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What Does Sent As Text Message Mean On iPhone

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How To Set A Name And Picture For Group Chats

How To Send A Text Message – iPhone 7

You can give your group chat a name and select an image to represent it so you can easily distinguish it from other conversations.

You can select a photo, a memoji, an animoji, an emoji or just a letter as an icon. You can also select the background colour of the chat.

Users who have not updated to iOS 14 will not see the new icon, but for those who have updated, your changes will appear for all participants.

  • To change the image for your group chat tap on the message and then tap at the top where it says X People.
  • Now tap on i for Info.
  • Here you will see the option to Change Name and Photo. Tap on that.
  • You can now enter a group name and change the image. That image will now appear as the icon at the top of your Messages.
  • How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Imessage

    Apple doesnt let you know when someone blocked you on iMessage. Can you imagine getting a notification on your phone about someone blocking you on iMessage? Ouch! That surely would make matters worst. So, Apple let you figure this out yourself.

    Luckily therere many clues that can help you out. Read on to find out.

    How To Send Text Messages From One Country To Another

    About the service country code 1. Select the country to which you want to send the SMS by choosing a name from this list. 2 Enter the recipient’s number. After selecting your country, you will see in the box below that the country code has been changed. 3 Send the text message. 4 Check the status. 5 Go back to the beginning.

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    Why Is My iPhone Not Sending Messages To Android

    If your text messages are not sending to an Android device, you may have SMS disabled on your iPhone. Android users cannot receive iMessages, only SMS.

    Heres how to switch on SMS:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Messages
  • Find Send as SMS and toggle on
  • Step 5. Reset network settings. If none of the above is working, reset the network settings on your phone as a final effort. At this point, youve already verified that you either have connection to Wi-Fi, cell service or both, but sometimes, your device might not actually have connection even though it says that it does the connection may just be interrupted. The network settings on your iPhone control the W-Fi and cellular connection, so resetting it should get your phone to connect again .

    The reason why you might want to do this step last is because resetting your network will require you to re-enter your log-in information, so make sure you have that on hand.

    To reset your network settings

    • Go to Settings
    • Tap on Reset at the bottom
    • Tap on Reset Network Settings
    • Enter your passcode if prompted

    Contact Your Wireless Carrier

    If an iMessage sends as a text what does that mean?

    If youre still receiving the Your SIM sent a text message notification on your iPhone, there may be an error that only your wireless carrier can address. Below are the support numbers of a few of the major wireless carriers. If you would like to see one added to our list, feel free to leave us a comment down below!

    • AT& T: 1–331-0500
    • Verizon: 1–922-0204

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    What Does Blue And Green Stand For

    Here is what happens when your blue iMessage is sent as text message green. Blocked settings could be the reason for it. You have to enable iMessage first.


    If you enable iMessage in the settings, the messages you send to other iPhone users will use internet or cellular data to send messages. These iMessages would appear in blue chat bubbles.


    If your iMessage option is disabled, your messages sent to the iPhone will appear Green, and they will consume SMS charges from the local network. If iMessages is on and your text is sent to an Android or non-iOS device, the messages will still appear in green chat bubbles.

    iPhone Sent As Text Message Vs Delivered

    The difference between Sent and Delivered via Messenger is that Sent means that the message has been uploaded to the messaging network and Delivered means that it has been downloaded from the messaging network and can be viewed by the recipient of the program’s messages. The number of mobile phone users has increased significantly in recent decades.

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    Do Green iPhone Messages Get Delivered

    Having been sent as a green message means that either you or the recipient did not have an internet connection either wifi or cellular through which it could deliver the message in blue as an iMessage. Green Messages are sent as SMS, the normal way to send messages, but it should still be delivered.

    Why Are My Imessages Sending As Text

    What does it Mean when a Text is Green or Blue Text Bubbles on iPhone?

    When you send an iMessage, Apple forwards that message through its servers over an internet connection. This Internet connection can be Wi-Fi or your mobile operator’s data network. If no internet connection is available, the messaging application can try to send the iMessage as a normal text message.

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    Why Are My Texts Green When Texting Another iPhone

    The green message background indicates the traditional SMS text message. It actually means a message that you have sent to someone else is through SMS message service instead of Apple iMessage. Blue message background means the message is sent via iMessage technology.

    What Does It Mean When You Send A Text Message And It Says Sent As Text Message

    Sent as text message means the message was sent using the sms feature which make use of the cellular network service in sending the message.

    This is same with the topic of the post and the main question Im trying to explain, does a sent as text message mean the other person will see the text.

    Whenever you see sent as text message after sending a message on your iPhone, kindly note that the message was sent using the sms instead of the imessage. And this attracts a fee or charges from the cellular network carrier.

    This is just like when using the messages app to send a message on android or on a feature phone. You must have a texting plan or airtime for you to be able to send an sms message because it uses the cellular network service.

    This is what sent as text message on iphone or iPad is all about.

    Using the cellular network service to send a message on iphone or iPad. It usually occurs if the imessage is not working, unavailable, or probably the imessage was disabled by the user.

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    Why Does Your Sim Sent A Text Message Appears

    Just like any other notification, Your sim sent a text message appears to inform you something. What makes this one such a nuisance is a fact that it doesnt tell exactly what is happening. It just says your sim sent a text message, nothing else. When a user sees it for the first time, hell keep wondering what message, or to whom. Here, well tell what this prompt is all about.

    The pop up Your sim sent a text message appears to inform you about a relevant sim card activity that has something related to your network service provider. This may happen when some carrier settings are changed, customized or updated after an update and then your SIM card requires an update as well. Your iPhone is trying to inform you about the things going on and most probably demanding a response from you. This prompt most commonly appeared in iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices. Though it may appear in other iPhones too. Now lets move to the part where youll learn what to do when this pop up appears and gets stuck onto your screen.

    How Do You Send An Imessage As A Text On iPhone

    All About Messages, the iPhone Texting App

    How to send a text message using iMessage on iPhone or iPad

  • Launch the Messages app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Compose button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Type the name of the contact to whom youd like to send a message.
  • Tap the contact to whom youd like to send a message.
  • Type your message in the message field.
  • 1 . 2020 .

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    What Does Turning Off Mms Messaging On iPhone Do

    Turning off MMS will not prevent you from sending or receiving pictures over iMessage. However, if the person does not have iMessage or iMessage is not working, than having MMS turned of will prevent pictures from being sent or received. If you disable MMS, you cannot send or receive pictures except by iMessage.

    How Can I Send And Receive Text Messages On My Mac

    Text message forwarding lets you send and receive text and multimedia messages on iPhone on any Mac, iPad, or iPod touch that meets Continuity’s system requirements. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Open Messages on your Mac, choose Messages > Preferences, then click iMessage.

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    Disable Send As Sms And Try Again

    ‘Send as SMS’ is an option in iPhone that allows you to send your iMessages as a text message automatically when the internet connection is not available. Hence check this option and disable it to check if iMessage is still sent normally.

    • Start with opening ‘Settings’.
    • Go to ‘Messages’ now and look for the ‘Send as SMS’ option.
    • Tap on it to disable it. After disabling try sending iMessages to your friends and see if the iMessages are sent as iMessages or not.

    Update Your Carrier Settings

    How to Send a Text Message from Your iPhone 4

    Under most circumstances, you can just ignore the message “Your SIM sent a text message”. It seems that this happens when the SIM is trying to contact the carrier’s update server. And you won’t see it again. If you still get the message from now and then, you can take the next guide to solve “Your SIM sent a text message” problem.

    1Unlock your iPhone and open “Settings” app.

    2Tap “General” > “About”. Stay on the page for a while, it will ask for a carrier update.

    3Complete the carrier update to solve “Your SIM sent a text message” problem.

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    Why Is My iPhone Not Sending Text Messages To One Person

    Did you accidentally block them?

  • Tap the contacts name
  • Tap on Info
  • Toward the bottom, if you see Unblock this Caller, tap it to unblock them.
  • Is their phone number correct?

  • If the contact is saved on your device, follow steps 1-3
  • You can view their phone number under mobile
  • Also check that youre not missing an international country code, if applicable.
  • You Dont Have An Available Wi

    Most people especially the newbies dont understand the imessage at all, you will someone without a working Wi-Fi or cellular data trying to use the imessage in sending a message.

    Definitely it wont work because the imessage requires internet connection in order to work.

    This is just like instant apps like whatsapp messenger, Facebook messenger, Skype, telegram, etc. These instant apps will not work if you dont have a working Wi-Fi or a cellular data on your iPhone or iPad.

    If you dont have an available Wi-Fi or a cellular data, definitely the imessage will use the sms in sending the message and that is why youre seeing show sent as text message after sending the message on your iPhone or iPad.

    You can read more:

    These two reasons you should bear in mind when using the imessage to send a message. You must have a Wi-Fi or cellular data, and a good internet connection to avoid the message being sent as sms or text message.

    Going back to the question once more, does a sent as text message mean the other person will see the text?

    Once you see sent as text after sending a message on your iPhone or iPad, the other person or the recipient will see it. If you see delivered, then it means the recipient has successfully received the text message on its mobile phone or device.

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    What Does It Mean When Someones Imessage Turns Green

    When an iMessage turns green in color, it means the message was sent as an sms using the cellular network service and not the imessage.

    This is also what Ive been trying to explain on this topic, does a sent as text message mean the other person will see the text. When the message turns blue, it will show as sent as text message on your iPhone or iPad.

    What this means is that the message was sent using the sms feature and the network service as well. Remember, this will attract charges by your carrier network provider.

    You can read more:

    Chat Over Imessage With Businesses For Customer Service Issues

    How to bold text in iPhone text messages with subject ...

    Friends, colleagues, and acquaintances aren’t the only people you can talk to over iMessage. You can also talk to businesses for help with things like an order you placed on Newegg, or get report a fraudulent transaction on your Apple Card to Goldman Sachs in the Messages app.

    A company that uses Apple Business Chat is easy to spot, with most companies listing a “Chat with Messages” button on their respective support pages or in their apps. Just tap on it to open a conversation. Right now, there isn’t a way to search iMessage for a business name.

    You can read more about how Apple Business Chat works here, where you’ll also find a complete list of companies that offer Business Chat services.

    The iPhone has a lot of great features, but one of its best is iMessage. Without a doubt.

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    What Does It Mean Delivered On Text Messaging iPhone

    If the text says “delivered”, it means it has been shipped. If the phone you sent it to actually received the text message, it will receive the last part of it, it will not be delivered. If your text sometimes turns green, it means the device you sent it to isn’t an iOS device or your message isn’t activated.

    Sent/delivered/ Failed And Undelivered What’s The Meaning

    How do I know if someone blocked me on iMessage? Will it be sent as a text, or would there be any difference in my texts?

    Here is what your iMessage options look like, and if these do not show, then maybe someone blocked you.


    This iMessage option tells the user that their message has been sent from the senders side but not delivered yet.


    This iMessage option would show that your sent message is delivered to the other iMessage recipient.


    This message displays when your iMessage cannot connect to the server, or the internet is out of range, or any other error occurred during the sending.


    This option shows that the message has been sent, but the recipient could not receive it due to their iMessage issue or internet connectivity.

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    What Does Send As Sms When Imessage Is Unavailable Mean

    Trying to understand what the term send as sms when imessage is unavailable mean on your iPhone settings or ios device. This article will guide you through on all you need to know about sending a text message on iphone using the imessage or the sms.

    You dont have to get a headache trying to understand what does send as sms when imessage is unavailable mean, Im here to explain that to you right on this post.

    So lets jump in.

    What Does Delivered Mean On An iPhone

    How Do I Send A Text Message On My Apple iPhone 4S?

    The steps in this guide are going to show you how to change the read receipt setting on your iPhone. We will cover the steps at the beginning of this article, then continue below with more information and pictures for the steps.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and choose the Messages option.
  • Toggle the Enable Read Receipts option on or off.
  • If youve ever seen an iMessages Delivered notification, then you might be curious what it meant. Especially because it doesnt appear in every iMessage or text message that you send from your iPhone or iPad.

    That indicator in your Messages app is letting you know that your message has been received by a device. However, that may not even mean that it has been received on the recipients Phone, or even that they are anywhere near a device so that they can see what you have sent. You will know that the message has been read when that message changes from Delivered to Read.

    However, this assumes that the recipient has read receipts enabled, which they may not. A lot of iPhone users elect not to send read receipts, as they would prefer that others dont know if or when they have read an iMessage or text message.

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    Is At& t Blocking Text Messages

    You can block incoming text messages on your AT& T cell phone using the company’s Smart Limits feature. With Smart Limits you can block text messages and calls to and from numbers. You can prevent messages from being sent from all numbers by changing the settings. You can enable or disable this feature at any time from your online account.

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