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How To Add Google Calendar To iPhone

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How To Set Anniversary Notifications On iPhone

How to Add Google Calendar to Your iPhone (iCloud) Calendar | zzBots

You may want to set birthday notification alerts on your iPhone in addition to displaying birthdays on iPhone calendar.

This will give you extra security and ensure that you don’t miss important dates like birthdays.

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings and then Calendar.
  • scroll down to Default alert times on the next screen
  • Next, tap Birthday and choose when you want get birthday alerts on your iPhone on the next screen.
  • You can set your iPhone to notify you on the day of the event or before the event, as seen in the image above, if you want to buy gifts or make preparations for the occasion.
  • Once you’ve made your decision, it will apply to all your contacts.
  • This setting is global and there is currently no way to modify birthday alerts for specific contacts on iOS.
  • Display Multiple Google Calendars On An iPhone Or iPad

    If calendars are created or shared with you after you initially connect your iPhone or iPad to your Google account, they may be missing from your list of calendars.

    To select additional calendars to display:

  • Open the Chrome or Safari browser on your device and go to
  • Sign in with your account and select your device
  • Select the calendars you want to sync and tap Save
  • Bookmark the page so you can return easily.
  • After the calendars are synced to your device, you can display and hide them in the calendar settings.

    Accessing Your Google Calendar On Your Own Device

    If you want to synchronise your University Google Calendar with a calendar on your own computer or mobile device, you should find that most modern calendar apps will support syncing with Google natively. All you will need to do is sign in using your email address and Raven password.

    You can find instructions for Android, iOS and macOS on .

    In rare cases where a calendaring app doesn’t support this approach, you could use Google’s App Password feature to provide a special password that is used only for your calendaring device.

    First, ensure that 2-Step Verification is turned on for your account:

  • Log in to ‘My account’ using your and UIS Password, and select the ‘Security’ tab:
  • Ensure that ‘2-Step Verification’ is ‘On’. If it isn’t, toggle the ‘Off’ setting and follow the on-screen instructions to enable it. You’ll need to provide a mobile phone number and, when prompted, enter a code texted to you by Google.
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    How To Sync Google Calendar With Your iPhone

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    While you might love your iPhone’s calendar app, many people are equally enamored of Google’s calendar. If you don’t want to miss that noon get-together your friends set up in Google Apps, this article will show you how to set up Google Calendar on your iPhone with a few short stepsjust in time for lunch!

    Adding Your Apple Calendar To Google Calendar

    Official Gmail Blog: Google Calendar for iPhone. It

    1. On your desktop/laptop, open a browser and navigate to

    2. Find the “Add a friend’s calendar” section to the left of the screen. Tap on the plus icon to bring up additional options:

    Select From URL from the options provided:

    3. Enter the URL you copied from either your Calendar app or and click Add Calendar. Your Apple Calendar events will appear momentarily.

    You can modify the name of your imported calendar by clicking the 3 dots beside the calendar under the Other calendars section, then click Settings from the options provided:

    4. Once you’ve , you’ll now be able to integrate your Apple Calendar. We’ll display these events in My Calendar and identify any potential conflicts when booking sessions.

    Note: It might take up to 12 hours for changes to your Apple Calendar to show in your Google Calendar. Learn more about how Google syncs external calendars.

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    How To Sync Google Calendar With iPhones Calendar App

    First, we will integrate Google Calendar to the default Apple Calendar and then move on to well-known third-party apps. Go through the steps below.

    Step 1: Open the Settings app on the iPhone.

    Step 2: Scroll down to the Apps section and select Calendar.

    Step 3: Tap on Accounts from the following menu.

    Step 4: Select Add Account.

    Step 5: Tap on Google and add your Google login credentials.

    Step 6: After successful authentication, you will find the Gmail tab under the Accounts menu.

    Step 7: Select Gmail and enable Calendars from the following menu.

    Now open the Apple Calendar app and tap on the Calendars at the bottom. Within a minute, you will see all your Google Calendar synced with Apple Calendar. One can also tap on the Add Calendar at the bottom and sync a new calendar with Google or iCloud.

    One can disable any Google calendar, disable alerts, and even delete them from the Apple Calendar app. While creating a new event, go to Calendar and select the preferred Google calendar account.

    Give Your Calendars Unique Names

    This may sound obvious. But when creating a new calendar, give it a unique name. This way you immediately know which calendar you want to view. For example, you could have a work calendar that notes what you and your teams schedules are. You could then create another calendar that features deadlines for a current project.

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    How To Add Google Calendar To iPhone Easily

    Many iPhone users struggle to add Google Calendar to iPhone and looking for ways to do so. In this, we are sharing with you the straightforward ways to add Google Calendar with your iPhone easily. Syncing the Google Calendar with your iPhone is the best option for saving time and managing the schedule quickly in just a few clicks.

    Therefore, many users often add the Google Calendar events with their devices to get notified every time. There are two ways to sync the Google Calendar with iPhone one by installing the official Google Calendar application and secondly via adding it to the inbuilt iPhone calendars app. So, if you are also the one who keeps all your schedule and events on the calendar then you can have the information by installing the Google Calendar app. But if you want to keep the activities in your iPhone inbuilt Calendar app, then your search ends here. Keeping reading the article to find out how to add Google Calendar to iPhone.

    How To Add Google Calendar To iPhone

    How to Add Shared Google Calendar to iPhone or iPad

    Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google, which allows users to create and edit events. Its reminders can be enabled for events, with options available for type and time. Event locations can also be added, and other users can be invited to events. Users can also enable or disable the visibility of special calendars, including Birthdays and Holidays.

    It will be great if we can add Google Calendar to iPhone. However, when you sync Google Calendar with iPhone, the same events will show up when you use Google Calendar on your computer. The easiest way to sync your events is to download the official Google Calendar app on your iPhone. If you’d prefer to use the calendar app already on your iPhone, you can sync Google Calendar with iPhone.

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    Enter Google Account Information

    First, you’ll need to go into your phone’s setting menu and enter your Google account credentials so your phone can synchronize with Google’s cloud. You’ll have the option to synchronize emails, contacts, calendars, and notes.

    On the iPhone, you’ll go into settings, then tap on Mail/Contacts/Calendars, and then hit Add Account.

    On Windows Phone, you’ll go into settings, tap on emails and accounts, and then you can add your Google account on the following screen.

    Once you’ve gone through the account setup process, make sure that the Calendar option is ticked for proper Google synchronization. If you’re only synchronizing your personal calendars that you’ve created, you should be finished at this step.

    View Your Shared Calendar In Your Calendar App

    On the iPhone, you’ll want to open the default calendar app. On iOS 8, click the Calendars button at the bottom of the screen. This should pull up a menu listing all your personal and shared calendars across all the different accounts you have setup on your phone.

    You’ll be given options to view your shared calendar. Check the calendars you’ll want to view. For a detailed view, you’ll want to make sure all your calendars are selected for viewing inside the app. If you want to just see your shared calendar, make sure every other calendar is unchecked except the shared calendar.

    On a Windows Phone, you’ll want to launch the default calendar app, go into settings, and be sure you have the calendars to see selected.

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    How Can I Add An Anniversary To The Apple Calendar On iPhone And Mac

    Your contact data is synced with Calendar on iOS. For example, if you have a Facebook contact, their birthday will appear in the Calendar app. You can sync all events, birthdays, and anniversaries from other calendars with the Calendar app. You can also use the app to add events and get reminders for them. iOS is smart enough to automatically add events from Mail invites to Calendar.

    we will be happy to help you, please submit this form, if your solution is not covered in this article.

    Surprisingly, you can’t add an annual event to the Calendar, such as an anniversary. You can import data from other apps that have this type of data, but you can’t add it directly. However, there are remedies for this problem.

    How Do I Change The First Day Of The Week On iPhone

    Sync Your Google Calendar To Your iPhone Or iPad (Or Both ...

    Instead of opening the Calendar app, youll need to open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Scroll down until you find the Calendar. Select Calendar in your iOS settings. Select the Calendar and youll be offered a list of different calendar settings. Youll be able to change the first day of the week and show invitee declines.

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    Add Google Calendar Events To Apple Calendar

    You can add Google Calendar events to your Apple calendar on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

    You can sync Google Calendar with the Calendar app that comes on your iPhone or iPad.

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open your device settings.
  • Scroll and tap Calendar..
  • Enter your email address Next.
  • Enter your password. If you don’t have the latest operating system and you use 2-Step Verification, enter an app password instead of your regular password.
  • Tap Next.
  • Emails, contacts, and calendar events will now sync directly with your Google Account. To sync only your calendar, turn off the other services.
  • Open the Calendar app on your iPhone to find your Google Calendar events.
  • To sync with an existing account, tap the account and turn on Calendars.

    Creating A New Google Calendar

    You can only create a new Google Calendar from a browser. However, once its been created it can be accessed on your mobile device. Its a little bit of an inconvenience. But its not a complex process.

    Hop onto your computer and open-up your Google Calendar. If youre new to Google, then this is done by logging into Gmail and locating Calendar under Google Apps.

    After youve opened-up your Calendar, you can add a new Calendar by clicking Add other calendars > New calendar. This is on the left side of your screen and above My calendars.

    Now you can go ahead and give the new calendar a name and description.

    When youre done, click Create calendar.

    Congratulations! Your freshly made calendar has been created and is ready to use.

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    Backup iPhone Calendar To Computer

    Usually calendar includes important information, so a backup of the calendar is necessary. To help you back up your calendar on iPhone, I would recommend to you Leawo iOS Data Recovery. This program is a practical data recovery program as well as a data backing up program. Users can use it to recover lost data from iOS device and back up their data on iOS device to computer with ease.

    Here’s how you can back up iPhone calendar to computer with Leawo iOS Data Recovery.

    1. Open this program and you will see 3 different options on the interface. What we need here is Recover from iOS Device.

    2. Plug your iPhone into your computer with a USB cable and this data backup program would immediately detect and recognize it. When it recognizes your device, click the Start button in the center of the interface and the program would start to scan your device, which might take a while if you have a lot of data stored in your iPhone.

    3. When the scanning process is finished, the files you can recover and back up will be listed in the left-hand side of the interface. Click on Calendar in the left column to check out your calendar. Select the items you want to back up and then cilck Recover.

    4. A popup would show up in the center of the interface. Click on the Open button on it to set the destination folder for the backup and then click Go to start backing up your calendar.

    • 10,000,000 people are using Leawo!
    • All Transactions are protected!

    How Do I Sync My Google Calendar With Caldav

    Adding a New Google Calendar to Your iPhone : Tech Yeah!

    Choose Add Account. Youll now be offered a list of Calendar account providers, including iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Facebook, Yahoo, any other CalDAV account and Google. Choose Google, to bring over your Google Calendar events. Select Google, then press Continue, and enter the email address and password of your Google account.

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    Alternatives For Syncing Google Calendar To An iPhone

    Google offers a version of the , and several other developers offer iPhone apps that integrate with Google Calendars. For example, the Microsoft Outlook app for iOS integrates with both Gmail and Google Calendar. Either of these is a good choice for people who want to access their Google Calendar but prefer not to use the stock iOS Calendar app.

    Option : Getting My Calendar Url From Icloudcom

    1. On your desktop/laptop, open a browser and navigate to

    2. Click on the Calendar icon

    3. To the left of your screen you’ll see a list of your calendars. Click on the Share button next to the calendar you’d like to export.

    4. In the Calendar Sharing popup, check the Public Calendar option. You’ll see a link appear below. You may need to triple-click this link to ensure you’ve selected the entire url. It should look like this:webcal://…FYx

    Copy this link for the next step.

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    How Do I Add Tv Shows To My Calendar

    To do so, select the Add link under the Other calendars tab. A pop-up will open where you can paste in your iCal link which you copied earlier. Finally select Add Calendar to create your new TV calendar in Google Calendar. Your selected TV shows will appear as events in your Google Calendar.

    Tips For Syncing Calendars On Your iPhone

    Google Calendar for iPhone gets 7

    Only sync the calendars you know you’ll need on your phone. Calendar items generally don’t hog space unless you have a ton of attachments in your appointments. However, the more devices that sync to a calendar, the more likely it becomes that you’ll run across a syncing collision. Limiting your iPhone to just the necessities reduces the risk that other calendars will incur a sync error.

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    How To Sync Your iPhone Calendar With Your Google Calendar

    Apple’s iOS operating system supports connections to Google accounts. To sync your iPhone and Google calendars:

  • Open Settings on the iPhone.

  • Scroll down and select Calendar.

  • Tap Accounts.

  • Select Add Account from the bottom of the list.

  • In the list of officially supported options, select Google.

  • Enter your Google account email address and password, selecting Next after each entry.

  • If you only want to sync the calendar, deselect everything except Calendar. Optionally, select the other sliders for Mail, Contacts or Notes if you want to sync them to the iPhone.

  • Tap Save and wait for your calendars to sync with your iPhone. Depending on the size of your calendars and the speed of your connection, this process can take several minutes.

    When the sync is complete, Gmail appears in the Calendar list.

  • Open the Calendar app.

  • At the bottom of the screen, tap Calendars to display a list of all calendars to which your iPhone has access. It’ll include all of your private, shared, and public calendars linked to your Google Account.

  • Tap the circled red i beside the calendar name to change the default color associated with the calendar.

  • Select or deselect theindividual calendars you want to appear when you access the iOS calendar app. In the upper-right corner of the screen, tap Done.

  • How To Add Events To Google Calendar On iPhone/ipad

    Step 2: Adding new events to Google Calendar from the iPhone/iPad Calendar app 1 Open the Calendar app 2 Tap the + button in the top right to add a new event 3 Enter your desired Title, Location and time 4 Before hitting Add to save your event, scroll down and tap Calendar 5 Select a calendar under GMAIL 6 Tap Add to save

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    Option : Getting My Calendar Url Using An iPhone/ipad

    1. Open the Calendar app on your iPhone/iPad

    2. Tap the Calendars button at the bottom of the screen

    3. Under the ICLOUD section, tap the Info button to the right of the calendar you’d like to make available in Google Calendar.

    4. Scroll down and enable Public Calendar, then tap the “Share Link…” button. You’ll need this link to import the calendar into Google. We recommend emailing the link to yourself so it’s available to you on your computer for Step 2

    You can repeat these steps if you need to add additional calendars later.

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