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How To Change Number On iPhone

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Adding And Managing Contacts

iPhone Tip: How To Manually Change Your Phone Number!

The iPhone allows you to save phone numbers and contact information for the people you know. You can use saved contact information to quickly place a phone call, send an email, and more. The iPhone allows you to create as many contacts as you need so you’ll always have important contact information with you.

If someone helped set up your iPhone, he or she may have imported the contacts from your old phone to your iPhone. If you purchased your iPhone online, you can visit your wireless provider and ask someone to transfer your contacts.

To add a contact:

The iPhone gives you different ways to save contact information from the Phone app:

  • Tap Contacts, then tap the + button in the top-right corner.
  • Tap Recents, then tap the Info button next to the desired number. From here, you can create a new contact or add the number to an existingcontact.
  • Tap Keypad, enter a phone number, then tap Add Number.

Adding contact information

When creating a contact, you should enter a first and last name and a phone number. However, you can also enter other information, like an email address, street address, and birthday.

  • You can add contact information when first creating a contact or by opening an existing contact and tapping Edit.
  • Edit the contact information as desired. When you’re finished, tap Done.
  • Navigating contacts

    If you have several people saved to your contacts list, it can be difficult to find a contact quickly. Fortunately, there are two easy ways to navigate your contacts:

    How To Change Imei Number On Android

    The process of changing the IMEI number on Android is long, and you will need an app, Xpose, which is not available on Google Play Store. Instead, you will have to download it from the internet. Once you have the Xpose App installed on your smartphone, follow these steps to change the IMEI number.

    • Find the IMEI number of your Android smartphone using *#6# Code.
    • Now open Xpose App and go to IMEI Changer Pro Module.
    • In the next step, restart your device and open the IMEI Changer.
    • Here you will see your current IMEI number and new IMEI. You can also request for Random IMEI number.
    • Once you are sure, tap Apply, and thats it.

    The IMEI number of your device will be changed, and you can confirm it using the *#6# Code.

    S To Change The Imei Number Of iPhone

    1- First open your iPhones Dialer app.

    2- Here type *#06#.

    3- Now note down your devices IMEI number.

    4- Next, download the ZiPhone tool from download section.

    5- After download complete, extract it on your computer.

    6- After extraction complete, boot your device into recovery mode by press and hold the power button and wake/slip button tool the apple logo appears.

    7- Here you will see a iTunes logo with a cable.

    8- Here you have to connect your Phone to your computer.

    9- Now move to the extracted folder

    10- Here press the Shift button then right-click on the empty area.

    11- Here select Start Command Prompt Window Here.

    12- Now type below command:-


    13- Now type below command:-

    Ziphone -u -i a123456789012345

    Note:- Replace the 123456789012345 with the IMEI number you want to have.

    14- Sit back and relax. It will take 2-4 minutes.

    15- Now reboot your device once.

    16- Now you can again dial *#06# and check the IMEI number.

    17- Congratulations! You have successfully changed your iPhones IMEI number with ZiPhone.

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    Final Words

    We hope this article helped you. Dont forget to comment below guys if you have any questions and feel free to ask if you find any problems while downloading or installing ZiPhone or changing the IMEI number of Your iPhone. We followed this Reference to write above awesome post. Thank You

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    S To Customise Subtitles In Netflix

  • Open Netflix and go to Settings.
  • Press Account and itll open the browser with the settings.
  • Go to your Profile and press Look subtitles.
  • This can open a window with completely different choices for customizing the subtitles.
  • Press to save lots of to save lots of the looks of the subtitles.
  • That is how one can change the looks of the subtitles in your Netflix profile. This can solely change the looks of the captions to your explicit profile. If you wish to change it to a different profile, you need to select it from the record after which customise it from there.

    At my home, we have now 4 children that love watching completely different exhibits. Being a wise father or mother, I made a decision to purchase a subscription to Netflix. I paid the large cash to ensure the entire household may have their very own profile. The primary purpose for that was to not have my children messing up my present line-up on my private profile. That isnt the rationale Im bringing this up. From time to time, I watch a present or film that has subtitles in it. The default settings for the Netflix subtitles are laborious for me to learn. Sure, Im getting previous however this may be laborious at any age . Do you know that theres a manner which you can modify these settings? Sure! and Im going to indicate you how one can change the looks of these subtitles for the higher.

    Put The Old Sim Card In The New iPhone

    How to change the phone number set on your iPhone

    Next, youll put the SIM card from the older iPhone into the new one. You should take note of which side was the bottom of the SIM card and which one was the top when you extract it. One side looks different from the other, so its not likely that you will confuse them. However, youll notice that there is also a notched corner of the SIM card. If you align that notch with the tray of the new iPhone, then the configuration should be right. The gold chip will be facing down.

    Next, press the tray of the new iPhone back in, securing both the tray and the SIM card. There should be a little click when it is back in place. Now, you can power on your new iPhone. The phone number of the previous one should work for the new one. Youll also notice that any other information you had stored on the card will be accessible in the new phone.

    You can put the new SIM card in your old phone if you like, or you can discard it. If youre selling the device or giving it to an Apple Store, then they will probably appreciate the SIM card coming with it.

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    Best Tool To Recover Voicemail On iPhone

    Busy people, who you are dealing with in your business endeavors do not want to be kept waiting on their phones when you are not available. You need to freely set the number of rings before voicemail answers. This way, if your iPhone is unanswered for the stated duration, it will go to voicemail. Your business partners will be grateful for saving their time and will leave you a voicemail informing you of why they called. Well, mistakenly deleted voicemail from your iPhone ? Don’t worry. You can use dr.fone – Data Recovery to recover any lost voicemails at any time.

    How to Recover Voicemail on iPhone via dr.fone – Data Recovery

    Step 1.

    First, please sure you have downloaded and installed dr.fone – iOS Toolkit on your computer. You can download it from the links below. Then open it. Connect your iPhone to your computer. You can see the main window like this.

    Step 2. Select and Scan Voicemails

    Step 3. Preview and Export Voicemails

    Once the scan process is over, you can check the results and view the details by clicking them before you decide to recover to the iPhone.

    S To Change Imei Number Of iPhone:

    Step 1. First of all, you need to know the actual IMEI address of your ios device and that you can get by dialing the number *#06# this will display your current IMEI number.

    Step 2. Now you need to jailbreak your device. You can follow our guide on How To Jailbreak Your iPhone: The Step By Step Guide.

    Step 3. After jailbreak your device you need to download a PC tool that will allow you to change the IMEI number of your device that is Ziphone. Now from the link download and extract the folder package.

    Step 4. Now start the phone in recovery mode. Press the Sleep/Wake and Power button and hold till the Apple logo is visible. Then release the Sleep/Wake button and the iTunes logo with a cable will appear on the screen. Connect the iPhone to the PC in this mode.

    Step 5. Now in the extracted files folder of your windows PC press Shift button of a keyboard and then right click on the empty place and click on Start command prompt here.

    Step 6. Now there type the ZiPhone in command prompt.

    Step 7. Now there enter ziphone -u -i a123456789012345 .

    Now it will take up to 2-3 minutes and then after your device will get reboots. Thats it! you are done, now the IMEI number of your device will get changed and you will have new IMEI address on your device that you can check by dialing *#06#.

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    The Right Way To Change Subtitles Look On iPhone Or iPad

    There may be additionally a manner for individuals who favor to look at their episodes on iPhones.

  • In your iPhone or iPad go to Settings -> Accesibility
  • Choose Subtitles & Captioning > Model
  • Right here youll be able to choose one of many preset types or create a New Model.
  • There are many choices out there and its fully as much as you ways youll customise them. There are additionally loads of fonts to select from, with extra hiding beneath Add font on the backside of the font part.
  • Ensure you toggle the Video Override for every setting you alter to the OFF place.
  • After the subtitles customizing, return again to the Types choice or to the Settings display screen to save lots of the fashion.
  • The change will likely be speedy and you may head straight to Netflix app to try it out.
  • report this advert Netflix

    Netflix presents nice films, TV exhibits, cartoons, and extra. Since youll be able to create a number of profiles to your family members, you too can personalize every profile based on the preferences of the person who is utilizing a profile. So, you and your loved ones members can have a totally customized expertise. When youve got been questioning if theres a method to change the subtitles, its font, measurement or shade, the reply is sure. Right here, on this article, were going to present you the right way to handle subtitle look on Netflix.

    Why Cant I Change My Caller Id On My iPhone

    How to change the phone number set on your iPhone

    You cant change your caller ID on your iPhone because it is the duty of your carrier network change caller ID on iphone.

    No iPhone users has the power to change their caller ID by themselves but rather their carrier networks. If you want to change your caller ID, go to any of the branches of your carrier network, and request that you want to change your caller ID on your iphone.

    For sure they will assist you with that.

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    Alternative Way To Change Imei On iPhone

    Another way to change iPhone IMEI number is to use the ZiPhone GUI tool. Follow the steps below to do that quickly:

    1. First, you need to open the ZiPhoneGUI.exe app on your PC.

    2. Navigate to the Show Advanced Features tab.

    3. Select the Fake IMEI option and enter the new IMEI number.

    4. Click Perform Actions to change the IMEI code on your iPhone.

    That is all there is to change IMEI number on iPhone. Did this work well for you? Comment and let us know!

    Learn How To Change Imei Number On iPhone

    Changing the IMEI number does not really offer too many benefits. Many risks come with attempting this. If the user changes the IMEI number of their iPhone to the same IMEI number as another phone, the phone will stop working. Moreover, there are also possible legal boundaries that one might cross once they change their IMEI number. Changing the IMEI number will also end the warranty of the iPhone. Hence, one should weigh the possible reasons against the problems when they are looking to change the IMEI number on the iPhone.

    To change the IMEI number in iPhones, one must first jailbreak their iPhone. The steps in the article are not possible to execute without jailbreaking your iPhone. Thus, it is important to learn how to jailbreak the iPhone. Once you do so, the following are the steps to change the IMEI number on an iPhone.

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    How To Transfer Data To A New iPhone Thats Locked

    Before you buy a used iPhone, check with the seller to find out if the phone is unlocked. A used iPhone thats locked to a carrier will have to be unlocked before setting up your device and transferring your number and data. It’s very difficult to unlock an iPhone if you arent the one who set up the device in the first place. When buying used, we recommend buying an unlocked iPhone to save a lot of hassle.

    Master your iPhone in one minute a day: to get our FREE Tip of the Day delivered right to your inbox.

    How To Turn On Or Turn Off Caller Id On iPhone

    How to change the phone number on your iPhone

    Were are still how to change caller id on iPhone, right now is how you can enable or disable the caller ID.

    How to turn on or turn off caller ID on iphone?

    Start by going to your phone settings, and on the settings scroll down to phone. Tap to open the phone, and on the page youll see show my caller id and tap on it.

    Right there, youll see a toggle button to turn on or turn off the caller ID on your iPhone. So if the toggle button is off, then youll have to turn it on in order to show my caller id iPhone.

    So kindly slide the toggle to the right and turn on the CALLER ID on your iPhone. However, if the caller ID is on and you want to turn it off, also toggle it to the left and it will be disabled on your iPhone.

    There are many reasons why a user would want to turn off the caller ID, and mine you if you turn it off, your number and name wont appear during calls.

    That is to say that your contact or calls will be a private number or a private contact.

    How to change caller id on iPhone.

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    Remove The Sim Card From The Old iPhone

    First, youll power off your old phone. Make sure that the phone is off before attempting to do anything with the SIM card, or you could damage either the card or the device. Youll next need to locate the SIM card tray on your older iPhone. It can be found on the upper right-hand side of the device for most iPhones. If your phone is in a case, then youll need to remove it before proceeding.

    There is a compartment shaped like an oval with a visible pinhole. Take a straightened paper clip and put the end of it into that hole, or you can also use a specially-designed SIM card remover. These come with every new iPhone, or you can order them online for a couple of dollars. You can also get one from an Apple Store if theres one nearby.

    Push the end of the tool or paperclip into the hole, gently, but firmly. You should notice an audible click as the tray releases. Now, you can slide the tray out with your fingers, and you can remove the SIM card. Be careful not to drop it or otherwise damage it.

    How To Change Your Phone Number On Signal On Android

    1. Open the Signal app on your Android.

    2. Leave any groups you are a member of so that people don’t continue to send messages to your old phone number. To do that, tap a group chat in your inbox, and then tap the name of the group at the very top of the screen. Then, on the Chat Settings page, tap “Leave Group” at the bottom of the screen.

    3. Tap your profile avatar at the top left of the screen. In the Settings menu, tap “Advanced.”

    4. Turn off Signal messages and calls by swiping the button to the left. Confirm you want to do this by tapping “OK.”

    5. If you have a new phone number on the same phone, return to the app’s main inbox screen and tap “Enable Signal message and calls.” Then follow the directions to enter your new phone number and complete the setup.

    If you are switching to a new phone, install Signal from the Google Play store and then start the app. Follow the directions to set up a new account using your new phone number.

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    Getting A Second Phone Number

    If hiding your number isnt enough, you can get a second phone number using the Hushed App. For just $25, you can get a second phone number for life which will help you protect your primary, personal phone number.

    To take advantage of this amazing offer, and use the code HA25 to get yourself a second phone number. This will help you hide your number on your iPhone for good!

    Transferring Your Phone Number From One iPhone To Another

    iPhone 11 Pro: How to Change Your Default Phone Number in Contacts

    The first method that we want to talk about applies when you have two different models of the iPhone. Lets say that you have one thats a few years old, and you just bought a new one. You want to keep the old number on the new phone, and youre also keeping your same service provider.

    In that scenario, what youd want to do is to put the SIM card from your old iPhone into the new one. The SIM card from most generations of the iPhone should work on a different iPhone. However, if there is a disparity of many years, like if you have an iPhone Generation 1 and you just got an 11, then you should check with Apple Customer Service before going any further. If the phones were released that many years apart, they probably wont be compatible, and youll need to get a new SIM card issued to you.

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