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Is The iPhone Se 2020 Waterproof

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iPhone Se Waterproof And Water

IPhone SE 2020 Testing the IP67 Water resistance, Is It Waterproof?

Depending on your knowledge of waterproof, the iPhone SE has an IP67 water resistance rating. This means that the new iPhone SE is capable of withstanding immersion in water up to 3.3 feet for a half hour.

However, this will also depend on the iPhone 9 waterproof testing in the laboratory. So technically, the iPhone SE is water-resistant and not completely waterproof. You should note that the IP67 rating is the second-highest. The highest is the IP68 which is found on the iPhone 11 series. Its reserved for phones that can last through long durations of pressurized submersion.

Is The New iPhone Se Waterproof

Apple just announced a second version of the iPhone SE. Although with the exact same $399 price as the original SE, the new model actually crams many great features in an iPhone 8 body, including the super-fast A13 processor, a True Tone display, fast charging and wireless charging. Beyond that, you may also wonder if the new iPhone SE is waterproof, which is a feature many flagships have, such as Samsung Galaxy S20 and Google Pixel 4. The answer is yes, but not exactly true.

Apple began getting IP certification for its phones starting from iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. iPhone 7 series, iPhone 8, and iPhone X/XR are all tagged as IP67. Apples first IP68 rated handsets are iPhone XS and XS Max, and the iPhone 11 series as well. Possessing the same body as iPhone 8, the new iPhone SE is basically rated IP67, the 6 meaning it is fully dust-tight or dustproof, and the 7 meaning it can be fully submerged in water as deep as 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. However, you need to note that it is just water-resistant, but not waterproof.

Can you turn to Apple Care for help if your iPhone is water damaged?

Huakay iPhone SE 2020 Waterproof Case; now $22.99 on Amazon

Goldju Best Waterproof Case For iPhone Se 2020

This best iPhone SE 2020 waterproof case comes with an Ultra-light design and makes it much easier for you to carry your iPhone. The first thought that struck my mind was the design.;

Now, speaking about what it has to offer is the full-body protection, support for wireless charging and shock-absorption borders. If in case you encounter a problem with your case, GOLDJU offers a one-year worry-free service.;

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Joto Universal Waterproof Pouch

JOTO brings a universal waterproof pouch for your iPhone SE 2020. It is spacious enough to accommodate other valuables like cards, banknotes, or ID. The package comes with a test paper to check the quality of this pouch. Insert the test paper in the pouch and submerge it underwater. If the paper becomes wet, you can return this product.

JOTO installs a secure locking design in this widely compatible pouch. A push and press button quickly opens and seals the pouch. A lanyard allows you to hold this pouch securely in hands.


  • A lanyard attached with the case
  • Secure locking design

Mitywah Best Waterproof Case For iPhone Se 2020

Fr iPhone SE 2020/iPhone 7/8 Waterproof Case Full Coverage ...

Mitywah case for iPhone SE 2020 is really a good option for those who are looking for a sturdy waterproof case. Aluminium Alloy hard shell and flexible TPU make this case stronger than most of the cases available online. This case provides shock-absorption protection and can withstand drops from 6.6/2 m.

This case is IP68 certified and can protect your iPhone from the water up to 2m of depth for 1 hour. This case is available in so many different colors, you can choose any according to your choice, also they are offering lifetime warranty in this case. All these things combined make this case a worth purchase.


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Best iPhone Se 2020 Waterproof Case By Huakay

Waterproof case by Huakay is really a great option for those who are looking for a strong case for their device. With the case on, you can submerge your device into the water up to 2m for an hour and that makes it a great option for several underwater activities.

Apart from water, this case can also protect your device from snow, dust, shock, scratches, etc. The inbuilt screen protector is really good and works very smoothly. All the cutouts on this case are perfectly done and let your access all the functions. The design of the case is slim and doesnt look or feel heavy at all, the case provides good handling and grip.


Orotby Ip68 Certified For Waterproof Cover

This lightweight case from OROTBY is made of strong material, providing durable protection to your iPhone. It completely seals your phone and ensures protection not only against water but also from drops, dirt, and snow.

Further, the case never blocks signal so you dont need to remove it too often, not even during charging your phone wirelessly. Apart from the transparent cover, its also available in black color.


  • Flexible silicone keeps the case lightweight
  • Wireless charging compatible

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Lanheim Ip 68 Certified iPhone Se 2020 Waterproof Case

Lanheims waterproof case will not only protect your iPhone from the water up to a depth of 6.6ft/2m for 1 hour but also from dust, shocks and snow- Amazing! So, no matter what conditions you are in, you need not worry while enjoying your favourite outdoor activities. These all reasons makes it one of the top contender in our list of best iPhone SE 2020 waterproof cases.;

However, a few flaws that we found were that the sound gets restricted including the earpiece sound and is a tad bit bulkier than usual. But this best waterproof case for iPhone SE 2020 will not disappoint you as it comes with a one year warranty.;

iPhone Se 2020 Battery Life

Is The iPhone SE 2 Waterproof? Here’s The Truth!

Apple claims the battery will last for up to 13 hours when playing video and we found that with light use during the day , it just made it to the evening before needing to be recharged.

The phone does support fast charge too, which will see it go from 0 to 50% in just under 30 minutes. But, like with the iPhone 11, the 18W adapter doesn’t come in the box. Instead, it’ll set you back £29. It also supports wireless charging and is waterproof up to a depth of 1m for 30 minutes.

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Singdo Best iPhone Se 2020 Waterproof Case

This polycarbonate case comes with a built-in screen protector which has the ability to protect your iPhone from scratches. This is one of the best iPhone SE 2020 waterproof cases which is not only IP68 rated but also comes with military-grade protection. Apart from being waterproof, it also acts as a heavy-duty shockproof case and only weighs 2 oz.;

The clear back lets you flaunt your iPhone SE 2020 design and comes in nine different colour options to choose from. It also supports wireless charging and wont block your iPhones signal receptivity. Talking about wireless charging, check out this article showcasing the best iPhone SE 2020 wireless chargers if you are still finding the one.;

Oterkin Waterproof Case For iPhone Se 2020

This affordable waterproof case by Oterkin is equally amazing as other cases but there is one drawback of this case but lets discuss the positive points of this case. So, if you are looking for a slim, study design waterproof case for your iPhone SE 2020 then get this one. It is IP68 certified and can let you do all underwater activities very smoothly.

Furthermore, this case has a tight body that provides good protection against heavy drops. The inbuilt screen protector is also good and provides high sensitivity. The only drawback is that it covers the speaker of your device that makes the sound a little muffled.


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iPhone Se 2020 Water Resistance

I accidentally dropped my iPhone SE 2020 in the sink while washing dishes. Will it be ok after drying it?

iPhones have amazing water resistant, itll be ok My fater took his on a water slide once and was ok

Probably yes, wait until is fully dry to charge it

Its rated IP67, which means 1 meter under water for 30 minutes without any change in function. So in short, dont sweat it in this case, but also dont push it- its not truly waterproof, and the warranty doesnt cover any water damage.

Ithrough iPhone Se 2020 Waterproof Case

iPhone SE 2020 Waterproof Case, iPhone SE 2nd Gen Case ...

Dont let the Apple logo cutout for your iPhone make you think that water might snug into the case. Even though it has only two colour variants to offer, you will love this TPU case Aqua finish. The premium quality TPU will definitely boost your user experience.;

The case though has an IP68 waterproofing and the same features as the rest mentioned previously. What I would like to focus upon is its controversial design. In order to add extra protection for your iPhone, they have surrounded the case with a black TPU/rubber strip casing. I would have personally liked it to be incorporated in the case itself so that the minimal bulk is also removed. Otherwise, this slim case is a very good option. The design and the color makes it one of the best waterproof cases for iPhone SE 2020 in the list.;

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iPhone Se 2020 Size: How Big Is The iPhone Se 2020

Its compact size will be a draw for many: it’s 13.84 x 6.73 x 0.73cm. The iPhone SE can easily be held and used one-handed. It’s just shy of 1.5cm taller and less than 1cm wider than the original iPhone SE, but it’s 3mm slimmer. It’s got a 4.7in RetinaHD display, and this is the one area where Apple has opted for older technology.

There’s a noticeable difference in the quality of the screen when it’s side-by-side with the iPhone 11 Pro, too. It can’t match the crisp detail and brilliance but, considering the price difference, we think it’s an acceptable compromise.

The Best iPhone Se 2020 Waterproof Cases

Last Updated on October 17, 2020 by TheGeekCart

Looking for the best iPhone SE 2020 waterproof cases? look no further, today we are here to help you out in selecting some of the iPhone SE 2020 best waterproof cases in the budget-friendly pocket.

The recently launched iPhone SE 2020 is a pretty good choice for those who are into a compact size and loves fingerprint sensor, Apple did a really good job in iPhone SE 2020, its design resembles a lot of iPhone 7 but the processor and GPU are top-notch in the segment.

If you really care about your iPhone SE 2020 then getting a waterproof case isnt a bad idea, right? however, the device already has an IP67 rating that means your device can survive one meter of water for 30 minutes, but to get extra peace of mind you should definitely consider the Best iPhone SE 2020 Waterproof Cases that we have listed below.

Selecting out the best product from the wide range of markets is really a tough task, so to make your life easier we have done that job for you. Below we have only listed high-quality iPhone SE 2020 Waterproof cases. You can select any of the below waterproof cases for your iPhone SE 2020 according to your budget and needs.

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Should You Buy The iPhone Se

A few months ago, our economy looked capable of supporting $1,200 smartphones, from both Apple and Samsung; now, we have an;unemployment rate of over 20 percent. A few months ago, I recommended phones as an investment for the next three years; now, I know many people are worried about feeding their families next month. This has all happened far too fast for electronics companies, which plan their products 12 to 18 months in advance, to adapt.

The iPhone SE couldn’t have come at a better timeit’s a knockout value for $399. If you’re looking for an iPhone, the only real reasons to pay more are if you really want a bigger screen and night mode. This is a terrific upgrade for anyone with an iPhone 7 or lower.

The SE also competes compellingly with any Android phone under $699. Go to that price level, and you get features like multiple high-quality cameras and 5G in the $699 OnePlus 8. You may want to go to midrange Android phones instead if you need to spend even less money, or demand a much larger screen, both of which you get in the $249 Motorola Moto G Power. But the Moto G Power isn’t nearly as pocketable or as fast as the iPhone SE.

With tens of millions of Americans out of work, our nation needs an affordable, speedy smartphone to help us stay connected, with a long life ahead of it. That’s the iPhone SE. It’s an Editors’ Choice, and a phone that I’m going to be recommending to a lot of people over the coming months.

What’s Next For The iPhone Se

Is The iPhone SE 2 Waterproof? Hereâs The Truth!

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, there is no new iPhone SE coming in 2021, with an update instead planned for the first half of 2022. The design and specifications will be similar to the existing iPhone SE, which is a 4.7-inch device modeled after the iPhone 8, but it will include 5G and an upgraded processor, which DigiTimes believes will be the A14 chip first used in the iPhone 12 lineup. Kuo says it will be the most affordable 5G iPhone available.

Nikkei believes the next-generation iPhone SE will look similar to the current design that’s based on the iPhone 8, but with an upgraded A15 chip, which is expected first in the iPhone 13, along with Qualcomm’s X60 modem for 5G. DigiTimes and Nikkei disagree on the A-series chip that will be in the new device, but either the A14 or the A15 will be an upgrade.

Kuo in 2029 said there would be an “iPhone SE Plus” with a full-screen design, no Face ID, and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the power button on the side of the device, but his latest device predictions did not include a mention of this device and it may have been tabled.

Barclays analysts also do not believe that Apple has plans to refresh the iPhone SE in the foreseeable future, and that they have not heard mentions of a larger-screened iPhone SE with a 5.5 or 6.1-inch display.

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Apple iPhone Se : 9 Things Nobody Told You About The New iPhone

The new iPhone SE in three colors


The new Apple iPhone SE has been revealed. Its the same size and look as the iPhone 8, which it replaces, but at a lower price point. Here are nine of the things that might not have caught your attention when the announcement was made. Why nine? Well, until today many people thought the name of this new phone would be iPhone 9.

Things Nobody Told You…’ is my occasional column touching on tangential, but interesting, details that have been lost or under-reported in the news. Sometimes they are ground-breakers, sometimes pieces of trivia that might enliven a dinner party conversation .

The camera is not the same as the iPhone 11 Pro, but dont worry

Some reports have said the iPhone SE has the same 12MP sensor as the iPhone 11 or 11 Pro. Its not.

Its not even quite the same as the sensor found in the iPhone XR. In fact, Im told this is essentially what was found in the iPhone 8. So, has Apple missed a trick here?

No, wait, dont panic.

Temdan Best iPhone Se 2020 Waterproof Case

The two aspects of it that appeal to me the most from others is that it is easy to install and has clear sound quality features. The clear back will help you to reveal your iPhones true colour and it also supports wireless charging.;

Though it has only two colour variants to choose from, it comes with IP68 water resistance rating and military standard protection. Just like the previous one, this lacks uniqueness in design but offers 360° protection against shock, drops, dirt and snow. All these reasons makes it one of the best iPhone SE 2020 waterproof cases in this list.;

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Mitywah Heavy Duty Best iPhone Se 2020 Waterproof Case

Cant get over your love for camouflage? You wont regret this choice. This case can effortlessly protect your iPhone SE 2020 from the water up to 2m of depth for 1 hour- Wait, theres more! This is one of the best waterproof cases for iPhone SE 2020 that has a heavy-duty durable metal full-body protection to offer and comes with a built-in screen protector.;

This premium 3 layer armour defender case boasts an aluminium alloy hard shell. This best iPhone SE 2020 waterproof case will not only protect your iPhone from shocks but also from drops, dust, snow and dust. It comes with a lifetime warranty and weighs 4.58 oz.;

iPhone Se 2020 Waterproof Case By Temdan

iPhone SE 2020 Waterproof Case, Dteck Full

Here comes another powerful best waterproof case for iPhone SE 2020 by Temdan and this one is also IP68 Certified and can go up to 6.6ft/1.2m underwater for one hour. This case is a little on the heavier side but thats okay as you are provided with good protection.

This shockproof case can exceed Military Standard 810G-516 and withstands drops from 6.6/1.2 m. Most of the waterproof cases dont let you charge your device wirelessly but thats not the case with this one, you can easily charge your iPhone wirelessly with the case on.


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