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iPhone 11 Stuck In Recovery Mode

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iPhone Stuck In Recovery Mode Why

Top 4 Ways to Fix iPhone 11 Stuck in Recovery Mode, No Data Loss!

Before you set out to fix the older iPhone or iPhone 13 stuck in recovery mode issue, you must understand the possible underlying causes of the problem so that you can resolve the issue properly . There are two main causes of iPhone stuck in recovery mode: namely software corruption or hardware issues.

So if you went scuba diving and took your iPhone along with you on the adventure, the great chances are that it is a hardware issue.

Software causes of iPhone or iPad stuck in recovery mode include:

  • Trying to update your device to the latest iOS software
  • An unsuccessful attempt to jailbreak your iPhone
  • You activated the recovery mode to solve another issue

Use Tinyumbrella To Fix iPhone Stuck On Recovery Mode After Ios Update

I hope you know about TinyUmbrella which is a hybrid tool used to solve iPhone stuck in recovery mode and other errors. It works easily on all popular devices including the latest iOS version.

Follow the below steps:

  • First, download TinyUmbrella from the official site and is available for Windows and Mac
  • Now launch the tool and connect your iOS device to it
  • Here you have to wait for some time until the tool detects your device
  • When your device is detected, simply tap on Exit Recovery from the interface

Thats it

Best Way To Fix iPhone Stuck On Recovery Mode After Ios 15/14/13 Update Without Data Loss

Apart from the above methods, you can also go for an efficient solution to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode without iTunes. It is iOS System Repair that helps you to deal with any kind of errors or issues on iPhone/iPad.

Using this program, you can troubleshoot several iPhone errors as iPhone stuck in verifying update screen, iPhone attempting data recovery error, iPhone stuck on Black screen, iPhone stuck on White screen, red screen, blue screen, etc.

The tool is easy to use and helps to make your iPhone back to normal. The best part is it does not require any kind of technical knowledge and repairs the issue without any data loss.

In addition, this tool is the best way to get iPhone out of recovery mode without losing data. So, no matter for whatever reason the Apple logo is coming on screen, iOS System Repair works for you.

Remember, the tool supports all iPhone models like iPhone 12/12 Pro/iPhone 11/11 Pro/iPhone XR/XS MAx/X/iPhone 8/7/6/5, etc, and works on all iOS versions including the latest iOS 15/14/13/12 and others.

Therefore, if you want a fast solution then simply and fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode after update.

Free Download iOS System Repair Software

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Fix Your iPhone Stuck In Recovery Modeeasy Steps

Fix iPhone

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iPhone stuck in recovery mode is a recurring issue amidst insurmountable amount apple users. Whether it be an iPhone 7 or an 11, it seems like an issue almost all kinds of iOS-supported devices suffer from. My job here is to make this process easier for you and your associates by teaching you various ways to resolve this issue once and for all.

Click To Exit iPhone Recovery Mode With Free Reiboot

When an iPone or iPad is stuck in recovery mode during/after iOS update, you’ll see connect to iTunes on device screen. To quickly get iPhone out of recovery mode, I recommend Tenorshare ReiBoot to you. This freeware is professional in fixing iOS stuck issues which including recovery mode, DFU mode, Apple logo, red/black/blue screen, etc. No need to restore with iTunes, no data loss.

This can be the most effective way to fix iOS 16 stuck on recovery mode for iPhone. Only one click can help you get your iPhone back to normal.

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Fix iPhone Stuck In Recovery Mode And Recover iPhone Data

If you are concerned about all your iPhone data and want to recover iPhone data after you fix iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode, we recommend you a third-party software to help you. iPhone Data Recovery can detect your iPhone in recovery mode and fix iPhone stuck in Recovery mode without Restoring iPhone easily.

Step 1 Run iPhone Data Recovery

Free download, install and launch the recovery software. You will see the following interface.

Step 2 Connect iPhone to Computer

Connect your iPhone which is stuck in recovery mode to your computer. The software will recognize your iPhone and detect your iPhone stuck in recovery mode.

Step 3 Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

You can easily click “Restart” button. The software will reboot your iPhone and fix your iPhone stuck in recovery mode. After your iPhone reboot successfully, you will find your iPhone return to the normal mode and you can use it again.

Now you can go back to iPhone Data Recovery again, click the “Recover from iOS device” button and then follow the instructions to recover iPhone data such as texts, photos, contacts, etc.

You can learn the steps from the video below:

Check what to do if your iPhone stuck in zoom mode.

iPhone 11 Button Basics

Apple changed many of the physical button functions on its smartphones with the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, so if you’re upgrading from a device that pre-dates these 2017 models, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with them.

Face the screen of your new iPhone and you’ll see that there are two volume buttons on the left-hand side, and a single Side button on the right-hand side. With no Home button to speak of, these three side buttons work in combination to undertake all of the necessary functions.

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How To Put iPhone 11 In Dfu Mode

Here are the steps to put iPhone 11 in DFU Mode.

Step 1: Using a Lightning cable connect your iPhone 11 to your computer.

Step 2: Now press the Volume Up button and release. Then press the Volume Down button and release.

Step 3: Press and hold the Side button for 10 seconds .

Step 4: Now keep pressing the Side button and also press the Volume Down button for 5 seconds. Now let go of the Side button while continuing to press the Volume Down button for further 10 seconds. During this the screen will remain black.

Step 5: Now connect your iPhone 11 to your computer. You should see the message iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes..

At this point you should be able to restore iOS on your iPhone 11.

Important note: If you want to exit DFU mode without restoring iOS on your iPhone, then you need to force restart it. Detailed steps on how to do this are available here.

Restore iPhone From Itunes Or Finder

iPhone 11 Pro Max Boot Loop Repair – Stuck in Recovery Mode

Here’s another great tip to solve the iPhone is stuck on recovery mode problem: your iPhone may actually tell you what to do – the iTunes icon showed on the black screen indicates that you should connect your iPhone to computer and restore it.

Let’s warn you in advance that this way will erase all data on your iPhone and you are unable to back up your iPhone when it’s in recovery mode. Therefore, if you’ve created a backup for your iPhone, you can retrieve the lost data back from the backup, or else you will lose the current data permanently.

Now follow these steps to restore iPhone in iTunes to fix your issue:

1. Connect your iPhone with your computer and launch iTunes. Make sure iTunes is the latest version.

2. Click on the iPhone icon at the upper left corner of the interface, then you will enter a window as shown in the picture below.

3. By now, click Restore iPhone… button.

4. A pop-up messages will prompt you that your iPhone will be restored to factory settings. If you decide to proceed with the fix, just click Restore.

5. Once the repairing process is finished, your iPhone will restart automatically. Then you can set up your device by following the onscreen setup instructions.

However, if you own a Mac with macOS Catalina 10.15 and newer, you should restore the device in Finder. Here’s how.

1. Launch Finder and use a lighting cable to connect your iPhone with Mac.

2. Locate your iPhone from the left sidebar.

3. Click Restore iPhone…, and then click on Restore.

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Fix Your iPhone With Isumsoft Ios Refixer

If none of the above methods work for you, you can try using a dedicated iOS recovery tool like iSumsoft iOS Refixerto fix your iPhone stuck in recovery mode after a failed update.

iSumsoft iOS Refixer is a powerful and yet easy-to-use iOS recovery tool that can fix various iPhone problems caused by iOS failures, such as update failure, stuck in recovery mode, white screen, black screen, blue screen, and so on.

The tool offers two iOS recovery options, Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. Both modes help get your iPhone out of recovery mode and update it to the latest iOS version. The distinction is that Standard Mode fix your device with no data loss, while Advanced Mode deletes your user data.

You can first try using standard mode to fix your iPhone stuck in recovery mode after a failed update. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Download and install iSumsoft iOS Refixer on your PC. Also, make sure iTunes is installed on your PC, but you do not need to open it.

Step 2: Start iSumsoft iOS Refixer and choose Standard Mode on the software page.

Step 3: On the next page, a list of problems that the software can solve are listed. Simply click Start to proceed. Clicking Start doesnt immediately start fixing your iPhone, though, as there are a few more steps to go.

Step 4: Make sure your iPhone in recovery mode is connected to your PC via a Lightning to USB cable, then click Next.

Fix iPhone Stuck In Recovery Mode With Itunes Restore

Another possible way to fix iPhone X or iPhone 8/7/6 stuck in recovery mode is to restore it in iTunes. Please note that all your data will be wiped out after restore.

The steps to restore iPhone in recovery mode are:

  • 1. Open iTunes on computer.
  • 2. Connect your iPhone to computer.
  • iTunes will pop up a message that it has detected your iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes. Click the Restore option in iTunes will get iPhone out of recovery mode loop.

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    How To Put Your iPhone Into Recovery Mode

    The method you use to activate recovery mode will differ depending on whether you’re using a newer version of macOS, an older version, or a PC with Windows.

    1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC with a USB charging cable.

    2. If you’re running macOS Catalina or newer, open a Finder window. If you’re running macOS Mojave or older or Windows, open iTunes.

    Quick tip: If you’re not sure what version of macOS you have, you can check your macOS version in the About This Mac menu.

    3. You’ll need to press and hold buttons on your iPhone to activate recovery mode.

    • On an iPhone 8 or newer, press and quickly release the Volume Upbutton, and then the Volume Down button. Then press and hold the Lock button until the recovery mode screen appears.
    • On an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, press and hold the Lock button and Volume Down button until the recovery mode screen appears.
    • On an iPhone 6s or earlier, press and hold the Lock button and Home button until the recovery mode screen appears.

    Quick tip: The Lock button is sometimes called the Side button, Top button, or Power button.

    4. In Finder, click on your phone in the left menu or in iTunes, click the iPhone icon near the top-left corner of the window.

    5. You’ll be asked if you want to Update or Restore your iPhone. Click Update this will try to fix your phone without erasing the data. If the recovery finishes and your phone still isn’t fixed, try it again but click Restore.

    Solution : Fix iPhone 11 Stuck On Restore Screen Via Itunes

    If the iPhone 11 Pro Max is still stuck in the restore screen, you can fix it via iTunes. This method will cause data loss, hopefully, you have made a backup.

    • Connect the iPhone 11 to the computer via USB cable.
    • iTunes will be launched automatically. If not, launch it manually.
    • A tab will pop-up, stating that iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.

    • First, click “OK” and then click “Restore” to fix the iPhone 11.

    After a few minutes, iPhone 11 will reboot and it will start working normally.

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    Question: Q: iPhone 11 Stuck In Recovery Mode

    Hello. I’m having trouble updating my iPhone 11. I have run out of storage and the other day it just started boot looping and never stopped. I ran out of ideas and thought the only way out of this was to put it into recovery mode, connect it to iTunes and update from there. Unfortunately, I keep getting Error 14 when the software update is at around 30% complete and it stops. I have read every single article on the Apple website about this issue, so I’m not writing here just for somebody to look up the articles to redirect me to. I just need some one-on-one help.

    I should add I cannot allow myself to lose the data I have on my iPhone, so please refrain from suggesting to restore to factory settings. I know that I have that as my last, desperate resort, but don’t intend to use it. I just need to solve the issue in a way that allows me to have my phone back with all the data I’d left on.

    Please, help me.

    Restore Your iPhone Using Itunes

    If your iPhone is still stuck in recovery mode and cant be updated via iTunes, you may have to restore it. Restoring the iPhone to factory settings will erase all data, including software failures and conflicts that may have caused the iPhones problems, leaving the iPhone to start from scratch. The iPhone will also be updated to the latest iOS version during this process.

  • Connect the iPhone in recovery mode to your computer via a Lightning to USB cable.
  • Open iTunes on your computer and it will automatically detect your iPhone in recovery mode and pop up a dialog box with the options to update or restore your iPhone. Choose Restore and follow the on-screen instructions to restore and update your iPhone.
  • If iTunes cant detect your iPhone in recovery mode, or if it can detect it but cant update or restore it, please go to the next fix method.

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    Solution : Fix iPhone 11 Stuck On Restore Screen With Reiboot

    As your iPhone 11 stuck on restore screen use can use professional software to exit the iPhone from the Recovery Mode. These programs are capable of getting your iPhone 11 from the Recovery Mode easily. The program we recommend for using is called Tenorshare ReiBoot. It is very easy to operate. Let’s have look at the steps:

    Exit Recovery Mode:

    • As your iPhone 11 is in Recovery Mode, it will get detected by the program automatically. Then, click the highlighted option, “Exit Recovery Mode”.

    • Now, the iPhone 11 will reboot. After it starts again, the iPhone will be working normally.

    This should work. Sadly, if the origin of the said issue bigger than we expected, then this method may not work. If that happens, don’t worry. You can also use ReiBoot to fix any glitches with iOS. This procedure will definitely fix your iPhone 11.

    Fix iOS System:

    This procedure is also very simple and it is a definite fix if your iPhone 11 stuck in restore mode. It is unfortunate that the Exit Recovery Mode didn’t work for you but don’t worry, this one definitely will. The procedure is pretty simple. Let’s have a look at the step below:

    Using the “Exit Recovery Mode” is a soft approach in order to fix the issue. It works but there is also the possibility that it may fail. So, you should try this fix, first. If it fails, then use ReiBoot to fix the iOS system without the risk of data loss.

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    What To Do If I Lost Data

    [2022] Full Guide to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode (iOS 16 Supported)

    You may lose your data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch after you get out of recovery mode by using the methods above. If you have backed up your device to iTunes or iCloud, you can easily get the deleted data back to your device. And PhoneRescue for iOS can help you retrieve data with three recovery modes. If you have no available backup, you may have no chance to retrieve lost data. For detail, you can read the tutorial: 3 Ways to Recover Data after iOS Update, which tells you 3 ways to recover lost data from your iOS device.

    PhoneRescue for iOS Overview

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    Use Dfu Mode To Get Out Of Recovery Mode

    If by any chance, the above computer approach to get out of Recovery Mode does not work for you, then it is likely because your iPhone is facing some firmware problem. You can fix that problem easily using the DFU Mode.

    A DFU Mode is similar to Recovery Mode, except you just see a completely blank screen and your computer recognizes that your iPhone is in Recovery Mode. There are different approaches to enter DFU Mode depending on which iPhone model you are using.

    Once you are in the DFU mode, give some time to your computer to detect and download the required firmware. Afterward, follow the on-screen instructions to restore your iPhone.

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