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How Much Does Battery Life Matter

Whats the Best iPhone X wallet case?

Music lovers: how long do you listen to your headphones each day?

Android Authority

Upon polling Android Authority readers, we found that a majority of you listen to your music between one and two hours a day. Thats significant, especially when accounting for the listed true wireless models. In order to test true wireless battery life, we use objective measures and subject the earbuds to an infinite loop of pink noise set at an output of 75dB. That way, we can consistently test each product, allowing for greater testing reliability and minimal variance.

Best iPhones : The Best Budget And Premium iPhones

Best iPhones Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi?’s round-up of the best iPhones you can buy in 2021.

Apple’s iPhone was a revelation when it launched back in 2007. Back then, the word ‘smartphone’ meant a stuffy interface, fiddly stylus and tiny screen.

Fast forward 14 years and although a lot has changed in terms of consumer technology, in many circles, the iPhone is still the best handset on the planet. Especially now that the iPhone 13 family has landed.

The Apple iPhone range covers lots of different screen sizes and prices, but which is the best iPhone for you? Do you want an entry-level handset to handle the basic tasks of making calls, web browsing and taking the occasional picture? Or do you want something more powerful in a premium package with flagship tech and a massive screen? Either way, Apple has an iPhone for you and they all run its iOS operating system, which is a doddle to use.

Screen size is also important. A smaller size is more pocketable, but a bigger screen will be better suited for films, games and TV shows. So think about how you’ll use it before you buy. Apple’s iPhones use LCD or OLED displays, depending on the model the iPhone 12 range comprises all OLED models, while the older ranges’ cheaper models use LCD.

But we digress. Read on for our list of the best iPhones on the market.

The iPhone 13 might be closer to an iPhone 12S than a full reinvention of the iPhone, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

App Icons: Themes For iPhone

While iOS has come a long way on the customization front, its still nowhere near as customizable as Android. But fret not this is where an app like App Icons: Themes for iPhone comes into play. Featuring a massive library of themes, icon packs, and live wallpapers, it lets you deck up your iPhone home screen with the desired liberty.

Bear in mind that its available for free however, you will need to shell out a few bucks to unlock all the themes.


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Best Alternative: iPhone 12

Last year’s flagship is still a terrific choice for many buyers, and it’s now available at a lower price. The iPhone 12 has a 12MP dual-camera system with wide and ultra wide lenses, an A14 Bionic chip, and a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display.

It uses Apple’s advanced Face ID biometric scanning , supports 5G, 4K, and Dolby Vision video recording support, Portrait mode for the front and back-facing cameras, Night mode, is compatible with MagSafe accessories, and a whole lot more. It may not have the latest silicon from Apple, but it’s still a fantastic device and will last at least several more years.

The Cheapest Way To Get A Great iPhone Experience

Whats the best iphone 8 case. 5 Best iPhone 8 Cases

The iPhone SE has a faster processor than you might expect in such a comparatively inexpensive phone, as well as a good cameraand it costs half the price of the iPhone 13. Its low price, small size, and Touch ID fingerprint reader make it an easy upgrade for people who have older iPhones or for anyone wanting to spend less, but its battery doesnt last as long.

Buying Options

The iPhone SE is the ideal choice if you want a small phone, prefer a fingerprint reader to Face ID, or simply dont want to pay as much for a new smartphone as you would for a decent laptop. The iPhone SE is significantly cheaper than the iPhone 13 but in many situations feels just as fast. It lacks the iPhone 13s second, ultrawide lens and Night Mode camera setting, so capturing good photos in dark environments is harder. If you use your phone for more power-hungry activities like games, video, or voice or FaceTime calls over LTE, the smaller battery may not last all day. However, whereas cheap Android phones often stop getting software updates soon after purchase, even the least expensive iPhones, such as the SE, will receive iOS support for many years.

If you need a new case, we have you covered

  • Weve found the best cases in a variety of styles to fit your iPhone SE , 7, 7 Plus, 8, or 8 Plus.

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How We Test iPhones

As with any smartphone we test at Tom’s Guide, we evaluate iPhones for days in real-world use cases. We also benchmark Apple’s phones using a gamut of performance-measuring apps that allow us to compare iPhone performance to what Android devices are capable of. In addition to synthetic benchmarks, we also run real-world tests, including a video transcoding test in Adobe Premiere Rush that compares the iPhone’s processing speed with other devices.

In our lab, we use a light meter to ascertain display quality data, like brightness and color accuracy to help us evaluate the display of the best iPhones. Our proprietary battery test determines longevity on a charge by endlessly streaming webpages over an LTE network we then recharge the iPhones to see how quickly they charge in 15-minute intervals.

To compare cameras, we take any iPhone we review out and shoot photos in a variety of settings. We also bring along a comparable smartphone to see how the iPhone’s photographic output measures up.

We explore Apple’s iOS improvements, test gaming performance and evaluate the phone’s speakers and each of these factors play a part in our final verdict.

How We Test The Best Unlocked iPhones

With all of the iPhones on this list, we have made sure they have been put through multiple tests so we know where they rank. This not only involves us using each Apple phone for a set period of time but also running tests.

Our testing includes benchmarking using Geekbench 5 and 3DMark’s Wild Life benchmark, among other tests. We measure the accuracy of the colors on the display as well as how bright each screen can get. We run a customized battery test to see how long a phone can last continuously surfing the web, and then we time how long it takes for a phone to recharge.

To test the cameras, we compare the iPhones we’re reviewing with other phones in the same price range, looking at various photos to see which device takes the best images. Finally, we consider cost, availability and design in our reviews.

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Best Alternative: iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is a terrific choice for many buyers looking to save some money but still want a 6.1-inch handset. It’s available in black, white, purple, yellow, green, and Red. The iPhone 11, first released in 2019, includes an A13 Bionic chip with Neural Engine and a Liquid Retina HD display.

On this former flagship, you’ll find a dual 12MP back camera with Ulta Wide and Wide cameras with an optical zoom of 2x and digital zoom of 5x. On the front, there’s the 12MP TrueDepth camera with a /2.2 aperture.

Best iPhone For Seniors 2021

The BEST APPS For iPhone Xs Max! WHATS ON MY iPhone 2019 iOS 12

BestiPhone for seniorsiMore2021

Each year, we look and determine the best iPhones on the market. Our overall favorite, the iPhone 12, is our recommendation for the best handset for seniors this year. In addition, we’ve gathered other noteworthy models to help you choose the one that fits your needs best.

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Whats Good About The iPhone Se

The iPhone SE starts out at £429 – more than half the price of the iPhone 11 Pro and considerably less than the iPhone 11. Its even cheaper than a lot of other smartphone on the market.

But despite the cheap price, the specs arent lacking. Its powered by the A13 Bionic chip, one of the fastest processors you can find in any smartphone. It also comes in three colours – black, white and red and its pre set with iOS 13, the same operating system youll find on the top-tier iPhones complete with new features like dark mode.

Its smaller than the latest iPhones too, measuring up at 4.7-inches. So if youre one of those people who finds the latest super-screen smartphones a bit of a handful, the iPhone SE could be perfect.

Headspace Bust Stress At Your Own Pace

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Which iPhone Should I Get

  • Apple announced the iPhone 13 models, and weve updated our breakdown of the full iPhone lineup, making new recommendations throughout this review.

If you have an iPhone that youre happy with, keep it. We dont think you should upgrade just because Apple has released new phones.

But if your current phone is running too slow or is damaged, or if youre simply ready for an upgrade and you want a new phone now, we recommend the iPhone 13. It represents a relatively minor upgrade over 2020s iPhone 12, but the improved cameras and better battery life build on the already great design and fast processing, with no drawbacks other than a few grams of added weight. If you prefer a smaller screen, the iPhone 13 mini is also a great choice, as it offers all the same features in an easier-to-hold package for $100 less.

Our pick

The iPhone 13 has a fantastic two-lens camera that can use Night Mode for impressive low-light photos, plus a plenty-fast processor, long battery life, and a large edge-to-edge OLED screen.

Buying Options

The iPhone 13 mini offers everything great about the iPhone 13 but is better suited for smaller hands and smaller pockets.

Buying Options

What Should I Look For When Choosing An iPhone 13 Mini Case

Whats on my iPhone  Michael  Add Jam.

Beyond choosing something with plenty of protection you should also think about what else you want from a case. Do you want something chunky or slim? Something that shows off your phone or has its own style? A basic case or one with a wallet component? These questions and more are worth asking yourself.

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Best iPhone 11 Deals: Best Prices On iPhone 11 11 Pro 11 Pro Max

Cheap iPhone 11 deals can be found everywhere right now. Plus, now that the iPhone 13 is officially here, iPhone 11 deals will only get cheaper. In fact, Apple has already taken $100 off the phone’s price dropping it to $499.

In terms of deals, Verizon is currently offering the iPhone 11 for free with a new line and Unlimited plan. . It’s one of the biggest iPhone 11 deals you can get right now. For instance, you can get the top-of-the-line iPhone 11 for just $6.25/month.

As a reminder, Apple offers the 6.1-inch iPhone 11 for . The 128GB model costs $549. The 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro and the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max are no longer sold by Apple. .

Are Refurbished iPhones A Good Buy

Getting a refurbished iPhone can be a big cost saver. Even the more affordable iPhones such as the SE and the iPhone 12 mini will be a hefty hit to your bank balance if you pay for them outright.

But there’s plenty of places around the web, including Amazon and Apple’s own website, that offers refurbished iPhones for a fraction of their regular price. Whether or not they’re a good buy, though, comes down to the individual provider.

Apple, for instance, includes all cables with its refurbished phones, along with a one-year manufacturer warranty, which is useful if your phone develops a fault. Amazon offers even better prices with similar quality, along with its own ‘Amazon Renewed Guarantee’, which we reckon should be pretty reliable, considering the size of the company.

We’d recommend making sure whichever website you buy from has some sort of guarantee in case your phone develops a hardware fault if you choose to buy refurbished.

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Best For Big Screen Lovers: iPhone 13 Pro Max

The best, most powerful iPhone you can buy in 2021 is the 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max. Nearly the same as the iPhone 12 Pro, this massive phone is Apple’s largest to date. For anyone looking for the best of the best, this is the phone for you.

While the iPhone 12 Pro Max differed from the regular iPhone 12 by having the absolute best camera, this does not apply to the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Once again, Apple has made the camera system in both Pro models the same, so you no longer need to get the larger Pro to have the best iPhone camera. However, the iPhone 13 Pro does have a larger 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion, and the longest battery life of the entire iPhone 13 lineup.

But of course, if you want the absolute best iPhone, it will cost you a pretty penny. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a starting price north of $1000, and the 1TB version will cost $1600. You’ll definitely want to protect your investment with a fantastic iPhone 13 Pro Max case and screen protector.

The Biggest Screen The Longest

What’s on my iPhone in 2020 – BEST iPhone APPS

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has the largest screen of any iPhone, its battery lasts longer, and its cameras are higher quality than those of the iPhone 13 and 13 mini. It may be a little faster for some graphics-heavy tasks, but otherwise it matches the rest of the iPhone 13 family in features and speed.

Buying Options

Budget pick

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The Best iPhone 13 Accessories You Can Buy Right Now

The iPhone 13 carries over several iPhone 12 features, including one of the most inconvenient ones there’s no charger included with your phone. That’s not a problem if you’ve got charges from recent iPhone purchases lying around, but if not, you’re going to want to stock up on a new wall charger to keep your iPhone 13 powered up.

In this case, we’d recommend going straight to the source and getting the Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter. Since it’s from Apple, there’s no worries about compatibility, and the 20W charging speed lets you charge up phone at their maximum rate. And should Apple stick with its Lightning port and it seems like the phone maker will at this point there’s no reason why this iPhone 13 accessory won’t be able to work with future phones from Apple.

Best Least Expensive iPhone

Processor: Apple A13 | Display Size: 4.7 inches | Storage Options: 64GB/128GB/256GB | Rear Cameras: One 12MP | Front Camera: 7MP f/2.2 | Colors: Black, White, PRODUCT | Size: 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm | Weight: 148g | Starting Price: $399

Apple isn’t known for making affordable phones, but the new Apple iPhone SE — see our full review — is a perfect option for those who want an iPhone experience without paying high prices. As a person who primarily uses Android phones, it is also a great option as a second phone for those times you want to use iOS.

The iPhone SE is smaller than nearly all other modern phones and looks like an iPhone 8 on the outside. However, it is the inside that matters here with the Apple Bionic A13 processor, high IP67 dust/water resistant rating, and a very capable 12-megapixel camera. You won’t find a budget Android phone with all of these features at this price and it’s wonderful to see Apple offering up such a solid affordable option at this time.

This is a great option for a first iPhone and one for those who just don’t want to give up on a Touch ID button.


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iPhone Xs Xr And Xs Max

The iPhone XS and XS Max were Apples flagships for 2018, and honestly, not much changed between the iPhone X and the iPhone XS. The launch price was still right around $1,000, too. If youre looking to buy the latest tech from Apple, you can grab one of the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 models right now, but deals on newer stuff are always few and far between since the iPhone XS and XS Max are two years old now, todays not a bad time to start hunting for deals on these.

The iPhone XS launched with a sticker price of $999, but Apple also rolled out a more budget-friendly alternative in the iPhone XR which retailed for $749. The iPhone XS Max, for its part, was one of the best plus-sized phone the company has ever released. You can definitely find some pretty big price cuts on these floating around out there if you know where to look. Weve been scouring the web for the latest discounts, and we will be continually updating this page as the savings continue to roll in.

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