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How Much Does An iPhone Xs Max Cost

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iPhone Xs Water Damage Repair

How Much Does iPhone XS Max Cost In 2021?

Water damage doesnt have to be a death sentence for your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. Often, water damage is completely fixable with the expertise of an experienced technician. If you require iPhone XS water damage repair or assistance troubleshooting a waterlogged device, depend on the experts at CPR Cell Phone Repair. We have years of experience helping customers bring water-damaged devices back to life.

Diy iPhone Screen Repair Kits Costs

There is also the option of repairing your screen yourself with kit repair prices ranging from $40 to $80. Considering the high price of an iPhone, we dont recommend this if you have little experience installing phone screens. Were not mentioning names, but one of our own at HomeGuide tried this and the phone exploded in his hands. He ran, kicking the flaming phone across the carpet and out the front door in time to prevent the whole place going up in smoke. Lithium batteries are not to be trifled with. The memory will remain with us until the carpet is replaced….

If you are still sure you can stay alive and not damage the iPhone further by fixing it yourself, heres how to do it.

  • Watch YouTube videos on the process until you feel like you know what youre about to do.
  • Order the DIY kita combo of the replacement screen, tiny tools, cables, and an instructional booklet. Heres an article on how that turned out for one Consumer Reports reporter.
  • In summary, if your iPhone is in warranty and the screen needs to be repaired because of an internal problem, have Apple fix it. If its not in warranty, we recommend having a mobile iPhone repair technician meet you to do the work, as most of the repair options seem to cost about the same regardless of where you bring it, and the convenience of having them come to you is amazing.

    Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted computer and phone repair pros:

    Daniel W.

    How Much Does It Cost To Replace An iPhone Xs Display

    BY kaye |December 11th, 2018|1|

    When we accidentally break the iPhone XS screen, we generally have these ways to fix it: repair in the Apple Store or Genius Bar, repair in a nearby repair shop or reputable repair shop, buy new screen replacement and repair tools online then DIY. No matter which method we choose, the iPhone XS screen repair cost is our biggest concern.

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    How Much Each iPhone X Model Costs

    The iPhone X like the XR, XS, and XS Max is no longer sold in new condition by any retailer. But, you can buy it certified refurbished from Apple, which is the safest bet to guarantee the best condition.

    However, if you prefer a cheaper option, the iPhone X is available refurbished or used from third-party sites.

    Important: If you’re buying directly from Apple, all models are fully unlocked, meaning they will work with any cellular carrier. On Amazon and Best Buy, you’ll be able to buy the phones unlocked from any carrier, or from a specific carrier if you choose. Some other retailers may require you to register the device with your cell phone carrier. All prices listed below are for the unlocked versions.

    How Much Does It Cost In Apple Store/ Genius Bar For New iPhone Xs Screen

    How much the new $1,099 iPhone XS Max would cost you per month
  • 1. Replace the screen at Apple Store, we can get the best quality repair parts, because their screen replacement is from the original mobile phone production factory.
  • 2. At the Apple repair shop to change the screen, we can get all the phone functions. As we all know, Apple iPhone device once replaced an aftermarket part in the third-party repair shop, some of its features will be missing. The most famous is the iPhone models before iPhone X. After replacing the Home button, the Touch ID will not be working. For the device after iPhone 8, the True Tone function disabled after replace an aftermarket screen
  • 3. There are two kinds of price to replace an iPhone XS screen in Apple Store, the difference is whether the device is covered the AppleCare+. If you purchased the AppleCare+, the cost of screen replacement is $29. If you don’t have AppleCare+, the repair price is very high, you need to pay $279 for it, same as the iPhone X screen replacement price.
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    Beware Of Spurious And Unethical Methods

    You may have seen offers for free unlocks for iPhone XS / XS Max and older iPhone models on the Internet. Two words of advice: stay away! Such fraudsters are after your money and your private information. Theyll tell you they have the latest unlocking software or that they can do a quick hardware unlock on your iPhone XS, but they cant. Apple has put in several additional security features in iOS 12 that makes it practically impossible for anyone but the worlds best hackers to even attempt to achieve the root level access required for such a modification.

    The IMEI whitelist method is the only legitimate way to untether your device from your carrier, so dont be taken in by enticing offers of free or cheap unlocking services.

    Get on board with and easily unlock iPhone XS / XS Max the right way. Permanently.

    Customer Testimonials

    How Much Does It Cost To Diy Repair The iPhone Xs Screen

    Note: DIY repair has a certain amount of risk, please do not try it easily, otherwise you may damage the equipment and lose money.

    Before DIY repair, you need to watch the relevant iPhone XS teardown videos on YouTube which can help you easily to complete the repair.

    You need to buy an iPhone XS screen online, preferably with a bracket assembly, which makes it easier to replace. It is best to buy screens at some Mobile Phone Parts suppliers instead of eBay, Amazon because they have higher quality products and better warranty regulations. You can purchase replacement parts and repair tools on the ETrade Supply, which have a 180-day warranty.

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    Out Of Warranty Repair

    The Apple support page says you might still be able to have Apple fix it through their Out-Of-Warranty servicefor things like screen burn or an iPhone that has failed due to damage or liquid damage. … See Apple’s Repair Terms and Conditions for further details. Refer to this article to check if the Liquid Contact indicator on your product has been triggered. To find where to bring your phone for OOW service options, call your local carrier and they can direct you to iPhone repair shops near you.

    If youve only just bought your phone, or are about to buy one, and you are historically talented at dropping your phone, your best option is to sign up for the AppleCare+ plan. Both AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss extend that coverage1 up to two years and give you additional features such as 24/7 tech support and accidental damage

    Buying A Used iPhone Xs Max

    How Much the iPhone XS / XS Max / XR Cost?

    If you want a used iPhone, you’re in the right place. Gazelle has a vast inventory of used iPhones and other tech. We can help you find the phone of your dreams without going over your budget.

    We have iPhone XS Max devices at a fraction of the current retail price. Learn more about our available inventory and discover the ideal phone for your lifestyle.

    Why Buy an iPhone XS Max?

    Apple has been a fan-favorite since they released their first phone in 2007. The iPhone XS Max has a large number of upgraded features to give you a quality user experience. For example, the large 6.5-inch LCD screen makes it easy to watch videos, text, tweet and snap selfies wherever you are.

    The A12 Bionic chip offers a powerful punch for whatever you need to get done. This phone has dual 12-megapixel cameras that can shoot in both wide and telephoto formats. You can take advantage of the portrait mode’s lighting and create stunning images to share with your loved ones.

    You can go about your days stress-free since this phone is dust-, water- and splash-resistant. Choose gold, silver or space gray with up to 512 GB of storage. Do everything you need and more with the Apple iPhone XS Max.

    The Benefits of Used Phones

    Though you might think newer is better, that’s not always the case. Used phones have unique benefits that set them apart from new phones.

    With a used iPhone, you can:

    Why Purchase From Us?

    Our services are:

    Unbeatable iPhone XS Max Deals From Gazelle

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    Using The New iPhone Xs Max

    The new model of the iPhone is designed to offer the same smooth experience that existing Apple customers are already accustomed to. The new devices offer increased RAM and faster LTE performance for your connected lifestyle. Apple is also offering a new fast charger as well as wireless charging to increase the amount of time you can spend on the go rather than tethered to the wall plug.

    Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Apple.

    Is iPhone Xs Screen Repair Worth It

    Theres no question that iPhones are some of the most premium smartphones available today, but Apples level of quality doesnt come cheap. While diehard fans have no issue emptying their wallets for the newest iPhone every year, the vast majority of people hang onto older models for as long as possible .

    When something does happen to your iPhone cracked screen, water damage, etc. most people have two options: repair or buy a new model. But theres another option that can save you hundreds of dollars: buy a gently used iPhone on Swappa.

    When it first launched, the iPhone XS retailed for $999 and that was for the lowest storage option. Although it was officially discontinued in 2019, you can still find a cheap iPhone XS on Swappa, with used prices starting at $384.

    When it comes time to repair a broken iPhone, generally older models are cheaper to repair than newer models. So in the case of an iPhone XS repair which averages $164 to fix a broken screen it would be much cheaper to find a local repair shop than it would be to buy an entirely new phone or repair at the Apple Store. So yes, its probably worth it to repair the phone. However, as iPhone XS prices continue to drop, it also might be worth checking the Swappa marketplace for the latest deals and prices.

    To find cheap and affordable iPhone repair near you, hit the link below to browse available shops in the Swappa Repair Network.

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    When Will iPhone Xs Max Prices Drop

    iPhone prices drop the most around the time of the next iPhone announcement, which isusually September of each year.New iPhones, sold by Apple and other retailers, usually only see a price drop around thattime of the next release.Used iPhone prices, however, decline steadily over time meaning you can get a great dealon a used iPhone Xs Max today.

    Can I Do An Imei Whitelist Myself

    How Much Do iPhone XS, XR, Max Cost? Price Comparison

    No, this process requires special access. An unlock for iPhone XS / XS Max can only be done by a certified service provider like because only very few companies are granted privileges to enter and modify data within Apples and the carriers servers. We have that privilege, and we can unlock your iPhone XS / XS Max in a matter of hours.

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    iPhone Xs Max Price And Availability

    • iPhone XS Max 64GB price: $1,099
    • iPhone XS Max 256GB price: $1,249
    • iPhone XS Max 512GB price: $1,449

    Rear camera: 12MP + 12MPFront camera: 7MP + ToF

    Apple no longer sells the iPhone XS Max, but when it did, it charged a lot. Luckily, you can still find the handset at other retailers, carriers and networks.

    As we’ve already hinted, this is a premium phone with an even more premium price tag. The iPhone XS Max started at $1,099 for the 64GB model, which is $100 more than the iPhone XS.

    If you want more internal storage, the 256GB iPhone XS Max price was $1,249 , while the most expensive 512GB version will set you back a staggering $1,449 .

    At the time of launch, there was no mainstream smartphone that costs more than the 512GB iPhone XS Max did at launch, putting it in a league of its own in terms of pricing. Now, there are even more expensive mainstream phones but this is still a lot of money for a handset.

    Plus, the launch of the iPhone 11 and 12 families have brought the price down. At the time of our latest update to this review, the handset with 64GB of storage cost around $600, £600 or AU$800.

    That said, it’s getting increasingly hard to find new models of the iPhone XS Max, so if you really still want to buy it you might have to settle for a refurbished handset. Of course, the price of those is even lower.

    Without Apple Care +:

    If the iPhone XS Max is out of warranty, you need to pay $599 to repair it in the Apple store, which is $50 higher than the iPhone XS and X. With $599, you can buy a new iPhone 8 in the Apple.

    For the iPhone XR repair cost, it is not shown on the We will always pay attention to it and keep it up to date.

    For most iPhone users, they would like to repair their iPhone device in the third-repair shop if the device is out of warranty or without Apple Care +. It’s convenient and cheap to repair a mobile phone at a nearby repair shop.

    Any questions about the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR repair cost, welcome to comment below.For iPhone XS Max repair parts here:For iPhone XS repair parts here:For iPhone XR repair parts here:

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    When Does An iPhone Screen Need A Repair

    The need for mobile iPhone repairs generally arises in one of two ways. Firstly, due to incidents of accidental damage. In the case of screens, this may be caused by dropping the phone or rubbing against a rough surface. The display may be shattered, cracked or scratched. The second cause is a naturally developing fault due to age or submersion in water. These tend to be electronic faults affecting the components in the phone itself rather than the external surface. In both cases, returning to an authorised dealer/repairer for a fix can require deep pockets and an extended period without your phone.

    Mobile iPhone Repair Service

    How much does the iPhone Xs | Xs Max | Xr COST!?!?

    This can be one of the easiest ways of repairing your screen, and you dont even have to leave your house or work to do it. Custom Computer Experts in Sheffield Lake, OH, say, If you can’t come to us, we can come to you for $99.99 plus parts or software. $25 travel fee will be included in the final invoice for travel of 25 miles or more.

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    Making The $1249 iPhone Xs Only Costs Apple $443

    The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max start at $999 and $1,099, and go up to $1,349 and $1,449, respectively. Theyre anything but cheap, although there are plenty of ways to make those prices more tolerable. But how much does it cost Apple to manufacture them? The first bill of materials for the 256GB iPhone XS Max, priced at $1,249, says it cost Apple just $443 to manufacture this model.

    The figure comes from TechInsights teardown, and its less than $50 more than the estimate for last years 64GB iPhone X, which TechInsights believes cost Apple $395.44 to make. However, as any bill of materials for iPhones and other handsets, these are estimates that will never be confirmed by smartphone vendors.

    The most expensive iPhone XS Max component is the display, the teardown explains, which cost $80.50, compared to $77.27 for last years iPhone X. Apple paid just over $3 more for the Samsung 6.5-inch display that goes into the XS Max than the 5.8-inch Samsung OLED screen inside the 2017 iPhone X.

    To pull it off, Apple removed certain 3D Touch parts in the display, TechInsights says. All told, what they took out adds up to about $10, so this $80 estimate would have been about $90, TechInsights Al Cowsky told Reuters. They had a trade-off in cost.

    Samsung Electronics Co. charges 65¢ a gig to move from the 128GB Note 9 phone to the 512GB model.

    How Much Does An iPhone Xs Cost In 2021

    Not everyone needs the very latest iPhone. In fact, a previous generation model can do almost everything that a newer model can and save you hundreds of dollars on a phone youll love. Whether youre looking for a cheap upgrade, a gift, or an affordable replacement, the iPhone XS is still a great phone to buy in 2021.

    A followup to the iconic iPhone X, the iPhone XS launched in September 2018 alongside the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. The XS shares a nearly identical design to the iPhone X, but with a faster A12 Bionic chip, drastically improved camera with Smart HDR, and other small tweaks that really set it apart.

    From the front, the iPhone XS is nearly identical to the iPhone 11 Pro, with a 5.8-inch Super Retina XDR display and trademark notch. Other upgrades for the iPhone XS include faster Face ID, IP68 water resistance, faster LTE speeds, and the larger 6.5-inch screen of the XS Max. Keep reading to learn how much the iPhone XS costs in 2021.

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