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How To Do Text To Speech On iPhone

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How To Manage Typing Feedback Settings

How to Use Text to Speech on iPhone or iPad
  • Launch Settings from your Home screen.
  • Tap Accessibility.
  • Tap Typing Feedback.
  • Tap the switches to get voice feedback for Characters and Character Hints.
  • Tap the + and buttons to set how long character voice feedback should be delayed after you enter a character.

  • Tap the switch next to Speak Words to the green ‘on’ position if you want whole words to be spoken while you’re typing.
  • Tap the switch next to Speak Auto-text to the green ‘on’ position to have auto-corrections and auto-capitalizations spoken while you’re typing.
  • Tap the switch next to Hold to Speak Pronunciations to the green ‘on’ position to be able to tap and hold on a typing prediction to have it spoken.

  • iPhone Voice To Text Feature Conclusion

    So, we have shown you the step-by-step guide to speaking your iPhone text messages with the Voice to Text feature. As wed told you earlier, this particular feature is useful in several situations. If you are someone who hates to type on mobile, this could save a lot of time of yours, needless to say. It needs to be noted that Apple Voice to Text is being improved to have the best, but there may be errors. So, every time you use the Speech to Text iPhone utility, its a good thing to have proof-reading thereafter. As you know, Text Messages are still quicker than many methods and reliable when you dont have an internet connection. And, this cool feature is a reason to bring back the good things.

    How Do I Change The Text

    If you want to choose among the voices, TikTok already has for you, first make sure that your app is up to date. Once youve ensured your app is current, follow these steps:

    1. Create a TikTok video.

    2. Go to the bottom of the screen and choose Text, then input the text you want to convert to speech.

    3. Hold down the text box until the words Text-to-Speech appear.

    4. Select your preferred voice.

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    How To Use Spongebob Text

    Whether you are filming a TikTok about SpongeBob or just want to make a funny TikTok, you may wish your TikTok voiceover to sound like SpongeBob. Even though this cant be done directly in the TikTok app, you can do it with the help of your internet browser.

  • Go to on your browser.
  • Scroll through the character options and select SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • In the box below, type out the text you want.
  • Open the file and tap on Share.
  • You can now share it to TikTok or an editing app to tweak it before uploading it to TikTok.
  • How To Use Speak Selection

    How to make iphone speak text to voice

    First of all, you have to select the text you want read out, which can be a little tricky until you get used to it.

    If you want to select all of the text, which you would probably want to do, tap on a word, hold it for a second, then release to get an option to select all of the text. If you chose Select All, you will then have an option to Speak the text.

    If you only want to select a short piece of text, for example a paragraph on a web site, double-tap on a word, then release to highlight it. You can then ‘drag’ the handles to select a specific section of the text.

    Once you have selected the text you will have an option to read it out, using your preferred voice. If you don’t get any sound, make sure you have the volume control on your iPad / iPhone turned up!

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    Use Dictation On Your iPhone iPad Or Ipod Touch

    You can use dictation instead of your keyboard to enter text with many apps and features that use the keyboard on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    On iPhone 6s or later, and iPad, you can use dictation without being connected to the Internet. Earlier models of iPhone and iPad require an Internet connection.1

    Two: Add Text To Your Video

    Once you’ve recorded or uploaded your video, tap Text at the bottom of the screen and type in the words that you want to be turned into speech. You can change the font, color, and position to ensure your text is visible against the video. There are sixteen available colors and you can add an outline and background color to your text.

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    How To Send A Text Through Siri

    Talk to text on your iPhone is incredibly helpful when sending an iMessage. To send a text through Siri:

  • Say, “Hey, Siri, send a text to” and then say your contact’s full name as written in your Contacts list.
  • Start dictating right away, or wait for Siri to respond with, “What do you want to say?”
  • Stop when finished.
  • Siri will then read the text back to you and ask if you’re ready to send it.
  • If you’re happy with the text, say, “Yes.” and Siri will send the text to your contact.
  • If the text is incorrect you can say “edit” to begin the text over again.
  • You can also try using Siri to add events to the Calendar app, create reminders in the Reminders app, and even dictate a brief email.

    How To Get iPhone To Read Text Out Loud

    Enable iPhone text to speech – iPhone 6

    To stop reading the screen and start listening to your iPhone, follow these steps:

    1.Press the Home button once to get to your Home screen.2.From the Home screen, access Settings.3.Under Settings, open the General options.4.In the General options page, open Accessibility.5.Under the Vision tab of Accessibility, tap on Speech.6.Tap on the switch for Speak Screen to activate the feature. A green icon means that Speak Screen is enabled. 7.You have just enabled Speak Screen on your device. You can now hear your phone speak the content on your screen upon demand.8.To hear your iPhone read the text that appears on the screen, do a two-finger scroll down from the top-most portion of your screen.9.Your phone will start reading all the text on your iPhones screen. You can use the rewind, forward, pause/play button as you would with any audio player.

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    Using Text To Speech On iPhone And iPad

    Getting your device to read selected text is quite simple, heres all you need to do on any iOS or ipadOS version:

  • Tap and hold on any text until the selector tool comes up
  • For a single word, tap Speak, otherwise to speak everything tap on Select All followed by Speak
  • Once speech has started the Speak button turns to Pause, making it easy to halt and resume any spoken text.

    A great way to test this feature out yourself is in Safari, like when youre reading this very article. Just select some text and use the Speak tool. Or you can read the entire article if you select all the text on a webpage!

    Youll notice the voice is that of Siris, which depending on the version of iOS you have is either a voice you set for Siri, or the same voice of Samantha in Mac OS X which you can add yourself if you havent done so yet for Mac users.

    With speech enabled, speaking text is available in just about any app as long as you can select the text. This works perfectly in Safari, Notes, Instapaper, Pocket, and even iBooks if you want stories read to you, though youll have to select all the text again on each page when its finished reading the current page. Preferably a future version of iBooks will just include the speech engine natively and we wont have to do that. Anyway, enjoy!

    The Time Is Ticking Up

    Adding different voices and adjusting them to your liking allows you to tap into your creative potential. Keep in mind that you need to change the duration of the text. Otherwise, it will stay on the screen even after it has been read out loud.

    Have you used the Text-to-Speech feature? Do you prefer videos with text-to-Speech or without it? Do you think it was an impactful addition to the TikTok editing mode? Share your thought in the comment section below!

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    How To Enable Highlighted Content With Spoken Text

    As content is being read out to you, you can enable Highlight Content to highlight along as it reads.

  • Launch Settings from your Home screen.
  • Tap Accessibility.
  • Tap Highlight Content.
  • Tap the switch to turn it on.
  • Tap Words, Sentences, or Words and Sentences to decide what kind of highlighted content should be spoken.

  • Tap Underline or Background Color to designate the style of sentence highlight if you’ve selected either Sentences or Words and Sentences from the previous menu.
  • Tap Word Color if it’s available.
  • Tap a color that you want highlighted words to be.

  • Tap Sentence Color if it’s available.
  • Tap a color that you want highlighted sentences to be.

  • How To Use Language Voices For Text

    How To Forward A Voicemail On iPhone or Save VoiceMail on ...

    by Imaja – Greg Jalbert,

    Learn how to access voices for text-to-speech in different languages on iPhone and iPad and in the Speak News app in this article.

    Sometimes, one needs to use different languages in text-to-speech on the iPhone or iPad. The iOS system comes with numerous built-in voices that can be enabled for text-to-speech. Higher quality, enhanced voices can be downloaded in the iPhone or iPad Settings app.

    iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad comes with about 90 voices for about 25 languages from various regions. See Voices available for text-to-speech on iOS 11

    Here is a step-by-step walkthrough on enabling voices for other text-to-speech languages.

    Open the Settings app on the device .

    Tap General in the Settings view.

    Tap Accessibility in the General view.

    Tap Speech in the Accessibility view.

    Tap Voices in the Speech view.

    For this example, tap Chinese in the Voices view.

    Tap a voice to see the details.

    If an enhanced voice needs to be downloaded, tap the download button with the cloud icon to start downloading the enhanced voice.

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    Selecting A Different Reading Voice

    Alex is the default reading voice on the Mac OS. It is an incredibly realistic voice but there are other options for text to speech voices in Mac. Mac OS has a large number of high quality voices available from Nuance in many languages and dialects. To access these voices do the following.

  • Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences
  • Open Dictation and Speech
  • Check the checkbox for the voices you wish to install and click OK
  • The additional voices will take some time to download. Each file is around 200 megabytes. If you install voices for different languages it will also download additional files Mac will need to support those languages. You probably do not want to download more voices than you will use.

    How Do I Use Talk To Text On My iPhone

    Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad. Scroll down and towards the bottom, tap on Accessibility. Tap on the Speak Selection option and turn it to On. You can further customize the speed at which your iPhone or iPad reads the text and the dialect it uses.

    Also know, how do I use voice to text on iPhone?

    Turn on Speak Auto-text – Apple iPhone 5

  • Speak Auto-text speaks the text corrections and suggestions the iPhone makes when typing. From the home screen, tap Settings.
  • Scroll to and tap General.
  • Tap Accessibility.
  • Tap and drag the Speak Auto-text switch to the right.
  • Speak Auto-text is now enabled.
  • Can iPhone convert voice to text?

    Using the Voice Dictation feature you can now press a button and talk instead of typing on the iPhone’s software keyboard. When finished, the iPhone will convert your speech into text. Tap on a text field and, instead of typing, tap the microphone icon next to the space bar.

    How do I get microphone on text iPhone?

    This will remove microphone icon from keyboard. To check, go back to iMessages app and tap on message creation icon on top right. Here, you can see that microphone icon is removed from the keyboard on your iPhone. To bring this icon back, follow the similar procedure and toggle the Enable Dictation option ON.

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    Now You Will Want To Select The Chosen Language Or Dialect You Do This With Voiceover On

    • Turn on VoiceOver as before General > Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver > On
    • Launch Kindle with VoiceOver On.
    • Tap and rotate two fingers on the screen clockwise to turn on Rotor and the command available is spoken.
    • Repeat the movement until it says Language youre ready now.
    • Do a one finger slide down, it will speak out the first voice you selected as an option. Repeat the rotor action until you reach the dialect or voice that you want. That is now selected.

    Now Apple if we could only have the Scottish Voices available from within the Languages available not just in the apps but across the whole system. That would be great!

    Voices Available For Text

    How To Text To Speech iPhone 12
    • Maged, Arabic , ar-SA
    • Zuzana, Czech , cs-CZ
    • Karen , English , en-AU
    • Lee, English , en-AU
    • Lee , English , en-AU
    • Arthur, English , en-GB
    • Daniel, English , en-GB
    • Daniel , English , en-GB
    • Kate, English , en-GB
    • Kate , English , en-GB
    • Oliver, English , en-GB
    • Oliver , English , en-GB
    • Serena, English , en-GB
    • Serena , English , en-GB
    • Moira, English , en-IE
    • Moira , English , en-IE
    • Aaron, English , en-US
    • Alex, English , en-US
    • Allison, English , en-US
    • Allison , English , en-US
    • Ava, English , en-US
    • Ava , English , en-US
    • Fred, English , en-US
    • Nicky, English , en-US
    • Samantha, English , en-US
    • Samantha , English , en-US
    • Susan, English , en-US
    • Susan , English , en-US
    • Tom, English , en-US
    • Tom , English , en-US
    • Victoria, English , en-US
    • Tessa, English , en-ZA
    • Tessa , English , en-ZA
    • Monica, Spanish , es-ES
    • Chantal , French , fr-CA
    • Nicolas, French , fr-CA
    • Nicolas , French , fr-CA
    • Aurelie, French , fr-FR
    • Aurelie , French , fr-FR
    • Daniel, French , fr-FR
    • Yuna, Korean , ko-KR
    • Ellen, Dutch , nl-BE
    • Felipe , Portuguese , pt-BR
    • Luciana, Portuguese , pt-BR
    • Luciana , Portuguese , pt-BR
    • Catarina, Portuguese , pt-PT
    • Catarina , Portuguese , pt-PT
    • Joana, Portuguese , pt-PT
    • Joaquim , Portuguese , pt-PT
    • Ioana, Romanian , ro-RO
    • Sin-Ji, Chinese , zh-HK
    • Mei-Jia, Chinese , zh-TW

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    How To Do Text

    On August 10th, 2021, TikTok added new voices for creators to use as voiceovers for their TikTok videos. With more voice options ranging in tone, users have more creative possibilities to explore for content.

    In this article, I will show you how to use the new text to speech voices on TikTok in 4 four easy steps.

  • Record/upload your TikTok
  • Add text to your video
  • Add text-to-speech to your video
  • How To Add Pronunciations

    If you use spoken text for your email but it always mispronounces certain names, you can add your preferred pronunciations within the Spoken Content on iPhone settings.

  • Launch Settings from your Home screen.
  • Tap Accessibility.
  • Tap the + button on the top right of your screen.
  • Type in the phrase for which you would like to enter a pronunciation.

  • Type in the pronunciation substitution or tap the dictation button to say it aloud. It’s easier to say it aloud.
  • Tap Languages if you need to choose from the available languages.
  • Tap Voices to hear how each of the available voices would speak your word.

  • Tap the switch next to Ignore case to the green ‘on’ position to have the word pronounced the same way no matter the case being used.
  • Tap the switch next to Apply to all apps to the green ‘on’ position to have your pronunciations used across every app.
  • Tap Play on the top right of your screen to preview the pronunciation.

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    How To Enable Dictation On Your iPhone

    If you want to use your voice to do more than send a quick text or add an item to a list, you’ll want to enable Dictation. This will allow you to more easily use voice typing to compose longer messages, create create entire lists in Notes or Reminders, edit events in the Calendar app, and more. You can use Dictation in most apps that have a keyboard. For more great iPhone talk-to-text tricks, check out our free Tip of the Day!

    Here’s how to enable Dictation, also known as voice to text, on your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap Keyboard.
  • Tap the Enable Dictation toggle to toggle it on.
  • Whenever you open an app that allows for dictation, there will be a microphone icon. Tap the microphone to dictate your message, like this text for example.
  • When you want to go back to typing, tap the keyboard icon.
  • How To Change The Voice:

    Assistive Technology Blog: New in iOS 8: Start Text

    You can change the voice by following these steps:

    • Open Settings menu – swipe down on your display to access your notifications shade and then tap the gear icon, or open the Settings app
    • Select System
    • Select which accent you’d prefer
    • Use the two bars to move the new language to the top
    • Now the app will use your preferred voice

    Please note: You may need to restart the app before the changes will take effect.

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    Native Ios Text To Speech

    Image Gallery

    iOS has a very capable native text-to-speech feature that can be enabled through Settings. This feature has a couple of different voices available for a wide variety of languages, with more available to download. You can change the speed of the text-to-speech and enable highlighting of the text being spoken to help you follow along.

    It’ll also Speak Words While Typing if you want, and you can enable Hold to Speak Predictions to assist you with finding the right word to text to someone.

    A cool, unique feature that native iOS text-to-speech offers is the ability to add custom pronunciations, which you can spell out or dictate. You can’t see a history of text you’ve had turned into speech, but you can always use online tools to turn text-to-speech into MP3 audio.

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