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How To Add Gif To Text iPhone

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How To Send A Gif Through Imessage On iPhone

How to Text a GIF on iPhone

The easiest way to send GIFs on your iPhone is to use the built-in Messages app known as #images. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step1. Launch the Messages app on your iPhone.

Step2. Open to send a new message or choose an existing message.

Step3. Next, go to the iMessage app toolbar and then tap on the red magnifying glass button.

Step4. Go to âFind Imagesâ for searching a GIF and enter a keyword.

Step5. When you find the right GIF, tap on it to add it to your message.

Step6. Enter the text and send your message.

How To Add Gifs On Imessage

Adding a GIF to iMessage is simple as the default keyboard provided by the operating system contains a vast collection of GIFs. To use the default keyboard feature to add GIF on iPhone text, follow these steps:

  • Open the default messaging app to compose a message.
  • On the left side, tap the icon with an A on it, depicting apps.
  • Search for the app called #images, which contains all the GIFs included in the database.
  • Select the #images app, and then choose the GIF of your choice.
  • Solution 8 Restore Your iPhone To Factory Reset

    This is another powerful mode of fixing GIFs not working on iPhone. Resetting your phone will help clear any bugs that are currently present in your device’s software.

    1. From the ‘Settings’ option, click on the ‘General’ category; 2. Then tap on the ‘Reset’ option and select the ‘Erase All Content and Settings’. This will return your phone to its original state.

    Note: Using this method will erase all the data and settings on your iPhone. Please make sure you’ve backed up all your important data before taking this step.

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    Choose A Reliable iPhone Text App

    For iOS platforms there are also tons of texting apps, you could use, including Signal Private Messenger, Viber , WhatsApp, WeChat , Snapchat . But if you insist on your privacy, you have to try Telegram Messenger. Millions of active users already use the app, and it works across all your devices. It is simple, but powerful, as you can create group chats for up to 200,000 members, and share in this group large videos, documents of any type. Telegram Messenger supports stickers and GIFs, photos, and video editing.

    You have the option to store your chat history in the cloud without any concerns about privacy. Chats, groups, and media are secured with 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange. And the App is completely free, even without ads. The founders’ promise Telegram will always be free, and they will never sell data or want subscription fees.

    How To Combine Gifs On iPhone

    The good thing about GIF files is that you will be able to access them anywhere. You can even merge them. There are many apps that will help you with this. Hereâs what you have to do.

    Step1. Open on the Safari.

    Step2. Click ‘Get Started Now’

    Step3. Upload your Gifs on the Popup on the page

    Step4. When you see the preview, tap on â+â to add another GIF to the same creation.

    Step5. Click ‘Exportâ to save the Gifs you made.

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    How To Use Giphy To Send Gifs In Imessage

  • Download the GIPHY app on your iPhone and Log in.
  • Launch the Messages app and tap;the app drawer.;
  • Swipe left and select GIPHY from the suggested list.
  • Search GIPHY for particular keywords to find a suitable GIF.
  • Select the GIF and tap the forward icon to send.;
  • If you want to add GIPHY to your favorites or cant see GIPHY, swipe left on the app drawer and tap the three-dotted icon. Tap Edit GIPHY Done.

    Whats more?

    If your friend sent you an amazing GIF, and you would like to save it for later, you can do that too!

    How To Text A Gif On Android

    All Android phones come with a designated messaging app. However, they all may look and operate differently. But, all of them come with GIFs for texting. There isnt much difference between Android and iPhone GIFs, however the way to sending GIFs through both the operating systems slightly varies. If you are using the Google keyboard by default, then sending a GIF over a text message can be done through the following steps:

  • To send GIF in text message android, open your default messaging app.
  • Look for a smiley face emoji on the keyboard, and tap it.
  • Look for the GIF button among all the emojis and tap it.
  • Use the search field to find your desired GIF or browse through the collection.
  • Tap your desired GIF to preview it, and then tap the Send button.
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    Missing The Images Button In Ios

    If you are missing the #images button in your app drawer, do the following to install:

  • Tap the App drawer icon .

  • Swipe left on the app drawer and tap the More button .

  • Tap Edit, then tap the plus sign to add the #images app.

  • You can also download and send GIFs from third-party apps from the App Store for a wider selection of content.

    How To Send A Gif In A Text: Android

    How to Send a GIF in Text Messages on iPhone iMessage

    There are differences in how an Android and an iPhone function, but they are usually subtle. The following steps detail how to send a GIF through text message on Android:

    Step 1: Open your messages to draft a new text

    Step 2: Hit the smiley face, and look past the various emojis to the GIF option on the bottom right of the screen

    Step 3: Touch the GIF button and browse the various GIFs. You can use the search box to optimize your options

    Step 4: Select a GIF by touching it and then tap send to complete the process

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    How To Download A Gif From Giphy To Your iPhone

    When it comes to finding a GIF to match any mood or situation, Giphy takes top honors, and saving a GIF to your iPhone from Giphy couldnt be easier. The Giphy app is a must for all GIF-lovers, so if you arent currently using it, downloading Giphy is your first step. Heres how to save all your favorite GIFs from Giphy.

  • Install the Giphy app. Downloading GIFs from the Giphy website is so yesterday. The Giphy app makes it simple.
  • Scroll through or search the Giphy database, which contains thousands, maybe millions of GIFs, and find the one that you want to save to your Camera Roll.;
  • When you find a GIF worthy of saving, tap the three dots in the lower right corner.
  • Tap View GIF.
  • Tap the three dots underneath the GIF.
  • Tap Save to Camera Roll. Now you can share it whenever the mood strikes or simply view your GIFs for a few seconds of fun.
  • How To Download Gifs In Safari On iPhone

    If youre surfing the web and discover a fabulous GIF youve never seen before, you can save it to your iPhone to use later. Heres how to download your favorite GIF from Safari to your iPhone.

  • Find the perfect GIF using Safari.
  • Press on the image and hold it with your finger.
  • A pop-up menu will appear. Tap Add to Photos.
  • If the GIF you find on Safari is on Giphy and you already have the Giphy app, all you have to do is tap the via Giphy button, and you will be redirected to the Giphy app.
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    Solution 7 Update Ios

    At times, it could be that your phone’s operating system is slowing down certain operations. Upgrading your phone to a later version will help solve GIFs not working on the iPhone problem.

    1. Open the ‘Settings’ option and then tap on the ‘General’ category. Next, click on the ‘Software Update’ option; 2. Check for available updates then tap on the ‘Download and Install’ option. Let the update continue untill completion.

    Is It Ok To Save Gifs To Your iPhone

    Like any original creative work, GIFS are subject to copyright protection. Does that mean you cant save them to your phone? There is currently no case law surrounding GIFs, but sites like Giphy state that the GIFs downloaded from their site should not be used for commercial purposes.;

    Because GIFs are so widely shared, copyright infringement lawsuits havent been attempted, and it should be fine to download them and use them for personal purposes. As long as you dont hope to gain financially from sharing the GIFs of others, the practice of downloading and sharing GIFs is OK. If you hope to create a financial venture from GIFs, be sure to create your own.;

    GIFs are a great way to personalize your messages, emails, and social media. They are quickly becoming a part of the social fabric of our digital lives and are easy to download and share on your iPhone.

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    How To Add Text To Gif On iPhone/mac

    Using an animated GIF is in fad. People are adding it to social media posts, text messages, and more. Just add a GIF to your text and your friends are going to start giggling.

    The idea is to find the right GIF and send it from your iPhone or Mac. In case you donât know how to, this article is going to help you out.

    First, letâs take a look at the most frequently asked questions about GIFs.

    Why Cant I Save Gifs On My iPhone

    You can save moving pictures on the PC as you do with the non-moving images. However, it is not easy to save GIFs on the iPhone. This is because it doesnât support moving images. In case you just save it to Camera Roll as you always do, it is going to be static and not move.

    To avoid this, you should save the GIF in Email or iMessage.

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    How To Send Gifs On Whatsapp For Android

    Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your Android phone.

    Step 2: Go to chats.

    Step 3: Then, click on a chat to send GIF.

    Step 4: Now, select the ’emoji face’ icon next to the text box.

    Step 5: Tap on GIF at the bottom of the screen.

    Step 6: You will GIFs here.

    Step 7: Select the GIF that you want to send.

    Step 8: Now, you will see the option to add a caption.

    Step 9: Write the caption or send without a caption.

    How To Make Your Own Gif

    How to send GIF’s in iMessage / iPhone (FREE)

    Do you want to make your own GIF? There are many different websites that you can use to make your own GIFs, but some will add their logo to the bottom or cost money. If youre looking to create your own GIF for free, some good options include GIFMaker, MakeaGIF or IMGUR. You can also make a GIF in Photoshop if youre already used to that software. All of these online services give users the option to grab snippets of preexisting YouTube videos or to upload original visuals for a personalized result.

    Here is a helpful YouTube video for the best way to make your own GIF.

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    How To Use Giphy Right From Your iPhone Keyboard

    Now there is no need to switch between any third party app to send out the GIFs. Just use the GIPHY KEYS app and you can have the GIF right on your iPhone keyboard where you can directly send the Giphy GIFs.

    The traditional keyboard of iPhone has got many new success features with a lot more great functions that in turn helps the users to work with many social apps, business apps etc very easily and smoothly. Although apart from great features you cannot send up the GIFs from your iPhone keyboard directly, but you might has to use some other app for that very task. But this could be a very difficult for the users to shift every time from the apps to send up the GIFs therefore some simple way is felt needed by many of the users. Here in this article we will tell you about the method by which you can send GIFs directly from the keyboard of iPhone and therefore you shall not need to go through different options to send these up to anyone. Just follow the method that is given below in this article and start to send GIfs easily just through the iPhone Keyboard.

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    Why Are Gifs So Popular

    Demonstrated by the example above, GIFs typically involve some slight motion accompanied by text.

    As anyone who has poured weeks into developing a short video knows, it takes time to create that form of content. While photos are much easier to come by, they dont usually reach the level of engagement video achieves.

    So why are GIFs so popular? Because theyre the easy, beautiful combination of the two mediums.

    The movement adds a dimension to your media giving it a stand out ability among static images. And creating them is easy and quick, oftentimes requiring no technical ability whatsoever!

    The animation process is so simple, yet it yields highly expressive effects. Which, as it turns out, is really the only reason you need GIFs to work in the first place.

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    Best Method To Fix Gifs Not Working On iPhone Without Data Loss

    Every time when your iOS system has some issues, your data could accidentally get lost by solving the trouble with some common tips such as updating iOS or do a factory reset. The problem of GIFs not working is also on the scope. Opting for a solution that will save you any data loss is worth the take.

    TunesKit iOS System Recovery is a professional iOS repair tool that will help you fix more than 50 kinds of iOS issues. It can fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo, stuck in DFU node, frozen screen, white screen issues, and many more. When you experience GIFs not working on iPhone problem, it gets you covered. The most important thing is that it will never cause any data loss when you use it to repair system issues. Besides, the program is easy to operate with an intuitive interface, fixing iOS problems can be quickly done in 3 simple steps.

    Send Gifs Using Ios Default Keyboard

    Heres how to send GIFs in iMessage using the default keyboard settings:

  • Open the iMessage app on your iPhone.
  • Select the chat where you want to send a GIF.
  • A list of icons will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select the red icon featuring a magnifying glass. Its the #images feature.
  • Enter the keywords for your GIF into the search box. For example, if you want to send a congratulations GIF, you may type Happy Birthday, or Congratulations, or similar keywords depending on the occasion.
  • Choose the GIF you like by tapping on it.
  • Tap Send.
  • The iMessage app also lets you add comments to a GIF. Just type a message under the GIF before hitting Send, and the message will get delivered together with the GIF.

    As you can see, sending a GIF using iOS default keyboard only requires a few simple steps.

    However, maybe you didnt find a GIF you like and decide to search the web instead. If so, lets explore how to share a GIF to iMessage from another app.

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    How To Add Gif Keyboard To iPhone

    Since GIFs have become universally popular among iPhone users, Apple has included the texting GIF feature as part of the default iMessage in iOS versions ten and later. Third-party options are also available, in case the default iPhone typing GIF collection is not adequate as per your needs.

    You can also get third-party GIF apps to work with your iMessage app. The most popular one is called GIPHY, and also another one called GIF Keyboard. To download either or both of these apps, there are two options. First, you can use the App Store, available on the iPhone. Second, there is an option to download the app through iMessage.

    To add a GIF keyboard through the iMessage app, follow these steps:

  • Access the App Store in the iPhone messaging app by clicking the + icon. Downloading an app through this store would not only install an app on your messaging app, but likely show this app on your iPhones home screen as well.
  • Once installed, these apps would become part of the messaging app and can be accessed through the default keyboard.
  • The Best Gif Keyboard Apps For iPhone And iPad

    Animated GIFs seem to be one of the most popular things people share these days aside from photos. Whether on social media or in text messages, those short animations are everywhere. You can share something sweet, thoughtful, hilarious, sarcastic, or wacky, and the list goes on.

    If you search Google, youll find tons of GIFs for the topic you need. But why bother when you can use a keyboard specifically for them? These are the best GIF keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad to bring fun to your messages.

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    S On How To Send Gif In Text On Ios Using The Built

    Step 1. On your iOS device, open the Messages app. To draft a new message, click on the write icon at the top right corner . At the To: tab, enter the name or the number to which you wish to send the GIF.

    Step 2. Tap on the A -App drawer button present at the left of the text field and then select the #images option.

    Step 3. Next you can enter the term or a keyword to search for the desired GIF. From the available options choose the GIF that you wish to send.

    Step 4. Finally, as the GIF is added to the message text box, click on the upward pointing arrow to send the GIF to the selected contact.

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