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What To Do When Locked Out Of iPhone

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What Can I Do If My iPhone Is Disabled

What to Do When Locked Out of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch [How-To]

Should you find yourself with a disabled iPhone, youve got a few methods at your disposal for recovering your device. These recovery methods will be most effective if youve recently backed up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes. Otherwise youre likely to lose some of your content, but its still worth going through these steps to get your iPhone working again.

How To Get Into A Locked iPhone 11

To get into your locked iPhone 11 without passcode, you’ll need to reset the device to factory settings using iTunes, Finder or iCloud’s remote wipe function. The restore process removes apps, all of your saved data and settings, but you can replace your data from a recent backup after you reset and unlock the iPhone 11.

Unlock Apple Id Using Recovery Key

Do you have a recovery key? If yes, then you can use it to regain access to your Apple ID account. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to use Recovery Key to unlock your Apple ID.

  • Open your Apple ID Account Page and tap on the Forget Apple ID or Passcode.
  • Enter your target Apple ID, choose the option to reset your password, and then select Continue.
  • Enter your recovery key.
  • Select a trusted device and youll get a verification code on your trusted device.
  • Use the receiving code to create a new password, and choose Reset Password.
  • Unlock Apple ID via Recovery Key

    After resetting your password to unlock your Apple ID, youll be requested to log in again with your new passcode.

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    Forgot Your iPhone Passcode Be Careful

    Its happened to everyone at one time or another. Youre staring at your iPhone and cannot remember what the passcode pin might be. Youre beginning to regret that night out with your friends because you cannot access any information on your phone.


    Its tempting to type in a few passcode numbers that you think might be correct. Before you do, however, take a step back. You only have six tries in total to get this right. If you enter the code incorrectly six times, your phone will lock you out completely.

    Youll know youve done this when you receive a message stating that the iPhone is disabled.

    From there, your only choice is to learn how to factory reset a locked iPhone and then restore your data from a backup. Its better to give yourself a little time to jog your memory. Forget the phone for the moment, and focus on something else. The answer may come to you when you dont pressure yourself.

    Restore Access To Your iPhone When You Forgot Your Password And Got Yourself Locked Out

    Help! Iâm Locked Out of My iPhone! [PROBLEM SOLVED]

    It happens sometimes. These tips can help.

    Learn how to get back into your disabled iPhone.

    Maybe you forgot your iPhone passcode. Maybe a 3-year-old got ahold of your phone and locked you out for a gazillion minutes. Either way, your only hope of using your iPhone again soon might be to restore it.

    Hopefully you’ve kept up with your iPhone backup reminders. If that’s slipped , you’re probably getting “iPhone Not Backed Up” and “iCloud Storage full” messages on a daily basis.

    Use this as your guide for restoring your iPhone back to the original settings.

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    Restore/ Recover Your Lost Data

    Please also note that, for security reasons, Apple representatives can’t unlock an iPhone for you without restoring the iPhone, either. The restore process will erase everything on it, including photos, apps, music, contacts, notes, videos, setting, etc. If you have backed up the content on your iPhone before restoring it. Congratulations! Apple enables you to restore your previous backup files from iTunes or iCloud easily. To do this, kindly follow our previous tutorials:

    If you had never ever backed up your iPhone before losing everything. Don’t be sad, just use the third-party tool –Syncios Data Recovery, to recover all of your lost data by scanning your iPhone directly.

    Method 3: How to restore iPhone/iPad/iPod without backup

    You can choose different versions according to your computers operation system, just get more detailed information here: Syncios Data Recovery for Windows or . Simply download the free version and have a try.

    Note: Preventing data from being overwritten will be the priority. Once your iPhone data get lost accidently, no matter iPhone 7/6s/6/5s/5c/4s/4 or iPhone 3GS, you should stop adding or deleting data on your phone. For once you updated those data, they will be overwritten and what youve lost can never be restored.

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer, launch Syncios Data Recovery program on your computer.

    Step 2. Choose recovery mode: Recover from iOS device. Click on ‘Start‘ to retrieve your iPhone data.

    iPhone 11 Is Locked Out

    Question: Q: iPhone 11 is locked out More Less. Apple Footer. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information provided every potential issue may involve several factors not detailed in the …

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    How To Erase Your iPhone 7 And Remove Your Passcode With Recovery Mode

    If for some reasons iCloud services are not applicable to your situation, then youve got the option to use recovery mode to remove your passcode and restore your device. Again, you will need a computer to carry out the process. Heres how its done:

    • Connect your iPhone 7 to your computer. You can use either Windows or Mac PC for as long as it is running a compatible version of operating system with iTunes and your iPhone 7.
    • On your computer open iTunes.
    • When your iPhone 7 is recognized in iTunes, for it to restart.
    • To force restart your iPhone 7, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down keys simultaneously. Dont release the buttons when the Apple logo. When the Recovery Mode screen appears, release both buttons.
    • If prompted with the option to Restore or Update, select Restore. Doing so will prompt iTunes to download the software for your device. The process could take over fifteen minutes. If it exceeds fifteen minutes your iPhone will exit recovery mode and you will need to repeat steps 3 and 4 .

    Wait until the restore process is finished then you can set up and use your iPhone again.

    Seek More Help to fix locked out iPhone 7

    If none of these methods worked and that youre still locked out of your iPhone 7, then your next option is to escalate the problem to Apple Support or your device carrier for further assistance and recommendations. They should have the right tool to reset the passcode and recover your iPhone 7.

    How Can You Unlock Your iPhone Or iPad

    What to Do If You Are Locked Out of Your iPhone

    There are some easy steps to erase and restore the data on your device, but it also depends on how you have backed up your data or if at all you have backed up your data or not. It is required to have an active internet connection during the process of restoring data, signing back into the device, and software updates to help reactivate the device. It is essential to remember your Apple ID and its password as required in the restoration process. If you have enabled the Activation Lock, then it is inevitable that you will have to remember and enter your Apple ID and its password. With the help of iCloud, you will be able to download your contacts, pictures, and other data if it doesnt get downloaded automatically.

    But what to do if you dont have backed up your data at all? What if you did not even back up your data on your iCloud. What about the data which could not be backed up due to lack of space on your iCloud? Well, the answer to all these questions is StarzSoft KeyPass.

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    Previously Synced With Computer

    The second thing you can try when youre locked our of iPhone or iPad is iTunes, because this is the method that Apple promotes and is technically the official solution.

    Note that you must have synchronised your iPhone with the same computer beforehand, or this wont be a viable option.

    Step 1 Use a lightning cable to connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes.

    Step 2 On iTunes, click on the device icon , and then click on the Summary tab.

    Step 3 Click on Restore iPhone and you will be walked through the rest of the restore process.

    Step 5 When restoring, your iPhone will be wiped and you will be given the option to Restore backup, which you should choose.

    Step 6 Select the iTunes backup you want to restore. It will then be restored to your iPhone and the passcode will be removed.

    Although this is the official solution it does come with a couple of catches.

    • If you havent synced your iPhone with iTunes before then this wont work.
    • Theres a risk of some data being lost if the backup youre restoring isnt recent.

    How To Get Back Into Your iPhone

    If youre unable to use a passcode, youll need to connect your iPhone to iTunes. If youve previously used your iPhone with iTunes, youll be able to restore and sync your phone with the most recent backup. If you havent youll rely on your latest iCloud Sync.

    After connecting the phone to the computer, tap the iPhone icon and select Restore iPhone.

    Follow the steps to reset from the latest backup and youll be able to access your phone again. Make sure to set a new passcode that you wont forget next time.

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    S To Unlock Your iPhone Or iPad

    StarzSoft KeyPass allows iPhone and iPad users to unlock their devices within minutes! Without worrying about losing data, one can easily unlock their iPhone or iPad passcode without the passcode. It can remove the passcode for you. It can even remove the Touch ID and Face ID feature if required, and it is compatible with all iPhone or iPads. It doesnt matter if your device is disabled or has a broken screen. With three easy steps, you can unlock your iPhone or iPad within some minutes.

    Step 1: At first, it is required to have StarzSoft Keypass downloaded on your computer.

    Step 2: The second step is to have your iPhone or iPad connected to your computer via USB cable.

    Step 3: All you have to do then is to quickly press the plus and minus volume buttons at the same time and then hold the power button until connect to iTunes flashes on the screen. The software then starts to unlock your device without you having to restore anything or putting in any additional effort.

    The Easiest Way Starzsoft Keypass

    What do when youâre locked out of your Apple iPhone 7 and ...

    The absolute best solution when youre locked out of an iPhone is to use a special software called StarzSoft KeyPass. With it, youre able to remove the lock screen under any circumstances and it comes with an impressive set of features:

    100% Clean & Safe

    So, if you want to use a reliable software solution to fix a locked out iPhone, your best bet is StarzSoft KeyPass and heres how you can use it:

    Step 1 Download and install StarzSoft KeyPass on your computer.

    Step 2 Launch the program, connect your iPhone with a lightning cable and press Start to begin.

    Step 3 Next, youll be given instructions to put your iPhone into DFU Mode depending on the iPhone model. Follow these steps to proceed.

    Step 4 Once your device has been put into DFU mode, click Start Unlock and your passcode will be removed.

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    How To Unlock Disabled iPhone With Itunes

    If you have previously synced your device with iTunes, there is not going to be much of a problem to reset iPhone without losing data.

    Herere the steps to follow on how to restore disabled iPhone with iTunes:

    Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer you have previously used to synchronize your device

    Step 2: Launch iTunes. Once the program is launched it will detect your iPhone and synchronize up all the information on your phone even if your iPhone is locked

    Step 3: Depending upon the version of operating system running on your iPhone and a few other specifications, you might receive the prompt stating you need to enter the pass code or not

    Step 4: But this doesnt matter. You simply reboot your iPhone by holding down the Power button and the Home button until the Apple logo appears. As soon as the Apple logo appears, let go of the power button but keep the home button pressed until you see Connect to iTunes message on your iPhone screen. Of course you already have connected your phone to iTunes

    Step 5: You will also see an alert message appearing on your screen stating that an iPhone in recovery mode has been detected

    Step 6: Once this process completes, your pass code will be erased from your iPhone and all of your data will be restored from your recent backup performed in step-2. You should now be able to access the device without any problems

    Unlock The Device With Itunes

    For fixing connect iTunes to a locked iPhone problem, if you remember the iPhone passcode and have backed it up recently, you can simply unlock the device with iTunes though it requires a restore:

    Step 1: Connect the locked iPhone with the computer that you have synced the iPhone with before with a USB cable and launch iTunesStep 2: Choose Sync in iTunes and enter the proper passcode when requested to unlock the device, this backs up the iPhone to the computerStep 3: Choose Restore to restore the iPhone from the most recent backup.

    Note: If you havent synced your locked iPhone with iTunes before or the locked iPhone has enabled Find My iPhone, then method 1 is not going to work.

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    Solution 1 The Quickest Way To Get Back Into Your iPhone

    You may wonder why do we introduce this solution first. It’s just because, compared with other solutions, this solution applies to more situations. No matter why you are locked out of the iPhone, this solution can get you back into your iPhone or iPad by erasing everything, including the passcode from your iPhone. But if you use iTunes, you have to make sure that you’ve synced your device to iTunes and what’s worse is that iTunes crashes and freezes very often, which may frustrate you.

    For this reason, we advise you to use this powerful iPhone unlock software – EaseUS MobiUnlock to get the job done. It is a professional iOS screen unlocker you can use to unlock the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch within minutes.

    Step 1. Run EaseUS MobiUnlock, connect your iPad to the computer, and then click the “Start” button.

    Step 2. Check your device model and click “Download Firmware” to download the latest version of firmware for your device. If the firmware has been downloaded already, select the package instead.

    Step 3. After you download or select the firmware, click “Verify Firmware” to continue.

    Step 4. After the verification, click “Unlock” and enter the required information in the new window. Afterward, simply click “Unlock” to start unlocking your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

    Step 5. Wait for the tool to reset your device without a passcode.

    How To Get Into A Locked iPhone Via Find My iPhone

    Locked Out of your iPhone?

    Appleâs official Find My iPhone is a smart and hassle-free way to locate your lost iPhone or reset it remotely. All you need to remmber is your Apple ID and password. To use this method, preconditions are: Find My iPhone is enabled and internet network is available. Follow these instructions to reset your iPhone:

    Step 1. Log in to iCloudâs website using your Apple ID and password. Visit the Find My iPhone page and click on the âAll Devicesâ option to view all the iOS devices linked to your Apple ID. Now, select the iOS device that is locked.

    Step 2. This will provide various tasks that you can perform on the iOS device. Click on the âErase iPhoneâ button to reset the device.

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    Way : Get Back Into iPhone With Apple’s Official Recovery Mode

    If you’ve never backed up your iPhone with iTunes and don’t have Find My iPhone enabled, you can force your locked iPhone into Recovery mode and restore it to its factory default settings, then erase data on the device including the lock screen password. You can still use iTunes to regain access to the device. However, you will need to first erase the iPhone by entering into Recovery mode.

  • Using a USB cable to connect your locked iPhone/iPad to a computer and open iTunes.

  • Pressing and holding down a combination of buttons on the device until the recovery mode screen with an iTunes icon appears.

  • When your phone is in recovery mode, you will see an iTunes prompt on your computer providing the option to Restore or Update the device.

  • How To Unlock & Reset iPhone After Too Many Wrong Passwords

    Attempting Wrong password to unlock iPhone/iPod/iPad can results in the permanent lock of your device. If you have entered wrong password 6 times then your will be either locked or will erase all personal data from your iPhone. This depends on your settings of iPhone. This will show the message given below on your device screen.

    Attempting Wrong password to unlock iPhone/iPod/iPad can results in the permanent lock of your device. If you have entered wrong password 6 times then your will be either locked or will erase all personal data from your iPhone. This depends on your settings of iPhone. This will show the message given below on your device screen.

    • iPhone is disabled. Try again in 1 miniute
    • iPod is disabled Try again in 1 miniute
    • iPad is disabled. Try again in 1 miniute

    After the Too many wrong password attempts . Your device will display a message that iPhone is disabled , connect to iTunes.

    In case if you have synchronized your iPhone/iPod/iPad previously with iTunes then you can easily reset the passcode of your iPhone by restoring the device through itunes. For that follow the steps mentioned below

    Step 1: First of all, connect your iPone to the computer and launch iTunes

    Step 2: Select Back Up by right clicking the device from the left corner.

    Step 3: As the backup completes, click on Restore button.

    In such scenario you have to hard reset your device to reset the iPhone/iPad/iPod lock.

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