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How Much Does An iPhone Battery Cost

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Can I Replace My iPhone Battery Myself

How much does it cost to charge your iPhone?

Up to a point, yes, and I’m not normally “handy” in a DIY sense. iFixit’s instructions were easy to follow, and there were only seven internal screws to remove, which were easy to replace.;

The iPhone 6, old battery removed and all traces of the glue cleaned off.

What I found a little confusing was that iFixit’s instructions on its web page end at the point where you remove the old battery. The only instruction in the conclusion was to follow the previous steps in reverse order. Admittedly, that wasn’t particularly difficult to do, but I would have appreciated more guidance at that point.;

One issue I ran into independently from iFixit was that, during the removal of the screen, I cracked the screen protector that was in place. I noticed the hairline cracks and was worried that I’d damaged the display itself, but thankfully that was unharmed.

With its new battery, this iPhone 6 should be running at optimal level again.

Look To Puls For Your iPhone Battery Replacement

Puls is the best option for fast and affordable iPhone battery replacement, available now in most major cities nationwide. Just think about the nightmare of not having your phone for a few days because you waited too long have the battery replaced.

You can consider this a thing of the past because, at Puls, we offer same-day repairs. The best part is that we come to you, no matter where you are, so you can skip the lines and crowds. Our iPhone battery replacement cost starts at just $69, and includes, like always, our lifetime guarantee.

By now you see that being proactive about your iPhones problematic battery status is well worth the cost of a battery replacement, so what are you waiting for? Book a phone repair online with one of our experts to select your desired time and place for us to meet you. Well be there in a heartbeat, within the same day, so your battery is running like new in no time – your first service with us.

iPhone 1: Everything We Know About Apple’s New 2021 Phone Line

Apple’s new iPhone 13 line made its debut Tuesday, with four new models shown off.

Apple announces the follow-up to the iPhone 12 during an virtual event.

Apple’s new iPhone 13 line debuted Tuesday at Apple’s September event, showing a tweaked design with a variety of new features for those upgrading from earlier iPhone models. The lineup consists of four new phones: the iPhone 13, the 13 Mini, the 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max. The new phones will;run iOS 15, come with a larger battery, more storage, a new A15 Bionic processor, a smaller notch and an abundance of new camera features. The base model of the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini are available in five colors: pink, blue, midnight , starlight and Product Red. The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will also get a giant camera upgrade as well as a new display with 120Hz high refresh-rate display.

Read on for our first take on Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup and the answers to all of your questions about the phone’s specs, features, design, price and how to get your hands on one yourself. Plus, here’s everything we know about iOS 15, and here’s what we know about a potential October Apple event.

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iPhone Battery Replacement Under Warranty

If your phone is still under warranty the default Apple warranty lasts a year and covers damage and issues that arent your fault and the battery has degraded, its a no-brainer to ask Apple for a free replacement. Apple says that a 20% capacity loss after 500 full charge cycles is normal. If your phone battery has more capacity loss in less time, you may be eligible for a free replacement. Its worth heading to an Apple Store to find out, at least!

I Replaced My iPhone Battery Myself Here’s What Happened

How Much Does It Cost To Fix iPhone 6S Battery ...

My iPhone 6 needed a new battery. Here’s what happened when I replaced it myself at home.

I thought I’d found a bargain when I discovered a pristine-looking;iPhone 6 on eBay for only £75 . But that excitement quickly dwindled when I realized the battery had aged to the point where the software throttled its performance. But instead of casting off the phone and getting buyer’s remorse, I decided to buy a replacement battery and tools from iFixit to have a go at replacing the battery myself.

After an hour of work, I swapped out the battery, and the iPhone 6 was running perfectly again. I’m not giving step-by-step instructions here — head to iFixit and grab a kit if that’s what you’re after — but I do want to describe my experience, including how easy this was to do, and hopefully answer some of the questions you may have if you also need a new battery.

Note that any maintenance you do on your own devices is entirely at your own risk.

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What If You Can’t Get An Appointment

Until you can get your battery replaced, here are some tips from Apple that can help you extend any iPhones battery life:

  • Make sure youre using the latest operating systemin this case, iOS 12.1.1. According to Apple, this OS will help your phone work more efficiently. You can check by looking in the General section of the phones settings.
  • Enable Low Power mode. The phone will reduce power consumption by cutting the functionality of certain features while still allowing you to send emails and make and receive calls. Low Power mode turns off automatically when your phone is charged to 80 percent or more.
  • Turn on Auto Brightness, which will dim the screen when you dont need it to be quite so bright.
  • Adjust the settings to stop mobile apps from refreshing when not in use and keep the phone from looking for new emails too frequently.;Head to Settings, then hit General and Background App Refresh. Then you can turn off background refresh for everything at once, or for individual apps.
  • And, last, use WiFi whenever youre in range of a network you trust. Its far more energy-efficient than using your phone over a data connection.

How Do I Claim Warranty On A Broken Screen

The plan offers two ways to utilise the benefits. In case the phones screen is damaged while in use, then the plan allows to refund or repair the phone and claim the cost. The whole claim process is online. Under this, the buyer needs to call the companys numbers 1800 425 5568 or 080-25187326.

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How Do I Claim Apple Warranty Without Receipt

You dont need a receipt if Apple says it is covered. You need a receipt if they say it is NOT covered and you know you have time left on the warranty. This happens because Apple estimates the warranty date based on when the iPod is manufactured, but the warranty is valid starting from when you bought it.

Getting Your Device Repaired Shouldnt Break The Bank


Our low price guarantee ensures that we always offer the best price to our customers. Just bring in any local competitors published price for the same repair, and we will happily match and beat their price by $5.

The repair price must be a regularly published price. This offer does not apply to competitor’s specials, coupons or other discounts.

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Diy iPhone Battery Replacement

Warning: this option isnt for the faint of heart and can be difficult, although walk-through videos from iFixit make it much easier). That said, if youre up for the challenge , want to save some cash, dont want go to an Apple Store, and dont mind the risk , there are some options to replace an iPhone battery yourself.

Keep in mind this may void your warranty, although theres always the option of replacing the original Apple battery if you need to take it to an Apple Store at some point .

Extra warning: Dont attempt to replace a swollen battery. Also, a battery puncture or other similar issue can create a dangerous thermal event.

Pick up a battery kit

If youd still like to go for it, the next step is to pick up a new battery and the right tools for the job. Kits from iFixit start at $20 for iPhone SE,;$25 for the iPhone 6,;$25 for iPhone 6s, and;$29 for the iPhone 7/7 Plus. The batteries have a 1-year warranty.

These kits include all the tools you need along with the replacement battery. While iFixit is a trustworthy company, keep in mind these arent first-party Apple replacement parts.

You can also find iPhone battery replacement kits on Amazon. The most reputable options look to be from Yontex, with 4.4/5 stars on over 400 reviews.

Is It Safe To Replace Your iPhone Battery Yourself

This one isn’t so straightforward to answer. iFixit’s guide gives very detailed instructions on the steps involved, but there were a couple of points that made me nervous. One step involved heating up the back of the phone with a hair dryer in order to loosen the glue holding the old battery in place.;

Specifically, it noted that the heat be “slightly too warm to touch comfortably,” which I found a little vague. Especially since that section also warned that “overheating the iPhone may ignite the battery.” But how hot is too hot? What signs would I see if it’s overheating? I could not find this information, and as such wasn’t too sure how close to overheating I may have been.

Shortly after, while trying to pry out the old battery, I accidentally ripped into what looked like the black wrapping around that battery. I was pretty sure that the battery itself wasn’t punctured — there was no smoke or hissing — but I’d have felt a lot more comfortable if I had “emergency” instructions on hand about what to do if the battery did ignite.;

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If your iPhone does require a battery replacement you have two options. Apple can send you a box and arrange a shipment to an Apple Repair Center where the battery switch will be performed. Alternatively, you can make an appointment at an Apple Store or Apple authorized service location and take your iPhone in yourself. In both cases, it can take 3-5 days to get your phone back. It all depends on whether anything else needs fixing before the new battery can be installed.

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How Do I Know If I Need A New Battery In My Phone

How much does it cost to change the battery in an iPhone 7 ...

Apple introduced some incredibly detailed battery info with iOS 12, and it’s the easiest way to determine if you should be getting a new battery for your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, or if it’s still fine.

To find your battery info:

  • Go to your device Settings, then find Battery.
  • Tap on Battery Health.
  • You’ll see Maximum Capacity and Performance Capability. A lower capacity means your device may have fewer hours of usage between charges. The Performance capability will let you know if it’s time for a new battery or not.
  • If you got the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus recently, then the battery should still be around 100 percent capacity, and have Peak Performance Capability. If it’s anything below 80 percent , then it may be time for a replacement.

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    iPhone & Ipod Battery Replacement Options

    Apple: Apple offers a;battery replacement program for both in- and out-of-warranty devices through its retail stores and;website. There are some conditions, but many older models should qualify. If you’ve got an Apple Store nearby, stop in and discuss your options. Otherwise, there’s good information on Apple’s website about both iPhone repair and iPod repair.

    Apple Authorized Service Providers: Apple isn’t the only company that can provide repairs. There’s also a network of authorized service providers whose staff has been trained and certified by Apple. When you get a repair from these stores, you can be sure that you’re getting good, knowledgeable help and that your warranty will be protected .;Find an authorized service provider near you at Apple’s website.

    Repair Shops: Many websites and mall kiosks offer iPhone and;iPod battery replacement services, often with prices lower than Apple’s. Be wary of these options. Unless they’re authorized by Apple, their staff may not be experts and they could accidentally damage your device.

    Do It Yourself: If youre handy, you can replace your device’s battery yourself . This is a little trickier, but your favorite search engine can supply you companies that sell the tools and battery you need. Make sure youve synced your iPhone or iPod before you start to back up all your data and know what youre doing. Otherwise, you could end up with a dead device.

    Why Does A Mobile Phone Battery Need To Be Changed

    First of all, lets look at the reasons that a battery might need to be replaced. Anyone who keeps almost any mobile device for an extended period of time will be faced with the need to replace their failing battery eventually. There are several reasons for a battery replacement to be needed.

    • Simple wear and tear. Batteries inherently degrade over time and of course in a mobile device are getting used almost every day for long periods. A decline in battery performance will slowly but inevitably follow. Not least when a lot of apps are regularly used.
    • Drop damage. Batteries can also be broken if the mobile device suffers a serious trauma like being dropped from a height or bashing into an edge at speed.
    • Overheating and over cooling. Because batteries use chemicals to generate power high or low temperatures can cause problems.

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    How To Check Your iPhone Battery Health

    • Open Settings on your iPhone.
    • Choose Battery.
    • Tap “Battery Health'”

    Now you’ll see the “Maximum Capacity.” The lower it is, the less battery life you’ll get. Apple’s battery site says a “normal battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity” and that a one-year warranty includes service if your battery is defective.

    But a one-year old iPhone should generally be fine.

    My iPhone 11 Pro Max bought in September has a 96% maximum capacity right now. You may want a replacement if you see your peak performance capacity around 80% or lower, though.

    Next, check the next area down the page. If it says “Peak Performance Capability,” that means your iPhone is running at full speed and you’re probably OK.

    But if it says “Performance management applied,” that means your iPhone experienced at least one unexpected shut-down due to battery life, and Apple’s software is now throttling performance to prevent that from happening again.

    You can turn this off to get your iPhone running at peak speedby tapping “disable” at the end of the warning message, but the best option is to replace your battery instead.

    You may also want to replace your battery if it says “Performance management turned off,”; “Battery health unknown” or “Battery health degraded.”;

    How Much Does A Replacement iPhone Battery Cost

    iPhone Battery Replacement Cost: $49 (iphone 8 older) or $69 (iphone x) or More. Out of Warranty

    The problem with my situation specifically was that I bought the phone for so little in the first place that spending more money on a battery replacement service negated some of those initial savings. Apple‘s official replacement service costs £49 , which is more than half the price of my iPhone 6 I bought. As I was in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown when I attempted this, I wasn’t able to get to an Apple store to take it in, and sending it in through the mail would bring the total cost to £56.44.

    iFixit, however, sells a DIY replacement pack for £35 . It costs $30 in the US and with shipping costs that comes to $37.96. It’s not a huge saving over Apple’s official replacement, but every little bit helps.;

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    Replacing Your Own iPhone Battery

    DIY iPhone battery replacement has gotten progressively more difficult. For older generations like the iPhone 4, the process involves removing a few screws and disconnecting a few wires to access the battery. For seasoned tinkerers, the process isnt that complicated and can be done in as little as 20 minutes. Even less-experienced iPhone owners should be able to do it in under an hour, as demonstrated in this video:

    Recent generations like the iPhone 7, 8, X and XS are more complicated. The process can take up to two hours and involves heating the front screen and removing internal components to access the battery, as demonstrated in this video guide to iPhone 7 battery replacement:

    Generally speaking, iPhone battery replacement has become more difficult with successive generations. Though the iPhone X is similar to the iPhone 7 and 8, even more steps are required to replace your battery:

    Thinking about doing it yourself? Considering a phone repair business? Heres where & how to learn phone repair

    If you decide to go the DIY route, understand there are risks involved with replacing your own battery. They include:

    • You will void the warranty
    • Youll void your carrier insurance policy, if you have one
    • If you break something, you might have to pay someone else to repair it
    • Its possible for poorly constructed aftermarket batteries to leak acid, catch fire or explode

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