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How To Amplify Sound On iPhone

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Fix #: Clean The Speaker Of Your iPhone

How to Amplify or Boost Your iPhone’s Speaker Sound Level

One of the most helpful things that you can do is by going to the basics instead of going technical. With that, the thing that you need to do is to clean the speaker of your iPhone device. This is because there is a tendency that the reason why you have an iPhone volume low is that something is blocking the sounds coming out of your iPhone. You can make use of the cotton buds or a toothpick with cotton. And then you can have your speaker cleaned. Take out any dirt that might be interfering with the sound volume of your iPhone device.

How To Connect Your iPhone Or Ipod To Your Home Stereo

To connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your home stereo you just need a 3.5mm to RCA cable like this cable above. ;The two RCA connectors plug into the back of your stereo and the 3.5mm plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone. Pretty much every stereo available has RCA inputs as the standard inputs on the back. ;If you want the best possible audio quality, then;an Apple iPod dock will make it sound even better, but well get to that in a moment.

Adjust The Volume In Your Video

From the Select an Action pop-up list, select Increase volume. Set the required option in . The desired value for each video is selected individually, especially if there are several sound sources in it. The best option to increase the volume of dialogues is 20 dB, for music 10 dB, and if there are many sources, it is better to choose an average value of 40 dB.

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Is Your iPhone Volume Not Working Like It Should Try This

Is your iPhone volume not working? Here’s how to fix iPhone volume problems, plus ways to boost your iPhone volume further.

Why is your iPhone volume so low? How can you increase the volume on your iPhone or iPad? There’s often a quick fix if you’re struggling to turn up the sound on your device. Sometimes, there’s a bigger problem with the hardware.

Whether you’re listening to audiobooks and music, or concerned about missing your alarm, low volume on an iPhone can be a real headache. Here are some simple tips for boosting your smartphone’s volume.

Note: High volumes can damage your ears, so take care when using the tricks below.

Cant Hear Anything When I Make A Call iPhone

Fix iPhone 7 Plus Call Volume Too Low During incoming Call ...

No Sound come from Ear Receiver, That Means your call is stuck and something else. Try to make another number for just testing out yourself. in your testing, The Same Problem persists on another number, now there is a problem with your Carrier or your iPhone.

  • Contact your Carrier through the Customer care number given on the official company website
  • Start Ear Receive using on/Off Speaker mode that given on your Calling Screen.

Thats it.

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Solution : Use Tenorshare Reiboot To Fix iPhone Call Volume Low

If you have tried your hands on every solution and still did not find success, it’s time for you to move to Tenorshare ReiBoot. This will solve your each and every issue related to iPhone including call sound issue, and other iOS system issues such as iPhone black screen, iPhone crash, iPhone screen frozen,etc. Follow the below steps in order to solve your issue.

  • Install and run the Tenorshare ReiBoot tool on your computer. As soon as you have installed the software, connect your device to the computer using a USB cable. Click on “Fix All iOS Stuck” alternative.

  • Now click on “Fix Now” option as per your current version of iOS to get started.

  • When the download is completed, select “Start Repair” option to start the recovery of your device. The procedure may take almost 10 minutes. Make sure your iPhone is connected during this process.

Save Your Edited Video

Click the Export button in the lower right-hand corner of the app. In the open dialog box, choose the appropriate settings category and the desired format for your edited video: MP4, WMV, AVI, MKV, 3GP, and more. Click Start to save your video in the destination folder. Thats how easy it is to increase a video volume with Movavi.

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How To Increase A Video Volume Online

OS: AnyPrice: FreeBest for: Users who want to increase video volume online

Sometimes the volume of the playback device is not sufficient to play a quiet video. To fix that, you would need to find a special app. Unfortunately, there are practically no Internet resources that allow you to add volume to the sound, since they are quite difficult to implement. But dont worry there is a way to increase the video volume online, and thats the VideoLouder website.


  • Easy-to-use video volume booster online
  • Works on any platform or device
  • No downloads or installs needed


  • Can be slow to process depending on internet speed
  • Requires internet connection to use
  • Max file size 500MB

Fix #: Reset Your Settings

How to make a Acoustic iPhone Amplifier

The Settings of your iPhone also comes with a very important role. So, one way that you can fix when your iPhone volume low is by resetting it. And for you to do that, here is what you need to do.

  • Step 1: Head to your Settings app and then tap on General.
  • Step 2: And then, go ahead and look for Reset and then tap on it.
  • Step 3: From the Reset page of your Settings, tap on the Reset All Settings option.
  • Step 4: And then, confirm the changes by entering the passcode of your iPhone device.

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Best Volume Booster Apps For iPhone

Are you a melomaniac who loves music to its core? Fancy a little tweaking once in a while, maybe bass boosting songs on your iPhone? Bass tuner apps are a handful on the App Store, and finding the best volume booster app for iPhone is no easy task. Dont sweat, because we did the job for you!

Based on days of research with sound amplifier apps, user reviews, and expert takes, weve narrowed it down to a number. Today, we will share a list of the 10 best volume booster apps for iOS. Apps with manual bass control, sound effects, best equalizer settings, and overall music enhancer performance is taken into consideration. Read on to find out more about these bass booster apps and their in-depth review.

Solution : Enable Phone Noise Cancellation

Enabling phone noise cancellation feature might reduce the noise while you are in the call and might give you a better audio output. Hence, all you need to is enable this feature. All you need to do is follow the steps given below if you face low call volume on iPhone 8.

  • Begin with Settings and then go to General.
  • Search for Accessibility and click on that option. This will take you to the new screen.
  • Make sure that the toggle for Phone Noise Cancellation is switched on.

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Go To Videolouder Website

Open the main page of the site by following the link below. Scroll down the tab and click on the Browse button to start downloading the files. It should be borne in mind that the weight of the record should not exceed 500 MB.

The browser will start, then you should select the necessary object and click Open.

How To Increase Video Volume On Pc

20+ Cool and Simple DIY iPhone Speaker Ideas

Step 1: Download the best video volume booster

Launch AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate after you installed it on your PC. There is a dedicated version for Mac. Next, launch it and click the Add Files button to import the videos with lower sound. Alternatively, you can drag the video files and drop them into the home interface.

Step 2: Make video audio louder

Click the Edit icon under the video file you selected to open the video editor window. Then go to the Audio tab and locate the Volume option. Adjust the video audio volume to louder by moving the slider bar to the right to make the video louder. Hit the OK to confirm it and back to the home interface.

Step 3: Export the video with a louder volume

After adjusting the volume, move to the upper-right side, click and expand the Convert All to dropdown list and choose a proper output format, such as MP4. Confirm or change the destination to save the videos. Finally, click the Convert All button to start boosting video volume and export the video files.

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Way #: Propping Your iPhone To Increase Volume

Being able to increase the volume on your iPhone device is not always about going to the technical part. There are also some ways on how you can improve such as the place where you put your iPhone device.

When you prop your iPhone upside down so that your speakers are at the top, then you will be able to improve the volume of your device. Another thing to improve the volume of your iPhone is by cupping your hands around it. Also, you can put your iPhone device in a conductive area. The sound will go further once that the vibration of your iPhone device can travel through your surfaces such as on wood or a metal surface.

Fix #: Try To Turn On And Turn Off Bluetooth

When you are having a low volume on your iPhone device, here is another way that you can fix it.

  • Step 1: Navigate to Settings and then look for your Bluetooth feature.
  • Step 2: And then, tap on it for you to turn it on.
  • Step 3: After a few minutes, go ahead and toggle it again for you to turn it off.

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Fix #: Check If Your iPhone Is On Silent Mode

There is a chance that you might have put your iPhone device into silent mode by using the small switch found at the side of your iPhone device. If you notice that this switch is close to your screen, then that means that the volume of your iPhone is fine. However, if it is close to the back of your iPhone, then that means that your iPhone is on mute. This switch should not be affecting the sounds of your music but it does affect the ringer of your iPhone device.

How To Change The Whatsapp Sound On An iPhone

Increase The Volume Of Your iPhone Up To 200%

This article was written by Jack Lloyd. Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 8,893 times.

This wikiHow teaches you how to change the sound WhatsApp makes for an incoming message on an iPhone.

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Volume Booster: Bass Boost Me

A straightforward bass booster app, this is clearly one of the best volume booster apps for iPhone. Boost all your media volume right after playing and increase the level up to 1000%. A personal sound amplifier with volume control, this app can simply enhance the audio volume of movies, videos, music, or anything.

  • Boost volume up to 1000% with just one tap
  • Increase sound level meter of all media files of any type
  • Import audio files from cloud storage and via apps to play

A Word Of Warning: Protect Your Ears

Before you implement any of these tipsor just jack up your iPhone volume to the max and pray for the bestkeep in mind that the iPhone, like most audio devices, is capable of playing sounds at a level that, over a sustained period of time, could damage your hearing. So remember: always protect your hearing first. You can find tips and information about hearing health here.

Got all that? Good. Now, heres how you could help give your iPhone a volume boost.

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iPhone Volume Still Too Low Download iPhone Volume Booster Apps

If nothing else works, try a third-party app. Equalizer allows you to customize your playlists to bring out certain elements in music. In much the same way that Late Night works, increasing the bass or vocals means you can tune into your favorite parts easily.

However, some features require payment, and it doesn’t currently work with Apple Music as its developers are locked out of the company’s API. Still, it remains useful, should all else fail.

How To Increase iPhone Sound Volume

Pivot Passive iPhone Amplifier by Jim Simon â MOCO LOCO
  • AmbassadorMy wife just got a new 5c. The sound volume was very low. I checked all the sliders and buttons, but everything looked ok. She has excellent hearing. It sounded to me to be about half the volume of my 5. And I don’t think it’s loud enough. After some research, I discovered that turning on Hearing Aid Mode in Accessibility increases the volume. That worked great for her 5c. I turned it on in my 5 and got better sound. Doing this will disable Phone Noise Cancellation. But both the top and bottom speakers have better sound. I hear who I’m talking to better. This may not be for everyone. But if your hearing is a bit off, you might try it.Sent from from my iPhone 504-07-2014 10:31 AM
  • You shouldn’t have to do that. It’s about just as loud as the 5/5SSent from my Blue iPhone 5C using Tapatalk 04-07-2014 10:32 AM
  • You shouldn’t have to do that. It’s about just as loud as the 5/5SSent from my Blue iPhone 5C using Tapatalk She hears really well. The volume was way too low. A lot lower than my 5. Maybe it’s defective. I have hearing loss. So it helped me. But I may talk to someone from Support and see. The nearest Apple Store is 80 miles away. Sent from from my iPhone 5
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    Clean Your Speaker Grills

    If youre listening to music or taking a call on speakerphone and the volume just doesnt seem loud enough even though you have it jacked to the max, you may want to clean your iPhones speaker grills. This is because the grills can become blocked with dust and lint over time.

    Cleaning your iPhones speaker grills isnt much different than cleaning your iPhones Lightning ports. The best way to clean them is to gently blow into them, which could help scatter loose dust or lint. Another option isVERY VERY GENTLY use a thin sewing needle to gently prod the dust or lint from the speaker grill holes. However, do this with extreme caution so you do not damage your device.

    Change Your iPhones Eq Settings

    The simplest trick to make your music play even louder is by changing the iPhones EQ settings. The EQ settings are off by default. However, you have the option to choose from different settings such as Hip-Hop, Loudness, Flat or Late Night. Select Late Night because it actually tones down loud sounds and turns up quiet ones, which makes music sound louder. Head to Settings app> Music> EQ> Late Night. Once you choose the Late Night; option, you will immediately hear the difference. Try it yourself and see if the trick works.

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    Turn Haptic Feedback Off Or On

  • On supported models, go to Settings ;> Sounds;&;Haptics.

  • Turn System Haptics off or on.

    When System Haptics is off, you wont hear or feel vibrations for incoming calls and alerts.

  • Tip: If youre not receiving incoming calls and alerts when you expect them, open Control Center, then check whether Do Not Disturb is on. If is highlighted, tap it to turn off Do Not Disturb.

    Easiest Way To Increase Video Volume On Pc

    Create PHONE SOUND SYSTEM Amplify Sound AmpMe App

    Though people prefer to take videos with mobile devices, the computer is still the best platform to edit your MP4 and other video files. From this point, you may be looking for the easiest video volume booster for your PC. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the best option since it provides extensive useful features, such as:

    • Adjust audio and other parameters of your videos simply.
    • Protect and optimize video and audio quality while editing.
    • Include a wide range of custom options and editing tools.
    • Support almost all video and audio formats including MP4.
    • Batch process multiple videos at the same time.

    In short, it is the easiest way to increase volume of MP4 and other video files on your desktop.

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    Get Rid Of The Unneeded Parts

    It is not necessary to use the entire track; if desired, you can cut it on both sides. To do this, move the mouse pointer over the beginning or end of the track and, when the double red arrow appears, drag it in.

    To move a track along the scale, left-click somewhere in the middle of the track and move it to the right or left. Focus on the blue bar. Add more music themes to the timeline as needed. Now scroll to the very end. If the audio track is longer than the visual sequence, it will have to be cut because when the video or images are finished, the audio will continue to play against the background of a blank screen. To avoid this, click on the endpoint of the last audio track and drag it to the left until it matches the last clip in the first track.

    This is how the endings of both tracks should look so that the visual and musical content of the movie ends at the same time.

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