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Will iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Fit iPhone 11

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Will My iPhone Xr Case Fit An iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max does fit the Apple Smart Battery case meant for the XS Max, but…

To check whether a case made for another iPhone will fit your new iPhone, you need to check the specifications of each phone. This includes the length and width as well as the placement of side buttons and the camera.

When you compare the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 models, the two are the same thickness, width, and height. This is a good start.

Dont get too excited yet. The tricky thing about the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro cases is that they take into account the unusual camera of the iPhone 11. The camera on the 11s creates a much more significant bump than other iPhones.

This unusual camera of the iPhone 11 requires a deeper case than what the iPhone XR case can provide. The only variation of cases you could use for the iPhone 11 is the iPhone 11 Pro Max cases or 11 Pro cases.

Can The iPhone 11 Fit The iPhone 12/pro Magsafe Silicon Cases

I was wishing if my iPhone 11 could also had a magnet to stick to the magsafe wireless charger, but since thats not the case, so i was wondering if i could buy a 12 series case and put my 11 in it!! I know my question looks simple and easy to say a BIG NO, but Im wondering about this because there are some cases that look like for 12 but fits the 11 and are called 11 to 12 converter case, example and also because 11 and 12/Pro have same size of 6.1 inch which gives me more positivity to think it might fit!!

So if it fits Im really willing to buy the 12 series MagSafe case from Apple, I know the edges are different but i dont want the flat edged case to go along curved edges of the iPhone 11, I just want it to fit snugly and dont wobble around and feels protected!!

I really request anyone here having both the iPhone 11 and 12 to practically do it and test out if it fits, because I dont have an iPhone 12 but only have the 12 Pro Max and tested with 11 Pro Max but thats easy to tell it wont fit because of size difference and it actually didnt fit!!

Id really appreciate the help and maybe Ill give some free gift to the best answer, and thats for sure will be of some use to them..

A More Protective Option: Speck Presidio Pro

*At the time of publishing, the price was $17.

Who its for: Someone who tends to drop their phone a lot or is just a little more paranoid about damage.

Why its great: No case can guarantee it will save your phone from damage in every situation, and many of the options that promise a higher level of protection are ugly, expensive, or both. Specks Presidio Pro represents a good compromise: It stands up better to drops than a more basic case but doesnt look overengineered, and the price isnt unreasonable.

The Presidio Pro is a single-piece case with two layers: a plastic, matte-finish exterior case and a rubber lining with shock-absorbent air pockets around the perimeter. Together, these two elements help absorb more shock than a thinner or simpler case might. Speck promises 13-foot drop protection, up from 10 feet on the 2018 models. Also new for the iPhone 11series cases, Speck has integrated an antimicrobial agent into the plastic of the case to help kill germs on the case Speck claims it reduces bacteria by 99 percent. Whether that truly matters is up in the airphones are dirty, but is having a slightly cleaner phone really going to make a difference in your life?but it certainly doesnt hurt. And if you frequently hand your phone over to a 5-year-old who is demanding to watch Paw Patrol, you may appreciate some extra germ-stopping power.

Available colors: black/black, filigree grey/slate grey, Bali blue/skyline blue, coastal blue/black, parrot pink/chiffon pink

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Will iPhone 11 Cases Fit iPhone 12

What of iPhone 11 fitting in an iPhone 12 case? The design language and features of these two phones are different, so is their size. The iPhone 11 is curvy, while its twin is flat-edged. That makes the two incompatible.

The Apple iPhone 11 is also larger than the iPhone 12, meaning that it cannot fit in its case. If you try putting the iPhone 11 into an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro Case, youll observe that the case begins to bend and twist.

However, they share similar screen sizes. Both have a 6.1-inch screen. The design, though, is different, and that means they cant fit in each others case. The Apple iPhone 11 case cant fit an iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 different design makes it hard to fit into most cases. If you put it into an iPhone 11 case, the fit is too loose and doesnt line up completely. The buttons dont line up, and the camera part doesnt fit. So, an iPhone 11 case its not the same size as the iPhone 12.

Hovik Slim Fit Shell Hard Protective Case

CoverON Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Liquid Glitter Bling ...

Hoviks ultra-thin case tightly hugs your iPhone and provides excellent protection without adding any bulk. If you have deep pockets , you can slip your phone in pockets or purse. This case has an anti-fingerprint soft surface along with extraordinary grip and soft touch.

To protect your premium device, Hovik has used advanced hard plastic in this case, which can endure drops. Its 0.5mm raised edges around the camera lens protect the lenses of your iPhone. This case is compatible with other iPhone accessories like screen protectors, wireless headphones, earbuds, and wireless chargers.

USP: Advanced hard plastic

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Your Old Case Won’t Fit Because Of That Cool New Camera

The main, primary reason why your old cases won’t fit the new iPhone 11 Pro Max is because of the new triple lens camera system. This new camera has three lenses in a triangular formation inside of a square-shaped bump on the back. The dual-lens pill-like shape cutout on previous iPhone XS Max cases will be covering up the new Ultra-Wide camera unless you try something like cutting out a piece of the case to fit the new camera, but that would be ugly.

The new camera system on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 12MP and has Wide, Telephoto, and Ultra-Wide lenses that all work together for a naturally seamless experience when taking photos and shooting video. With the Ultra-Wide lens, you’ll be able to zoom all the way out to capture even more of a scene.

Will The Old iPhone 11 Case Fit An iPhone 12 Pro Max

If youve decided to buy the iPhone 12 big brother, iPhone 12 Pro Max, can you save money for the case by using the one for an iPhone 11? The answer is NO. That would be a mistake. Yes, buying a new Apple phone can be costly, but it wont be possible to reuse your older phone case.

The iPhone 11 6.1-inch screen makes it physically bigger than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Thus, an iPhone 11 case cannot fit into an iPhone 12 Pro Max case.

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Will The iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Fit An iPhone 12 Pro Max

Saving money is nice, especially if youre spending big dollar bucks on a new phone, and some of these new phones can sure cost a pretty penny.

Unfortunately, if youre hoping to snag an iPhone 11 Pro Max case at a discount now that the phone is not part of the lineup and have plans to fit it to a 12 Pro Max, you might want to hold off.

While the bump is the same shape, the phones arent quite the same size, and so an iPhone 12 Pro Max wont fit into an iPhone 11 Pro Max case.

A Superthin Case We Like: Caudabe Veil

Spigen thin fit For iPhone 11 pro max

Who its for: People who are more concerned about scratches than drops, or who are willing to sacrifice drop protection to get a case that adds very little bulk to their phone.

Why its great: We really think the extra weight and thickness of the cases we list above are worth tolerating for the protection they offer. But if you simply want a case thats as thin as possible to help mitigate the possibility of scratches on your iPhone, or to change how the surface feels, go with Caudabes Veil. Its nearly identical to other popular ultrathin cases, but the slightly rougher texture helps it provide more grip than others. And a little more grip is a big help with a case that might not provide as much drop protection as a thicker option.

The Veil is simply a plastic skin that mirrors the iPhones curves, terminating where the screen meets the frame. So although it protects the rear glass and metal sides, it has no lip to prevent damage to the display. The benefit is that the case adds an almost imperceptible amount of thickness0.02 inchand weighs only a tenth of an ounce. Its the closest you can come to not having a case while still having a case.

Caudabe offers a one-year warranty on the Veil, which is half the coverage that other ultrathin cases come with. But that warranty allows for two claims whereas others limit you to just one, and the company will ship a new case out to you with just a bit of proof. And the case itself costs $10 less than the competition.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases

There are a couple of ways to know that summer is winding down and fall is upon us.

Football season is back in full swing, pumpkin spice everything is finally available, and the folks at Apple make waves in the technology world by releasing the latest and greatest iPhone devices for which you will want the best iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases.

For a couple of years now, the new iPhones have felt a little bit lackluster and like a more evolutionary upgrade as opposed to a revolutionary leap forward.

The same cannot be said about the iPhone 11 line especially the new iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This flagship phone from the folks at Apple shatters expectations by introducing amazing new hardware, beautiful design, and the latest version of iOS iOS 13 designed to squeeze every drop of power and performance out of this new smart phone.

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Major New Camera Upgrades

The new camera bump on the iPhone 11 Pro Max changes absolutely EVERYTHING about the way this phone takes pictures and video.

This top-tier model gets a third camera lens on the back , each of which have 12 megapixel sensors, ultra wide options, and two times optical zoom lenses built right in.

On top of that, however, these new cameras are all designed to work in conjunction with one another to provide jaw-dropping photos right out of the box. 4K video is also effortless to capture straightaway with the new iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Thanks to the underlying photo and video editing software as well as the camera software itself you dont have to be anything close to a professional photographer or videographer to get professional results.

Lowlight photo performance has been improved significantly, overall 4K video capture has been streamlined from top to bottom, and youre still photographs captured with the new iPhone are going to blow your mind even before you think about editing them with filters or throwing them on social media.

Otterbox Strada Series iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Spigen iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Thin Fit Midnight Green ...


This is a fashionable option to safeguard your iPhone. It is shrouded in a challenging polycarbonate shell and complements a leather layer. The leather material expands to the folio case, which is kept in place utilizing a magnetic clasp.

All of those components assist you in protecting your iPhone from all sides. Moreover, there are two interior slots to put your credit cards.

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Best Leather Case: Apple Leather Case

*At the time of publishing, the price was $45.

Apple doesnt make a leather case for the iPhone 11. Mujjos Full Leather Case isnt quite as good as the one Apple makes for the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, but it is the best youll find for the 11. The design is similar enough that you could fairly call it a knockoff: slightly rough-textured but still supple leather on the outside, microfiber on the inside, and an open bottom edge. Where the Mujjo case falls short is in the button covers, which are molded into the leather instead of metal accents. This makes pressing the buttons feel a bit squishier. Even so, nothing beats the slim design and understated looks.

Will iPhone 11 Pro Cases Fit The iPhone 11 Pro Max

Will iPhone 11 Pro cases fit the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Quick answer: No, and iPhone 11 Pro case will not fit the iPhone 11 Pro Max because they are different sized phones.

Question: Will iPhone 11 Pro cases fit the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Answer: Both phone models are stunning in style, however, the iPhone 11 Pro has a 5.8in size screen whereas the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 6.5in screen. This immediately lets you know that the phones are different sizes.

The audio and charging port is in the same place on both models. However, the overall size of each phone means this will differ in place on each model. Although the camera layout is similar on both the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, it still means that one case would not fit the other. The camera cutout would be in an alternative position.

So do we think that an iPhone 11 Pro case would fit an iPhone 11 Pro Max? Put simply, no. It is obvious that the two phone models are different sizes and will not fit the other. Make sure that when youre selecting your phone case that you choose the correct phone model.

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Can The iPhone 11 Case Fit In iPhone 12/12 Pro Max Cases

Will the old iPhone 11 cases fit the new Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max? learn about what cases fit the iPhone 12 or vice versa.

Times are changing rapidly, and we see numerous adjustments made, especially in the technology sector. Things that were hyped some years or even months ago become common and undervalued. The same is true with the iPhone evolution. New iPhone ranges come out regularly with new features and designs. So, if you have an iPhone of previous years, you might wonder, if can the old iPhone 11 case fit the new iPhone 12, 12 Pro Max.

Why You Should Trust Us

iPhone 11 Pro Max cases on iPhone XS Max – Will they fit? Comparison iPhone 11 pro Max and Xs Max

Ive been Wirecutters case reviewer since 2014, and in my career as an accessories writer, Ive reviewed around 2,000 iPhone cases. That number spans multiple generations of Apple devices, including every iPhone since the iPhone 4 and every iPad. Ive probably handled more iPhone cases than almost anyone on the planet, so I have a particularly experienced perspective and depth of knowledge when it comes to these items.

We also conducted hands-on panel discussions with multiple groups of Wirecutter staffers to get a range of subjective opinions on our picks.

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What To Do If You Need A Case On An iPhone 12

If you plan on saving money by utilizing an old Apple iPhone 11 case for a new iPhone 12, its understandable. Sometimes, purchasing a new phone, especially the Apple ones can be costly, and any chance of saving money is highly appreciated. What if that doesnt work? What can you do?

Remember, iPhones vary in design, size, and shape. Even if they might have similar screen inches, their width or height might vary. Also, they may have similar sizes and shapes, but different designs. Thus, its hard to find older iPhone cases fitting newer iPhone 12 or any newer models, and vice versa. The solid differences between the phones make their cases incompatible.

So, if you need protection on an iPhone 12, the best option would be to purchase a shockproof or clear iPhone case thats specific to it. The same is true for iPhone 11 if you own one and would like a case for it, just look for its compatible iPhone 11 case. Thats it with all other series. Buying a new iPhone will mean that you have to buy a screen protector and a new case too.

The Physical Dimensions Are Slightly Different Too

Previously, the iPhone XS Max had dimensions of 6.20 by 3.05 by 0.30-inches. The new iPhone 11 Pro Max has slightly different dimensions, clocking in at 6.22 by 3.06 by 0.32-inches, making it just a teensy bit bigger. The iPhone 11 Pro Max also weighs more at 7.97 ounces instead of 7.34 ounces with the XS Max.

So even if you cut out some case to make room for the camera, the iPhone 11 Pro Max still probably won’t fit because the dimensions aren’t exactly the same. And if you do manage to get your iPhone 11 Pro Max in an iPhone XS case, it may be tighter than you want, and harder to get out.

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