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How To Get Sim Card Out Of iPhone 11

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When Should You Remove Your Sim Card

How to Insert & Remove Sim Card iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max

Some people think that removing your SIM card makes your phone untraceable. In truth, your phone can usually be tracked even without a SIM card in place.

You should remove your SIM card if you want to move it to a new phone, or need to return it to your service provider. If you’ve been issued a new SIM card, you’ll also need to remove and replace the old one.

Additionally, if you’re going to be sending in your phone for repairs, take 30 seconds to remove your SIM card. SIM cards aren’t expensive, but they do contain personal data that could lead to costly problems if you lose the card or it falls into the hands of a scammer.

If you’ve gotten a new SIM card and a new phone, you should still remove your old SIM card. Keeping it inserted means that anyone who calls your old number will still make your old phone ring.

Removing the SIM card will disable your ability to make calls, use mobile internet, and send or receive SMS text messages. On an iPhone this isn’t always a problem, as you can still connect to Wi-Fi and use it to send iMessages but at that point, you may as well buy an iPod Touch.

How To Change/replace Sim Card In An iPhone

Your iPhone might not recognize your new SIM card because you didnt install it in the correct orientation, or its facing the wrong way. This malfunction is common in China, where iPhones have custom nano-sims. All you need to do is follow the steps for removing your iPhones SIM card but in reverse order.

  • Open the SIM tray and take out the card.
  • Insert the SIM card into the tray in the same orientation as the one you took out.
  • Press down firmly, so all the new SIM card corners lay flat against the SIM tray.
  • Push the SIM tray back into the phone, ensuring that all of its sides are flush against the outside body after you insert the tray.
  • iPhone 1: How To Add/remove Sim Card

    Andrew Myrick October 24, 2020

    With the iPhone 12 making its way to the masses, there are about to be a boatload of excited Apple fans. Bringing a refreshing design, paired with the fastest mobile processor and cameras that can rival a DSLR camera, the iPhone 12 has a lot to offer.


    But unless you plan on turning the iPhone 12 into a paperweight or a rather expensive iPod Touch, youll want to get your SIM card installed. If you went through your carrier, then you wont have to do anything in terms of removing the card from its housing. Instead, youll just need to power it on and follow the activation instructions.

    Maybe you purchased the iPhone outright from Apple, or received it from someone else on a different account. Nonetheless, youll want to get your own SIM card installed into the iPhone 12 ASAP so you can enjoy Apples latest flagship iPhone. Heres how you can add or remove the SIM card from your iPhone 12.

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    How Do I Remove Sim Card From iPhone Without Pin

    You can remove the SIM card without a pin by following these steps.

    1) Remove the back cover of your iPhone.2) Remove the SIM card tray from its slot in the phones motherboard.3) Take out the SIM card tray, and put it into a plastic bag or container to protect it from damage.4) Use a paperclip to press on one of the gold contacts that are on either side of the SIM card tray, and then

    Once Youve Removed The Sim Card From Your Phone Without Tray:

    How to Remove and Replace a SIM Card in Your iPhone 4 ...

    1. Clean both sides of the Sim Card with a dry cloth or anti-static tissue paper.

    2. One side of the sim card may have some adhesive residue left on it. Wipe this away with a dry cloth or anti-static tissue paper as well and make sure to clean both sides of the sim card until there is no sign of any dirt, dust, or lint on either one.

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    Plenty Of Tiny Objects Do The Trick On The iPhone

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    • Hands down the best non-standard tool: a paper clip.
    • Next best non-standard ejector tool: a safety pin.
    • To reveal SIM tray, unfold a paper clip and stick the straight side in ejector hole until tray slides out.

    This article explains how to open an iPhone SIM card without an ejector tool. Instructions in this article apply to all iPhone models.

    What Can I Use To Remove The Sim Card From An iPhone

    Be careful when looking for an alternative for a missing Apple SIM card pin. If you damage your iPhones card tray, the repair cost could be in the hundreds of dollars, which is why hundreds of replacement pins are available for cheap on Amazon. Here are some alternative pins you could use around the house, which many professional phone technicians use as well.

    Check out these SIM eject tool alternatives.

    Uncurl a small paperclip

    Not all iPhones have SIM ejector holes of the same size, but most of the time, the edge of a small, uncurled tool or paperclip is all you would need to do the trick.

    Some paper clips have a thicker girth to hold a lot of paper together. Pick a smaller one, so it can fit into the SIM ejection hole without needing a lot of force. Also, use a paperclip that does not have a PVC coating as it can peel off in tight spaces and give you another headache.

    Locate the SIM tray. uncurl the paper clip and point the long end into the ejection hole of your iPhone. Your card should come out without much difficulty.

    Use a safety pin

    Safety pins, like paper clips, can vary in size and circumference, to get the right fit use the smallest one you can find. They can bend pretty easily, so make sure youre gently applying force correctly when pushing them down the SIM card ejection hole.


    Try Staples and Mechanical Pencils

    Industrial staples are available at any office supply store, and you can find mechanical pencils with thicker lead virtually anywhere.

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    What Can You Transfer With A Sim Card

    These days, SIM Cards have an internal storage of up to 256 KB, which means they can store hundreds of contacts. Therefore, a lot of people prefer storing their contacts on SIM cards as well . This makes it easier for them to move SIM card to new iPhone without losing their contacts.

    Note: The feature to export contacts from phone storage to a SIM card is only available on Android devices. Presently, we can only import contacts from SIM to iOS devices.

    Step 1: Export contacts to SIM card

    If you have an Android device, then you can just go to its Contacts app, and tap on the hamburger icon to get its âSettingsâ or âManage Contactsâ option. From here, go to the Contacts feature > Import/Export Contacts and choose to export contacts to your SIM.

    Step 2: Import contacts to iPhone

    For transferring SIM card to new iPhone, you need to carefully eject it from your old device. You can use a SIM ejector tool to take out the tray and insert it to your iPhone. Once the SIM card is injected, go to your iPhoneâs Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap on the âImport SIM Contactsâ button. Just confirm your choice and move your contacts from the inserted SIM card to your iPhone storage.

    How to Import Contacts from Sim to the iPhone 13?

    Update Your Wireless Carrier Settings Preferably Using Itunes On A Computer

    iPhone 11 HOW TO: Insert / Remove a SIM Card [Easy Method]

    Plug your iPhone into your computer and open iTunes. I recommend using iTunes because before it upgrades your iPhone, iTunes will automatically check if a wireless carrier settings update is available for your iPhone, and if there is, iTunes will ask if youd like to install it.

    Alternatively, you can go to Settings -> General -> About on your iPhone to install the wireless carrier settings update, but there isnt a button to check. Your iPhone will automatically check for the update and a screen will appear after a few seconds if an update is available. I believe that using iTunes to check is more reliable, however, because network issues may prevent your iPhone from connecting to the update server.

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    Anything Else You Need To Know

    Nope, that pretty much covers everything you need to know about extracting a SIM from an iPhone when youve lost the ejector tool. One cool tip, however, so as to ensure you dont lose the ejector tool again is to put it in your wallet or purse. We started doing this years ago and we havent lost one since. Just make sure that you take it out when you switch wallets.

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    How To Install iPhone 11 Sim Card

    So in order to do this you will need the SIM ejection tool that inside the Box.

    1.With the Sim Ejection tool in hand go ahead and turn off the iPhone .

    2.Now look to the right side you should see a Small hole.

    3.Go ahead and insert the SIM Ejection tool into the hole, small end first.

    4.Now apply a liberal amount of pressure directly down keep the tool as straight as possible.

    5.The SIM tray will come right up. Get a Nano-SIM and insert it into the tray. Pay close attention to the orientation natch as the SIM only goes in one way. After affixing it go ahead and insert it once more back in place.

    The section with the hole should point down. Thats it power up your phone again and it should work.

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    How To Put The Sim Card In Your iPhone 13

    Well show how you can insert your SIM card into your iPhone 13 in just a few simple steps and without any chance of damaging your device. So, do the following.

    1. Take a look at the left-hand edge of your iPhone 13.

    2. You should see the SIM card tray below the ‘Volume’ buttons.

    3. Now, find a paper clip or a SIM-eject tool. Dont use anything too sharp.

    4. Push the tool into the small hole on the bottom edge of the SIM card tray.

    5. Push firmly but dont force it. The SIM card tray should pop out.

    6. Now, place your SIM card into the tray. It will fit only one way.

    7. And finally, use your finger to push the tray back into the phone. Thats it!

    Activate iPhone Without Sim Card

    How to remove or switch your iPhone SIM card

    When you start setting up iPhone, it will come up with No SIM Card or SIM Required pop-up, as soon as it gets connected to your WiFi Network.

    In case of Newer iPhones , the No SIM Card pop-up can be easily dismissed and the remaining Setup process completed, without inserting a SIM Card.

    In case of older iPhones , you will see SIM Required pop-up, which cannot be dismissed and prevents you from completing the setup process.

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    How To Fix The No Sim Error

    If you have removed and reinserted your sim card correctly in the tray and it is still displaying No Sim, there could be a number of possibilities as to why this is occurring. Just follow our steps below, this problem can be tackled in no time.

  • Turn on/off Airplane mode A simple reset of your network connections can easily solve the problem just swipe up the control centre of your iPhone and press the airplane sign to turn on and again to switch off.
  • Test your device with a different sim card If you have a spare sim card lying around, you can check if it is just your sim card alone that is faulty. Use the steps above to remove and place the sim card inside the tray. If this solves the trick, you may need to get in touch with your network carrier and arrange for a new sim card to be sent to you.
  • Clean your sim card slot Progressive dirt and moisture may have found its way into your sim tray/card slot and its important that this area is clear from dust as this will cause your sim to not be detected. To clean the sim tray, put some isopropyl on a lightly bristled toothbrush and gently rub this into the slot. If you have a can of compressed air to hand, blow this directly into the slot to remove any dirt or dust that has nestled.
  • Inspect The Sim Card Sim Tray And Inside Your iPhone

    Take a close look at the SIM Card and SIM Tray for any damage. If theyre dusty, wipe them off with a soft damp cloth, but be sure theyre completely dry before reinserting them into your iPhone.

    Next, check if the SIM tray is bent, as even a tiny misalignment can cause the SIM card to not fully connect with the internal contacts in your iPhone.

    Finally, use a flashlight to take a look for any debris inside the SIM tray opening. If theres gunk in there, try to blow it out with some compressed air.

    A Note About Liquid Damage

    If you have an iPhone 5 or newer, youll see a white circle sticker if you look closely inside the SIM tray opening. That sticker is one liquid contact indicator that Apple techs use to determine whether your iPhone has come into contact with water. If that white sticker has a red dot in the middle, it means that sticker has gotten wet at some point, and water damage can sometimes cause the No SIM issue but not always. Remember that while the SIM card is resilient to water, the internals of the iPhone are not.

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    How To Move Sim Card To New iPhone 13

    Transferring SIM card to new iPhone 13 is extremely simple and you should not encounter any issue if you have a SIM ejector tool. You can find the SIM ejector tool in your iPhoneâs package or use a pin otherwise. Just place your old device first and take out its SIM tray with a tool. You can consider cleaning the SIM card with a dry cotton cloth.

    Again, take the SIM ejector tool and use it to press a tiny hole that you can find on the side of the iOS device. This will take out the SIM tray from the iPhone. You can simply place the SIM card in the marked positions on the tray and insert it again to your iOS device. In no time, it will automatically be detected and you can see the displayed network on the top.

    Note: Check the SIM cardâs size

    While switching SIM card to new iPhone, please note that the size of the SIM card should be compatible. Ideally, there are three different sizes for a SIM card â standard, micro, and nano. All the new iPhone 13 models use the nano-sized SIM cards . You can just push your SIM card to get the nano-sized SIM slot or get it in the right size using a SIM cutter tool.

    What Do You Do If Your Sim Card Doesnt Come Out

    INSERT/ REMOVE SIM Card iPhone 11, Pro & Max

    Use a paper clip or ejection tool to press the eject button and ideally the tray will function again. If this fails, turn the phone upside down so the tray is facing the ground and press the ejection button several times. Adhesives are one low risk option that can help guide the tray out of the phone.

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    Apple: How To Remove The Sim Card From iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max

    Apple makes it easy to insert or remove a SIM card from an iPhone 11, Pro, or Pro Max smartphone. In fact, it can be done in just a few easy steps.

    Apple makes it very easy to insert or remove a SIM card on an iPhone 11, Pro or Pro Max. It is possible to use any of these iPhone models without a SIM card, if connected to WiFi, and access any of the apps that do not require cell reception. However, if a connection to a cellular network is required then a SIM card will have to be inserted into the iPhone 11 device. For example, a SIM card is needed to use apps like WhatsApp or to use cellular services like receiving or sending SMS, and making or receiving phone calls. A SIM card is also needed to subscribe and use mobile data.

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    How To Remove The Sim Card From An iPhone Or Cellular iPad

    All iPhones and iPads with cellular have a slot on their sides that houses the Subscriber Identity Module card provided by your mobile carrier. The SIM card enables your device to access the carrier’s network and use voice and data services. If you plan to switch mobile network carriers or have upgraded to a new iPhone, you’ll need to remove the SIM card. Keep reading to learn how.

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    How To Remove The Sim Card From Your iPhone 13

    As you can imagine, to remove the SIM card from your iPhone, you need to repeat the steps you took while putting it in. To avoid any confusion, here are the steps you need to take.

    1. Once again, check the left-hand edge of your iPhone 13.

    2. Use a SIM-eject tool or a paper clip to access the SIM tray.

    3. Once you push into the opening, the SIM card tray should pop out of your iPhone.

    4. Feel free to remove the SIM tray and take out your SIM card.

    5. Finally, either change a new SIM card or return the tray empty into your iPhone.

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