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How To Print iPhone Notes

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Can I Print iPhone Text Messages From A Specific Date Range

How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to Computer

Yes, you can print text messages from only certain dates! Many iPhone users don’t want to print every single text message from a specific contact but rather they prefer to narrow down and only print SMS messages from a few days or even a single day. To accomplish this, you can click Export > Export Current Conversation > PDF in Decipher TextMessage.

Add People To A Note Or Notes Folder For Collaborative Work

It is effortless to add your friends and family to collaborate and work together in Apple Notes. You can learn all about it here.

With iOS 15 Activity View, you can see what other members have added to the shared note in your absence. It gives you a summary of the new changes since you last viewed your shared note. Plus, you also see each collaborators day-to-day activity. To see details like which collaborator made the changes, the edit time & date, swipe right on the note.

Now, mentioning people is quick and offers a better collaborative experience. In iOS 15 Notes app, type the persons name prefixed by the sign. For example, .

Tip: You can also learn how to hide alerts from shared notes.

Printing From The Notes App In Ios 7

Note that this method is going to require you to have an AirPrint compatible printer connected to the same network as your iPhone 5. You can view a list of AirPrint compatible printers on Apples website here. If you do not have an AirPrint compatible printer, then you can either email the note to yourself, or you can access your notes by signing into iCloud from a Web browser on a computer that can connect to a printer. But you can print a note directly from your iPhone 5 by following the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Notes app.

Step 2: Open the note that you want to print.

Step 3: Touch the icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Step 4: Touch the Print option.

Step 5: Touch the Printer button at the top of the screen.

Step 6: Select the printer on which you want to print the note.

Step 7: Touch the Print button at the bottom of the screen.

An Apple TV is a great addition to any home with an iPhone in it. You can mirror your iPhone screen on your TV, plus you can stream videos from a number of services like Amazon.

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See Your Notes In Gallery View

With iOS 13 and later, Gallery view gives you a new way to see your notes making it easier than ever to find the note you’re looking for. Open a folder or list of notes, tap the More button , then tap View as Gallery.

To sort your notes inside of folders:

  • Go to the folder that you want to sort.
  • Tap the More button;, then tap Sort Notes By.;
  • Choose how you want to sort your notes.
  • To sort all of your notes automatically, go to Settings > Notes, and tap Sort Notes By. Then choose how you want to sort your notes.

    Part 1 Transfer Notes From iPhone To Computer With Itunes

    How to Print Notes from iPhone SE/6s (Plus)/6 (Plus)/5s/5c ...

    iTunes is the first solution we recommend to you to transfer notes from iPhone to the computer. With iTunes, you can sync notes only to Outlook. Then, export them;from outlook to your computer.

    Step 1. Launch the latest iTunes on your computer.

    Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer.

    Step 3. Click your device icon and select the “Info” tab.

    Step 4. Tick the box next to “Sync Notes.”

    Step 5. From the drop-down list, choose “Outlook.”

    Step 6. Click on the “Sync” button to sync notes between Outlook and your iPhone.

    Step 7. Then, you can export notes from Outlook to your computer.

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    How To Use A Usb Cable To Print From An iPhone To A Non

    If you have a printer that is not wireless, you will need to come up with a solution that can connect that printer directly to your iPhone.;This requires a cable like;this from Amazon;that connects the printer directly to the iPhone.

  • Connect the end of the USB cable to the port on the back of the printer.
  • Connect the other end of the cable to the Lightning connector on your iPhone.
  • Confirm device connection on your iPhone.
  • Open the file you want to print.
  • Tap the Share icon.
  • Touch the Select Printer button.
  • Select a USB connected printer.
  • Touch the Print button.
  • If youre looking for a new printer and looking for one that you can use to easily print from your iPhone, then be sure to find a wireless AirPrint-enabled printer.;An example would be something like;this Canon printer from Amazon;.

    Sync iPhone Notes With Your Gmail Account

    If you will need to remotely access your notes through different android device or windows PC, you can also sync the iPhone Notes app with your Gmail account.

    On your iPhone, go to the Settings and navigate to Contacts. If your iPhone runs iOS 13 or older, go to Passwords & Accounts.

    Afterwards, tap on Accounts then choose Gmail. If you dont have an email account saved yet, tap Add Account and type in your Gmail account details.

    This will sync your Gmail, contacts, calendars and notes with your iPhone.

    Once an account is added, under it, make sure that the Notes sync is enabled.

    This will create a Gmail folder on your Notes app.

    However, take note that this option will not let you view notes that were saved prior to enabling the sync. Only the new ones that you will be creating will be shown on your Gmail.

    You cannot move notes from other folders like iCloud or On My iPhone to the Gmail folder. You can only transfer the old notes by manually creating new ones, then copying the old information you need.

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    How To Print From Google Docs On A Laptop Or Desktop Computer

    Printing a Google Docs document from your computer using a web browser is the same as printing other documents.;Im going to follow the steps below in a Chrome browser, but you can also use a different browser like Firefox, Edge, or Safari.

    Step 1. Go to;;and open your document.

    Step 2: Select File in the upper left corner of the window.

    Step 3: Select the Print option at the bottom of the menu.

    Step 4. Adjust the print settings as needed, then click the blue Print button.

    How To Add A Printer To iPhone 11

    Print from Notes in iOS 14 on your iPhone

    Smartphones and mobile devices such as the iPhone have become so powerful and powerful that they can perform many of the same functions as a desktop or laptop computer.;Therefore, you might be wondering how to add a printer to your iPhone 11 so that you can print the file directly from the device.

    If you were one of the earliest users of cell phones or even the first smartphones, then perhaps you are so used to avoiding typing that you may not have tried it for a long time.;It used to be difficult, if not impossible, to print from mobile devices, so many users simply chose to continue printing from their computers only.

    But the prevalence and dominance of the mobile device market had grown so much that the issue of printing had to be addressed.;This happened with AirPrint, which makes it much easier for iPhone to interact with printers via a wireless printer.

    Our guide below will show you how to add a printer to your iPhone 11 and how to complete a print job from the device.

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    Export Notes From iPhone To Icloud

    Exporting notes to iCloud is easy, and means that you can access the notes on any device which uses your Apple ID. Your notes will be stored in iCloud, and even when you make a new note, that will be automatically stored in iCloud too. Keep in mind, however, that you only get 5GB of iCloud space free – if you are storing photos and videos in iCloud as well, it can quickly fill up. You can pay monthly for more iCloud storage.

    Enable iCloud storage for your iPhone notes…

  • On your iPhone, open Settings > > iCloud.
  • Toggle Notes to On.
  • How To Recover Deleted Notes

    If you deleted a note that you now want to get back, the Notes app retains deleted notes for 30 days, so you can recover it.

  • From the Notes list, tap the arrow in the upper-left corner.

  • In the Folders screen, tap Recently Deleted.

  • Tap Edit.

  • Tap the note or notes you want to recover.

  • Tap Move To at the bottom of the screen.

  • Tap the folder you want to move the note or notes to. Or, tap New Folder to make another folder. The note is transferred there and no longer marked for deletion.


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    Create A Note From Other Apps

    Thanks to the Notes app icon in the iOS/iPadOS Share Sheet, you can easily create a note straight from other apps on your iPhone or iPad like Photos. Heres how.

  • Open some other app. I am using Flipkart.
  • Tap the .
  • Slide the horizontal row of app icons and tap Notes.
  • Choose if you want to create a new note or save it to an existing one.
  • Next, add the text as desired.
  • Finally, tap Save.
  • Pro Tip: From Safari, you can save the full article link with the article name . But you may also select text and tap . Next, choose Notes to create a note with only the selected text. It is handy if you wish to save parts of an article to the notes app instead of the full article link.

    How To Save And Print iPhone Notes On Your Computer

    How to Print Notes from iPhone SE/6s (Plus)/6 (Plus)/5s/5c ...

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    Most iPhone users today enjoy the convenience of Apple’s Notes app for jotting down information, ideas, or other important data. Whether you keep your supermarket shopping list in the Notes app, store business ideas for work, write lyrical ideas down if you are musician, or for any other reason, the Notes app is one of the most popular apps on the iPhone and iPad!

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    What’s The Difference Between Sharing A Note And Sending A Copy

    You might be wondering what the difference between sharing your note and sending a copy is.

    When you use the Share Note option, you’re actually giving people access to your own notes. You send an invitation that lets other users view the note you shared and see any changes you make as soon as they happen. If you choose to do so, you can also allow them to edit that note. You can only use this option with any notes you have stored on iCloud.

    Sending a copy, on the other hand, lets you share just that: a copy of the text in a specific note. The receiver will only have access to the copied text you send and they won’t be able to make any changes to the original note. In addition, in the Send a Copy option is where you’ll find the option to print your note from your iPhone or iPad.

    Preview And Print Your Notes On The iPhone

    When the programs scans all notes on your iPhone, you can preview them in detail. Check the items that you want to print and click on the printer icon on the top, in the red area on the window below. Then you can print your iPhone notes. If you want to export the notes to your computer as an HTML file and then print it. Please click “Export to PC” and then you can do it next.

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    How To Print To A Non

    The specifics of this method are a bit general, as these steps will depend on the brand of your printer.;But generally speaking, you will need to download an app on your iPhone for your printer, turn on the Wi-Fi option on your printer, and then connect to the network that the printer creates through your iPhone.

  • Open the App Store.
  • Find the app for your printer.;
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your printer so that the printer broadcasts its wireless network.
  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Select the Wi-Fi option.
  • Select the printers Wi-Fi network and enter the password when prompted.
  • Open the file you want to print.
  • Tap the Share icon.
  • Select your printer.
  • Tap Print.
  • Alternatively, you can open the printer app instead, then view your iPhones files through the app, and thus send them to the printer.

    If you cant use an app or AirPrint for your printer, you might be able to use a USB solution.;Note that this will likely require additional hardware purchase.

    Way 2 Print Contacts From iPhone Via Google Contacts

    How to Print Notes from iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS

    You can also turn to other apps like Google Contacts to help you print iPhone contacts. You should first download Google Contacts on your iPhone, then sync your iPhone contacts to Google, and finally, check the contacts via websites on the computer and print them out.

    Step 1 : On your iPhone: After installing Google Contacts, sign in your Google account and enable contacts sync.

    Step 2 : On your computer: go to Google Contacts website > Select the contacts you need > Click the three-dot icon on the top > Click;Print;> Adjust the settings and print out your contacts.

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    How To Attach Photos And Videos To Notes On iPhone

    You can add more than text to a note. When you want to quickly reference other information, attach a file to a note. Attachments can be any type of file including documents, photos, and videos.

  • Open a note.

  • Tap the body of the note to display the options above the keyboard.

  • Tap the + icon in the toolbar above the keyboard in iOS 11 and later. In iOS 10, tap the camera icon.

  • Tap Take Photo or Video to capture a new item. Or, tap to select an existing file.


  • If you chose Take Photo or Video, the camera app opens. Take the photo or video, then tap Use Photo . The photo is added to the note, where you can view or play it.


  • If you chose , browse the Photos app and tap the photo or video you want to attach. Then;tap Choose to add it to the Note.

  • How To Make A Checklist In An iPhone Note

    To use Notes to create checklists:

  • Open an existing note , then tap anywhere in the note to display the keyboard.

  • Tap the + icon above the keyboard to reveal the formatting tools.

  • Press and hold a list item and drag the handles to highlight the entire item. Then, tap the checkmark icon to add a circle in front of the selected item.


  • Tap Return on the keyboard to add an additional checklist item. Tap the checklist icon, if needed, and continue until you’ve created the full list.

  • As you finish each item on the checklist, tap in the circle in front of it to mark it as done.


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    How To Sync Notes Using Icloud

    The Notes app used to exist only on the iPhone, but it’s available on iPads and Macs, as well as in iCloud on the web. Because these devices can sync content with your iCloud account, you can create a note anywhere and have it appear on all your devices.

  • Confirm that the devices you want to sync notes to are signed in to the same iCloud account, that is, they all use the same Apple ID.

  • On the iPhone, go to the Settings app.

  • Tap your name at the top of the screen. In iOS 9 and earlier, skip this step.

  • Tap iCloud.

  • Turn on the Notes toggle switch.


  • Repeat this process on every mobile device you want to sync the Notes app with via iCloud. On a Mac, open System Preferences and select iCloud. Place a check next to Notes, if it isn’t already checked.

  • With that done, every time you create a new note or edit an existing one on any of your devices, the changes are synced automatically to all the other devices.

    Part 2 How To Print Notes On iPhone And iPad

    How to share, save, and print in Notes on iPhone and iPad ...

    Looking to print notes on iPhone and iPad? These simple steps will be of help then.

    1. As above, launch the Notes app from the home screen on your iOS.

    2. Specify the note and tap on the note file you want to share or print.

    3. Again, tap on theShare button.

    4. As the options scroll down, tap on thePrint button. Choose the print options and tap Print complete printing of your note.

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    How To Print With Google Cloud Print

    You can do nearly anything with;Google, and printing is no exception. You can use Google Cloud Print to print from any Google app including the Chrome browser, Gmail, or Google Docs. You just need to be signed in to your Google account. You can also print other things via Google Cloud Print by using a third-party app.

    Bonus Tip Transfer Files From iPhone To Computer Without Itunes

    Undoubtedly, the best solution to transfer files from iPhone to the computer without iTunes is to use an iTunes alternative. To use iTunes alternative, you can get rid of iTunes’ limitations, such as limited speed and data types. Here we take one of the best iTunes alternative EaseUS MobiMover for example. With the help of this powerful iPhone data transfer tool, you can:

    • One-click transfer: It enables you to transfer iOS files, including photos, videos, contacts, etc., from iPhone to computer in one-click.
    • Multiple transfer ways: It lets you transfer data between iPhones or between an iPhone and a computer.
    • Good compatibility: It works perfectly with almost all iOS devices in almost all iOS versions.
    • Additional functions: It has a video downloader that allows you to .
    • 100% security guaranteed: You’ll never face any data loss during the process of transferring.

    Now, free download EaseUS MobiMover on your computer and then follow our instructions to transfer notes from iPhone to the computer with ease.

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer, launch EaseUS MobiMover, then unlock your iDevice and click “Trust” in the prompt asking for your permission. Among the options, choose “Phone to PC” > “Next”.

    Step 2. Select the category or categories you want to transfer from your iPhone/iPad to computer. You can click the default path and then set a custom storage path for the notes to be transferred. Afterward, click “Transfer”.

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