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Can You Fix The Back Of An iPhone Xr

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iPhone XR Easy Glass Replacement without disassembling

Select the make and model of your device and the repair you require. If you cannot find the service you require, or you’re unsure of the fault, please Contact us and we will be happy to advice you.

If you wish to change the colour of the device or need to add any more information, please add this to the comments at the checkout.

You will receive instructions on where and how to send your device to us on your confirmation email once your booking is complete.

Lowest Price Guarantee Does Not Apply To:

  • Repair Prices from auctions or retailers requiring memberships
  • Prices from mobile repair providers, or any repair provider without a brick and mortar store front
  • Repair services that uBreakiFix provides as an authorized service provider for an original equipment manufacturer unless the local competitor is also an authorized service provider for the same original equipment manufacturer
  • Repair prices that are dependent on add-ons, other items, fees, or charges
  • Bundle offers, instant rebates, mail-in offers, or offers that include financing
  • Prices that require minimum purchases amount or quantity
  • Repair prices that other retailers have listed as clearance, close out, liquidation, special hour/flash/limited quantity offers
  • Repair prices that utilize damaged or used components
  • Misprinted or inaccurate prices

iPhone Xr Microsoldering Repairs

If your iPhone XR has an internal issue, such as a damaged or flawed logic board, your phone will most likely require a micro-soldering repair. This requires our technicians to open up the body of the phone, which means well have to take your phone to a safe repair environment instead of fixing the problem in one of our service cars.

While this type of repair does require us to take your device to a separate location, the same-day device return still appliesand youll have your phone back before you know it.

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Millions Of iPhone Repairs Completed And Were Ready For Yours

  • Apple Genuine Parts available.
  • Get your device back fast with Same-Day Turnaround.
  • All repairs backed by a 90-Day Warranty.

Glass is not always the only thing to break on a iPhone XR. After a drop the LCD can suffer damage as well, leading to a black screen, lines across the display or a screen that does not respond properly to touch or swipe gestures. Stop in today, and we can get your iPhone XR started on its very own glass/LCD repair process.

How To Fix Broken iPhone To Normal

IPHONE XR cracked screen still works fine unlock with att ...

If your iPhone 13, or any other iPhone model was broken in the iOS system, you could use the feature of Dr.Fone – System Repair to get it repaired. It’s really a piece of cake to fix a lot of iOS system issues by yourself.


Follow the steps below to have a try first.

Step 1. Choose “System Repair” from Dr.Fone. Then you will see the following window. Click “Start”.

Step 2. The program will detect your broken iPhone automatically here. Confirm the information and then boot the phone in DFU mode.

Once the iPhone is in DFU mode, Dr.Fone will begin downloading the firmware.

When the download is complete, you don’t need to do anything else. The program will continue to repair your broken iPhone. Just wait until the whole process is done.

When you see the window below, your broken iPhone has been successfully repaired. Restart and use it.

Watch this video tutorial to understand how to repair your broken iPhone in detail.

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The Following Are Guidelines And Limitations:

  • Price matching is only available for repair services listed on
  • The price in question must be published by a local retailer with a brick and mortar store front within 10 miles of the uBreakiFix location
  • If the device you are seeking to repair is a repair service that uBreakiFix provides as an authorized service provider for an original equipment manufacturer, the local competitor must also be an authorized service provider and use original equipment manufacturer parts to repair the device
  • We reserve the right to verify the price of the identical, in-stock repair components at the retailer location .
  • We do limit quantities to one-per-customer, per repair, per day

iPhone Xr Charging Port Repair

The iPhone XR doesnt have a traditional headphone jack, so the charging port is used to connect your headphones as well as your charger. Between listening to your favorite podcast and keeping your phone charged, your charging port is going to get a lot of use. This means that it will likely wear out much more quickly.

If you notice that your phone isnt charging or youre having trouble hearing your music, it most likely means that you have a connectivity issue. An iPhone XR charger fix is a common problem that our technicians can easily solve, which means youll be back to listening to the newest episode of your favorite podcast in no time.

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iPhone Freezes When Switching Between The Front And Rear Camera

“Anyone else having issues when switching between the front and rear camera on iPhone X? Whenever I switch from rear to front, it freezes for about 10 seconds before I can use.”

Some people may meet the iPhone X/8/7/6s/6 camera freezing problem when switching between the front and rear camera like the user describes above. Now, let’s see some tips to fix the iPhone camera won’t reverse problem below:

  • Go to “Settings > General > Restrictions” on your iPhone. Enable the Restrictions and then make sure you have turned on “Camera” so that it can be accessed.

  • Force close the Camera app. Then launch it to try again.

  • Restart iPhone.

  • Actually, some people would take it as a system issue and Apple may fix it with a new iOS update.

    My iPhone Xr Is Frozen Heres The Fix

    iPhone XR Back Glass Repair

    Your iPhone XR is frozen and you don’t know what to do. You’ve swiped the screen and pressed all the buttons, but your iPhone won’t budge. With so much of our lives being on our cell phones, this is definitely a frustrating and stressful situation. In this article, I’ll explain the fix for when your iPhone XR is frozen!

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    What Causes An iPhone To Bend

    Complaints about iPhones bending issues started with the iPhone 6 and have barely let up since. In a campaign now known as Bendgate, customers shared their frustrations with Apple concerning the situation. Bendgate was used as a forum for thousands of iPhone users to publicly complain about the phones tendency to bend under the slightest bit of pressure.

    Of course, anything made out of the same thin aluminum Apple uses in their phones will be fragile and prone to warping. This major design flaw seems to rear its head mainly when the phone is kept in a pocket for an extended period, especially when sat on or squeezed.

    In some cases, the phone curves gradually over a period of a few days or a week, rather than the sharp bend some users see. While the phone remains mostly functional, the bow severely detracts from aesthetics and makes it harder to use.

    The larger, thinner frame of iPhones from the 6 upwards and its lightweight aluminum casing have made the phone more susceptible to bending, as the smaller, thicker iPhone 5 was nearly impossible to bend even if you tried, and cases of bent 5S phones were extremely rare.

    Experts In Repairing Apple iPhone Xr

    In todays world, people are basically glued to their smartphones. Except for the times you probably wish they were actually glued to your handlike when you accidentally drop it and crack the screen. Even if youre extremely careful with your iPhone XR, theres still a number of issues that are simply just unavoidable.

    Fix N Repair provides top-notch repair services and our technicians are skilled in quickly fixing a wide range of problems that you may experience when it comes to your phone.

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    We Return Your Repaired Device

    Once the repair is completed, we will dispatch your device back to you using a tracked, insured next day courier. You will receive a notification on the day of the delivery with the tracking number for your delivery.

    If you do not receive your tracking number within 48 hours of receiving confirmation that your repair is completed, please Contact Us

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    Dont Let A Cracked Back Get You Down

    Dont put up with a cracked or shattered iPhone glass back. It makes it less fun to use, it doesnt look good, and it can be dangerous if ignored for too long.

    You also dont need to consider buying a new iPhone or taking chances with trying to replace the back yourself. Device Pit Stops iPhone back glass replacement service will have your phone looking and working like new in no time.

    You also wont need to send your iPhone away to some far-away repair center and wait for days or weeks to get it back. You can book an appointment if youd like but no appointment is necessary for our repair service. Device Pit Stop typically has the glass back replacement done in less than an hour.

    Get in touch with us or stop in today to find out how easy it is to get your iPhone fixed up and looking like the day you pulled it out of the box.

    Fixes For System Crash

    Suppose the iPhone XR is on the charger, but the screen continues to not turn on, it may be attributed to the problems with software or system. There’s no better way of solving the issue of iPhone XR not starting up, but reinstalling iOS. Below we will go through three methods to get rid of potential glitches and download firmware so that you can choose which works for you. Let’s begin!

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    Is An App Causing The Problem Here’s How To Find Out

    Sometimes a bad app can crash and cause your iPhone to freeze. Here are a couple questions to consider to help you determine the cause:

  • When your iPhone froze, were you using an app?
  • Every time you use that app, does your iPhone freeze?
  • If your iPhone began to freeze after you downloaded a new app, deleting the app is probably the solution. Here’s how:

  • Lightly press and hold on the icon of the app you want to delete.
  • Tap the X in the upper left-hand corner of the app icon.
  • Tap Delete to uninstall the app.
  • Get Your Apple iPhone Xr Fixedwithout Leaving Your House

    iPhone XR back housing replacement

    Our iPhones are a crucial part of our day-to-day lives. Whether youre using it to text, call, scroll, or take pictures, your iPhone XR will one day no longer run as quickly and look as sleek as it had when you first purchased it. Luckily, if you run into issues such as a cracked screen, damaged charging port, or a broken speaker, you dont have to replace your entire phone.

    Not only is buying a brand new iPhone XR incredibly costly, but you also have to spend time shopping for your new phone and transferring everything stored on your old device to your new one. Plus, you dont want to waste a perfectly good device and replace the entire phone when a quick fix can keep your iPhone HR running for many more years.

    Fix N Repair provides customers in the greater Boston area with a fast, convenient, and affordable option to restore your phone to working order when it inevitably faces some type of damage. Best of all, well even come right to your doorstep to retrieve your device and complete your iPhone XR repair in a timely manner.

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    iPhone 6 Battery Replacement

    Do you have an iPhone 6 that won’t turn on? Or a battery that doesnt last the whole day? It could be that your battery life has come to an end. Visit your local uBreakiFix location for a quick and easy iPhone 6 battery replacement. We have high-quality parts and the most knowledgeable technicians in the industry. Come visit one of our locations and get your iPhone functioning as good as new.

    Book a iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Service

    Dropped And Broken Your iPhone: 1st Thing To Do

    It depends on the extent of the drop. Whenever your iPhone is broken, the first thing you need to do is to get your iPhone to have a check first. Don’t do it by yourself if there is serious damage. Bring it to Apple Store or other professional stores and listen to what they will say. Then you can determine how to repair your broken iPhone.

    Just remember. If you’re not so professional, your iPhone could be damaged further due to improper operations.

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    Can I Unbend My iPhone

    Engineers in the repair business have been dealing with cases of bent phones ever since the iPhone 6 was released. Still, repair shops have yet to come up with a solution for warped phones. Manually trying to unbend the phone will only inflict further damage, which leaves a visit to an Apple store as the only feasible option.

    Can You Fix My iPhone Xr

    iPhone XR Screen Repair Brisbane, Cracked Glass Fix ...

    can you fix my iphone xr how much for you to fix it cause it was my first phone my parents gave me for my birthday it would be a blessing if you could fix it

    The price depends on what your iPhone needs to be repaired. If its just a screen, well, it isnt that pricy. If its a FaceID, youre screwed unless you find someone brave enough to repair it.

    Manufacturer refurbished screens are around $60 on the site I buy from, everyone charges differently for their cost of labor but I try and do my repairs as cheap as I can for my primary goal of saving as many devices as I can from the trash bin! ..I’ve actually always wondered about PRG’s rates tbh but I don’t live in CA so can’t see them I believe

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    Please Read The Following Terms Of Service Carefully As It Contains Important Information About Your Rights And Obligations As Well As Limitations And Exclusions That May Apply To You

    These terms govern the provision of any device support services provided by iPlayPower.

    iPlayPower provides you with access to and use of the Services subject to your compliance with the Terms. iPlayPower reserves the right to refuse to provide the Services to anyone at any time without notice for any reason. You represent and warrant to us that you are at least 18 years old, and that you have the right, capacity and authorization necessary to legally bind yourself to these Terms.

    A Brief History Of iPhone Construction

    The first iPhone debuted in 2007 with an aluminum and plastic back. The next couple of updates, the iPhone 3G and 3GS, both had a full plastic back.

    The iPhone 4 was the first model to use a glass back. Apple stuck with the same design on the next version, the 4S, then switched to aluminum on the iPhone 5.

    The iPhone 5C that came out a year later went back to a plastic back but otherwise, all new models up to the iPhone 7 used aluminum for the back case.

    When Apple released the iPhone 8, they went back to a glass-back design. The iPhone X was released several weeks later in that same year and also had a glass back. Every new model since then has used glass.

    All the materials Apple has used in the iPhone designs have had their own disadvantages. Plastic can get scratched up pretty quickly, aluminum can scratch as well as bend, and glass can break. Of all the materials, glass is one of the best.

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    What Do I Do With My Bent iPhone

    The design flaws of some of Apples latest iPhone models havent been lost on them. Apple has publicly offered to replace any bent or broken iPhone free of charge at any Apple store, granted it passes the Visual Mechanical Inspection . The primary purpose of the VMI is for Apple to determine if the bent or broken iPhone is as a result of an accident, like when the phone is sat on in the back pocket. If the VMI proves that the damage was done intentionally or inflicted as a direct result of misuse, the warranty will likely be rendered void with no chance of replacement.

    Apples decision to replace bent products instead of merely ignoring customer complaints has been refreshing, especially since the issue is owing to the phones construction. The VMI determines whether you deserve a replacement, to prevent customers from taking advantage of the situation.

    Apple has yet to reveal any substantial information on what exactly goes on at a VMI, although some images surfaced online with some insight into how the repair policy works. Generally, for Apple to fix the problem, the VMI must prove that:

    • The phones aluminum casing is prone to bending, and the design flaw is the primary cause of damage.
    • That the cause of the damage was not due to abuse/misuse of the phone.

    If the VMI can adequately prove both of these, then the damaged will likely be covered by the warranty and Apple will be required to cover the damages.

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