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How To Connect iPhone And Macbook

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How To Get Your iPhone Or iPad To Show In The Finder

How to connect an iPhone to Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook

If you’ve gone through the troubleshooting steps and your device still isn’t showing in the Finder sidebar, here’s what you can do about it.

  • Plug your iPhone or iPad into your Mac.
  • Click Finder in the Menu bar.
  • Click Preferences.

  • Click the Sidebar tab.
  • Click the checkbox next to CDs, DVDs, and iOS Devices to check it if the box is empty. If the box is already checked, still click it to uncheck it and wait a few seconds.

  • Click the checkbox next to CDs, DVDs, and iOS Devices again to check it off and wait a few minutes.

  • After a few minutes, your iPhone or iPad should appear in the sidebar of the Finder under Locations.

    Updated for macOS Big Sur.

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    Tip : Sync Photos From iPhone To Mac Without Itunes Using Easeus Mobimover

    Do you want to sync photos from iPhone to Mac all at once or selectively without iTunes? If so, you are recommended to use the versatile tool for iOS data transfer, EaseUS MobiMover, to get things done. As an iOS data transfer tool, MobiMover enables you to share data between two iOS devices or between an iOS device and a computer .

    What can MobiMover transfer or manage for you:

    : Camera Roll, Photo Library, Photo Stream, Photo Videos

    Videos: Movies, TV shows, Music Videos

    Audios: Music, Ringtones, Voice Memos, Audiobooks, Playlists

    Others: Contacts, Notes, Messages, Voice Mails, Books, and Safari Bookmarks

    As you can see from the list above, syncing photos from iPhone to Mac is just one of the many things MobiMover can do for you. If you need, you can transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone when you get a new device or back up all your iPhone content to computer to avoid data loss. Now, follow the steps below to have a try.

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone to Mac with a USB cable. Run EaseUS MobiMover, choose “Phone to Mac” and click the “Next” button to continue.

    Step 2. Check the category/categories you want to copy from your iPhone to Mac. As you can see, you can copy other supported files together with photos from your iPhone to Mac all at once. After that, don’t forget to customize the storage path for the exported photos unless you want to save them on your desktop.

    Set Up Text Message Forwarding

    To set your Mac up to receive SMS messages sent to your phone:

    • On your iPhone, open up Settings
    • Scroll down and go to Messages
    • Tap Text Message Forwarding
    • Toggle on the switch next to your laptops name

    Here, you can find various settings for Messages.Make sure your Mac is toggled on to receive text messages.

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    Figure Out Icloud Backup Size

    As I mentioned earlier, iCloud doesn’t back up every last thing on your phone. Instead, it takes a smart approach, and won’t back up things that are synced with your internet accounts or that you’ve purchased with your iTunes Apple ID. To figure out exactly how much iCloud space your backup file will take go to Settings, tap on the Apple ID/iCloud, then tap iCloud, then Manage Storage and, last, tap Backups. There’s a list of devices that are backing up or trying to back up with your account.

    You can manage your iCloud storage by removing old backups for iOS devices you no longer have.

    Give your phone a few moments to figure things out, then look at the top of the screen. You should see the following details: Last Backup, Backup Size and Next Backup Size. If you haven’t backed up your iPhone to iCloud before or in a long time, the Next Backup Size will be a pretty large amount of data. Obviously, if it’s more than 5GB you have either buy more storage or adjust what exactly you’re backing up.

    Ways Macbooks And iPhones Sync To Make Life Easier

    How to Connect Airpods to Macbook and iPhone?

    ByHenry T. Casey08 July 2018

    In the time since I’ve switched out my MacBook Pro for the Huawei MateBook X Pro, I’ve come to miss a slew of features. And most of them stem from my iPhone’s lack of a dance partner.

    This hits me constantly, throughout the day, whether I’m spending time and effort sending images from my iPhone to the PC, or I’m forced to use my smartphone to do all my texting and calling.

    Even seasoned Mac owners may be surprised by how much cross-device synergy is taking place, so I’ve put together a guide to how Apple’s products work better when used together.

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    Share And Close Safari Tabs

    If you enable iCloud sync for Safari on your Mac and iPhone, you can close tabs open on one device from the other. Once enabled, the open Safari tabs from your iPhone will show up in the Safari tab switcher on your Mac. You might need to scroll down to see them.

    To reveal the tab switcher on a Mac, hit Shift + Cmd + Backslash or click on View > Show Tab Overview.

    To close one of the iCloud tabs, click on the Close button that appears when you hover over it. If you want quick access to iCloud tabs, keep the Show iCloud Tabs toolbar button handy.

    On your iPhone, you’ll find your Mac’s Safari tabs listed below your active tabs in the tab switcher. To reveal the tab switcher, tap on the Tabs toolbar button at the bottom right. Slide the tab name to the left to reveal its Close button.

    Image Gallery

    Import Photos From An iPhone To A Mac Using Photos

    One of the quickest methods is to plug the Lightning-to-USB cable you use to charge the iPhone into one of your Macs USB ports. When an iPhone is connected, the macOS Photos app automatically opens and suggests importing your photos. Heres the import process, step by step.

  • Connect your iPhone to the Mac using a Lightning-to-USB cable
  • If needed, unlock your iPhone and confirm it trusts the device
  • The Photos app should load and show you the images from your iPhone in the main window. If that doesn’t happen, select your iPhone from the left-hand menu in the Photos app. Now youll see all of the images and videos stored in your iPhones Camera Roll.
  • Once the import is complete, you can ask Photos to automatically delete the pics on your iPhone, giving you space to start again and take even more pictures.

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    Copying And Pasting Across Devices

    Juggling your iPhone and Mac doesn’t need to be a hassle, thanks to the Universal Clipboard. Introduced in macOS Sierra, this feature lets you copy text or an image on one iOS or macOS device and paste it into another. The only difficulties come up if you haven’t followed through on all of the requirements. Each device needs to be on the same Apple ID, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi need to be turned on in each device’s settings. Lastly, your devices need to be near each other .

    Tip : Sync Photos From iPhone To Mac Wirelessly Using Airdrop

    How to Connect a Bluetooth iPhone to a Mac : Tech Yeah!

    If you don’t have the problem “AirDrop not working” on your devices, you can sync photos from iPhone to Mac wirelessly using AirDrop. Here are the steps to use AirDrop to send photos from iPhone to Mac.

    Step 1: Turn on AirDrop on your Mac.

    • Go to Finder > Go > AirDrop and switch on Bluetooth and WiFi to turn on AirDrop on your Mac.
    • Set the option Allow to be discovered by as Everyone or Contacts Only.

    Step 2: Turn on AirDrop on iPhone.

    • Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen to open Control Center.
    • Tap on AirDrop and set your iPhone to be discovered by Contacts Only or Everyone.

    Step 3: Transfer photos from iPhone to Mac.

    • Open Photos App on your iPhone.
    • Select the photos you want to sync from your iPhone to Mac.

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    Move Photos From iPhone To Mac Using Finder

    Starting with macOS Catalina or later, you can sync your iPhone with a Mac using Finder. Follow these steps to sync photos from your iPhone to your Mac:

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac with a USB cable.
  • On the Mac, open a new Finder window.
  • In the sidebar, under your Devices, click on your iPhone.
  • At the top of the window, click Photos.
  • Check the Sync Photos box.
  • Choose the app or folder that you want to sync from.
  • Choose to sync all photos and albums or just selected albums.
  • Why Is Airdrop Not Working My Macbook Cant Detect My iPhone

    According to Apple, AirDrop can reach a range of 30ft . But like all wireless technology, it doesnt always work in tip-top condition.

    Many users are also not aware that AirDrop needs both BlueTooth and Wifi to work. If these functions are turned off, your iPhone and Mac cant detect each other.

    Tips on how to solve:

    • Check the BlueTooth icons as well as the Wifi icon on the Mac and iPhone to make sure they are turned on.
    • Place your iPhone and Mac right next to each other.
    • On iPhone and Mac, toggle the AirDrop function on and off. Sometimes the feature just needs a quick refresh.
    • Update your iOS devices. Sending files between outdated versions might have caused the error.
    • Turn off Do Not Disturb mode, if its enabled.
    • Restart your Mac and iPhone.
    • Make sure your connected to the same wi fi network

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    iPhone Connecting To Samsung Smart Tv Via Bluetooth: Problems And Solutions

    If your iPhone is not properly connecting to the Samsung Smart TV, its time to troubleshoot the problem. First, restart both the devices. If youre using Google Chrome Cast or AV adapter, restart them as well.

    If youre using AllCast, re-install, update, and check the app for restrictions. Once thats done, connectivity should be resolved!

    Sign In To Messages With Your Apple Id

    Connect your iPhone to new MacBook Pro

    First, make sure youre signed into Messages on your Mac and on your iPhone with the same Apple ID. Heres how:

    • To check your Apple ID on your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive
    • To check your Apple ID on your Mac, open up the Messages app. Click on Messages in the menu bar and then select Preferences from the drop-down menu. Click on iMessage at the top of the window.

    Check that youre signed into the correct Apple account.

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    How To Sync Photos From iPhone To Mac In 5 Ways

    Jan 11, 2021 to iPhone Data Transfer|How-to Articles


    Applies To: iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6s, MacBook, iMac

    Syncing photos from iPhone to Mac can be easily done either with the built-in Apps/features on the iOS devices or with a third-party program like EaseUS MobiMover. Here in this article, five methods are detailed on how to sync photos from iPhone to Mac, with the help of MobiMover, AirDrop, iCloud, Photos App, and Image Capture. Whether you want to copy photos from iPhone to Mac wirelessly over Wi-Fi, import photos from iPhone to Mac with Photos App using a USB cable, or sync photos from iPhone to mac automatically, you can find the method in the paragraphs below.

    How to sync photos from iPhone to Mac without iTunes using MobiMover
    How to sync iPhone photos to Mac using Photos
    How to copy photos from iPhone to Mac automatically with iCloud
    How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac wirelessly with AirDrop
    How to import photos from iPhone to Mac via Image Capture

    How To Disconnect Handoff Between An iPhone And Mac

    Handoff can be incredibly useful when you want to continue your activity from iPhone to Mac and vice versa. But those constant visual cues on the Dock can be a distraction.

    If you want to disable Handoff on your Mac, go to System Preferences > General and uncheck the box next to Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices.

    However, keep in mind that turning off Handoff also disables Universal Clipboard between the iPhone and Mac.

    If you still want to use Handoff on the Mac, but just want to stop prompts from your iPhone, open the iOS device’s Settings app and go to General > AirPlay & Handoff. Follow that by disabling the switch next to Handoff.

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    Connect iPhone To Macbook Via Usb

    In recent years Apple has been dropping the older USB port from its Mac laptops and replacing it with USB-C. The irony of this is that the iPhone still ships with a plug for a USB-A port rather than USB-C .

    Since 2016 the MacBook Pro and MacBook have only featured USB C, and as of 2018 the MacBook Air switched to the newer standard. That means if you own a new Mac laptop you won’t have access to the older-style USB A port. So how can you plug in your iPhone ?

    There’s one way around this, and that’s to buy an adapter. We list the best USB-C adapters and cables elsewhere, but the most obvious choice would be Apple’s own 1m USB-C to Lightning Cable or 2m USB-C to Lightning Cable.

    All you have to do is use this cable instead of the Lighting/USB cable that came with the iPhone. Open iTunes as before and the iPhone’s icon should appear.

    Which Method Is Best

    **How To Wirelessly Connect Your Macbook and iPhone**

    Of all the methods, USB is the fastest but most inconvenient, requiring your iPhone to be physically connected to the computer. Still, its super simple to set up, requiring zero configuration.

    Using and conducting some basic tests, we saw speeds on our own personal mobile data connection 3.7mbps down, 4.3 up, with around a 60ms ping time.

    Bluetooth is more secure than Wi-Fi, but the slowest of the three, also requiring the most configuration, though once its done, you dont have to worry about it again.

    We saw speeds around .8mbps down, .8 up, and again, 60mg ping times.

    Wi-Fi will be the most popular way of connecting, but is insecure if you dont use a strong passwordso make sure you set one. Its also very easy to connect to, needing only to enter said password once, and almost as fast as USB.

    Overall, speeds for our Wi-Fi hotspot were 3.7mbps down, 2.7mbps up, and 30ms ping times.

    With that said, unless you want to tether your phone to your computer with a USB cable , Wi-Fi is clearly the clear choice for most of your hotspot connections. Theres little reason to choose Bluetooth due to its slow speeds, unless of course, thats your only choice availablelike if your Wi-Fi adapter is acting flaky and you cant find a USB cable.

    Image Credit: Patrick Strandberg/Flickr

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    Text Messages On Your Mac

    Your Mac can also handle text messages. Make sure that youre signed in to iCloud on both devices, with the right phone number registered). Then:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Select Messages.
  • Tap on Text Message Forwarding.
  • Toggle the On/Off switch on the Mac you want to receive text messages.
  • Any new SMS or MMS text messages you receive on your iPhone will be forwarded to your Mac. You can also reply to these messages on your Mac.

    How To Connect iPhone To Mac Using Continuity

    One of the great things about Apple devices is how well they work together. Apple’s Continuity features let you do things like answer iPhone calls using your Mac or write an email on a Mac and send it from your iPhone.

  • Be signed into the same iCloud account on all devices.

  • Have all devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on both devices.

  • Turn on Handoff on both devices. On a Mac, go to System Preferences> General, and check Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices.

  • On an iPhone, go to Settings> General> Handoff> move the Handoff slider to on/green.

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    Ways To Connect An iPhone To A Mac

    Why not try them all for fun?

    If you have an iPhone and a Mac, there are several ways to connect the devices so as to sync your data, be more productive, and easily transfer files to and from either device.

    One of the easiest ways to make the connection is to use a regular USB cable. However, there are also more flexible and powerful options at your disposal. These options include connecting via USB-C, Bluetooth, and using Continuity.

    This guide looks at all the options you have to connect your iPhone to a Mac.

    How To Stop Getting iPhone Text Messages On A Mac

    All Ways about Connecting iPhone to Mac

    By default, your Mac receives both text and iMessage replies intended for your connected iPhone. If you want to stop that, bring up the Messages app on the Mac, open Preferences, switch to the iMessage tab, and uncheck the boxes next to any phone numbers.

    You can also disable any email addresses .

    Alternatively, you can prevent your Mac from sending and receiving text messages via your iPhone. Go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding and turn off the switch next to the Mac.

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    Easy Ways To Connect iPhone To Macbook Today

    Enjoy the features Apple has to offer AirDrop, WiFi sync and Personal Hotspot when you connect your iPhone to Mac wirelessly. Remember that Mac has USB-C ports, so do invest in the correct adapter or cable.

    Before you leave, heres a bonus idea: How about simply getting a new iPhone altogether?

    You can sell your iPhone for cash, we can help with that! We plant a tree while were at it, too.

    Treat yourself to a brand new iPhone to connect with your Mac.

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