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Whats New About The iPhone 12

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Create Your Own Animoji Memoji

iOS 15.1 Released – What’s New?

Everybody was counting on an announcement on Animojis, especially Apple X owners, and Apple did not disappoint. You can make your own animoji that suits your personality. Introduced by the name of Memoji, this new kind of animoji can be customized down to the shades of your glasses. With the new Tongue detection feature of iOS 12, your animoji can stick out his/her tongue when you do. Four new animoji characters have been introduced in the form of T-Rex, Ghost, Koala, and Tiger.

iPhone 12 Review: Cameras

Judging from the outside, you wouldnt think a whole lot has changed in the camera department for the iPhone 12. The dual-lens rear shooters are arranged in a similar fashion as they were for 2019, and both of the wide and ultrawide optics are backed by 12-megapixel sensors.

Dont let your eyes deceive you, however, as upgrades have been made. The primary camera in particular benefits from a 7-element design with an /1.6 aperture, the largest at the time in an iPhone. The upshot of both of these changes is a 27% improvement in low-light performance, which, coupled with advancements to Smart HDR and Deep Fusion, should translate to more detail in even the least favorable conditions.

So lets begin, then, with a couple of Night Mode shots that illustrate what a years worth of improvements have done for the iPhones low-light performance. Both of these photos make for dramatic, stunning night scenes, but the iPhone 12s rendition is slightly sharper across the board, with more lifelike hues inside the shadow-clad brick and better sensitivity to specular highlights, evident in the way the brick picks up the light from the lamps above. Still, the iPhone 11 Pro doesnt lose out by much at all to the newer handset.

Rounding out this fall-themed photo op is a pair of portraits of my colleague Jesse, taken with the iPhone 12 and Pixel 5. Interestingly, the iPhone 12 defaults to a more pulled-out perspective for portraits than the Pixel 5, which automatically applies some cropping.

iPhone 12 Review: Display

The iPhone 11s LCD display was unquestionably the Achilles’ heel of Apples entry-level premium iPhones, but the iPhone 12 alleviates that. Its all thanks to a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display that matched what you got in the iPhone 12 Pro.

This panel packs a 2532×1170 resolution, making for a dramatic increase in the clarity of on-screen content compared to the iPhone 11s dated 1792×898 display. Its also HDR10 rated, allowing you to watch any videos recorded with the devices Dolby Vision-equipped rear camera the way they were intended to be seen.

Watching the trailer for the Monster Hunter film that really looks as though it never should have been made, I at least came away pleased by the fidelity of the scales, horns and teeth on a Black Diablos glinting in the desert sun. The black smoke from an explosion also contrasted heavily against the otherwise bright daylight scene in a way that wouldnt have looked nearly as alluring on the iPhone 11s LCD panel, with its inability to display true black.

The iPhone 12s screen still isnt perfect, and the reason why is clear to anyone who has used a recent Galaxy, Pixel or OnePlus phone for any length of time. Following months of rumors suggesting the opposite, Apple decided to forgo high refresh-rate displays on the entire iPhone 12 line, which have actually become quite common in the flagship smartphone space over the past year.

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iPhone 12 Pro And 12 Pro Max: Performance

In terms of performance, the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max run on the A14 Bionic chip, which is the latest piece of silicon from Apple. It builds upon the 5nm process, and according to the company, offers up to 50 percent better CPU and GPU performance than some of the other smartphone chipsets. To run you through specs, the A14 features 16-core Neural Engine, which claims up to an 80 percent increase in ML performance by offering close to 11 trillion operations per second.

Moving from the processor to the other major highlight of the iPhone 12 series, 5G connectivity, the new phones come with support for millimeter-waves that promise up to 4Gbps of speeds. The support for faster connectivity allows for better download and upload speeds, as well as improves the cellular performance of other apps and services.

Where To Buy The Apple iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Pro Gold : Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, 128GB, Gold

Apple iPhones are generally widely available from a range of retailers. First and foremost, you can order directly from Apple.com. Apple is offering the phones from carriers and unlocked and will ship directly to your house if you wish. Alternatively, you can order for in-store pickup.

Apple also offers the phone via other retailers, including Best Buy. Ordering from Best Buy requires a carrier activation when you checkout, so keep that in mind before placing your order. Pricing depends on your carrier of choice.

If youd rather buy directly from a carrier, you have that option. AT& T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless all offer the iPhone 12 family with various deals in place.

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Where To Get iPhone 12 In Bangladesh

If you want to buy an official device, then you can visit iStore. There are three outlets of this Apple-authorized store in Dhaka. You have alternatives also. Several gadget shops in Bangladesh provide official Apple devices with a modest price group.

We do not encourage our users to buy unauthorized devices, but you can buy actually if you are already done with the case study of unauthorized mobile phones. Though you can purchase at a bit lower price but remember that, they wont provide an official warranty.

iPhone 12 Price And Alternatives In Bangladesh

Dont you think so, with these 4 special devices, Apple is competing with thyself? The company has also kept variations in price groups by launching these devices. This means people will talk with Apple with their wallets. In other words, they will pick the iPhone they can afford. Besides, Apple has their old phones available in their store at a bit lower price also.

Lets dive into the android world. In Bangladesh, most people are used to android devices because they can easily afford the cost and the availability of the parts. As far as the price range goes, the iPhone mini will face a head to head competition with One Plus 8, Galaxy s20 FE, and Google Pixel 5.

If you are looking for iPhone 12 , then the current alternative in this segment can be the One Plus 8 Pro.

Though the series has not officially announced in Bangladesh yet, according to some gadget websites and unofficial selling prices, we can predict the approximate price range:


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iPhone 12 Review: Video

Apple went all in on 4K HDR video recording with the iPhone 12 line. Like the iPhone 12 and Pro Max, the regular iPhone 12 can record Dolby Vision video, albeit only at 30 frames per second to the Pro models 60. Dolby Vision is a type of HDR encoding that goes beyond the standard HDR10 format to provide superior color depth, while ensuring a consistent visual presentation as closely aligned to the source material as possible, no matter where or how the content is viewed.

It may be hard to visualize, but trust us on this one the difference is immediately clear when observing the same content side-by-side in HDR and SDR. I recorded a short video in a park as the sun descended behind the trees, and the gap in contrast in each instance was eye-opening. For one, the sky was markedly brighter in the Dolby Vision capture, and I could actually make out individual leaves and trees reflecting the sun. These aspects were faded, washed out and obscured in the SDR take, and as someone who has been using an iPhone 11 Pro for video for the better part of a year, I had no idea what Id been missing.

Now, to be fair, the iPhone 12 is far from the only smartphone out there that can shoot HDR video. However, it is the only Dolby Vision-certified one, and I can definitely say that HDR video Ive shot on our Galaxy S20 Plus has never looked anywhere near as good unedited as what the iPhone 12 churns out by default.

What Kind Of Battery Life Do You Get With The iPhone 12 Series

reorganize my iphone with me whats on my iphone 12 pro

Given the different sizes and battery capacities of the iPhone 12 devices, youll understandably get different battery life experiences. As enticing as its compact size might be, the biggest downside of getting the iPhone 12 Mini is its small battery.

It managed a full day of use with around five hours of screen-on time, which isnt great, and certainly not as good as what you get with the larger phones. Its not going to be particularly power-efficient either, since it packs the A14 processor. Its perhaps the biggest trade-off when picking up the smaller phone.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro come with the same 2,815mAh battery, and unsurprisingly, offer similar battery life. In his reviews, David got very close to six hours of screen-on time with both, with about a day and a half of use.

At the higher-end of the battery life spectrum is the iPhone 12 Pro Max with its 3,687mAh unit. In his testing, David saw nearly eight hours of screen on time and two entire days of use with the large phone. The excellent battery life is just one reason the Pro Max is the best of the lot.

Of course, theres the whole controversy surrounding the fact that while Apple includes a USB-C to lightning cable in the box, theres no actual charger. Youll have to buy your own USB-C charger separately if you dont already have one. Apple sells one too, for $19.

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iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 1: What’s New

A new challenger

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To upgrade or not upgrade, that is the question. It’s a yearly inner conflict many of us have to deal with every time Apple unveils its latest device – the iPhone 13 is no different. At first glance, it’s very easy to be swayed by the new improvements, add-ons, shiny colours and tempting new features laid out by Tim Cook and fellow Apple colleagues. But there’s so much more that needs to be taken into consideration before considering whether to go ahead.

Namely, how the iPhone 13 stacks up against its predecessor, the iPhone 12. After all, that was the hot, new toy only 12 months ago with our review calling it “excellent in almost every way.” That said, the iPhone 13 looks to be a step up once again, offering lots of incentives for people willing to make the jump. To break this down, it’s easier to match these two titans against one another to see how these specs really stack up.

Note: Four new iPhone models were announced – iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max – however, we will be strictly focusing on the standard models for this comparison.

iPhone 1: 5g Vs Magsafe Which Is The Best New Feature

  • Future-proof with 5G connectivity
  • Although 5G isn’t useful for everyone right now
  • New MagSafe tech brings a variety of new accessories and uses

While were going to go into the more nuanced upgrades in the iPhone 12 compared to previous models later in this review, there are two key changes for 2020’s model that will likely attract your attention.

The bad news is that neither are likely to feel hugely impressive just yet.

The headline feature for the iPhone 12 is that it now supports 5G, and with more compatibility to connect to the speedy 5G networks than many other phones, including the lightning-fast, but limited-range, mmW standard in the US… when theyre deployed.

The idea of being able to browse almost instantaneously, download faster and stream in higher quality sounds appealing – but the issue right now is that you cant access 5G easily outside of large cities and even then, its not complete coverage.

Also, 4G speeds on our current phones are still fast enough for most of us, thanks very much. The experience of streaming Netflix and Spotify is perfectly acceptable, and making things that much faster feels more like a curious luxury than a must-have feature right now. Need for speed? More of a yeah, itd be alright notion for motion.

Its not easy to add 5G connectivity to a smartphone design the components are more expensive, and space in the chassis is at a premium.

Front camera: 12MPBattery: N/A

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iPhone 12 Review: Verdict

Im of two minds about the iPhone 12. Theres no question this is a great phone overall, and many of the changes Apple has made to its most popular iPhone are for the better. The new Super Retina XDR panel is a phenomenal improvement over the disappointing LCD panels in previous models at this price, even if it lacks a high refresh rate. And the design, MagSafe system and excellent dual-camera system all earn the iPhone 12 high marks.

But Apples resistance to change in key areas is still disappointing. Practically every major phone maker has stopped being stingy with base storage. The fact the iPhone 12 still only starts with 64GB is borderline criminal, especially in light of the iPhone 13’s expanded storage.

In fact, some should opt for the iPhone 13 instead , even though the iPhone 12 costs less. The iPhone 13 delivers faster performance, better cameras, and a smaller notch, plus longer battery life. But two years after its arrival, the iPhone 12 is still worth buying if you’re on a tight budget.

Earpods And Power Adapter Controversy

The iPhone 12 Pro is overkill. Why the new regular iPhone 12 is the ...

Apple, claiming an environmental initiative, has removed the EarPods and power adapter from all new iPhone boxes, including the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. It is claimed that removing these items would reduce e-waste and permit a smaller iPhone box, allowing more devices to be transported simultaneously to decrease carbon footprint. Apple now includes a USB-C to Lightning cable, incompatible with the existing USB-A power adapters that Apple previously supplied with its devices. Users can still use their existing USB-A power adapters and cables, but must purchase a USB-C power adapter sold separately to enable fast charging.

In December 2020, a Brazilian consumer rights watchdog Procon-SP Foundation requested Apple to provide proof that not including chargers is beneficial to the environment. The watchdog argues that Apple removing the charger is anti-consumer and wants to force the company to include one as it claims the charger is an essential component.

Apple also went into controversy after people found out that Apple removed the charger to save costs, and not to save the environment.

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iPhone And The Environment

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are designed with the following features to reduce their environmental impact.17 See the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini Product Environmental Reports

Made with better materials

  • 100% recycled tungsten in the Taptic Engine, representing 99% of the tungsten in the device
  • 100% recycled rare earth elements in all magnets, representing 98% of the rare earth elements in the device
  • 100% recycled tin in the solder of the main logic board
  • 35% or more recycled plastic in multiple components

Energy efficient

  • Meets U.S. Department of Energy requirements for battery charger systems18

Smarter chemistry19

  • Mercury-, BFR-, PVC-, and beryllium-free

Green manufacturing

  • Apples Zero Waste Program helps suppliers eliminate waste sent to landfill
  • All final assembly supplier sites are transitioning to 100% renewable energy for Apple production

Responsible packaging

  • 100% of virgin wood fiber comes from responsibly managed forests
  • 90% or more fiberbased packaging

Apple and the EnvironmentWere committed to making our products without taking from the earth, and to become carbon neutral across our entire business, including products, by 2030. See Apples commitment

* To identify your iPhone model number, see support.apple.com/kb/HT3939. For details on 5G and LTE support, contact your carrier and see apple.com/iphone/cellular. Cellular technology support is based on iPhone model number and configuration for either CDMA or GSM networks.

  • Wireless chargers sold separately.
  • Whats New In The iPhone 12 Series

    The iPhone 12 series has come with the new A14 Bionic Chip. This faster chip gets only a 5nm process, allowing Apple to put 11.8 billion transistors in its heart. There are 2 high-performance cores, 4 efficiency cores, and Apple Neural Engine inside the chip. By the time the graphical performance is 50% faster than the last edition.

    Each device of this series holds a Super Retina XDR OLED display, which Apple is calling Ceramic Shield. The OLED technology is offering an average brightness of 625 nits and can be up to 1200 nits. Apple is also claiming that the new display protection technology they are using is 4 times break-resistant than the gorilla glass technology. The whole line-up also supports Dolby Vision and HDR video formats.

    Lets talk about MagSafe now. Apple has given a re-birth to its charging era by introducing the new convenient wireless charging technology named MagSafe. However, Apple has already used this one on Macbooks before. Well, the mechanism remains the same. The iPhone 12 series range features magnets in their back that align the phones with wireless chargers.

    The whole line-up has arrived with iOS 14 that brings numerous exciting features to iPhone users. Like, they can have more creative control over their home screen because, like Android, home screen widgets are now available on iPhone. Holding all these features, the series could take part in the highest-selling mobile phones in our country.

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