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Does Dollar General Sell iPhone Chargers

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Dollar Tree Emergency Charger Product Review

If you have a busy line like a business number, you can get a separate dedicated prepaid phone. That will help you to manage your calls better. Using your personal and business lines is a recipe for chaos. Chances are you will be receiving calls at odd hours and that can be annoying. So, its easier to have a different phone which you can easily switch off leaving your personal line on.

Also, a prepaid phone is a good way to evade high monthly bills. You are free to subscribe to a plan that will best serve you. If your preferred mode of communication is texts and calling, then you evade data chances. After all, why pay for what you dont use?

What Kind Of Prepaid Phones Does Dollar General Have

The advantage of looking for deals in Dollar General is that it saves you time and money. They have cheaper products than all retailers you can think of. Despite receiving stiff competition from other stores, Dollar General remains the best-prepaid phone dealer. Below are some of their best-prepaid phones

Mobile Hotspot Devices And Unlocked Phones

Unfortunately, dollar stores are an everyday necessity for some Americans and their families. But can it be possible to get quality goods of any kind for such a low price like Dollar Tree phone chargers? Or is it, instead, a false economy where youll just end up spending more in the end?

Dollar Tree actually operate two business models. Buy in store, and you can get singles of anything for a dollar. Buying online, though, is different. When buying online, as long as youre willing to buy in bulk volumes, every single item doesnt cost just $1. By bulk, were not talking thousands, or even hundreds. In many cases, a dozen or two is all that you will be required to buy. You cant, in most circumstances buy singles online.

The same is true of the phone chargers and cables available at Dollar Tree. In store you can buy a single charger or cable for a dollar. Online, you buy a case of 24, and it will cost less than $24. These are the things you will see on eBay for 4 or 5 dollars. A cheap charger for the customer, an easy profit for the seller. But how good can anything be which has been made, packaged, shipped , and sold for just $1?

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Perfectly Useful For Everyone

It would be quite hard for you not to find a perfect smartphone when you enter their shops. Dollar General offers a diverse range of prepaid smartphones that are also available for the customer with different types of plans. Whether its for children, older adults, or any other people, you can get a smartphone for everyone at this place.

All the latest smartphones from the big brands like Samsung, Apple, LG, etc., are made available, and these gadgets are being updated frequently with stunning offers. The prepaid mobile phones come with a decent price range and valid offers.

Does Dollar Tree Sell iPhone Chargers

Cell Phone Chargers At Dollar General

The short answer is yes. Generally, Dollar Tree has every charger you can think of. iPhone chargers come in a wide variety of price ranges. For people on a strict budget, a dollar store charge seems like a great deal. But as discussed earlier, they arent the best option for our devices.

Charging cables are made with specific parameters to make sure it doesnt damage the phone. It is questionable that Dollar Tree or other discount stores maintain that level of quality control. If you are in a pinch, a Dollar Tree iPhone charger is a great quick fix. Assuming the charger you picked is in function order, there shouldnt be any damage to your phone in the short term. Youll be better off purchasing a more affordable charger from a pharmacy or local supermarket that will last considerably longer.

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Spring Creek: This Cheap House Brand Of Wine Gets Good Reviews

Dollar General reportedly has sold its own house brand of wine called Spring Creek. While its not quite as cheap as Trader Joes Two Buck Chuck, the reviews are pretty good!

Even my wine snob friends who have been to Napa were shocked. My family tasted wine across Italy and thought it was very good. My faves are the Merlot and Riesling. The Pink Moscato is sweet, but very nice.

The texture of this wine is about the same as grape juice so its highly drinkable. Im guessing it has a very low alcohol content, but I dont know for sure, so dont knock it back like its actually grape juice.Savanah Mandeville of the Wine Pursuit

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What Is The Difference Between A Prepaid Phone And A Contract Phone

Carriers : With prepaid phones, you can use the carrier of your choice. This is not possible with a contract phone. You must stay on the providers network until the contract expires. That means even if you dont like their services you must stay.

Usage : Under a prepaid mobile phone, you use what you pay and no excesses. Once you exhaust your data, text, or talk time subscription, no more communication. The contract phones allow you to continue with services even when your subscription is over. The service providers will then bill you later. The problem with this is that you are not in full control of your usage. So, prepaid phones allow you better manage your mobile bills.

To get a contract phone, the providers must check your credit history. It is only that way they can accept to grant you the phones on contract. To purchase a prepaid mobile phone, the provider doesnt need to check your credit score. This is an avenue for people with bad credit scores. This is the reason why it is almost impossible for people with poor credit to buy a contract phone.

International use : It is easier to use prepaid mobile phones when traveling internationally. You can use local service providers in your destination. Contract phones dont allow that because you must stick to the same provider. So, you have to activate the roaming network which is very expensive.

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Does Dollar General Sell Phone Cases

4/5Dollar Generalcasescases

Besides, does the dollar store sell phone cases?

Cell Phone CasesDollar Tree, Inc.

Beside above, does Dollar General sell net10 phones? The Net10 online store offers Smart Phone, Feature Phones and even refurbished phones. All with low cost, no-contract service.

Keeping this in consideration, does Family Dollar sell phone cases?

For that reason, it only makes sense for you to have a phone case that you like. Luckily, we have a veritable ocean of Family Dollar iPhone Cases for you to pick from. Find unique cases for your iphone 6, iphone 6s, iphone 6 plus, iphone 6s plus, iphone 7, iphone 7 plus, iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus.

Does Dollar Tree have iPhone 6 cases?

iPhone 6 CaseDollar Tree, Inc.

At& t Axia 4g Prepaid Phones

Dollar Tree Reviews: USB-C Charging Cable – How Bad is it?

AT & T Axia 4G is one of the best prepaid phones in Dollar General. It runs on android Oreo with a QUALCOMM snapdragon processor which makes it fast. The phone has 16 GB storage. This gives you a way of storing your documents and accessing them easily when you want. The phone runs only on the AT& T network. Additionally, it has a 5.5 inch screen size which increases the display. Its lightweight makes it highly portable. You dont feel its weight when walking around.


  • It has flash in its primary camera improving the photo quality
  • It has long talk and chat hours
  • Easy to carry because of it light weight.
  • It is cheap and affordable
  • Has a user friendly user interface


  • The 2 MP front camera has very low quality
  • It has low battery life.

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+ Best Prepaid Phones At Dollar General Store From Top Carriers

Dollar General is the type of retail chain store that has been in the basins for a long time, and you can get everything literally from there. However, if you are looking forward to buying a good smartphone and carrier support, this is the best right now. Because currently, dollar general stores all over America are going through a special seasonal offer, and you can grab some of the best deals out of it.

Whether you are going to buy a smartphone from general stores online or offline shops, there is no problem in either of these choices because you will find the desired level of smartphone easily in each case. In a survey, its been found out that there are more than 15000 smartphones that Dollar General is currently listed for sale, and thats a huge number if you are talking about the number of choices.

Since you will buy a prepaid smartphone, there is no need to pay any money later for network carrier usage. These prepaid smartphones are a great choice for those who have a low credit score and cannot buy a phone for them because of extravagant credit policies.


  • 6 Conclusion
  • Motorola Moto E4 Prepaid Phone

    Motorola is one of the best phone manufacturers in the market. It offers prepaid phones in Dollar General. One of the features of Motorola Moto E4 is a rear camera of 8 MP with autofocus feature. The camera enables you to take high quality pictures and videos. This is because it has an HDR. It has a gorilla glass 3 screen protected by oleo-phobic coating. This protects the screen from cracking.

    The 16 GB storage space is enough to store the good pictures and videos you capture. Motorola Moto E4 runs on android 7.1 nougat operating system powered by quad-core 1.3. This processor helps in increasing the processing speed of phones. It is a good phone with good features for people who want to do simple tasks.


    • Quality camera with LED flash, Panorama, HDR for quality photos and videos
    • The selfie has LED flash which improved the caption quality.
    • It is water repellant due to Nano coating.
    • Able to expand storage up to 128 GB


    • Verizon disables voice over LTE
    • It heats up quickly reducing the battery life.

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    Dont Forget About The Coupons

    Dollar General accepts one manufacturer and one store coupon per item. Stacking of two or more manufacturer coupons per item is not allowed.

    Considering the store sells products from national name-brand trusted manufacturers, this can really be a great way for you to save. Check out more coupons for Dollar General.

    Did Icarly Have Pear Phones

    British General (bg) Flateplate 13a Switched Single Socket ...

    It is a fake company that displayed its products in the episode of iCarly, Sam & amp Cat, Victorious, and Henry Danger. Out of all these shows, iCarly was the one series in which pear phones were displayed immensely. Who made the pear phones? The pear phones are very similar to Apple products, as they are also depicted to be expensive and delicate.

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    Does Dollar Tree Carry iPhone Chargers

    4.8/5iPhone ChargerDollar Treedetail here

    Stay charged and ready for anything! These 40 in. USB cables by E-Circuit allow you to charge compatible smartphones, tablets, and Androids® through your computer or a wall plug.

    Secondly, does the dollar store sell portable chargers? With Dollar Tree’s $1 portable phone chargers, you can charge your devices whenever and wherever! Shop our selection of car chargers, USB adapters, audio cables, and more.

    Hereof, can you use cheap iPhone Chargers?

    Using a Non-Apple Charger is Dangerous. They say that charging your iPhone with non-Apple brand cell phone cables can damage your device. This is only half true. If your charger is from a trusted company and is labeled Made for iPhone/iPad, then you are totally safe.

    How much does an iPhone charger cost?

    Have you ever wondered exactly why Apple’s tiny USB Power Adapter for the iPhone has such a large price tag? The diminutive cube costs US$29.00, while similar USB wall chargers are available from retailers like Monoprice for as little as $6.

    Motorola Moto E4 Prepaid Phones

    It would be fair to say that Motorola managed to grab the smartphone industry during the early days by launching super user-friendly smartphones that are still demanding in the consumer market. Motorola Moto E4 comes with 8MP of rear camera support that can capture good quality phones and shoot videos. The built features like HDR helps people to capture the moment of their life through phones easily. This smartphone also comes with a gorilla glass 3 screen protected by an oleo-phobic coating that will protect it from any damage or damage.

    Motorola Moto E4 runs on the Nougat operating system, and you will be getting frequent latest updates that will keep it up to date. Quad-core 1.3 operating system and 16GB of internal memory are quite satisfying compared to other smartphones in the same price range. Those who want to use it for the necessary daily tasks can get it instantly without thinking much.

    Key Features:-

    • The front camera comes with an LED flashlight.
    • Nano coating protects it from any damage.
    • Supports up to 128GB of external memory.


    • Battery draining is an issue.
    • Verizon has disabled the voice-over LTE.

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    Dollar General Has Its Eye On Magazine Publishing

    Who says print is dead? Last fall, Dollar General launched the first and perhaps only issue of BEAUTYCENTS Magazine. The print publication, which was available only at select Dollar General stores, offered beauty and health advice, how-to guides and affordable fashion suggestions.

    One of the nice features of the magazine is that it was chock full of Dollar General coupons to help shoppers save on necessities and spend more on beauty, as the publication wrote.

    Will we see another issue of BEAUTYCENTS? Only time will tell

    Total Wireless Tcl A2 32gb Prime Black Prepaid Smartphone


    If you want to buy a prepaid smartphone with a contract and no extra fees, then this is the best choice for you. You can enjoy the unique design with a 5.5 wide display screen, which also comes with 4G LTE technology. You can take tons of photos because it comes with an 8Mp rear and 5Mp front camera also. Since the phone is coming up with the 4G LTE technology, you can use it to contact anyone and talk to them for several hours.

    The prepaid plans are quite cheaper, just $25 that can give you seamless talking and browsing for several days, which is enough when traveling to another place. This smartphone is available both at online and offline stores, so there is no need to worry about purchasing it. Moreover, 15 hours of running time usage make it useful even when using it on the 4G LTE network.


    • The basic plan does not support cloud storage.

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    Does The Dollar Store Sell Phone Chargers

    Dollar Tree’sphone chargerschargers

    . Beside this, does Dollar Tree have chargers?

    Stay charged and ready for anything! These 40 in. USB cables by E-Circuit allow you to charge compatible smartphones, tablets, and Androids® through your computer or a wall plug.

    Secondly, how much is a iPhone charger cord?

    This item LAX iPhone Charger Lightning Cable – MFi Certified Durable Braided Apple Lightning USB Cord for iPhone 11/11 Pro Max/XS Max/X/iPad, iPod & More
    Customer Rating 3 out of 5 stars
    FREE Shipping on orders over $25
    Sold By

    Keeping this in view, how can u charge your iPhone without a charger?

    Almost all electronic devices come with a USB port be it stereos, laptops, bedside clocks, televisions, etc. They can use to charge an iPhone without a charger. Just plug in your iPhone into the USB port of one such device using a USB cable. Switch on the device and see that your iPhone is charging.

    Does Dollar Store have iPhone Chargers?

    In many cases, a dozen or two is all that you will be required to buy. You can’t, in most circumstances buy singles online. The same is true of the phone chargers and cables available at Dollar Tree. In store you can buy a single charger or cable for a dollar.

    Alcatel Myflip 4g Prepaid Flip Phone

    Alcatel MyFlip 4G is one of the best phones especially for seniors. It is available in Dollar General Stores at a very low price. The phone is lightweight and has a large display. The large keyboard factor makes it even more suitable for seniors. Since most of them tend to have sight issues, itll be easy for them to see the buttons. It comes with a free SIM card from TracFone carrier. The presence of a micro SD slot means you can expand your memory.


    • It has a long battery talk time of about 8 hours
    • Light in weight making it portable
    • It can record videos in HD format


    • It does not have high resolution
    • Low quality pictures

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    How Do Prepaid Phones Work With Dollar General

    Dollar General is just a retailer for prepaid phones and their related services. Through their partnership with service providers, they get mobile phones, SIM cards and access to customer plans. Therefore, if for example, you buy a T-Mobile phone from Dollar general its the same as buying from T-Mobile shops. You can as well get their SIM card and subscribe to whatever plans you qualify for. Basically, Dollar general doesnt have their network. Theirs is to replenish the shoppers with products from providers.

    However, they have some customized plans with their suppliers. So, this is what they extend to their customers.

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