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How To Unblock Someone On Instagram iPhone

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How To Block A Contact On Whatsapp For Android

How To Unblock People On Instagram On Phone With iPhone & Android 2017

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Tap the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner to access the “More options” menu. Then, tap “Settings.”

3. In the Settings menu, tap “Account.”

4. From the Account menu, tap “Privacy,” and then “Blocked contacts.”

5. From the Blocked contacts page, tap the “Add” icon on the top right-hand corner.

6. Search or select the contact you want to block.

Alternative method: If you’ve previously chatted with the contact, or you’ve received a message from an unknown number, you can block them directly in the chat. Open the chat and tap the three vertical dots. From there, tap “More,” then tap “Block.”

How To Block Someone On Instagram On The Android Or iPhone

You can use your Android or iPhone. Make sure you are using the official application of Instagram and you have logged in the app.

  • You can block any of your followers or search.
  • Tap on the person to open their profile.
  • Now on the top right side, Tap on 3 dots.
  • Tap on the Block option> confirm block.
  • Thats t you have successfully blocked the person.

    Is It Possible To Retrieve Blocked Messages

    Sometimes you may block someone mistakenly and eager to see messages from that person. Here the main point is that is it possible to retrieve blocked messages on iPhone? In other words, if you block someone and they text you, is there a chance that you will be able to see that text. The straight forward answer here is NO.

    Unlike the popular Android devices, iPhones dont allow their users to temper with their data. There are no separate files or folder where all the deleted or blocked messages are saved. Hence if you are thinking that you could recover it then you are wrong over here. This is why the iPhone is well known for its security.

    In a word, all text messages send to you while you have the number blocked wont be shown or retrieved on your iPhone. However, you can surely recover the messages before they were blocked. For that, we will introduce a safe way to retrieve deleted messages on iPhone in Part 3.

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    Unblocking Someone On Instagram

    • Open the Instagram app
    • Log in if you are not already logged in by entering your username and password.
    • After logging in, press the profile button in the lower right corner of the screen to access your profile.
    • Tap on the three vertical dots or three horizontal lines in the upper right corner to open the options menu.
    • Tap on Settings > Privacy with the lock icon
    • Blocked Accounts can be seen under the Connections label.
    • Locate and pick the person you wish to unblock, then tap Unblock.
    • A pop-up window will appear on the screen click Unblock.

    If your profile is public, unblocking will allow the user to view your profile, follow your account, message you, and like your post.

    How To Prevent Robot Texts

    How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

    A common reason for iPhone users to have a bulky blocklist is that they receive a lot of robot calls. These calls are usually telemarking agencies who want you to buy their latest product, or scam artists trying to get your bank details.

    When it comes to phone calls like this, there is no definitive way of preventing them. Apps like Truecaller can flag annoying numbers when they call you, and this is as good as it gets for the time being. When it comes to texting though, there is a built-in iOS feature that has proven to be handy for filtering out these types of texts.

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    How To Unblock A User On Instagram Using Pc

    Not only smartphones, but you can also unblock a user on Instagram from your personal computer. Lets see how you can accomplish it.

    • Open the browser of your computer
    • Now login to your Instagram account
    • On the desktop version, there is no Menu button as the smartphone version.
    • You have to use the search bar and type the name/username of the concerned blocked person
    • If the search is successful, you can easily see the profile of the person
    • Again you will see the Unblock button. Click on it.
    • You will see the popup informing of the unblocking. Click on Dismiss.

    So, thats it. If you are done with your moment of heat and wish to be in touch with your friend or anyone else, follow this guide to unblock them on Instagram. We hope that the guide was useful to you.

    If you have blocked someone on Instagram , then you can easily unblock them by simply visiting their profile. But, what if, that person also has blocked you? Now, this situation becomes a little bit typical for you to unblock that person who has also blocked you, as you both have blocked each other and could not able to find a way to visit others profile to unblock.

    Top Instagram Tricks:

    If you have also faced this situation, then this article is only for you. Here, you will get 3 possible ways to Unblock the person on Instagram who has also blocked you. So, Lets check out a detailed guide to Unblock Someone on Instagram who has also block you.

    Using Instagram On A Pc

    If youre looking to unblock someone, but you dont have access to your phone or tablet, you dont have to worry because you can unblock them using Instagram on PC too. Heres how to do it:

  • Log into from your computer and search for the account you want to unblock. Unlike the app, you cannot access your Blocked Accounts on Instagram Web, therefore you have to go to the blocked profile and unblock the account from there.
  • When youre searching for the account, it might not be the top result because its a blocked account, so be sure to examine the search results carefully before giving up.

    If you want to unblock someone that cant be found by using the search bar, and you know the accounts username, then you can type directly into your browsers search bar.

  • Once youre on the blocked profile, youll see the Unblock button right there and ready for clicking. Tap it to unblock the account.
  • As with all the other methods, Instagram will give you a heads-up about what unblocking the account means and another unblock button for you to click for confirmation.
  • Once youve done all of that, youll see a pop-up stating that the account has been unblocked and a dismiss button. Click it and the page will refresh with the profile completely unblocked. You can now follow the account again or ignore it, whichever you choose.
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    How To Unblock All Blocked Twitter Accounts At Once

    Due to obvious reasons, most users on end up blocking a lot of accounts over a long span of time. Blocking an account allows one to restrict specific users from viewing their tweets, following them, sending direct messages, tagging them, and more. Though Twitter allows the users to easily block or unblock an account, there is no way to unblock all the blocked Twitter accounts at once. In case youre being generous and want to give a second chance to everyone on your blocked list, then it could be a tedious job to unblock each user account manually, especially when youve blocked hundreds of accounts.

    To ease the process, one can simply bulk unblock Twitter accounts using a javascript script available on GitHub. The script offers a safe way to unblock people on Twitter without using any third-party extensions or granting access to unblocking apps. It also comes in handy in case all your followers are blocked when the Twitter account gets hacked. The script automates the process of scrolling and allows you to unblock all the accounts in a few clicks. Heres how it works:

    The unblock.js script performs each of those tasks by scrolling to the bottom of the page, waiting for it to load via a set timeout, and then continuing to scroll until it observes no difference in scroll height. Once the script can no longer scroll, it finds all of the unblock buttons, by searching for the ‘blocked-text’ class elements and clicking on each of them individually.

    What Happens When You Block Or Unblock Someone On Instagram

    Instagram How to Unblock or Block Someone

    When you block a user on Instagram, you prevent them from being able to:

    • View your posts and stories.
    • Find you using the search tool.
    • Contacting you via private message.
    • Follow you .

    Content from accounts you’ve blocked will be hidden. Any posts you have liked from that profile will also be hidden until you unblock that user again, at which point your likes return.

    Remember: if you block a user but leave your account public, they only need to sign out of Instagram to see your posts again.


    To change your account privacy settings:

    • On Android: Tap on your profile tab, then tap on the Menu icon . From here, select Settings and toggle the Private Account option.
    • On the web: Log in to and click on your profile icon in the top-left corner. Click on the Settings icon then select Privacy and Security and toggle the Private Account option.

    When you unblock someone, they will be able to view your posts and stories, find you again, and send you messages. They will not automatically follow you again though, so you will need to notify them if you want them to do so.

    Why not check out a few other ways to while you’re at it?

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    Unlocking An iPhone Without A Passcode With Apples Find My iPhone

    You can access the Find My iPhone app from a computer or another iPhone, but youll only be able to use this method to unlock your device if the Find My iPhone feature is already enabled on the device youre trying to unlock. Also, you can opt to use this service from iCloud.

    The steps youll need to take to complete this process are fairly simple and it shouldnt take you more than a few minutes to unlock your iPhone regardless of the device youre using to access the Find My Phone app. Lets take a look at the steps you need to take to unlock your iPhone without a passcode with Find My iPhone on iCloud.

    Step 1 Go to You will be asked to provide your Apple ID to sign in to your account.

    Step 2 Locate the Find My iPhone feature. Find the Erase option within the Find My iPhone window and tap on the Devices menu.

    Step 3 Click on the device you want to erase and click on the Continue button.

    Step 4 Click on the Erase button. Youll be asked to provide your Apple ID password. Insert the correct data into the specified field and proceed to confirm that you want to erase the selected device.

    Completing this process is not possible if the device is offline, so you can only use this method to bypass your iPhones passcode if your smartphone is still connected to a WiFi network. After youve erased a device with Find My iPhone, youll be able to use the Apple ID and password to gain access to it.

    Now You Know How To Unblock Someone On Instagram

    Howd you like this guide?

    To be honest, blocking someone on Instagram can be a great way to prevent harassers or bots from interacting with your account. Instagram does a great job of wiping that accounts existence from your feed when you block them.

    However, sometimes you block someone because of a real-world spat, or in some cases, a bad breakup, or you blocked them because they blocked you first. No matter the reason for blocking someone, you can unblock them on your time with these three easy methods.

    You can unblock them using your profile settings on the Instagram app or directly from their profile. Instagram web also makes it easy to unblock them from your computer, too.

    I hope you found this guide helpful. Be sure to share with us in the comments your thoughts on this guide and share it with your friends and family too!

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    Blocked Each Other On Instagram Heres How To Unblock

    You might have blocked someone on Instagram because of some reason or the other. After figuring out that , they blocked you back in the repercussion.

    Or this story can be just the opposite.

    But in any case, you have now blocked each other on Instagram and you are not able to find a way to visit each others profiles to unblock. If it seems like your story then this tutorial is going to be a lifesaver for you.

    Here you will get to know the working method to unblock if you have blocked each other on Instagram:

    • Firstly, one of you needs to visit the profile of the other person you want to unblock. You can do so in a couple of ways.
    • Open any Instagram photo preferably yours as you will have to comment and its better not to spam others content. Tap on the below the image and type the Instagram username of the user you wish to unblock preceded by the . Hit post to publish your comment. Now, tap on the username you commented above. This will take you to their profile.
    • Visit your profile screen > Tap on the Hamburger menu icon and select Settings > Privacy and security > Blocked accounts. Here youll be able to see all the accounts youve blocked. Tap on the blocked account you wish to unblock.
    • Once you are on their profile, simply tap on 3 dots at the top right and select Unblock. Confirm your decision by selecting Unblock.

    How To Quickly Block And Unblock Someone On Instagram

    How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

    While you can’t always avoid seeing someone in real life, you can sometimes avoid seeing them online. Like many social media platforms, Instagram’s block feature ensures that your personal feed is protected from unwanted interactions with specific accounts. And, lucky for you, blocking someone on Instagram is easy to do and just as easy to undo. So whether you want to block a bothersome account or unblock someone, this guide has got you covered.

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    Follow The Few Steps Below To Unblock Number On iPhone

    #1 Launch the Settings application on your iPhone.

    #2 Swipe down and locate the Phone option from this list.

    #3 Next, tap which will display your block list.#4 At the top-right corner of your screen tap on the Edit button.

    #5 Swipe through your list and next to the contact you want to unlock, tap the red circle and then tap Unblock.

    If you are unblocking a lot of numbers or email addresses at once, you can skip steps 4 and 5. Instead, swipe far left on each of the contacts. This does the same job but is more efficient for mass unblocking.

    How To Unblock Someone On Instagram 2019

    Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, or any other social network, at times we have no other choice than to block a person. Blocking a user becomes necessary when you dont want a certain person to see your posts or stalk you. Whatever might be the reason, there is a time when you have to block people on Instagram. And in case you wish to unblock them afterward then thats possible too. In the new version of the Instagram app for iOS and Android, the setting to view the list of blocked users has been changed. Heres how you can block or unblock someone on Instagram 2019.

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    Unlocking Someone On Instagram

    • Go to
    • Then, using your credentials, log in to your Instagram account.
    • Now, in the search field, enter the username of the barred account.
    • Select the desired one from the list, and you will be sent to their profile.
    • In front of their username, a large blue Unblock button will appear.
    • Unblock them by clicking on it.
    • After that, you will receive a notice, which you should ignore.

    As a result, by following the methods outlined above, you may unblock someone on Instagram. Once completed, the person you unblocked will be able to access and view your profile, posts, and stories.

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    To Conclude On How To Unblock Someone On iPhone

    How To Unblock Someone On Instagram That Blocked You (2021)

    Blocking numbers is now a very easy thing to do. Older cell phones made it a chore, but fortunately, smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung have made it easy. In particular, iPhones make blocking a number easy. Furthermore, as weve shown you above, they also make learning how to unblock someone on iPhone easy too. Hopefully, the guides above help you manage your block list and avoid those annoying spam texts too!

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    Is There A Notification Sent If You Block Someone On Instagram

    No, the blocked person does not get a notification when you block them. They simply wont be able to view your profile, images, pictures, stories, comments, or other activity on Instagram anymore. Additionally, any likes and comments theyve made will be removed from your photos and videos.

    Note that unblocking them would not restore the likes and comments in your posts.

    If you feel like youre being stalked by someone, you can restrict them for a start, instead of blocking them right away. When you restrict an Instagram user, they wont be able to see when youre online or if youve read their messages. Plus, the comments they make on your posts will not be visible to anyone, unless you choose to approve it. You can also hide users from your Instagram feed too, if you dont want to go all out and restrict or block them, but youre just tired of seeing their stuff.

    Do you use other popular social networking sites to stay connected with your friends? If so, you can take advantage of , Twitter, and more in a similar way, if youre being harassed by other people and even manage your list of blocked users with ease.

    If blocking doesnt go far enough, you can also , or even just disable your account for a while to take a break. Whatever works for you.

    Have any thoughts or experiences with this feature? Share in the comments!

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