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How Tall Is An iPhone 10

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Consider Aspect Ratio When Creating Background Images

How to use Measure App (iPhone X Demo)

When designing background images keep in mind that iPhone X also has different aspect ratio than a 4.7 display. Background graphics created for iPhones 8 16:9 aspect ratio needs to be adjusted to satisfy the technical requirements of iPhone X . To prevent the negative outcome, its better to compose images so that critical visual information remains visible regardless of display aspect ratio.

New iPhone Guide: For Those Looking To Buy One

Below, youll find some helpful posts about Apples iPhone. These are some of the most-read posts on KnowYourMobile.

If youre new to iPhones, or smartphones in general, have a read of these guides theyll help you make a more informed decision about which iPhone is right for you.

And once you do know what iPhone you want, EE has some of the cheapest deals for Apples iPhones right now. How so?

Well, we compared the deals on offer from all of the UKs major networks and EEs were the cheapest with respect to data allowance and monthly costs.

How Big Is The iPhone Xs Max Really

The Apple iPhone XS Max is smaller than you think, because its ‘6.5-inch’ screen size is misleading. Here’s how it compares to other phones you know.

Small phones are dead, and some Apple users are in mourning. But as you shop for your new iPhone XS, XS Max or XR, it’s good to understand just how big these phones really are.

It’s a little misleading to look at screen sizes when trying to judge the size of phones now, because phones have different aspect ratios: some are taller and narrower, so they fit a longer diagonal screen size into less space. It’s a bit of a mess.

When judging whether a phone will fit in your hand, in my experience the most important number is the phone’s width: that tells you whether it will fit into your palm and whether your thumb can work its way across the screen.

A long time ago, LG did a study and found that many people get less comfortable using a phone one-handed when it’s wider than 2.8 inches. I’d say it’s more like 2.65 or 2.7 inches for people with smaller hands, especially women. That puts those who want one-handed phones in a bind, though, because very few high-end phones are that narrow anymore.

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What Does The iPhone X Look Like

The iPhone X is radically different from any iPhone that came before it, including the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which are also new to Apples lineup. The iPhone X features a completely bezel-less, all-screen design, with a thin notch at the top that juts into the top of the screen. It clocks in at 5.8-inches diagonally, but with a smaller form factor than the iPhone 8 Plus . With so much screen, you can say goodbye to the home button, a move that is sure to ruffle some feathers.


The iPhone X blueprint, as revealed by the iOS 11 GM.

Elsewhere, the layout of the phone is similar, with a sleep/wake button on the right side and volume buttons on the left, along with a dual camera on the back. This time, however, the camera array is arranged vertically in the top left corner rather than horizontally.

iPhone 7 Plus& 8 Plus


These model iPhones are the larger iPhone models Apple offers. Both models have a 5.5″ screen .

These two models are different than the iPhone 6 PLUS/6s PLUS model Apple offers due to no longer having a headphone jack and a different camera design. If you currently have an iPhone 6 PLUS or 6s PLUS Loopy, you’ll want to upgrade to the iPhone 7 PLUS & 8 PLUS Loopy to have the right fit for to these upgraded features 🙂

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iPhone X Is Stainless Steel But The iPhone 11 Is Nearly Drop

The iPhone X is a thing of beauty that is worth appreciating based on its aesthetics alone. Its sleek, nearly all-screen appearance looks elegant and helped set new design standards for iPhones. In fact, even though it’s older than the iPhone 11, it’s arguably more modern in look and feel. That’s because it’s lighter, thinner, and smaller than the iPhone 11.

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It’s also crafted out of stainless steel, which is typically one of the design hallmarks of a premium phone. The iPhone 11, meanwhile, uses an aluminum frame with glass on the front and back. But for all its minimalistic beauty, the iPhone X is not a durable phone and should absolutely be used with a good case. Yes, it does have an IP67 rating, which means the phone is fully dust protected and can also withstand being submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 mins. Although it’s lower than the iPhone 11’s IP68 rating , it was how the iPhone X fared during CNET’s drop tests that was the big letdown.

The iPhone X cracked at a single 3-foot drop. The iPhone 11 withstood eight different drop tests on hard concrete, including a drop from 11 feet high . This seemed to back up Apple’s claim that it has used the most durable glass ever built into a smartphone on the front and back of the iPhone 11 . The glass was custom-made for the iPhone by Corning, the American company behind Gorilla Glass.

Are There Any Cool iPhone X


The hot new feature in the iPhone X is called Animoji.

Yes. Face ID is an iPhone X-only feature, but the phones TrueDepth camera that packs the Face ID sensors also allow for another fun iPhone X-clusive feature: Animoji. Users will be able to create custom animated messages that use your voice and reflect your facial expressions using the iPhone Xs 3D camera to analyze the movement of your face and apply your expression to your emoji of choice. Youll have 12 emoji to pick from at launchyes, including that one. If youve ever wanted to send a poop emoji that is animated with your personality, you might need to get an iPhone X.

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Face Id And The Truedepth Camera System

Face ID, introduced in 2017 with the iPhone X, is the biometric authentication system used in the iPhone XR, which features a notch housing the TrueDepth camera system that enables Face ID.

Face ID performs the same role as Touch ID, except it uses a facial scan instead of a fingerprint, and Face ID in the iPhone XR is identical to Face ID in the iPhone X with the exception of speed improvements. With the new A12 Bionic chip and Neural Engine improvements, Face ID is able to detect your face and unlock your device faster than before.

Face ID is used across the iOS operating system for tasks like unlocking your iPhone, allowing access to third-party passcode-protected apps, confirming purchases in iTunes and the App Store, and authenticating Apple Pay payments.

Face ID works through a set of sensors and cameras built into the front of the iPhone XR, called the TrueDepth Camera system. To create a facial scan, a Dot Projector projects more than 30,000 invisible infrared dots onto your face, which are then read by an infrared camera.

This depth map of your face is then relayed to the A12 Bionic processor where it is transformed into a mathematical model that the iPhone uses to make sure it’s you attempting to access your iPhone.

iPhone Xs Specs Vs X Xr Xs Max: What’s The Same And Different


See how Apple’s latest iPhones compare with the original iPhone X, spec by spec.

The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XRphones are updates to 2017’s iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus. The iPhone XS retains the familiar design of the iPhone X, including a 5.8-inch OLED display and stainless-steel sides. Apple also offers a larger version of the XS with a 6.5-inch OLED display called the iPhone XS Max.

With a footprint about the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus , the iPhone XS Max has the largest display found on any current iPhone.

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The Ultimate Guide To iPhone Resolutions

UPDATE: We have added the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max to the guide below.

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iPhone Size Comparison Chart: Ranking Them All By Size

Richard GoodwinThis blog post may contain affiliate links

by Richard Goodwin | Apr 15, 2021 | User Guides

Apple makes quite a few iPhones nowadays and theyre all slightly different both with respect to specs and size. Heres a handy iPhone size comparison chart to give you a visual idea of the differences

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Is The iPhone Xs Battery Life Better Than The iPhone 7s

On the surface, the iPhone Xs battery isnt too different from the iPhone 7s. Both of them can handle around 13 hours of video and about 12 hours of internet use. The iPhone X beats the iPhone 7 when it comes to endurance tasks like talk time and audio play. But the real shakeup here isnt the battery life itself its how it charges.

The iPhone X has fast charging and wireless charging both of which make charging and using your smartphone a breeze. Fast charging lets you charge your battery halfway full in 30 minutes. And wireless charging means you dont have to plug your iPhone into the nearest wall in order to charge it.

Summary: The iPhone 7 and iPhone X both have good batteries that can last a whole day. The iPhone Xs battery has a little more power. And it offers fast charging and wireless charging to improve ease-of-use and charging versatility.

The Universal Serial Bus Is An Industry Standard That Allows Different Electronic Devices To Exchange Data

iPhone X and peripheral vision. No doubt, the most popular ...

There are several versions of the Universal Serial Bus standard: USB 1.0 , the USB 2.0 , the USB 3.0 , etc. With each following version the rate of data transfer is increased.


he USB interface in mobile devices may be used for different purposes such as battery charging, using the device as a mass storage, host, etc.


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Speed: iPhone X Vs iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is anything but sluggish. Benchmarks kept the iPhone 7 neck and neck with most Android models until the iPhone X came along which is by far the best-performing Apple smartphone released.

Lets start with the Apple A11 Bionic chipset. It has a Six-Core CPU and a Six Core GPU with 3GB of RAM. This gives you around 30% more GPU than the iPhone 7 and around 25% more CPU. This means you will be able to multitask by about 70% faster than with the iPhone 7. And it gives you all of this while simultaneously running the 2436×1125 pixel touchscreen, cameras, sensors and so on.

To top it all off, the Neural AI in the chipset can produce 600 billion operations per second, which is used for the iPhone Xs advanced facial recognition technology.

Summary: The iPhone 7 sports the A10 fusion chipset, which is around 70% slower than the A11 Bionic in the iPhone X. But keep in mind that both of these chipsets are pacy and can handle the needs of the vast majority of smartphone users.

iPhone 11 Pro Max: 65 Inch Screen

Apple saved the biggest for last. The iPhone 11 Pro Max clocks in with a screen that measures 6.5 inches diagonally, with a height of 6.22 inches, width of 3.06 inches, depth of .32 inches, and full weight of 7.97 inches.

This screen is actually identical in size to that of the iPhone XS Max, making the 11 Pro Max tied for first place as the iPhone model with the largest screen to date.

Just like the new iPhone 11 Pro, the 11 Pro Max also has the high-quality OLED display. The super retina XDR display that’s shared with the 11 Pro is reportedly the highest pixel density display in Apple’s product repertoire.

You can learn more about the specs for the new iPhone 11 models at Apple’s website here.

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How Big Is The iPhone Xs Max

There’s good news for people who like big phones: the iPhone XS Max, with its 6.5-inch screen, is actually narrower than the iPhone 8 Plus. That’s because the XS Max gets rid of the 8 Plus’s ridiculously giant 2014-era bezels.

But if you have an older non-Plus iPhone, any of the new models will be potential hand-busters. The iPhone XS is 0.14 inches wider than the iPhone 6/7/8, and 0.48 inches wider than the iPhone SE . The iPhone XR is even wider, almost the width of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

If you’re sensitive to phone width, that puts you in a tough position. I included the Galaxy S9 on this chart because it’s the narrowest other popular flagship phone out there it now carries the torch for the iPhone 6/7/8-like size, although notice that it’s also taller.

The iPhone 7 and 8 are staying on sale, for reasonable prices, too. If you need a truly one-handed iPhone and your hands aren’t very big, the iPhone 8 will be your choice this year.

The iPhone X Has An Oled Display Why Is This A Big Deal

The 6.5 inch iPhone X Plus?

The iPhone X is Apples first OLED phone, meaning that each pixel directly produces light rather than being backlit like an LCD display. As weve seen on Android phones from Samsung, Google, and others, OLED colors are more vibrant with deeper blacks, greater brightness, and superb contrast. In case youve never seen a Galaxy phone, you can see the benefits of OLED on the Apple Watch screen.

The iPhone Xs display has a resolution of 2436 x 1125, for a shocking pixel density of 458 ppi. Apples calling it Super Retina. Like the iPhone 8, it supports TrueTone to adjust the color temperature to the ambient light around you.

There are also battery benefits. With OLED screens, black pixels dont produce any light, so the phone actually conserves energy by using dark colors. Apple claims the iPhone X will get two additional hours of battery life over the iPhone 8. Obviously, this is something well test in our review, and battery life varies based on how you use your phone, but Apples estimates are usually reliable.

One drawback, however, might be supply. OLED screens are more difficult to manufacture, and Apple is going to need a lot of them. Recent rumors suggest there may be a long wait before the iPhone X gets into customers hands.

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Its Called The iPhone X Whats That All About

We heard a lot of wild rumors in the months leading up to the iPhone Xs announcementand lots of them had to do with its name. First, it was the iPhone 8, then the iPhone Pro, then iPhone 8 again, then iPhone Edition. And, as it turns out, we were all wrong.

Why X? Well, Apple hasnt said for sure, but presumably, its a reference to 2017 being the tenth anniversary of the handset . Remember, Apple shifted away from the X branding last year in its Mac operating systems, switching from OS X El Capitan to macOS Sierra, so there wont be any confusion with the desktop. And besides, X is a super-cool letter.

How Tall Is An iPhone X

Subsequently, one may also ask, how many inches tall is an iPhone X?

Actual size of iPhone X

weight:174g width:70.9mm

Secondly, how tall is the iPhone 7 Plus? The iPhone 7 measures in at 138.3mm tall,67.1mm wide, and 7.1mm thick, while the iPhone 7 Plus is158.2mm tall, 77.9mm wide, and 7.3mm thick.

Regarding this, what size is an iPhone X?

Apple iPhone X have an overall area of . TheApple iPhone X has an overall height of 5.94 | 150.9mm, length of , and depth of .33 | 8.3 mm. The AppleiPhone X has a seat height set at 6.1 and an armheight of 1792 x 828, 326 ppi.

Is there an iPhone X plus size?

The biggest iPhone yet, with amodern designThe 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus is set todebut in fall of 2018 alongside a 6.1-inch iPhone,and a second-generation 5.8-inch iPhoneX.

iPhone 11inchesinchesinchesinchesinches

Christa Remus

iPhone 11iPhone 11iPhone

iPhone 11megapixelmegapixel

Armen Pavesio

iPhone 11

Yanying Corripio

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Which One Is Best For You

iPhone X was 2017s flagship iPhone and marked a significant leap forward in functionality, as well as serving up a fresh new look thanks to the adoption of OLED screen technology. The class of 2018 has built on the success of iPhone X, and top of the class is Apples new plus-size phone, iPhone XS Max.Like its predecessor, iPhone XS Max boasts a pin-sharp OLED screen with crisp contrast and vivid colours, but on a larger scale at 6.5 inches, its the biggest iPhone screen to date. The awesome dual-lens camera has been upgraded too, with impressive new functions such as Smart HDR allowing even more professional looking shots.If iPhone Xs release was a watershed moment for the brand, Apple have built on this success with a yet more impressive, feature-packed phone. See our handy feature guide to decide which model is best for you.

  • Apple

    iPhone XS Max

  • Take stunning professional pictures with iPhone XS Maxs feature-laden dual-lens camera, including Apples Smart HDR

  • See more on the gorgeous 6.5-inch OLED display or multi-task with split screen view

  • Experience a smoother and more immersive gaming experience thanks to the powerful new A12 Bionic chip.

  • Personalise your favourite Animoji and add stickers and filters for even more fun

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