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Should I Wait iPhone 12

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Get A New iPhone Now For Screen Cracks Battery Failure And Other Reasons

Buy the iPhone 12 Now OR wait for the iPhone 13?

Its hard to live with a damaged or poorly functional device. For example, screen corruption is difficult to ignore due to daily flaws. The same is true for a failed battery that cant hold as much charge as it used to. If your iPhone suffers from these types of frustrating problems, an immediate upgrade to iPhone 12 is justified.

The iPhone 12s ceramic shield screen held up firmly during the torture test.

Chris Parker / CNET

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 1: Screen

The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini don’t have the fancy new 120HZ refresh rate screens of the 13 Pro and Pro Max. Instead, they keep the same iPhone 12-matching 60Hz screens, which is a little disappointing, as a faster refresh rate would make things feel slicker and smoother.

On the physical design front, the iPhone 13 still hasnt managed to ditch the notch its still there to make space for the fancy Face ID tech above although it is noticeably smaller in this latest iteration .

Size-wise, the iPhone 13 retains the same dimensions and resolution as the iPhone 12, though there are some positive changes. The advanced Super Retina XDR OLED display on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini is now 28 per cent brighter while being more power efficient to boot.

The iPhone 13 Isnt Far Away

The most obvious argument in favor of waiting for the iPhone 13 is that its really not very far away now. The exact release date hasnt been confirmed, but based on Apples past form and the current rumors, were expecting the iPhone 13 range to land in September, with an announcement probably in the first half of the month and the release of the phones in the second half.

So at the time of writing were talking less than two months, which isnt much at all considering theres a roughly 12-month gap between each model.

At this point then wed always strongly advise waiting for the new model unless you can get a current one at a significant discount which in the case of the iPhone 12 range youre unlikely to, as they hold their prices well.

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iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 1: Price

The iPhone 13 models are landing at almost the exact same launch prices as their iPhone 12 counterparts, namely:

iPhone 13 mini: $699 / £679 / AU$1199

iPhone 13: $799 / £779 / AU$1349

iPhone 13 Pro: $999 / £949 / AU$1699

The US prices remain identical to the launch prices of the iPhone 12 models, while the UK prices are a little cheaper across the board.

All iPhone 13 models can be pre-ordered from 17th September, ahead of their 24th September release date.

Why Im Waiting For The iPhone 12

Should I wait for an iPhone 12 or buy iPhone 11?

At this point, I decided to do something I had ruled out back in the spring before coronavirus shutdowns, before iOS 14 hands-on testing, before I stared into the infinite display of an iPhone 11 Max. I decided to wait to see what Apple’s phones had to offer.

It’s not the faster A14 processor or even the promised 5G connectivity that appeals to me. Rather, it’s that we have more information about the 5.4-inch iPhone 12, which sounds like a compelling handset.

It’s going to have an OLED screen, not an LCD panel like the new iPhone SE uses. Battery life should be better, too honestly, you’d have to work very hard to have worse battery life than the iPhone SE showed in our testing. And a 5.4-inch display may not be as compact as the 4-inch iPhone SE I’m used to, it’s a lot closer to the compact phones I prefer than Apple’s supersized Pro Max models. If that’s what Apple has planned, why not spend another two months gritting my teeth with the iPhone 11 Pro Max and using my old iPhone SE to familiarize myself with iOS 14?

Besides the 5G connectivity and faster processor, the iPhone 12 should have other benefits over the iPhone SE. If Apple follows the iPhone 11s lead, the new phone should offer two rear cameras, compared to one for the iPhone SE, allowing the former to take ultra-wide photos. Ironically, the iPhone 12 will probably look a lot more like the original iPhone SE, too, as its rumored to offer flat sides and squared-off edges.

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Will The iPhone 13 Be Available In Purple

Tough call. Apple really likes to hold back a few colors for later in a devices life cycle to generate a second-wave of interest around the device. It did this very thing a couple of years ago with the iPhone 7 in ProductRed a color thats now widely available on subsequent releases. Details on actual colors for the iPhone 13 are quite sketchy right now, although rumors have suggested theres going to be a new Matte black color for the Pro models specifically. Its likely Apple could keep color options on the iPhone 13 pretty muted on release to give people a reason to still buy the iPhone 12.

Does iPhone 13 Have A Larger Battery

Undoubtedly everyone loves to have a good battery mobile phone. iPhone 12 Pro Max battery capacity is 3687 mAh, which is not bad.

According to Phonearena, the 12 Pro Max scored 8 hours and 37 minutes on their YouTube video streaming battery test.

The best thing is that Apple devices give enough battery support even with small batteries. Thanks to the well-made A-series processors.

The best thing is that the Apple Bionic A15 is designed in a way that will help your battery optimize more efficiently.

So for the iPhone 13 battery, there is a huge improvement done byApple.

Both iPhone 13 and 13 Pro shares a 3095mAh, whereas the 13 Pro Max has a 4352mAh battery.

According to the Apple, iPhone 13 can last up to 2 to 2.5 hrs longer in a day as compared to iPhone 12 in a battery.

iPhone 13 mini can last up to 1 and 1.5 hrs longer than the iPhone 12 mini in a day.

which is incredibly a huge benefit for the users.

That means you could have more time to spend with your mobile phone while browsing in browsers and scrolling on Facebook.

And more likely the Mobile gamers may get high benefits from it.

And probably everyone is expecting to have it in the new generation.

Who else doesnt want a better and bigger battery life?

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The Biggest Screen The Longest

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has the largest screen of any iPhone, its battery lasts longer, and its cameras are higher quality than those of the iPhone 13 and 13 mini. It may be a little faster for some graphics-heavy tasks, but otherwise it matches the rest of the iPhone 13 family in features and speed.

Buying Options

Budget pick

Should You Buy An iPhone 12 Now That iPhone 13 Is Here Here’s How To Decide

iPhone 12 Buy Now or Wait for iPhone 13?

In many cases, going with the iPhone 13 is the better choice. But, the iPhone 12 may still be a good option for some.

The iPhone 12 is an excellent phone, but should you still buy it now that the iPhone 13 is here?

Apple revealed its 2021 iPhone last week at its . The iPhone 13 mirrors last year’s iPhone 12 lineup with a standard, Mini, Pro and Pro Max versions. The updated iPhone runs on iOS 15 and features a collection of camera upgrades, longer battery life, upped storage and a new A15 Bionic processor. But, now that the iPhone 13 will soon be available for preorder, does it still make sense to buy an iPhone 12?

Read more:iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max reviews

If you’re on the fence as to which path to take, that’s understandable. But don’t stress. This guide spells out if you should consider buying an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 depending on your needs. You can also consider the older iPhone 11 or iPhone SE. This way you can feel confident you’ve made the right call.

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iPhone 13 Series: Faq

The iPhone 12 series proved significant thanks to a redesign, introduction of MagSafe charging, and more. The new iPhone series is expected to stick with the same design and display sizes. The upcoming lineup should include two regular models, measuring 5.4-inches and 6.1-inches, respectively, and two pro variations at 6.1- and 6.7-inches.

Reason : A Smaller Notch

Unfortunately for the notch haters the notch will remain on the upcoming iPhone, but it will be smaller. Leaker IceUniverse indicates that the width of the notch in the iPhone 13 will be identical, but the height will be reduced. As a result the notch will take up less space on the display and hopefully be less annoying.

â Ice universe

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Pros Of Buying An iPhone 12 Now

Tim Cook says that the iPhone 12 was Apples best-selling model so far. However, purchasing an iPhone does require some research and testing to see which model will best suit your needs. Here are some reasons why you would want to purchase an iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max now as opposed to waiting for the iPhone 13:

  • Your phone is cracked, outdated, water damaged or the battery life is poor
  • You arent concerned about the latest features, like color or camera capabilities
  • You only use your phone for calls, text messages and the internet
  • Youre looking for a more affordable option, as the price of the 12 will likely drop when the 13 is released

Now, lets get into the pros of waiting for the iPhone 13.

iPhone 7 Or Older: Upgrade

Are purple iPhone 12 deals worth it

If youre sporting an iPhone from 2016 or earlier, its time to upgrade. Youve managed to get several years out of your iPhone and its likely showing its age. Things are slowing down and your photos are probably just barely worthy of an Instagram post.

The iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 12 will feel like they’re light years ahead of your old phone. In addition to much faster hardware, the entry-level iPhone 12s have much better camera sensors, Face ID, OLED displays, and 5G. Most people will also notice faster network and Wi-Fi speeds thanks to the iPhone 12s support for Wi-Fi 6, as well as 7x carrier aggregation and 4×4 MIMO.

For more on which iPhone is right for you, see our comparison of all four iPhone 12 models. And if you’re looking for which one takes the sharpest photos, check out our story on which iPhone 12 is best for photographers.

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The Smaller Notch Illusion

Okay, so can we talk about how the smaller notch isnt a significant reduction and not worth spotlighting? And truth be told, its more unsightly than the iPhone 12s notch. Sure, its 20% smaller horizontally, but its actually taller than the previous notch, which means it dips into the screen more. Can someone explain to me how thats an upgrade?

Some iPhone fans are not bothered by the notch, but to me, it sticks out like a sore thumb. I have an affinity for edge-to-edge screen real estate, so the notch is a turn off.

The Cheapest Way To Get A Great iPhone Experience

The iPhone SE has a faster processor than you might expect in such a comparatively inexpensive phone, as well as a good cameraand it costs half the price of the iPhone 13. Its low price, small size, and Touch ID fingerprint reader make it an easy upgrade for people who have older iPhones or for anyone wanting to spend less, but its battery doesnt last as long.

Buying Options

The iPhone SE is the ideal choice if you want a small phone, prefer a fingerprint reader to Face ID, or simply dont want to pay as much for a new smartphone as you would for a decent laptop. The iPhone SE is significantly cheaper than the iPhone 13 but in many situations feels just as fast. It lacks the iPhone 13s second, ultrawide lens and Night Mode camera setting, so capturing good photos in dark environments is harder. If you use your phone for more power-hungry activities like games, video, or voice or FaceTime calls over LTE, the smaller battery may not last all day. However, whereas cheap Android phones often stop getting software updates soon after purchase, even the least expensive iPhones, such as the SE, will receive iOS support for many years.

If you need a new case, we have you covered

  • Weve found the best cases in a variety of styles to fit your iPhone SE , 7, 7 Plus, 8, or 8 Plus.

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Upgrading Your iPhone: Why The Timing Wasnt Right

First of all, there’s a global pandemic on you might have read about that in the papers. And while the $399 iPhone SE may be uniquely situated to capitalize on shoppers’ desire to be more frugal these days, buying a new smartphone feels like a nice-to-have in an uncertain economic environment if you can get away with not upgrading.

The trouble was, my current iPhone SE was having problems charging, as I noted back in April. All the online troubleshooters who wrote in to tell me it was probably some wayward debris blocking the charging port proved to be correct, but my ability to dislodge the lint with a toothpick proved fruitless. And Apple Geniuses were in short supply, since all the Apple stores in my area were shut down due to well-founded coronavirus concerns.

I could have upgraded from the dying iPhone SE then and there, but I also wanted the rebate for trading a functional phone. It was a small amount in the greater scheme of things, but it would have been enough to cover the cost of upgrading the on-board capacity on the iPhone SE. I wasn’t about to leave money on the table, so I decided to wait out the COVID-19 outbreak with a replacement phone.

iPhone Xs/xr: Don’t Upgrade

iPhone 12 Long-Term Review: Buy or Wait for iPhone 13..?

If you own an iPhone XS or iPhone XR, theres no rush to upgrade. Sure, the iPhone 12 offers 5G connectivity and a host of other new features, but Apples 2018 iPhones are still powerful enough to accomplish just about anything you throw their way.

If you do decide to upgrade, the iPhone 12 will be a nice change for iPhone XS owners, and a huge leap for iPhone XR users. The iPhone 12 features the same processor and modem as the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro, without quite as many high-end camera features. Even so, you should still see a noticeable upgrade in image quality from your iPhone XS/XR.

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Now Is The Worst Time To Buy A New iPhone

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.

  • With Apple’s much-rumored iPhone 12 expected to launch in the fall, now is the worst time to purchase a new iPhone.
  • If you’re already planning to spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone, it’s probably worth it to wait for the newest model that’s expected to come with 5G support and the latest Apple processor.
  • Even if you don’t care about having the latest iPhone, Apple typically discounts certain older models when introducing new ones.
  • However, if you’re either already on a strict budget or need a new iPhone in a pinch, we’d recommend picking up a new iPhone SE for $399.00.

If you’re considering splurging on a new iPhone in the near future, it’s probably best to re-think that decision.

Apple typically releases its new iPhones in the fall, meaning the next-generation model may only be less than two months away. If you were already planning to spend around $1,000 to upgrade your iPhone, you’d be best advised to wait until the much-rumored iPhone 12 hits store shelves rather than investing in a phone that may soon feel outdated.

Popular Reviews

Apple announced that it will be holding a virtual event on September 15, where it’s almost certain to announce new products.

Still, it’s probably best to hold off if you can. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you upgrade your device only to find a brand-new model hitting the market several weeks later.

Reasons To Get iPhone 12 Or Older Versions

In general, the reasons for picking up iPhone 12 focus on its still good and satisfactory features like the following ones.

  • Emergency If you are in an emergent situation like your phone is dying completely or already dead, there is no other choice but to get a new phone as soon as possible!
  • Lower prices Just as mentioned above, iPhone 12 lineup is going to have a price drop immediately after iPhone 13 introduction.
  • Fast-enough processor The A14 Bionic processor in iPhone 12 is already fast enough for users to do some intensive activities such as video editing and gaming. So, the A15 Bionic in iPhone 13 isnt that attractive.
  • Same sizes Probably, iPhone 13 series will have the same display sizes as iPhone 12 sizes.
  • Satisfactory camera Except for some expected improvements in iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 still has excellent cameras with a powerful primary shooter.
  • Good drop-proof the Ceramic shield display of the iPhone 12 gives better protection for the front cover.
  • Support 5G iPhone 12 already supports the latest technology of communication 5G
  • Multiple colors Although iPhone 13 may introduce new colors like the rumored orange and matte black, iPhone 12 already has half a dozen colors including the rare purple for you to choose from.
  • Minor upgrades Most of the feature improvements from iPhone 12 to iPhone 13 including the above ones are minor since those features in iPhone 12 are already powerful.
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