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How To Transfer Phone Number To New iPhone 11

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How To Transfer Contacts From Old iPhone To iPhone 11

How to Transfer Data to iPhone 11 Pro – Move Data From Android to iPhone

While switching or upgrading to a new iPhone the first thing you might have to do is transfer important information. Especially, contacts from your old iPhone to your new iPhone.

Here are 3 methods to transfer contacts from your old iPhone to iPhone 11 easily and quickly. Just follow the steps below and you can without any hassle transfer contacts!

How To Transfer Apps To New iPhone Using App Store

If you switched to the new iPhone 12, then you can transfer purchased apps from iPhone to iPhone via your Apple ID. Apple keeps a record of every app youve ever downloaded, so you can re-install them at any time on the same phone or an iPhone you later upgrade to. This way allows you to download apps selectively.

This way only applies to transfer the apps, but the app data are not included.

  • On your new iPhone 12: Just log into the Apple ID you used on your old iPhone.
  • Then go to the App Store, tap your photo in the upper-right corner, and click Purchased.
  • Choose Purchased > Click Not on this iPhone option, then all the purchased apps that have not been installed in your iPhone 12 will be displayed here. Then tap the Download button to install one by one right away.
  • Transfer Apps from iPhone to new iPhone via App Store

    Now, find these apps you want and tap on the download button to install them on your new iPhone.

    How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To iPhone Without Icloud

    Getting a new phone is certainly an exciting thing! Whenever we get a new smartphone, the first thing that we do is transfer our data. Needless to say, our contacts are the most important thing on our phone and losing them can be a nightmare. Therefore, if you have got a new iPhone, then you should make an effort to move your contacts first. To teach you how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud, I have come up with this guide. Since iCloud can be a bit complicated to use, the post has included 4 different ways to transfer contacts without it.

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    Section 4 Send Contacts To iPhone 12 Using Icloud

    What if you want to use new iPhone with different Apple ID? The best way is using AOMEI MBackupper in method 1, and iCloud can still do this for you. You can even use this way to access iCloud if iPhone is broken.

    Step 1. Switch on the button of Contacts in iCloud on your old iPhone as in Section 2.

    Step 2. Go to and sign in the Apple ID of your old iPhone. Select the contacts you want to transfer and click Export vCard to download contacts from iCloud to iPhone.

    Step 3. Sign in the new Apple ID on the site. Click Import vCard to upload contacts to iCloud.

    Step 4. Switch on iCloud Contacts on your new iPhone 12.

    Can You Transfer Apps From One iPhone To Another

    How to Sync Contacts from Your Old iPhone to New iPhone 11 ...

    “Can I transfer apps to my new iPhone?”, many users asked. Since you are here, you know that the answer is “Yes.” But to be clear, transferring apps from iPhone to iPhone is generally achieved by transferring everything from one iPhone to another, which means all your data and settings. There are five ways in total for you to transfer an app. Whether you want to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone via Bluetooth or transfer apps from one iPhone to another without iTunes, you can find the solutions below. It’s worth mentioning that these methods can also be applied to transfer apps from an old iPad to a new iPad.

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    How To Transfer Apps From iPhone To iPhone Using Icloud

    Using iCloud backup to transfer apps from an old iPhone to a new iPhone is convenient as long as you have made the latest backup. This method is a process of backing up your previous iPhone to iCloud, and then transferring the backup to your new device. Similar to using iTunes, using iCloud not only transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone but also sync other files from one iPhone to another. To use iCloud backup, you need to make sure the target iPhone is new or has been erased. If you prefer this way, make sure you have a Wi-Fi network available and read on.

    To transfer apps to a new iPhone with iCloud:

    Step 1. Connect your previous iPhone to a Wi-Fi network.

    Step 2. Go to “Settings” > > “iCloud” > “iCloud Backup”.

    Step 3. Turn on “iCloud Backup”, click “Back Up Now”, and wait for the process to finish.

    Step 4. Put a new SIM card into your new iPhone or transfer your old SIM card from your previous iPhone to the new one.

    Step 5. Start your target iPhone to set it up.

    Step 6. When you see the Wi-Fi screen, choose a network to join.

    Step 7. Follow the instructions until you see the Apps & Data screen.

    Step 8. Choose “Restore from iCloud Backup” and sign in to iCloud with the Apple ID that you have used on your old iPhone.

    Step 9. Choose the backup you have made just now and wait for the restore process to complete.

    Remove The Sim Card From The Old iPhone

    First, youll power off your old phone. Make sure that the phone is off before attempting to do anything with the SIM card, or you could damage either the card or the device. Youll next need to locate the SIM card tray on your older iPhone. It can be found on the upper right-hand side of the device for most iPhones. If your phone is in a case, then youll need to remove it before proceeding.

    There is a compartment shaped like an oval with a visible pinhole. Take a straightened paper clip and put the end of it into that hole, or you can also use a specially-designed SIM card remover. These come with every new iPhone, or you can order them online for a couple of dollars. You can also get one from an Apple Store if theres one nearby.

    Push the end of the tool or paperclip into the hole, gently, but firmly. You should notice an audible click as the tray releases. Now, you can slide the tray out with your fingers, and you can remove the SIM card. Be careful not to drop it or otherwise damage it.

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    Transfer Your Icloud Backup To Your New iPhone 11

    Step 1 Turn on iPhone 11 and wait till a ‘Hello’ screen appear.

    Step 2 Follow the instructions until the ‘Wi-Fi‘ screen show up.

    Step 3 Tap one of the Wi-Fi network to join and keep following the instructions till the ‘Apps & Data‘ screen come up. Then select ‘Restore from iCloud Backup‘ function.

    Step 4 Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

    Step 5 Choose the certain iCloud backup you want.

    Step 6 Wait till complete.

    How To Transfer Contacts From Computer To iPhone Using Itunes

    Transfer everything from your old iPhone to your new iPhone 11 (Pro MAX)

    Step 1. Next, hook up your iPhone to the computer and open the latest version of iTunes. After the device is detected, click the “iPhone” icon at upper left corner and go to the “Info” tab from left sidebar

    Step 2. Tick the checkbox of “Sync Contacts”, unfold the dropdown menu next and select “Windows Contacts” or “Mac Contacts”.

    Step 3. Finally, click the “Apply” button at bottom right corner to start transferring contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone.

    Note: This way is able to save BlackBerry contacts to iPhone and cover the current contacts on iPhone.

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    How To Sync Contacts From Blackberry To Computer Via Blackberry Link

    Step 1. Also plug the BlackBerry phone to your computer via USB and open BlackBerry Link. You can download the software from BlackBerry website.

    Step 2. Select “Contacts/Calendars” from left sidebar. Then click the “Set Up Contact Syncing” button on right panel.

    Step 3. Choose Windows or Mac Contacts from the dropdown menu and click “OK” to confirm it.

    Step 4. Ready to import contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone? Remove the smartphone and move on.

    Section 5 Import Contacts To New iPhone Using Itunes

    iTunes is able to sync contacts from computer to iPhone. You could use it to transfer contacts from old iPhone to iPhone 12. If you saved contacts from iCloud to computer like in Outlook, Follow this guide to see how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes.

    1. Get contacts off iPhone from iCloud as in section 4 and save them to Outlook.

    2. Connect iPhone to the latest iTunes and tap the device icon in the upper-left corner.

    3. Select Info in the sidebar, check Sync Contacts and click Apply.

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    Solution : Transfer Contacts To New iPhone With Transfer For Mobile

    You are probably baffled by the “new iPhone, not all contacts transferred”, or even no data moved over. And chances are that You just wish to get the job done quickly without minimum effort. Then MobiKin Transfer for Mobile could be your go-to solution. This program is in a position to transfer data between cellphones without respect to the OS they are running.

    Main features of MobiKin Transfer for Mobile:

    • Transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android, Android to Android.
    • Work for such data types as contacts, text messages, call records, photos, videos, calendars, music, notes, bookmarks, and more.
    • Easy to handle, clean interface, quick transfer, etc.
    • Run smoothly on various iOS and Android devices, including iPhone 13/13 Pro /13 mini/12/12 Pro /12 mini, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, iPhone X/XR/Xs/Xs Max, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus, iPod touch, iPad, Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, Sony, LG, Google, Huawei, HTC, etc.
    • It won’t divulge your privacy.

    How to transfer contacts to a new iPhone with Transfer for Mobile?

    Step 1. Launch the software

    Install and start the program on your computer after the download. Then connect your two iPhones to this computer with two USB cords.

    Note: To let the program recognize your iPhones, you’re required to tap “Trust” when prompted. If the popup refuses to display, you can follow the prompts on the program screen to achieve just that.

    Step 2. Check the positions of your iPhones

    What If You Bought A Secondhand iPhone

    How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to New iPhone

    Maybe the new iPhone you have is actually used. In that case, there might have been a restriction placed on the SIM card by the carrier the previous owner was using. Youll need to contact that provider to get the restriction taken off. They might be willing to do it for free, or there could be a small fee involved in some cases.

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    Transfer Contacts To New iPhone 13 With Move To Ios

    You can easily transfer your contacts to your new iPhone by using Move to iOS app from your Android phone. Just follow this process properly-

    Install Move to iOS app on Android and check

    You need to install Move to iOS app on your Android phone and make sure that the Wi-Fi is turned on. You also need to make sure that both your Android phone and new iPhone have enough charge to carry out this procedure. This process will require you to have iOS 9 or later and iPhone 5 or later.

    Move data from Android

    When you setup your new iPhone you will find an option like âApps & Dataâ. You need to enter that option and choose âMove Data from Androidâ option from the sub-menu.

    Start the process on Your Android Phone

    At first you need to open the Move to iOS app on your Android phone and hit the âContinueâ button. You will be able to see the terms and conditions page appear. Now you need to accept those terms by clicking on âAgreeâ and then hit âNextâ button from the top-right corner of the Find Your Code screen.

    Wait for Code and Use It

    You need to choose âMove from Androidâ option and hit the âContinueâ button on your iPhone. You will see a ten or six digit code appears. You will have to enter the code on your Android device and wait for the âTransfer Dataâ screen to appear.

    Transfer Contacts

    Transfer Contacts Between iPhones Without Icloud Or Itunes

    AnyTrans is a professional and easy-to-use iPhone data manager which helps you transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone without hassle. You can transfer data between iPhones without iCloud easily. Also, it enables you Get it to have a try after checking its top features:

    • Preview and Transfer contacts between iPhones selectively or wholly You can preview your contacts before transferring and select to copy or check the Select All option to transfer all contacts in 1 click.
    • Super fast transferring speed You can transfer over 3000 contacts between iPhones within 32 SECONDS.
    • No data erase and selective transfer Unlike iCloud or iTunes, no data will be erased when transferring contacts. And you can preview and choose the contacts you want to transfer without full restore.
    • Support all iOS device models and iOS versions AnyTrans supports the latest iPhone 13, as well as iOS 15.

    Now, on your computer, and then follow the steps below to move contacts to your new iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max.

    * 100% Clean & Safe

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    Faqs Of Transferring Contacts From Blackberry To iPhone

    How can I export my Blackberry contacts?

    You can use a third-party software such as Apeaksoft Phone Transfer to help you export your contacts on Blackberry or other Android phones to your computer.

    How do I send BlackBerry contacts via Bluetooth?

    Open the Contacts app on your Blackberry phone. Tap and hold a contact you want to transfer. Then, tap Share Contact and choose Bluetooth. Next, you need to select a device in the Bluetooth devices list to transfer the contacts. To complete the transfer, the recipient must accept the file and/or pair it with your device.

    How do I transfer phone contacts from Blackberry to Android?

    Youâre able to use Bluetooth, Export VCF, Blackberry Content Transfer, or a third-party data transfer tool to help you make it. You can check out this article to learn more details: How to Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Android.

    Section 3 Restore Contacts To New iPhone From Full Icloud Backup

    iPhone 11 Setup – How to Easily Transfer Data from Old iPhone!

    If you have a complete iPhone backup in iCloud, it would be convenient to start to use your new iPhone 12, but your contacts might not be in that backup. According to the rule of iCloud backup, if you have turn on the button of Contacts in iCloud before you make that iCloud backup, the contacts will not be saved to the backup. If you are not sure for that, you can to see whether your contacts have been saved.

    If your new iPhone has been set up, you need to erase this iPhone and then you can use iCloud backup to restore iPhone. After you restart the new device, sign in your Apple ID and select Restore from iCloud Backup.

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    How To Transfer iPhone Contacts To A New iPhone Using Icloud Syncing

    If you have both your old iPhone and your new phone and both are working, then it’s easy to load the contacts onto the new phone. Just make sure you’re somewhere with a stable Wi-Fi network when you do so.

    1. Connect both phones to the Wi-Fi network and log into the same Apple ID account on both.

    2. On the old phone, open the Settings app, then tap on your Apple ID profile .

    3. Tap the iCloud tab.

    4. Tap Contacts, and when the pop-up reading “What would you like to do with existing local contacts on your iPhone?” appears, select “Merge.”

    If the toggle button is already switched on, then your contacts are already saved to iCloud, and they should appear on any device that’s connected to your Apple ID.

    5. Now open the contacts window on the new phone and drag down to have it refresh the contacts should appear quickly.

    How To Transfer Contacts From Computer To iPhone With Itunes

    Making use of iTunes is a convenient and recommended method to import contacts from your PC or Mac to iPhone. By using this way, you need to install the most recent version of iTunes on your PC.

    It should be noted here that iTunes is excellent, but it is undeniable that it is large and will affect the computer’s operating speed to a certain extent. Therefore, if you are using a high-end PC or Mac, iTunes is a good choice. But if your computer configuration is average, then using iTunes is not recommended.

    Go with the following simple steps to transfer contacts from computer to iPhone via iTunes:

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone to PC with the USB cable and iTunes will be started automatically. Your device will be detected and recognized by iTunes by default.

    Step 2. Under the “DEVICE” option, you can find your own iPhone. Just select it and open “Info” tab on the main window.

    Step 3. Here, you can check “Sync Content with” option on the right panel, and choose the program on your PC that has the contacts you want to import, including “Outlook”, “Google Contacts” and “Windows Contacts”.

    Step 4. Then you can simply tap on the “Sync” button to begin to transfer contacts from PC to iPhone.

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    First Back Up Your Phone

    No matter how you decide to move your data, its a good idea to have a current backup of all of your data saved on iCloud, your laptop, or any other local / cloud storage. Backing up your phone on iCloud Backup is probably the easiest. If its been a while and you want to make sure backup is switched on in your phones iCloud settings:

    • Tap on Settings > top button > iCloud > iCloud Backup.
    • If iCloud Backup is switched off, toggle it on. If its already toggled on, and youre preparing to wipe your old iPhone, you may want to tap Back Up Now just in case.

    You can also back up your iPhone to a computer: either to your Mac by using your Finder or to a Windows PC .

    Before you start, there are a couple more things you need to do first:

    • If your older phone is paired to an Apple Watch, unpair it.
    • Transfer your SIM to your new phone.

    Okay, now that your backup is done and everything else is ready, lets move your data.

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