPhone with ease.

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    Apple’s New Update Lets You Unlock Your iPhone With Your Apple Watch Here’s How

    Apple is always coming out with innovative features, and its newest iOS 14.5 update is much needed, especially because some of it focuses on current pandemic-related issues. The tech giant just launched a feature that allows users to unlock their iPhone with their Apple Watch and, most importantly, it can be done with a mask on! This new innovation only works for people who have an iPhone that uses Face ID and an Apple Watch that is a Series 3 or later. Additionally, your Apple Watch needs to be paired with your iPhone and they both need to have WiFi and Bluetooth turned on . To take advantage of this new feature, follow these easy steps:

  • First, your Apple Watch needs to be on your wrist and unlocked.
  • You also need to be wearing a mask that covers your mouth and nose.
  • Once those two steps are complete, open the Settings app.
  • Tap “Face ID & Passcode” and type in your passcode.
  • Scroll down to “Unlock With Apple Watch” and turn on the feature that’s next to your watch’s name. If your watch doesn’t have wrist detection enabled, you’ll need to turn that on.
  • Now that your Apple Watch is set up to unlock your phone, simply glance at your phone and you’ll feel a gentle buzz on your Apple Watch as it unlocks your iPhone.
  • With Ios 145 You Can Use Your Apple Watch To Unlock Your iPhone When You Are Wearing A Face Mask Here’s How

    Apple has begun rolling out iOS 14.5 for the iPhone and theres a lot to like about the latest software update. The update includes a number of new features, including the ability to unlock your iPhone with a connected Apple Watch. Simply put, it will be a lot easier to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask.

    Look, unlocking your iPhone with a FaceID is a bit of a challenge when wearing a mask, especially during the pandemic. Instead of unlocking your iPhone quickly, you are asked to enter your passcode. This makes the entire process frustrating. The new iOS 14.5 update tries to make it easier to unlock your iPhone when you are wearing a face mask. With the new update, FaceID sees that the iPhone user is wearing a mask, it will then prompt the Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone. Of course, the catch is you need to own an Apple Watch to use the feature.

    The solution works really well. In fact, the process is familiar if you have a Mac and an Apple Watch. If you are wearing a mask, just swipe from the bottom of the screen on your iPhone. Your iPhone will scan your face and instantly you will get haptic feedback indicating your Apple Watch was used to unlock the device. Obviously, this will only happen when the Apple Watch and iPhone are in close proximity.

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    How To Lock And Unlock Your Apple Watch In A Few Different Ways

    • You can unlock your Apple Watch using a four-digit passcode, using your iPhone, or by forgoing a passcode entirely.
    • You can change your passcode at any time using your Apple Watch or Watch app for iPhone.
    • A Wrist Detection feature automatically locks your Apple Watch when you’re not wearing it, but you can choose to lock your Watch manually.

    There are several ways to lock and unlock your Apple Watch, and depending on the settings you select, you can always keep your Watch unlocked, unlock and lock it manually, or have it automatically lock when you’re not wearing it.

    What Do You Need

    How to Unlock an Apple Watch Automatically When You Unlock ...

    Stating the obvious, you will need to have an iPhone device that uses Face ID. This includes the iPhone X series and everything above it, except the iPhone SE . Ensure that your iPhone is running iOS 14.5 or later.

    Since this feature only works alongside the Apple Watch, you’ll also need an Apple Watch Series 3 or later, running watchOS 7.4 or later.

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    How To Unlock Your iPhone With Apple Watch

    To use your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone, your watch needs to be nearby, on your wrist, unlocked, and protected by a passcode. If you haven’t set up a passcode yet, launch the Watch app on your iPhone, select Passcode -> Turn Passcode On, then enter the passcode you want to use

    The first time you attempt to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch when wearing a mask, your iPhone will ask you to enter your passcode. Once you’ve done that, all subsequent attempts to unlock your iPhone when wearing a mask will be swift and seamless, with each successful unlock accompanied by a short haptic buzz on your wrist. You’ll need to re-enter your passcode if you remove your watch and the first time you set it up each day.

    Is It Possible To Unlock The Apple Watch Without An Icloud Password

    You can unlock your Apple Watch without an iCloud password by using the original device passcode. Youll need to do this if youd like to reset all settings on a watch through the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

    If you dont know the device passcode, you need to reset your watch and set it up again using the steps above.

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