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Is There An iPhone 12 Coming Out

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What Are The Experts Saying About The iPhone 12 Series

Apple Confirms iPhone 12 Release! October 2020 Event Coming

In his iPhone 12 Mini review, our own David Imel called it one of the best small phones you can get. Of course, its not without its issues. The camera isnt as feature-packed as the one available with the Pro editions, and the phone is difficult to align on a wireless charging stand. Its biggest selling points are its size and price. As David says, getting great build quality and incredible performance in a phone this small, for this price, is great.

David was less impressed with the regular iPhone 12 in his review. Thats not because theres anything wrong with the phone itself. You will still get blazing fast performance, a beautiful display, and solid build quality. However, its awkwardly placed in the line-up and is hard to recommend over the iPhone 12 Pro, which offers more RAM, a better camera, and a more premium build.

The iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max are the way to go if you want the best experience, as David found when he reviewed these phones. The iPhone 12 Pro is $150 more than the iPhone 12, but features like the extra 2GB of RAM, 4K 60fps Dolby Vision video, extra camera sensor, LIDAR sensor, and better build quality are worth the surcharge.

What About The Mini And Max

Though I’m currently using the iPhone 12 as my daily driver, it’s the iPhone 12 mini that I’m looking forward to, and knowing that all the same amazing features from the iPhone 12 are packed into this smaller body gives me all the feels.

Imagine it: The same edge-to-edge screen, the same TrueDepth Camera, the same wide and ultra-wide angle lenses with Night Mode and Deep Fusion and the A14 processor and support for Dolby Vision recording … everything! All packed into a phone that, hopefully, I can easily use one-handed. I know it’s not as small as the 4-inch iPhone, but it’s as close as we’re ever going to get and I can’t wait for it.

If you’re all about the biggest phone ever, you definitely want to wait for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Not only is the screen the largest of any iPhone ever at 6.7-inches, but the Max has a 47% larger wide-angle sensor for an impressive increase in low-light photography and sensor-shift optical image stabilization. It also has a longer battery life at an estimated 20 hours of video playback and 80 hours of audio playback.

Both the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Max will go on sale on November 6 with an estimated shipping date of November 13

iPhone 12 Review: Display

The iPhone 11s LCD display has unquestionably been the Achilles’ heel of Apples entry-level premium iPhones in recent years, but the iPhone 12 alleviates that. Its all thanks to a new 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display that matches what you get in the iPhone 12 Pro.

This panel packs a 2532×1170 resolution, making for a dramatic increase in the clarity of on-screen content compared to the iPhone 11s dated 1792×898 display. Its also HDR10 rated, allowing you to watch any videos recorded with the devices Dolby Vision-equipped rear camera the way they were intended to be seen.

Watching the trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter film that really looks as though it never should have been made, I at least came away pleased by the fidelity of the scales, horns and teeth on a Black Diablos glinting in the desert sun. The black smoke from an explosion also contrasted heavily against the otherwise bright daylight scene in a way that wouldnt have looked nearly as alluring on the iPhone 11s LCD panel, with its inability to display true black.

The iPhone 12s screen still isnt perfect, and the reason why is clear to anyone who has used a recent Galaxy, Pixel or OnePlus phone for any length of time. Following months of rumors suggesting the opposite, Apple decided to forgo high refresh-rate displays on the entire iPhone 12 line, which have actually become quite common in the flagship smartphone space over the past year.

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Truedepth Camera And Face Id

For biometric authentication, the iPhone 12 and 12 mini use Face ID, the facial recognition system that was first introduced in 2017. Face ID components are housed in the TrueDepth camera system in the display notch.

Face ID is used across iOS tasks for unlocking the iPhone, allowing access to third-party passcode-protected apps, confirming app purchases, and authenticating Apple Pay payments.

Face ID works through a set of sensors and cameras. A Dot Projector projects more than 30,000 invisible infrared dots onto the surface of the skin to create a 3D facial scan that maps the curves and planes of each face, with the scan read by an infrared camera.

The facial depth map is relayed to the A14 chip where it is transformed into a mathematical model that the iPhone uses to authenticate identity. Face ID works in low light and in the dark, and with hats, beards, glasses, sunglasses, scarves, and other accessories that partially obscure the face.

Face ID data is stored in the Secure Enclave, and it is not accessible to Apple, third-party apps, or anyone who has your phone. Authentication happens on-device and no Face ID data is uploaded to Apple.

iPhone 12 Review: Design

When Will IPhone 12 Come Out In This Year 2020

Apple rarely alters the physical design of the iPhone from generation to generation, and thus any change no matter how small is typically received with enthusiasm. You can chalk up the iPhone 12s new flat-edge aesthetic as one of those more modest revisions.

Sure, the flat edges look nice enough and offer a much appreciated change of pace from the last several consecutive years of rounded iPhones. Whats more, they improve the iPhone 12s durability in tandem with Apples new Ceramic Shield material, as the rounded frames of previous iPhones actually made them more fragile.

We will be conducting our own drop tests, but the Ceramic Shield display held up well in EverythingApplePro‘s torture test on YouTube. Both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro did not crack at hip or shoulder height when dropped, and the display on the regular iPhone 12 didn’t even crack from 10 feet, though the back did.

All that said, I cant say my hands have really taken to the sharper design. Few smartphones employ flat sides these days, and the iPhone 12 reminds me why. The edges dig into your palm, and make the entire device a bit harder to grip. For example, the iPhone 12 measures 0.29 inches thick which is perceptibly identical to the 0.31-inch-thick Pixel 5. However, the Pixel 5 feels more slender in the hand, because it naturally fits the curvature of your palm.

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When Is iPhone 12 Coming Out

Earlier this year Apple confirmed its next iPhones will arrive a few weeks later than usual, but as we hit September, there’s still a larger question as to when exactly that will be.

In previous years, Apple had typically already provided a date for its new iPhone reveal by September, but 2020 certainly isn’t a normal year. We’ve got very few hard facts as to when Apple will unveil its next set of devices, but there are certainly rumours.

Right now there are two popular theories for when Apple could reveal the iPhone 12.

The first is September 10, which would likely be September 11 locally. managed to snap a screenshot of what appeared to be an event scheduled for September 10 on Apple’s YouTube account. September 10 is however also the same day Apple had its iPhone event last year, and as such, potentially just a placeholder. September 10 is also a Thursday in the US, which is unusual for Apple events. They tend to either take place on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

The other popular theory is mid-to-late October. This would mean Apple could announce the iPhone 12 and start taking pre-orders the same week, as is tradition. Leaker Jon Prosser has claimed that Apple will reveal the iPhone 12 in the week starting October 12, with pre-orders taking place shortly after. He claims that iPhone 12 Pro devices won’t be available until November, however. Japanese Apple rumours website Mac Otakara also believes Apple will hold its event in October.

Cracked Screen Failing Battery And Other Reasons To Get That New iPhone Now

Living with a device that’s been damaged or functions poorly is rough. For example, it’s hard to ignore a fractured screen since you see the defect daily. The same is true of a failing battery that can’t hold as much charge as it once could. If your iPhone suffers from these types of frustrating issues, an immediate upgrade may be justified. However, with all the upgrades for the iPhone 13, you may want to buy the 2021 iPhone instead.

The iPhone 12’s ceramic shield screen held up well during our torture tests.

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iPhone 12 Review: Fast Charging

First, we assumed the 18W charger that came with the iPhone 11 Pro was sufficient enough to fast charge the iPhone 12, then we found out that Apple officially states that it doesn’t that you need a 20W charger if you want zero-to-50% in 30 minutes. Then, I did my own test comparing the 18W charger and the 20W charger, and both charged from nearly zero to above 50% in 30 minutes. Apple is likely just covering its butt here, trying to avoid empty promises. But I feel pretty confident that, if you have an 18W Lightning-to-USB-C charger lying around, you’re going to be just fine and don’t need to upgrade to a 20W charger.

MagSafe offers its own level of fast-charging, too. All previous iPhone devices that support wireless charging were capped at 7.5W. If you use the MagSafe charger with the iPhone 12, you’ll get a wireless version of fast charging of up to 15W. I was able to go from about 3% to above 30% in a half-hour with the MagSafe charger on the iPhone 12. This worked for both the 18W and 20W charging brick. ‘

Comparing this to wireless charging with a third-party charging pad, of which I have at least a half-dozen throughout the house, the MagSafe is the only wireless charger I ever want to use ever again. Sorry to all my favorite charging pads, but until you can charge that fast, I’m just going to glare at you with resentment. Why are you so slow?!

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Apple iPhone 12 mini full review

The “iPhone 13” is expected in the fall of 2021 with a number of user-facing changes that could improve the overall iPhone experience. Early in the rumor cycle more extreme changes were expected, but as time went on, rumored updates became more realistic.

When the iPhone 12 first debuted in 2020, there were already whispers of a 2021 iPhone with no Lightning port and no notch. Now, expectations are a little more grounded with upgrades to the cameras and displays.

Apple keeps the naming schemes of the future iPhone locked down, so we refer to the 2021 iPhone as the “iPhone 13.” This may not be its final name due to any number of reasons including superstition or a complete revamp of Apple’s naming conventions. It is just as likely that Apple could call this device the “iPhone 12S.”

Supposed packaging with the “iPhone 13” name has been leaked. It confirms that Apple is expected to go with the superstitious number for its next name.

Another leak shows MagSafe case packaging with the name, further solidifying the rumor.

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So The iPhone 12 Sounds Exciting Should You Buy One

As a tech reviewer for longer than a decade, I love getting to play with the latest gadgets. But phones have gotten good enough that you don’t need to upgrade as often as you used to. Apple has done an incredible job keeping older phones snappy and up-to-date with the latest software . So I usually recommend holding onto your devices as long as possible your wallet will thank you, and so will the environment.

But no phone lasts forever.

Maybe your current iPhone is feeling long in the tooth, or you’re weighing the decision to repair the phone you have vs upgrading it. Here are some ballpark recommendations to help steer your iPhone 12 deliberation:

If you have an iPhone X, iPhone 11 or other new-ish device, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading. Those iPhones are still fantastic, providing high-quality cameras, speedy performance and modern software. As much as Apple would like you to think the iPhone 12 would be a revolutionary life change just like last year’s model and the year’s before that upgrading from a recent iPhone is going to offer incremental improvements in the grand scheme of things. That probably isn’t worth $700 to $1,100. Even if your phone needs repairs, it’ll be a fraction of that cost, so don’t let FOMO get the better of you. Your phone is still great.

iPhone 12 And iPhone 13 Have A Ceramic Shield Display

One of the iPhone 12’s big improvements is the material of its display. Apple calls it “ceramic shield” glass. Made by Corning, the ceramic shield glass covering the phone’s display is harder than most metals. Indeed, we can confirm the iPhone 12’s ceramic shield’s toughness. When we put the iPhone 12 to the test, the handset came through with flying colors. The iPhone 13 also has the same ceramic shield glass on its display. So if you’re a huge klutz prone to slips and drops, springing for either the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 is a wise move.

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iPhone 12 Review: Verdict

Im of two minds about the iPhone 12. Theres no question this is a great phone overall, and many of the changes Apple has made to its most popular iPhone are for the better. The new Super Retina XDR panel is a phenomenal improvement over the disappointing LCD panels in previous models at this price, even if it lacks a high refresh rate. And the fresh new design, MagSafe system and excellent dual-camera system all earn the iPhone 12 high marks.

But Apples resistance to change in key areas is still disappointing. Practically every major phone maker has stopped being stingy with base storage. The fact the iPhone 12 still only starts with 64GB is borderline criminal. Equally frustrating, Apple has stopped including a charger, although Samsung does the same thing with the Galaxy S21.

Some may want to wait for the iPhone 13 this fall. The new iPhone promises even faster performance, better cameras, Touch ID in the display, a smaller notch and 120Hz displays . But nine months after its arrival, the iPhone 12 is still very much worth buying.

iPhone 12 Review: Ios 14 Now Ios 15 This Fall

When does the iPhone 12 Come Out

Like every new iPhone, the iPhone 12 shipped with iOS 14 the latest update to Apple’s long-running mobile platform at the time of the iPhone 12’s launch. iOS 14 brought some very intriguing and long-awaited features, like true widget support, a new scheme for app organization, picture-in-picture video, improvements to basic privacy and more. An iOS 14.5 update this year brought even more features, led by Apple’s privacy push.

Whats arguably better than iOS 14 itself is Apples commitment to keep old iPhones up to date with the latest software, for many more years than its Android counterparts ever see. Googles latest Pixels are guaranteed only three major software updates meanwhile, the iPhone 6S, which launched in 2015, can run iOS 14. In fact, it run iOS 15, too, when that software update comes out in the fall.

Speaking of iOS 15, the public beta is out now, and we’ve actually been testing it on an iPhone 12 for our iOS 15 beta review. There’s a lot of changes in this version, particularly to built-in apps, but the iPhone 12 can handle them all.

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iPhone 12 Review: Release Date And Price

The iPhone 12 came out last October, and it’s currently available from Apple as well as a number of carriers.

The phone starts at $829 for an unlocked device with 64GB of storage it’s the best unlocked iPhone you can buy. If you buy the phone on-contract from AT& T, T-Mobile or Verizon, the price drops to $799. Opting for more storage either 128GB or 256GB raises the price.

In addition to the major wireless carriers, the iPhone 12 is now available from discount providers like Metro by T-Mobile and Visible. Xfinity Mobile sells the phone, too, as do retailers like Best Buy and Amazon.

In the U.K., the iPhone 12 starts at £799 for the 64GB model, but pay an extra £50 and you can get 128GB of storage for £849. The 256GB handset will cost £949. However, if you have an older iPhone to trade in, then you can get up to £230 off the iPhone 12, providing you have an eligible handset.

If you want the lowest price, we’re tracking iPhone 12 deals for all of Apple’s latest models. You can save anywhere from $80 to $525 on an iPhone 12 when you buy from Apple and trade-in your current iPhone, assuming you’ve got an iPhone 7 or later.

As you may have already heard, Apple isnt shipping a charging adapter or headphones in box with the iPhone 12, so you’ll need to pay extra if you need one.

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