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How To Lock Messages On iPhone

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How to hide lock screen messages iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

So you need to hide messages or message notifications on your iPhone or iPad from someone else in your life. We’re neither condoning nor condemning your reasons for doing this, to quote Dr. Manhattan we’re just here to walk you through the steps.

You can hide message notifications so they never appear in your lock screen where someone could see them conceal your actual message chain in a folder where someone probably wouldn’t look or switch to a new messaging app with timed deletion of texts and app password protection.

We’ll take you through different message privacy options one by one until you find the ones that best fit your needs.

Deleting Individual Text Messages

  • 1Open your iPhone’s Messages. It’s the green icon with a white speech bubble icon, typically found on the Home Screen.
  • 2Tap a contact’s name. Doing so will open your conversation with that person.
  • If Messages opens to a conversation, tap the “Back” button in the top-left corner of the screen first.
  • 3Tap and hold a text you wish to delete. Doing so will prompt a pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • 4Tap More. It’s at the bottom of the screen.
  • 5
  • Coverme Private Text & Calls

    CoverMe Private is a great option if you need to find a way to hide messages on an iPhone. You can actually use this app to encrypt and lock your calls and text messages theyll be secured with your Touch ID, so you dont have to worry about someone figuring out your code or password.

    CoverMe is also great for those of you who need to lock or hide messages. It has a disappearing message feature that users really love. The app also assigns you a burner phone number to mask your real number when you are sending text messages or phone calls, which can help protect your anonymity as well. This is a great option if you are looking for the best app to hide text messages.

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    Turn Off Message Preview On The Lock Screen

    Because Apple wants to make your life easier, it made a pop-up appear on the lock screen every time you receive a text message, showing a snippet and allowing you to send a quick response by swiping. to the left on the extract. While this feature is obviously very convenient, it poses a huge risk to privacy.

    Fortunately, you can easily turn it off from the menu. Parameters :

  • Open the Settings app and go to Notifications, then Messages.
  • Scroll down the page and find the Include section.
  • The Include section contains the Show preview option. By default, this option is enabled. Click on it to turn it off.
  • Have someone send you a text message, lock your iPhone 12, and verify that the text message preview feature has been turned off.
  • If you ever decide to activate it again, just activate the Show preview option. And as we mentioned before, if you are running iOS 11 or later, this feature is now enabled by default.

    Turn off message notification on the lock screen

    Turning off text message preview is a great first step, but you can protect your privacy even more by turning off text message notification completely:

  • Open the Settings app and go to Notifications, then Messages.
  • Locate the Show on Lock Screen option and click on it to turn it off.
  • While you’re at it, you can also turn off the Badge Icon option.
  • Disabling this option removes the small badge that shows the number of unread text messages from the Messages app icon.
  • How To Report Spam Messages On iPhone

    iPhone X and iOS 11 Can Finally Hide Lock Screen ...

    Unfortunately, they are no option that allows you to report a spam text message on the iPhone. However, iMessage allows you to do that. When you get a letter from an unknown person, the message will be delivered together with a Report Junk link. Just tap the link, and messages and senders information would be forwarded to Apple. Apple will review it and then block the person or bot from messaging you again.

    Save your self too much stress by sending an email to Apple at . together with the messages screenshot.

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    Why Do You Need To Lock Text Messages On iPhone

    Lock iPhone messages are necessary as most iPhone users worry a lot about iPhone security issues which is understandable because it could cause a lot of damage to the user. These security issues should be taken seriously and fixed to avoid the unnecessary damage that it may cause. The following are some of the common iPhone security issues.

    • Identity Theft: There is an issue of identity theft lurking around for iPhone users and this is a source of concern.
    • Losing iPhone: When an iPhone is lost, there are chances that it could enter into the wrong hands that could use the information against the user.
    • Data Leaking: Data can be retrieved by other people even if iPhone is deleted through the simple means.
    • Problem of Malware: There is a concern that some spyware could collect information from you.

    Best Useful Message Lock Apps To Lock Text Messages On Android/iphone

    Privacy is a concern for most people these days, especially when it comes to their mobile phones. I find it extremely annoying when friends, colleagues or family members ask me if they can use my phone, because there are some text messages that are very important to me, and I don’t want anyone else to see it. I’m sure you would feel the same way.

    Of course, you can add a message lock by locking your phone homescreen, but that’s a little bit difficult to explain, right? To avoid situations like this, it would be better if you find an easy message lock way to lock messages in Android or password protect SMS messages in your phone. In the following article, we will recommend you six very useful message lock apps to lock text messages easily and protect your privacy.

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    Reasons Why You Should Hide iPhone Messages

    The primary reason why people hide iPhone messages is due to security and privacy. It ensures that the important pieces of information wont be leaked by others. Getting a visa approval, for instance, is one of the crucial milestones in life that you dont want other people to know, especially if youre planning to leave the country for personal reasons. Another example is anticipating a new job contract. When a nosy colleague at your current workplace finds out a new job-related message on your iPhone, they may inform your manager about your plans of leaving.

    As a best practice, hiding messages on your iPhone is crucial especially if youre texting someone regarding your passwords, email addresses, credit card numbers, and other confidential data. That said, never disclose anything private when texting someone since youll never know what could happen. Otherwise, delete every piece of information that might compromise your bank accounts, social media platforms, and other apps.

    Lastly, many people hide messages on their iPhones due to infidelity. The bottom line, they dont want their partners to know who theyre texting, their whereabouts, and the other parties. Although it is one of the reasons why people hide their messages, we hope that youre not reading this article for that purpose.

    Bonus: Permanently Erase Private Text Messages On iPhone

    Lock Messages App with Passcode on iPhone 11 | Passcode Lock Text Messages Without Using Any Apps

    Another way to prevent others from seeing your text messages on the iPhone is to permanently remove the text messages. Simply deleting the messages from the app may not always work because people can use a data recovery suite to recover the messages. Therefore, you have to remove the messages once and for all completely.

    Wont it be awesome if you can remove private content from text messages on the iPhone? Dont worry it is possible, using a powerful iPhone data eraser utility called iMyFone Umate Pro. This iPhone utility suite packs many features that cater to privacy-focused iOS users.

    Today, however, we are using only one part of the whole suite.

    iMyFone Umate Pro allows you to permanently erase private data from your iOS device with close-to-zero chances of file recovery. Therefore, when you delete your text messages on your iPhone using this app, you can be sure that no one ever sees those messages again.

    > > Get iMyFone Umate Pro < <

    Here is how it works. Once you have installed and launched iMyFone Umate Pro on your PC or Mac, youve to connect your iPhone using the official USB cables. After the program detects your device, you will see an option to remove private information from your iPhone, including the Messages app.

    The Bottom Line

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    How To Hide Messages On iPhone Lock Screen

    The iPhone is one of the best performing smartphones that consumers can get. It is easy to use and provides an excellent mobile experience. There are several models that consumer can choose which they can use from the small screened iPhone SE to the latest iPhone X model. Each of this models are equipped with the right set of features to work straight out of the box.

    Because this is a smartphone it is able to access several services such as emails, messages, and social media accounts among others. Checking your emails or updating your Facebook status is quite easy to do with this phone. Once you receive an email or a message a notification will pop up on the display. By default a preview of the message will appear on the screen There are however instances when you will want to keep the message hidden from prying eyes. This comes in handy when you are in a public area and dont want other people to read what message you got.

    There is a way to get the message notification without actually seeing the preview of the message on the screen by following the steps listed below. Before proceeding make sure that your phone is running on IOS 11 as this is the version that gives the phone user more control over the notification settings.

    • Open Settings and tap on Notifications
    • Select Messages and slide Show Preview to OFF
    • Exit out of Settings

    If you would like to disable the messages from showing on the iPhone lock screen completely then follow the steps listed below.

    How To Hide Messages On iPhone With Ease

    Any person who highly values their safety and privacy would want to know how to hide messages on their iPhone with ease. Whether youre setting up a surprise party for your friends/family members or waiting for visa approval, there are plenty of reasons you dont want others to peek into your matters. Regardless, it is very easy to hide messages on your iPhone.

    Weve already taught you how to lock messages on Android. This time around, well teach you how you can do it on an iPhone.

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    Hiding Alerts And Message Notifications

    Unfortunately, even while locked, notifications can sometimes give your private information away. If you dont want anybody to snoop on you via the lock screen of your iPhone, you must turn off all lock screen notifications, Walsh says.

    To do so, head to Settings > Notifications. Next, select the app you want to hide notifications from then toggle Allow Notifications to the off position. You may see a listing of three different alert types , click Lock Screen.

    To prevent all notifications from occurring on the lock screen, you must do this for each and every app on your device. To turn off alerts for text messages, youll want to follow these steps for Messages.

    Hiding Contacts Or Specific Conversations

    6 ways to lock down your iPhones lock screen

    In the event that you dont want to hide all your alerts or notifications, but rather hide those from a specific contact or text chain, thats a possibility as well. Walsh shares these steps to block a single SMS message thread rather than all message notifications: click on the message you want to block, tap the top of the message to open the taskbar, then tap the information symbol . Next, toggle Hide Alerts to the on position. You may also want to know how to hide photos on your phone.

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    How To Lock Apps On iPhone & iPad Using Bioprotect

    Just like Applocker, BioProtect is another third-party tool that works only on jailbroken devices. It can also be downloaded from Cydiaâs repository. Apart from apps, you can also use BioProtect to lock settings, SIM features, folders, and more. It is linked to the Touch ID of the device and scans the fingerprint of a user to grant the access to any app. The app only works on iPhone 5s and later devices, having a Touch ID. Though, you can also set a passcode as well if your Touch ID is not working. To use BioProtect app lock for iPhone, follow these steps:

    1. Firstly, get the BioProtect app lock iPhone on your device from the right

    2. To access the tweakâs panel, you need to provide your fingerprint access.

    3. Place your finger on your Touch ID and match its print.

    4. This will let you access the BioProtect app settings.

    5. Firstly, enable the app by turning the respective feature on.

    6. Under the âProtected Applicationsâ section, you can see a list of all the major apps.

    7. Simply turn on the feature of the app that you wish to lock.

    8. You can also go to the âTouch IDâ feature to further calibrate the app.

    9. After setting the lock, you would be asked to authenticate using your fingerprint to access the protected app.

    Hide Message Notifications On iPhones

    Open up Settings > Notifications and scroll down to your messaging app of choice. Open its individual notification settings to find several relevant options for maintaining your privacy:

  • Allow notifications: untoggle this, and you’ll never see alerts from this app, meaning you’ll have to actually look inside the app to see if you’ve received a message.
  • Alerts: you can leave notifications on but deselect the Lock Screen option, so you’ll only see the message alert in your Notification Center.
  • Show Previews: if you leave lock screen notifications on, you can ensure that only you can view them after unlocking your phone with Face ID, or that they can never be unlocked.
  • Sounds: Use this menu to disable the default alert tone and vibration for the app, so your phone won’t give it away when you receive a text from it.
  • You may only want to hide one specific conversation’s alert notifications. How to do this will vary from app to app, but it’s relatively straightforward in Apple Messages. Open the conversation, tap the profile icon on top, tap Info, and toggle the Hide Alerts option.

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    How To Lock Text Messages On iPhone For Protection

    There is a password setup provided by iPhone to enable users safeguard their messages and protect their privacy. The following are the required steps for lock text messages on iPhone. However, to Lock Text Messages is Not Enough, you must to avoid privacy leak.

    • Step 1: Go to Settings on your device and tap General.
    • Step 2: Select the Password Lock Option.
    • Step 3: Tap on Turn Passcode On and enable the security features.
    • Step 4: Enter a Passcode of your choice. Remember your passcode must be one that is not easily acquired by an unauthorized user.

    How To Transfer Sms From iPhone To Computer

    How to HideText message on iPhone | Passcode lock Apps

    Some people would like to use screenshot to transfer SMS from iPhone to computer. However, it is really inconvenient when you have a large quantity of messages on iPhone and need to back up them to your computer. At this time, Leawo iTransfer allows you to transfer SMS from iPhone to computer anytime and anywhere. It is top-rated software that facilitates to transfer different files among computers, iOS devices and iTunes. What’s more, it helps to transfer different types of files without the sync of iTunes. Hence, you can feel free to transfer any content as you like. Furthermore, Leawo iTransfer has no limits of purchased and non-purchased items. Hence, if you would like to transfer non-purchased songs from iPhone, Leawo iTransfer can help you a lot. Leawo iTransfer has trail version with limited transferring times and paid version with unlimited transferring times. If you would like to enjoy lifetime service, you can pay 29.95$ for Leawo iTransfer. Now the following steps will show you how to transfer SMS from iPhone to computer with Leawo iTransfer.

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    Why Do Texts Go Through But Not Calls

    Most likely what happened is that you are not blocked. A message would not technically be delivered to their phone. In other words, it would mean the received your message physically on their device. If the phone goes straight to voicemail, they have adjusted their settings or clicked and ignored your call.

    How To Hide Text Messages On The iPhone Lock Screen

    Do you want to learn how to hide text messages on the iPhone lock screen? If yes, then you are welcome to this helpful article. Its not hard to hide text messages from appearing on the iPhone lock screen however, endeavor to read this guide carefully.

    Although Ive already written a similar article on this blog, however, this one is part 2, and I want to make it straightforward so that everyone can understand it correctly.

    By default, each time you receive a new text message on your iPhone. Youll see a pop-up notification together with a beep sound. Hence, the news will stay in your iPhone notification bar, and it will also appear on your iPhone lock screen. However, you can clear the notification at any time by swiping left, or you can read it by sliding down. Almost the same thing with Android phones.

    Unfortunately, not everyone finds this default feature attractive because someone can easily read your messages and clear the notifications without your consent.

    Do you want to prevent people from reading your text messages without your consent? If yes, then I urge you to turn off the lock screen preview on your iPhone. Furthermore, you can also consider using a calculator app for the iPhone to lock your text messages so that no one can access it without your permission,

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