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How Much Are iPhone 9

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What About The Apple iPhone 9 Screen

iPhone 9 (iPhone SE2) – WORTH IT

The iPhone X uses a crisp, Samsung-made OLED screen thats very nearly as stunning as those seen on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 but the iPhone 9 wont have that.

Instead, its sticking with an LCD panel, just like every other iPhone before the iPhone X, which means a bit weaker contrast and less vibrancy than OLED is capable of. Rumours suggest that the 6.1in LCD panel will also stick to the same kind of resolution as the iPhone 8, landing in the 320-330ppi range.

That seems like a major misstep to us, if true. The iPhone 8 already looks fuzzy compared to the competition, and thats on a 4.7in display. Increase that to 6.1in and its only going to be worse. Using a 1080p panel for that size would be fine weve seen plenty of ~6in 1080p panels and theyre quite good. Apples 5.5in iPhone 8 Plus panel is 1080p and its great.

As for the bezel surrounding the screen, weve heard conflicting things. A purported glass panel leak for all three upcoming iPhone models suggests a thicker bezel for the 6.1in iPhone 9. However, a more recent report from Macotakara claims that the new “Full Active Display” LCD panel from Japan Pixels, which is what is purportedly being used here, allows for even slimmer bezels than OLED panels.

Fact or fiction?

We expect an LCD screen on the iPhone 9, but were seriously hoping that Apple bumps the resolution up to 1080p. The iPhone 8s panel is already behind the times for a flagship phone.

iPhone 9 Release Date Price And Specs For Apple 2018 Event

The Apple event is 6pm tonight – the new iPhones will be unveiled including the iPhone 9

Today, Apple will finally launch its 2018 iPhone range, much to the delight of eager fans.

While the firm skipped the iPhone 9 last year in favour of the iPhone X, we may see the skipped handset this year.

Rumours suggest that Apple will launch three new iPhones for 2018 – an iPhone 9, iPhone XS and iPhone X Plus.

Here’s what we know so far about Apple’s event for 2018.

iPhone 3g Features And Functionality

Although the iPhone 3G ushered in a new era in the history of the iPhone, it was actually not a tremendous upgrade from the original version of the device. It addressed many of the issues mentioned above, but many other things stayed the same.

The most important change was that the iPhone 3G, as the name suggests, was equipped with 3G capability, which meant users could browse the web and download content much faster than they could with the original iPhone.

Another major change with the iPhone 3G was the introduction of the App Store, iOS 2, and developer software that made it possible for third-parties to create their own apps. Technically, this announcement came earlier in the year, but with the release of the iPhone 3G, there was now a device on which developers could place their apps. In this sense, the iPhone 3G turned the device into more than just a phone. It became a platform, a move that has helped turn Apple and the iPhone into the institutions they are today.

In terms of screen size, the iPhone 3G stayed the same as the original iPhone. However, Apple changed from using an aluminum backing to one made of polycarbonate, a move that made the iPhone 3G slightly lighter. It also allowed Apple to offer the iPhone in different colors, black or white.

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iPhone 2g Features And Functionality

According to Apple, the first version of the iPhone was actually a combination of three products. It was:

  • A revolutionary mobile phone
  • A widescreen iPod with touch controls
  • A breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, searching, and maps.

Its natural to want to anoint the innovative touch screen as the most novel feature since up until this point nothing like it existed. But the first iPhone was also a brand new phone in that it allowed people to make calls by simply pointing at and touching a name in their contacts list.

This type of functionality had never been seen before, and it helped make the iPhone truly unique. Furthermore, the introduction of Visual Voicemail made it possible for users to read their voicemails as texts instead of having to listen to them.

The first iPhone also featured a full QWERTY keyboard on a soft touchscreen. Before the iPhone, phones with full keyboards, such as the Blackberry, made us of a hard keyboard, which reduced the size of the screen. Wanting to make the iPhone a full-screen device, Apple invented a touchscreen that was more accurate and more responsive than any other phone in history.

Because of this, the first iPhone was also described as a full-screen iPod. This idea of having a full-screen device with a beautiful, easy-to-use interface changed the course of mobile phone history. Today, nearly all smartphones today are built using this design concept.

iPhone 5 Features And Functionality

iphone 9 Price in India

While the iPhone 5 represented an exciting change in the hardware and software Apple used to make its devices, this new version did not offer much in terms of new features, but there were some, such as:

  • An improved Siri

These upgrades certainly made the device better, but the real improvements came with its specifications.

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What Happened To The iPhone 9

As we mentioned, in 2017 Apple launched the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. If we’re honest, they probably should have been called the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus as, while they introduced several new features such as wireless charging, they were essentially enhancements of the existing iPhone 7.

As we saw with 2018’s iPhone XS, Apple usually uses the ‘S’ suffix to denote a refresh as opposed to a complete redesign.

And, as we said, Apple also launched the iPhone X or iPhone 10. Not only was that name to mark a decade since Apple’s first iPhone, but it also represented a new start for iPhone, heralding a new design using Face ID and binning the Home button.

The iPhone 8 has now been discontinued in favour of the iPhone SE .

This new handset is almost identical in terms of look to the iPhone 8 and has the same camera, but uses many internal components from the iPhone 11 and has almost the same camera software, too.

The iPhone SE is, if you like, the iPhone 9.


This is one of the best phones for anyone who’s concerned about value and battery life.

A final note it’s not that unusual for companies to miss out a sequential number in product names. Sometimes this is done because a number is considered to be unlucky in some countries.

But often it’s for the same reason that Apple skipped 9 – because the company wants to signify a new beginning for a product, just as Microsoft did when it skipped Windows 9 and went straight to Windows 10 from Windows 8 .

iPhone 3g Release Date: July 11 2008

In the video above, Steve Jobs mentions some of the positives and negatives from the first year of iPhone history. He cited extremely high levels of customer satisfaction, as well as figures that showed people really were using the phone in the way it was meant to be used, i.e. people were using it for email, web browsing, and calling/texting. Furthermore, he discussed how six million iPhones had been sold in the products first year, with sales stopping only because the company ran out of products.

However, he also identified where the iPhone needed to go next. Specifically, he pointed to five things:

  • The iPhone needed to be faster
  • The iPhone needed to be cheaper
  • The iPhone needed to be available in more countries
  • The iPhone needed to be more compatible with third-party apps
  • The iPhone needed to be more suited for business

The way in which Jobs discussed these challenges was smart, as these ended up being the defining characteristics of the next chapter of iPhone history.

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iPhone 4s Features And Functionality

The previous few upgrades Apple made to the iPhone were centered on improving its speed, screen, and cameras. The iPhone 4S was upgraded in all of these areas, but it also included some exciting new features that had never before been seen in iPhone history.

Perhaps the most exciting change was the introduction of Siri, Apples voice-controlled assistant that is still in use today and that in many ways introduced the consumer world to the functionality of Artificial Intelligence.

In addition to Siri, Apple also introduced the iCloud, which allowed people to store photos, videos, music, contacts, and much more in the cloud, which freed up space on the device, something they most likely did in response to the complaint that there was never enough storage space on the iPhone. Apple also introduced iMessage to make texting between iPhone users easier, a notifications center, reminders, and Twitter integration, helping the iPhone stay at the top of the smartphone world.

What Will The Smartphones Be Called

iPhone 9 – in a Nutshell

Apple is rumoured to be gearing up to release three new iPhones this year.

These phones will all have a similar design to the iPhone X – which launched last year – but will come in different sizes and, crucially with different kinds of screen technology.

But none of them will have a home button – meaning that if you want to use an iPhone from now on, you’re going to have to rely on FaceID.

The smallest handset – which is rumoured to be called the iPhone 9 – is likely to become the base model and will have an LCD screen .

The next one up will possibly be called the iPhone 11 and will be the natural upgrade from the current iPhone X. Pictures emerged in September of a phone said to be called the iPhone XS.

Meanwhile, the 6.5-inch version is rumoured to be called the iPhone X Plus and will be the biggest smartphone Apple has ever made.

The above renders were shared on Twitter by concept designer Ben Geskin who created them based on earlier leaked photographs of the front panels of the new phones.

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iPhone 4 Release Date: June 24 2010

Some 30 million iPhones were sold in the first three years of the phones history, making it one of the most popular and highly-desired products in the entire world. However, Apple, with its unquenchable thirst for innovation, wanted to move forward with the latest version of their signature the device. So, the iPhone 4, which launched on June 24, 2010, was the first time in iPhone history that Apple did a complete makeover of the device.

Of course, some things stayed the same, but so much of the phone was different that its clear to see how the release of this device launched a new era in the history of the iPhone. Many call the iPhone 4 the first modern phone, largely because all subsequent models have been based on it in one way or another.

During the launch event, Jobs claimed there were more than 100 new features in the iPhone 4 as compared to the 3GS. Heres a summary of some of the most important.

Is It iPhone 9 Or iPhone Se 2

Good question. We don’t know. Apple could end up calling it iPhone turtle shell for all we know. We speculate on a name in part because it’s fun and in part because it helps us organize in our own brains what each iPhone in Apple’s lineup represents.

The rumor of it being called an iPhone SE 2 actually started years ago. Back then, we’d been holding out hope for a new version of the four-inch form factor. That sweet beautiful iPhone SE design . Within the past year, however, we’d been hearing strong rumors about this so-called iPhone SE 2 and its design, which is decidedly not that of the iPhone SE. It’s more akin to an iPhone 8 design. Why was it initially being called iPhone SE 2? It’s likely that the rumors coming from the supply chain were referring to a “low-cost” iPhone. What’s the last, truly low-cost iPhone Apple launched? The iPhone SE.

We previously put our vote into the iPhone 9 camp, however, assuming that Apple would not actually reuse the SE nomenclature for a 2020 model.

Why iPhone 9 and not iPhone 11s or iPhone 12, you ask? The idea comes from the current iPhone lineup at Apple.

There is the iPhone 11 line that’s the base-model iPhone and the two pro model iPhones .

Though, I’m still secretly hoping this was all a ruse and the four-inch iPhone will be the only phone ever to have the SE moniker.

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The Next Chapter In iPhone History

If history tells us anything, then the next chapter of iPhone history should begin in the fall of 2021. However, we wont really know for sure what this will mean until it happens.

  • Will Apple simply come out with an updated version of its latest device?
  • Will they break the mold and come out with something truly groundbreaking?
  • Will they finally find a way to prevent people from working out how to unlock their iPhone?
  • Will they once again remove the iOS exploits used to jailbreak their iPhones?
  • Is the 4 lens camera just hype or is it the real deal?

Only time will tell, but the one thing we know for sure is that the history of the iPhone is far from over.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About The Apple iPhone 9


In case you havent figured it out, bringing in the iPhone X-like design and TrueDepth camera suggests that the classic fingerprint sensor will be properly banished from the iPhone line. We like Face ID, but we also like options.

Interestingly, Kuo believes that the iPhone 9 will leave behind 3D Touch technology, as well, although itll be in the iPhone XS models. Were surprised to hear that, to be honest. 3D Touch hasnt been the most essential everyday addition, but splitting the line on a feature like pressure sensitivity will only create headaches for app and game developers.

Furthermore, Barclays believes that Apple may remove 3D Touch from all iPhones starting in 2019, including the OLED models, so this might be a stepping stone on the way to cutting out pressure sensitivity entirely.

The iPhone 9 will ship with iOS 12 installed, of course, and the new OS revision packs some neat twists. Weve been playing with the public beta, and have some thoughts on whats coming, whats already great, and what could arguably use some more work.

Bloomberg reports that Apple plans to release a dual-SIM rendition of the 6.1in iPhone in some regions, but doesnt specify which ones.

Frustratingly, adapter supplier Cirrus Logic suggests that the iPhone 9 and iPhone XS will both scrap the 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter, meaning youll have to buy it separately or use Lightning-enabled or Bluetooth headphones instead. Thats annoying, if true.

Fact or fiction?

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Generation 1: iPhone 12 Pro And iPhone 12 Pro Max

Alongside the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, Apple also introduced the higher-end versions of the device, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The major difference between these two devices is camera technology.

The iPhone 12 Pro comes with a 6.1inch Super Retina XDR OLED display, a 52mm telephoto lens for increased focal length showing faraway objects with accurate perspective and with a level of precise detail not possible with previous models, and a LiDAR scanner that increases depth perception.

The Pro also incorporates Apple ProRaw Capture that gives the user access to more image data so you can get a head start on editing, with noise reduction and multi-frame exposure adjustments already in place and have more time to tweak color and white balance. The iPhone 12 Pros camera also incorporates 4K HDR Dolby Vision offering a cinematic look in video scenes with stronger contrasts for up to 60 fps.

These two devices are great assets to more camera-centric individuals like content creators and photographers who are willing to pay more for better camera features. For the average user, who takes the normal selfie, the base versions of the iPhone 12 should offer adequate camera features if not better than other smartphones in this niche market.

iPhone 4 Controversy: Antenna

As sales of the iPhone 4 continued to climb, consumers started to notice an annoying glitch when they held their phone in a particular way, they lost reception. The existence of this issue was repeatedly denied by Apple execs.

As public awareness and frustration with this issue continued to grow, Apple finally acknowledged it as a real problem.

Their solution was not well received Just avoid holding it in that way.

The considerable backlash to this obviously inadequate solution prompted Apple to eventually offer free cases to all iPhone 4 users.

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iPhone 4s Countries And Carriers

As mentioned, one of the biggest things to happen with the release of the iPhone 4S was making the device available on all three major U.S. networks, AT& T, Sprint, and Verizon.

In terms of countries, though, the iPhone 4S is monumental because it was the first time a full version of the iPhone was released in China. Counterfeit and stolen devices had been on the market for years, and in 2011 Apple released a version of the iPhone 3GS that didnt have WiFi, but in January 2012, the iPhone 4S went to China, giving Apple unprecedented access to one of the worlds largest markets.

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