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When Did The iPhone 6

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iPhone Xr: October 26 2018

iPhone 6 / 6 Plus: How to Fix Black Screen, Display Wont Turn On, Screen is Blank

The iPhone XR was also announced at the September 2018 event, but wasn’t available right away. Because it was the cheaper of the new models, quite a few people decided to wait for the XR to be available. These iPhones were smaller than the XS and XS Max . The display was not as crisp as the XS and XS Max, but with the Liquid Retina HD display, the difference wasn’t too noticeable. This model also had the front-facing camera and came in way more colors than the XS or XS Max.

iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max

Apples iPhone 11 range was significant because it effectively used the lessons Apple learned with its iPhone X range, specifically, you need a cheaper model, a smaller flagship model, and a large-displayed flagship, in order to properly address the needs of all consumers. The iPhone 11 range has proven very popular, helped no end by just how could the entry-level iPhone 11 was in practice at $699.99, its cheaper and still more powerful than both Samsungs Galaxy S10 and its newer Galaxy S20.

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The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max were the first iPhones to feature triple-lens cameras, a move that was a long time coming. Apple really drilled down on the camera performance for the iPhone 11 range, and it worked the iPhone 11 Pro camera is very, very impressive. The phones themselves looked similar to the iPhone XS range, with the iPhone 11 replacing the iPhone XR. Inside, the phones ran Apples A13 chipset, a hugely powerful SoC that could run rings around most mid-range laptops.

Specs: iPhone 11

Specs: iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Dimensions: 158 x 77.8 x 8.1 mm
  • Screen Size: 6.4 inches, 1242 x 2688 pixels
  • CPU: Apple A13 Bionic
  • Battery: 3969 mAh battery

Apple iPhone Release Date History

  • iPhone 4 Release Date 24 June 2010
  • iPhone 4s Release Date 14 October 2011
  • iPhone 5 Release Date 21 September 2012
  • iPhone 5s Release Date 20 September 2013
  • iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Release Date 25 September 2014
  • iPhone SE Release Date March 31, 2016
  • iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Release Date September 9, 2015
  • iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Release Date 22 September 2017
  • iPhone X Release Date 3 November 2017
  • iPhone XR Release Date 26 October 2018
  • iPhone XS Release Date 21 September 2018
  • iPhone XS Max Release Date 21 September 2018
  • iPhone 11 Release Date 20 September 2019
  • iPhone 11 Pro Release Date 20 September 2019
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Release Date 20 September 2019
  • iPhone SE Release Date April 24 2020
  • iPhone 12 Release Date October 23, 2020
  • iPhone 12 Mini Release Date October 23, 2020
  • iPhone 12 Pro Release Date October 23, 2020
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max Release Date October 23, 2020

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iPhone 5s: $35 Billion

The iPhone 5s, released in September of 2013 alongside the 5c, earned an estimated $35 billion in revenue. The 5s was less expensive at $550 vs the 5s $650. The 5c came in more colors while the 5s had a more powerful processor. Taken together, both the 5c and 5s sold more than nine million units within three days of release. Some reviewers complained that the 5c was unnecessarily cheapened with much smaller memory and weak battery life. The 5s meanwhile had twice as much storage at 16GB, a much better camera and Touch ID, Apples fingerprint scanning feature. These features almost certainly account for the iPhone 5s outselling the 5c by a factor of three to one in the early days of release, a trend that only deepened as sales continued.

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Is iPhone 6 Still Good In 2020

iPhone 6 16gb Refurbished Original Excelente 100% + Nf

The release of the iPhone 6 was a big moment in Apples conquest of the high-end smartphone market.

Released in September 2014, these phones were Apples response to repeated calls for larger screens, which at the time were only available on Android phones.

The iPhone 6 came with a 4.7 retina display , which was a big jump over the 4 screen on the iPhone 5S.

In the first 3 months, Apple sold 74 million devices, more than 40% more than the iPhone 5S!

Thats enough to make the 6 Apples best-selling device ever .

So not surprisingly, you can still find plenty of used iPhone 6s for sale online, including at marketplaces like Orchard.

As a 5 year old device, you stand to save a ton versus buying a new iPhone. But the question is will the iPhone 6 stand the test of time?

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iPhone 3gs Features And Functionality

In terms of features and functionality, the iPhone 3GS did not change all that much from the iPhone 3G. It included all of the same features as the first two iPhones plus:

  • VoiceOver for Accessibility
  • Voice control
  • Nike + iPod for training
  • An inline remote on the headphone cable

These changes were nice, but what really made the iPhone 3GS different was how it was built on the inside.

How Many iPhones Does Apple Release Each Year

In the early days, Apple released one iPhone per year. That gradually changed as the releases of new models got closer and closer together from 2010 to 2013. With the September rollout, though, Apple released both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c, ushering in an era of two iPhone releases per year. 2017, 2018, and 2019 each saw the release of three more iPhone models, and then in 2020 the tech giant shocked the world. Not only did they release the iPhone SE in April, they also rolled out another four iPhones in their delayed fall announcement, rounding out their to-date collection with the iPhone 12 lineup.

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iPhone 6 Release Date: September 19 2014

At this point in iPhone history, the yearly release for the new device had become more than tradition. Although some of the initial shock and awe had worn off, people still lined up for the new device, and first weekend sales continued to be through the roof. However, at this point in the history of the iPhone, we can raise an important question: what else can they do?

However, this type of thinking is typical of those who arent working on the inside. We look at these devices and consider them magic, whereas the engineers developing them see them as works in progress. Then, when the new phone comes out, were once again wowed at their ability to make a product many already considered great even better.

One thing Apple did with this iPhone that had nothing to do with the device itself was release two versions at the same time. The only other time this had been done in iPhone history was with the release of the iPhone 5C and 5S, but these were interim models. The release of the iPhone 6 was the first time it was done with a completely new model.

What About The Software

iPhone 6: How to Update Software to Latest iOS

The latest edition of iPhone software is iOS 14. Unfortunately, this older model simply isnt compatible with it. The latest software you can get on the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus is iOS 12.4.9.

Fortunately, youll still have access to many modern features of the software. For example, iOS does include ScreenTime, AR, and of course, Siri. Just beware, as the phone ages, some apps may not be compatible with iOS 12.

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max


The iPhone 11 Pro offers an identical design to the iPhone 11 Pro but on a larger scale, succeeding the iPhone XS Max. It is a 6.5-inch beauty – especially in the midnight green colour – and its camera capabilities are excellent, with Night Mode making low-light shots much better.

Android Os Update Cycle: What Google Oneplus And Others Promise

Starting with Google, the company offers Pixel phones with Android version updates for at least three years from when the device first became available. The same is followed for security updates as well.

Talking about the current phones from Google, the Pixel 5 will stop getting Android updates after October 2023, the Pixel 4a 5G and 4a in November 2023 and August 2023, respectively. The Pixel 4XL and Pixel 4a will stop getting Android updates in October 2022. The Pixel 3a and 3a XL will stop getting updates in May 2022, while the Pixel 3 and 3XL in October this year.

Samsung, earlier this year, committed to four years of security updates for its 2019 and later phones. However, the thing to note here is these are security updates and not OS updates. Last year, the South Korean company announced that its Galaxy S-series, Note series, Foldables, and Galaxy A-series would be eligible for three Android OS updates.

Another major smartphone manufacturer which promises three years of Android updates is Vivo. The announcement was made earlier this year and applies to only the X-series of premium phones launched after July 2021.

Talking about other manufacturers, like OnePlus, it promises three years of Android updates and three years of security updates. Oppo, on the other hand, recently announced that three years of Android OS updates is only applicable for its flagship Find X-series, while there’s no official word about other smartphones from the company.

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Release Date: September 16 2016

Just about a year after the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple once again unleashed a new set of its signature device. At first glance, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus dont appear to be all that different from the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but there was one major change to the appearance. Apple got rid of the headphone jack. This was the first time in iPhone history that users would have to connect their headphones via BlueTooth, and the company was heavily criticized for this move.

However, most people liked what Apple did with the rest of the phone. For example, this was the first iPhone to be water and dust resistant, and the introduction of iOS 10 made apps such as Maps, Photos, and Music run more smoothly, and it also introduced some new features to Messages, such as special effects for messages.

As for other upgrades, the iPhone 7 received the usual gambit of improvements, such as an improved processor and better battery life. Screen sizes stayed basically the same, as did screen resolution and pixel density. In addition to screen size, the 7 Plus featured two rear cameras to help deliver even better quality images. However, beyond this, the two phones were pretty much the same. Here is a summary of the what was new with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:

iPhone 5s & 5c Release Timeline

What Do the Buttons on the iPhone 6 Series Do?

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sold a combined nine million units in the first week on the market. For frugal buyers, the iPhone 5c had a plastic cover that made it less expensive. The greatest selling point for this model was the four different colors. As for the iPhone 5s, it rolled out features like dual flash, Touch ID, and slow-motion video, alongside an M7 motion coprocessor, which boosted the phones battery life significantly.

Generation 7: iPhone 5S & 5C Release Date

  • Release Order: 7th The iPhone 5 was released on and was the seventh generation.
  • Price: The United States retail price for the iPhone 5C was $549, and the iPhone 5S was $649
  • Trade-in: See how much theyre worth to sell and trade-in now: iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C.
  • Sales: In terms of total iPhone sales, Apple sold 150.26 million units in 2013.

iOS 7.0 Release Date

  • Fingerprint Touch ID: Fingerprint scanner provided as an alternative to the login passcode
  • Airdrop: Use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to send files quickly between Apple devices
  • Control Center: Swiping up on the home screen gives you a multitude of useful shortcuts
  • Multitasking Upgrade: Apps can download data via push and trigger in strong data connection areas
  • FaceTime Audio: Use data to voice call friends over Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE

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Generation 1: The iPhone Se

Apple has also brought back the iPhone SE after a 2-year hiatus. The original iPhone SE came out in 2016 and was a low-cost alternative to the iPhone 7 that came out the same year. The brand was however discontinued in 2018.

Apple revived the name in April 2020 with a new 4.7-inch device that looks like an iPhone 8 with features similar to those of the iPhone 11.

Available in red, black and white, the new iPhone SE has a front and back glass cover and a color matching aluminum frame in the middle. Like its counterpart from 2016, the iPhone SE comes at a budget retail price. The SE is available in three internal memory configurations 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. All iPhone SE versions have 3GB of RAM.

This device is aimed at users who want top-notch performance from an iPhone but feel like the flagship iPhone 12s price is too steep.

Since the iPhone SE is physically identical to the iPhone 8, it continues to feature thick top and bottom bezels. The top bezel accommodates the 7-megapixel front-facing camera and microphone while the bottom bezel includes a Touch ID Home button thats also a fingerprint reader.

The iPhone SE is the only iPhone in Apples current lineup that features Touch ID over Face ID. Like other iPhones, it still uses Haptic Touch for Quick Actions and contextual menus, with 3D Touch, which is currently removed from the iPhone 12 models.

iPhone 4 Features And Functionality

One of the most exciting things to come from the iPhone 4 was the release of FaceTime. Making use of the iPhones new front-facing camera, users could easily and clearly video chat with other iPhone users, providing people with a brand new way to communicate with one another.

The ability to use FaceTime is something that helped make the iPhone an even more important device in the lives of so many people around the world. However, what really made the iPhone 4 special were the upgrades it received on the inside as well as its brand new design.

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Release Date: September 25 2015

Like the other interim updates in iPhone history, the release of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus was designed to offer slight upgrades on the previous version. However, these slight upgrades brought significant improvements to the phones performance and user experience. user experience. Like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the 6S and 6S Plus are almost identical. The only difference is that the iPhone 6S is larger than the iPhone 6.

How Much Is An iPhone 6s Worth

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement in 4 Minutes

Today’s Used iPhone 6S Market Value Breakdown:

The average resale market or trade-in value of a used iPhone 6S is $29.80, with prices ranging between $10.00 and $73.00 from the best buyback stores.


So, youre trying to decide what to set as your iPhone 6/6S price. Used market sellers have a specific set of approximations for determining your devices value that can help you out. Whether you have a 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, or 128 GB version will also determine how much you can get.

What do the conditions mean?

  • Mint condition: Its like-new, but maybe it doesnt have the original box or all of the original accessories included in the package. Either way, it looks and functions flawlessly.
  • Good condition: These work just like they did the day their owner unboxed them. However, there may be signs of minor wear and tear present. Scratches or markings on good condition items should be minor.
  • Cracked screen/case: Items in the cracked category will have damage to the hardware, but the software still functions normally.
  • Faulty condition: These devices wont power on, or have other software defects that prevent them from being usable.

You can also consider your devices color as you determine its value. Some colors may be more in demand than others and will fetch a higher profit for you. If the conditions are right, the value of your phone could be double what you previously thought.


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The Verdict: iPhone 6 Is Still A Great Device

If screen size and price matter to you, the 6 is probably the best phone for you. You cant get that 4.7 screen for less.

You also wont be giving up much in the way of speed, unless youre planning on doing some pretty heavy-duty gaming on the device.

All told, this device offers *great* value in 2019.

So what are you waiting for? Pick one up for as low as $155 at Orchard.

iPhone 3gs Release Timeline

The Apple iPhone 3GS gave users a newly minted 32 GB storage system. Its amazing how quickly the App Store changed the game, from taking photos and listening to music to messing around with apps, smaller storage systems werent going to be enough to handle the volume. Strikingly, the camera was upgraded to a 3 MP system, which allowed revolutionary video recording. It was also when Apple introduced Voice Control, although Siri wasnt yet on the horizon.

Generation 3: iPhone 3GS Release Date

  • Release Order: 3rd The iPhone 3GS was released on and was the third generation.
  • Price: The iPhone 3GS launched in the United States with a retail price of $599.
  • Sales: In terms of total iPhone sales, Apple sold 20.73 million units in 2009.

iOS 3.0 Release Date

  • Camcorder: The camera upgrade enabled VGA recording at 30fps
  • MMS: Photos and voice recordings could now be sent via messages
  • Spotlight Search: People can search their iPhone for content
  • Voice Control: Users can perform basic voice commands like call John Smith
  • Copy, Cut and Paste: Users could now highlight text and perform basic copy/cut/paste functions

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