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What Size Is The iPhone Xs Max

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iPhone Xs Vs iPhone Xs Max Vs iPhone Xr Price And Availability

iPhone XS Max Unboxing | Size Comparison with iPhone X

The quick-and-dirty: the iPhone XR is sizeably cheaper, a true budget flagship that starts at $599 / £629 / AU$1,049 for the 64GB model . That is, as were fond of saying, a 2018 phone at 2016 prices, one that’s still suitable for 2019 and been discounted after the release of the new phones.

Of course, the iPhone XS somewhat exceeds the XR in many ways and youll be able to buy it with more storage. For that, youll pay a premium: the iPhone XS’s launch price was $999 / £999 / AU$1,629 – but after the release of the iPhone 11 line, Apple no longer sells the iPhone XS or XS Max itself. If you do find it sold by a third party, you’ll almost certainly pay less.

If you want the bigger size of the iPhone XS Max, expect bigger prices: its launch pricing started at $1,099 / £1,099 / AU$1,799 for the 64GB model, while the 256GB model is $1,249 / £1,249 / AU$2,049 and the most expensive 512GB version will set you back a staggering $1,449 / £1,449 / AU$2,369. Again, expect discounts.

What Is The Difference Between iPhone Xs And Xr

One of the first things youll notice when you start making your iPhone comparison is the price. The iPhone XR is the cheaper model, but with that comes slightly less impressive specs than those of XS and XS Max models. For instance, the iPhone XR has a storage capacity of 256 GB whereas the others top out at 512 GB.

Well dive a little deeper into some of the other differences between the current iPhone models. ;Well go over things like the cameras and the displays translating dry specs into the actual difference you feel when you hold and use each of these iPhones.

iPhone Xs & iPhone Xs Max In 2021

Before we get into the breakdown, just a note to say this original comparison is from 2018. Now that its 2021 , what many people want to know is if the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are still worth getting now.

Both phones are now three years old, and technology has advanced a lot in that time. Both phones are also no longer sold by Apple, so if you want to get an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max youll need to buy one online from a reseller or used from a previous owner.

The good news is, as long as you can get either for a pretty cheap price, both phones are still great devices in 2021. They run iOS 14the latest iOS operating systemand theyll both support iOS 15 later this year. Matter of fact, they should support iOS 16, tooand maybe later as well.

Of course, if youve got a little more money to spend, its probably worth going with the iPhone 12 (not the 12 Pro, if you are looking to keep costs down. The iPhone 12 has much the same features as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max: Face ID, dual-lens cameras, all-screen design, an OLED display. PLUS the iPhone 12 has the MUCH faster A14 chipset.

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New iPhone Guide: For Those Looking To Buy One

Below, youll find some helpful posts about Apples iPhone. These are some of the most-read posts on KnowYourMobile.

If youre new to iPhones, or smartphones in general, have a read of these guides;;theyll help you make a more informed decision about which iPhone is right for you.

And once you do know what iPhone you want, EE has some of the cheapest deals for Apples iPhones right now. How so?

Well, we compared the deals on offer from all of the UKs major networks and EEs were the cheapest with respect to data allowance and monthly costs.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max Has An Extra Camera And A Longer Telephoto Lens

iPhone XS Max is impressive but expensive

As Apple’s fanciest phone available, getting the iPhone 12 Pro Max means you’ll get the very best overall photo and video quality of any iPhone. But it’ll also allow for more versatile photography compared to the iPhone XS Max. While each iPhone has wide and telephoto lenses, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has an extra lens taking the form of an ultra-wide shooter. That ultra-wide lens is crucial for taking photos of sweeping landscapes or even if you want to take a zoomed-out photo of, say, your living room.;

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The iPhone XS Max’s dual rear camera module has a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens.

In addition, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a longer telephoto lens than the iPhone XS Max. At a 65-millimeter equivalent, the new telephoto lens on the 12 Pro Max has a 2.5x optical zoom. Compare that to the iPhone XS Max’s 2x zoom telephoto lens and that extra 0.5x can go a long way. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a lidar sensor too, which helps with auto-focus in low-light for photos, videos and slow motion. I’ll go into more depth on the tech later. If you’re looking for specific details about the camera, feel free to scroll down to our specs chart at the bottom of this article.

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iPhone X Model Comparison

Upgrading from an iPhone 7 or 8 means that youre in the market for a relatively modern device. But since youve held on to your iPhone 7 or 8 for so long, youre probably looking for a good value as well. For most of us, that means jumping up a generation or two and selecting from the 11th or 12th generation of iPhones, such as the iPhone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, or iPhone Xs Max.

Heres how the iPhone 7 and 8 compare to the subsequent generations:

iPhone Xs Max Vs iPhone 8 Plus Camera And Battery

Both the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone 8 Plus have a dual-lens 12MP rear camera, powering things like optical zoom and portrait mode, but the iPhone XS Max has optical image stabilization on both lenses, while the 8 Plus has it on just one.

There are other improvements to the iPhone XS Maxs camera too, including new features like the ability to adjust the depth of field after youve taken a photo.

Theres less difference around the front though, as both phones have a TrueDepth front-facing camera, which allows for depth-sensing in Portrait Mode and powers Face ID.

We dont know how big the battery is in the iPhone XS Max in mAh capacity, but its supposedly the biggest one ever put in an iPhone and lasted us about a day of use. The iPhone 8 Plus meanwhile has a 2,691mAh battery, which we found in our review amounted to all-day life, but not much more.

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Reception And Connectivity Issues

The iPhone XS received generally positive reviews from critics after release. iPhone XS and XS Max users initially had issues with LTE, Wi-Fi reception and Bluetooth connections. Some experts claimed that a faulty antenna was to blame, and in response to many consumer complaints about iPhone XS/XS Max connectivity problems, Apple contacted users for help with their investigation. To resolve some problems with the XS/XS Max, Apple pushed the iOS 12.0.1 update on October 8, 2018, which, along with addressing the Chargegate issue, fixed a connectivity issue where Bluetooth could become temporarily unavailable on the XS/XS Max.

iPhone Xr Vs Xs: Outlook

iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max – Color and Size Comparison

In terms of their performance and cameras, the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR appear to be more similar than their prices might suggest . The biggest differences come in both in price and size, where you’re paying a pretty penny for having the biggest, boldest display in the iPhone XS Max. The other big difference is that the iPhone XR’s camera doesn’t offer optical zoom.

The last significant difference is in battery life, where the iPhone XR beats both the iPhone XS and XS Max. If you want a modern iPhone design without splurging, the XR is definitely the phone to consider though we still don’t think you should choose it in favor of the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 without a deal unless you’re looking to save every cent you can on your next handset.

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The Dimensions Of The Apple iPhone Xs Max Global 4gb 64gb Are As Follows: 774 Mm X

77.4 mm 157.5 mm 7.9 mm
2x ARMv8A 2.38 GHz + 4x energyefficient cores


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The iPhone 12 Max Pro Has A ‘ceramic Shield’ Display

While both devices rely on similar-sized OLED panels, Apple added a ceramic-hardened glass display, called Ceramic Shield, to its iPhone 12 line. Apple says its ceramic shielding, which covers the front of the device, offers four times better drop protection. Although it’s tough to verify that claim, we can conclude, based on our drop tests, that it’s indeed a durable shielding. Admittedly, we haven’t put the iPhone 12 Pro Max itself through the paces yet, but CNET’s Vanessa Hand Orellana did conduct tests on the iPhone 12, which uses the same screen. In her tests, the iPhone 12’s screen survived without a crack after it was dropped six times on a sidewalk, including three back-to-back drops from a height of 9 feet. ;

For its part, the iPhone XS Max seems to be a durable phone too. According to CNET’s drop test results, the iPhone XS, which uses the same screen as its pricier sibling, survived four drops on a cement sidewalk from a height of 3 feet and 5 feet.;

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iPhone Size Guide Biggest To Smallest

Below is a quick breakdown of all the iPhone models you can currently buy ; the newest are, of course, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini, as well as the flagshipiPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max Models.

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But dont go thinking you need to rock an iPhone flagship to get killer performance. I tend to buy older iPhone flagships because theyre cheaper . And if youre interested in how Apples iPhone has developed over the years, check out our MEGA LIST that compares the specs of every iPhone ever released.

Below is a quick breakdown of each iPhone model, from biggest to smallest:

All of Apples iPhone 13 models will run faster 5G too; so youll be able to connect to the fastest, next-generation mobile data.

iPhone Screen Sizes Compared

iPhone XS and XS Max: hands
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7in OLED display
  • iPhone 12 Pro 6.1in OLED display
  • iPhone 12 6.1in OLED display;
  • iPhone 12 Mini 5.4in OLED display;
  • iPhone SE 2020 Size 4.7in LCD Display
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Size 6.5in OLED Display
  • iPhone 11 Pro Size 5.8in OLED Display
  • iPhone 11 Size 6.1in LCD Display
  • iPhone XS Max Size 6.5in OLED Display
  • iPhone XS Size 5.8in OLED Display
  • iPhone XR Size 6.1in LCD Display
  • iPhone X Size 5.8in OLED Display
  • iPhone 8 Plus Size 5.5in LCD Display
  • iPhone 8 Size 4.7in LCD Display
  • iPhone 7 Plus Size 5.5in LCD Display
  • iPhone 7 Size 4.7in LCD Display
  • iPhone 6s Plus Size 5.5in LCD Display
  • iPhone 6s Size 4.7in LCD Display
  • iPhone 6 Plus Size 5.5in LCD Display
  • iPhone 6 Size 4.7in LCD Display
  • iPhone SE Size 4in LCD Display
  • iPhone 5s Size 4in LCD Display
  • iPhone 5 Size 4in LCD Display
  • iPhone 4s Size 3.5in LCD Display
  • iPhone 4 Size 3.5in TFT Display
  • iPhone 3GS Size 3.5in TFT Display

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So Which Should You Buy iPhone Xs Or Xr

Obviously, the final decision between iPhone XS and XR is entirely up to you. With almost identical internal specs and processing across the board, you have to ask yourself if you want to take telephoto pictures and be guaranteed the absolute truest colors on your display. If you do, the iPhone XS or XS Max is the clear winner. But if youre not totally convinced you need those extra features, then the iPhone XR is worth a closer look.

And with all of the versions in this new iPhone comparison, youll have to decide if youre getting a phone for productivity and fun or to get more creative with photography and videos. Im personally using the iPhone XR, but let us know which model iPhone you went with and why!

Which One Is Best For You

iPhone X was 2017s flagship iPhone and marked a significant leap forward in functionality, as well as serving up a fresh new look thanks to the adoption of OLED screen technology. The class of 2018 has built on the success of iPhone X, and top of the class is Apples new plus-size phone, iPhone XS Max.Like its predecessor, iPhone XS Max boasts a pin-sharp OLED screen with crisp contrast and vivid colours, but on a larger scale at 6.5 inches, its the biggest iPhone screen to date. The awesome dual-lens camera has been upgraded too, with impressive new functions such as Smart HDR allowing even more professional looking shots.If iPhone Xs release was a watershed moment for the brand, Apple have built on this success with a yet more impressive, feature-packed phone. See our handy feature guide to decide which model is best for you.

  • Apple

    iPhone XS Max

  • Take stunning professional pictures with iPhone XS Maxs feature-laden dual-lens camera, including Apples Smart HDR

  • See more on the gorgeous 6.5-inch OLED display or multi-task with split screen view

  • Experience a smoother and more immersive gaming experience thanks to the powerful new A12 Bionic chip.

  • Personalise your favourite Animoji and add stickers and filters for even more fun

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iPhone Xs Max Vs iPhone 8 Plus Release Date And Price

The iPhone XS Max can be bought from $1,099 , which is quite a bit, as is fitting for Apple’s most premium smartphone..

The iPhone 8 Plus has been out for a while longer and has seen its fair share of price cuts, bringing it down to a starting price of $699/£699/AU$1,149, so its a fair bit cheaper.

Did You Like The iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max Size Comparison

Lets dig into finding out if the XS or XS Max is the better choice for you.

The obvious question for Apple fans is: Did you like the 8 Plus? Did its size feel comfortable to you?;Because as it sits in the hand, the 8 Plus has a very similar feel to the XS Max.

The big difference is that the display measures a whole inch larger than the 8 Plus, and the Max manages to be a bit lighter at the same time, so its a definite improvement!

If you dont really know the 8 Plus that well, but are still interested in the larger version, we have to dig a little deeper.

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iPhone Xr Vs Xs: Battery Life

To keep its 6.5-inch screen aglow, the iPhone XS Max packs the largest smartphone battery Apple’s ever shipped. The XS Max lasted 10 hours and 38 minutes on our web surfing test. The smaller XS lasted only 9:41, which is a bit below the category average of 9:48. For the best battery life, you’ll want the iPhone XR, which lasted 11 hours and 26 minutes on our battery test, landing it on our list of smartphones with the longest battery life. Yes, that’s right, the “low-end” model provides enough battery life to compete with the model you may need a loan to afford.

Each new iPhone is fast-charge capable, and all refuel half of their battery in 30 minutes . Note that those accessories aren’t included, and cost extra; while the iPhone 11 Pro comes with a USB-C fast charger in the box, past models pack in the slow 5-watt chargers of old.

If that’s not enough, though, Apple’s now selling Smart Battery Cases for the the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Apple claims the XR case will extend your talk time to up to 39 hours, while the XS Max case will raise talk time to a maximum of 37 hours and the XS case is rated for adding enough juice for up to 33 hours.

Processor And Battery Life

Last years iPhone X had an A11 Bionic chip, and this years iPhone XS has an A12 Bionic. In terms of CPU performance, the A12 really isnt that much faster: Apple only quotes a 15 percent performance improvement, and I didnt really see a noticeable speedup over my iPhone X.

The A12s GPU is 50 percent faster, but, as usual, that feels like headroom for the future since these devices tend to stick around for so long. Last years A11 GPU was 30 percent faster than the A10, and its not like developers are maxing that out after a year. Apple has a huge performance lead over the entire smartphone industry, and I think its great that its using that lead to make its devices last as long as possible, instead of running them at the bleeding edge of power and performance all the time.

I got a full 12 hours of battery life out of the XS Max without using low power mode

The big change to the A12 is the new Neural Engine, which accelerates machine learning. Apple claims the Neural Engine on the A11 could perform 600 billion operations per second, while the A12 can do 5 trillion. Thats a huge increase especially since the system also uses much less power but in real-world use, the apps just arent really there yet. Youre basically just looking at a bunch of AR demos and the new camera features.

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