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How To Save Gifs On iPhone From Twitter

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Save The Gif To Your Gifwrapped Library

How to Save Twitter Videos and GIFs to iPhone Camera Roll

Once you search the GIF in the app, it should populate on the next page. All you have to do is save it to your library inside the app â via a button on the bottom-left of the screen â and presto, you have your GIF saved. From there, you can copy and paste it wherever you like.

Now, unfortunately, GIFwrapped is availablefor iPhone users only. Android users do have options, but they still must, once again, download a third-party app because nothing about saving Twitter GIFs is easy.

A few different Android apps, like the popular Tweet2GIF have degraded over time, but one that should still work is is the TWdownload app. . As the app’s Google Play page shows, all you do is paste a link â just like GIFwrapped â then hit the download button.

From there, you should have you GIF and be ready to go. But then again, maybe just search Google and/or GIPHY and save yourself the hassle.

How To Save A Gif From Twitter

So you saw a fun GIF on Twitter. That’s cool, good for you, seems like fun.

Now you want to save it for your own personal use. That’s cool, too, but unfortunately a bit more involved than you might think. The task isn’t difficult, necessarily, but it does take a few more steps than you might’ve previously thought. But once you master the process, you can take a fun GIF from Twitter and add it to your library in no time at all.

Here, we will walk you through saving a GIF from Twitter on your computer and your phone.

How To Save A Twitter Gif From Android

Saving a GIF from Twitter on your Android phone is quite similar, except that you will be using the app Tweet2gif. It also has a premium version called Tweet2gif Plus which gives additional features, including the ability to change the quality of your video.

Make sure Tweet2gif is already installed on your Android phone before performing the steps below. Once the app is downloaded to your phone, do the following:

  • Step 1

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    How To Save Gif And Video From Twitter On iPhone

    To conveniently save animated GIFs and video from Twitter on the iPhone, were going to use a third-party app called Clipbox, available on the App Store. The app has a clean, clutter-free, and minimalistic UI that helps you to download clips from Twitter and other social media platforms.

    Follow the steps below to save GIFs and video clips from Twitter using Clipbox on iPhone.

  • Download and install Clipbox from the App Store.
  • Open the Twitter app and navigate to the tweet which contains the GIF or video clip that you want to download.
  • Tap on the Share button below the tweet to bring up the Share sheet.
  • Tap on Copy Link.
  • Open the Clipbox app and paste the copied link in the space provided. If youve already downloaded a clip, tap on the + button from the bottom of the screen and choose Save from Link and then paste the tweet link.
  • Tap Continue. The app will parse the link and extract the video.
  • Drag the sliders to trim your clip if required.
  • Tap on the Blue Tick from the bottom of the screen.
  • The GIF or video clip from Twitter will be saved to Clipboxs in-app storage.

    The free version of Clipbox allows you to download and store up to 10 video clips at a time, with certain restrictions to the length of the video saved. It also restricts you from exporting the clips to the Photos library, although you might be able to export the clip to the Files app by invoking the iOS Share menu.

    How To Download A Gif From Giphy To Your iPhone

    When it comes to finding a GIF to match any mood or situation, Giphy takes top honors, and saving a GIF to your iPhone from Giphy couldnt be easier. The Giphy app is a must for all GIF-lovers, so if you arent currently using it, downloading Giphy is your first step. Heres how to save all your favorite GIFs from Giphy.

  • Install the Giphy app. Downloading GIFs from the Giphy website is so yesterday. The Giphy app makes it simple.
  • Scroll through or search the Giphy database, which contains thousands, maybe millions of GIFs, and find the one that you want to save to your Camera Roll.
  • When you find a GIF worthy of saving, tap the three dots in the lower right corner.
  • Tap View GIF.
  • Tap the three dots underneath the GIF.
  • Tap Save to Camera Roll. Now you can share it whenever the mood strikes or simply view your GIFs for a few seconds of fun.
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    How To Save Gif From Twitter On iPhone

    Use GIFwrapped app

  • Download the GIFwrapped app.
  • Locate the Twitter GIF that you want to save.
  • Now tap down arrow in the top-right corner and choose .
  • Open the GIFwrapped app, paste the URL and tap on Search.
  • Now tap the Save Image icon and choose the save destination for the GIF.
  • If youre not a fan of GIFwrapped, you can always use Gifitize or any other similar app.

    Save Gifs From Twitter On Computer

    For evolutionary aspects, lets start with saving GIF from twitter on your personal computer or laptop. If you are using Google Chrome browser you can consider yourself lucky as there is an extension that makes Save image option now available on the menu when you right click on a twitter GIF. Search the Google store for the extension named Twitter Video Assist and install it. Once added to the Google Chrome, you can start using it right away all you have to do is to click on the downward arrow below the GIF which prompts the browser to automatically download the GIF like any normal image.

    Although you can start using the extension without configuring anything, selecting options on the extensions icon lets you play with more settings like changing the download path, name and type of the file being downloaded etc.

    If you are wary of installing an addition extension or dont use Chrome browser, you can have another workaround way by following these steps:

    Step 1: Open any web browser to access your Twitter account and go to the GIF you want to download.

    Step 2: Copy the link to the Tweet and go to this URL: .

    Step 3: Paste the Tweet link in the Paste Image URL field and press Upload!.

    Step 4: Clicking the Upload! button will direct to another page showing the details of the converted file.

    You will find many of such websites offering similar methods to download GIF file from the Twitter. Make sure you scan the website for a security check before you use them.

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    How To Save Gifs From Twitter Heres What You Should Know

    GIF is a commonly used graphic image format on the web. It is usually an animated moving picture, drawn or created from a video. With the development of technology, gifs have become an entertainment element similar to postcards, collages, demotivators.

    Many social networks and online resources allow you to add gifs to your publications. Sometimes, you might like a certain gif and want to keep it for yourself to use later in your posts or messages. Some online resources and social networks allow you to do this directly in their applications or websites. As for Twitter, the situation is more complicated.

    In this article, we are going to tell you how to save gifs from Twitter on different devices.

    How To Save Gif From Twitter On Android

    How To Save & Download Any GIF From Twitter On Mobile

    Use Tweet2gif

  • On Twitter, select Copy Link to Tweet from the upper-right menu.
  • Switch to the Tweet2gif app and paste the link.
  • Now click .
  • In order to save animated GIF from Twitter, you need to use third-party services such as Ezgif or Twdownload.

    As for Android and iPhone, Tweet2gif and GIFwrapped apps are the way to go, but you can also use any other web service that supports GIF downloading.

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    Save A Twitter Gif On A Computer

    The method for saving GIFs from Twitter may not be quick, and it certainly isnt pretty, but the process is effective. Heres how it works:

  • Go to , log in, and locate the GIF you want to save

  • Right-click or Control-click on the video and choose Copy Gif Address

  • Go to the website, paste the copied link, and click

  • Right-click or Control-click and choose Save Link As

  • Converting the video to a GIF

    Select a download location and click Save. If you want to convert the video to a GIF, youll need to take additional steps

  • To convert to a GIF, go to the CloudConvert website, click Select File, and choose the video you saved earlier

  • Ensure GIF shows in the Convert to section and click Convert

  • When the process completes, click and save the file

  • If youd prefer to keep the file in video format, you can ignore the steps for converting to a GIF. GIFs may, however, be easier to share in some situations, so the choice is yours.

    How To Save Gifs From All Over The Internet To Your iPhone

    GIFs. You either love them or hate them, but theres no doubt that theyre part of the modern digital culture. If you make, use, or appreciate GIFs, youll want to know how to save them onto your iPhone. With GIFs in your Camera Roll, youll be able to add them to text messages, share them on social media, or simply play them for a little laugh during your workday.

    Lets take a look at how to save GIFs on your iPhone so that youre always ready when the need for a little lighthearted humor arises.

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    How To Save A Gif From Twitter On Android

    Then let’s see how to download a GIF from Twitter on Android:

    Step 1: Download the Tweet2gif app in the Google Play store.

    This tool is compatible with Android, PC, and Smart TV. It is highly advisable to go for the latest version of this software when you try to download a GIF from the Twitter platform.

    Step 2: Log in to your Twitter account and go to the desired GIF image tweet. Tap the three-dotted lines to share the GIF.

    Image source: TipsMake.com

    Step 3: From the expanded list choose âTweet2gifâ app. You can find ample tool suggestions in the sharing list. Here you must choose âTweet2gifâ software to carry out the GIF download from the Twitter platform.

    Image source: Business Insider

    Step 4: In the âTweet2gifâ window hit the âDownload GIFâ button. The GIF stores at the desired storage location in your Android gadget.

    Image source: Business Insider

    How To Download Gifs In Safari On iPhone

    If youre surfing the web and discover a fabulous GIF youve never seen before, you can save it to your iPhone to use later. Heres how to download your favorite GIF from Safari to your iPhone.

  • Find the perfect GIF using Safari.
  • Press on the image and hold it with your finger.
  • A pop-up menu will appear. Tap Add to Photos.
  • If the GIF you find on Safari is on Giphy and you already have the Giphy app, all you have to do is tap the via Giphy button, and you will be redirected to the Giphy app.
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    How To Use Twitter Video/gif Downloader

    To download an twitter video/gif, you can simply paste the URL into the field, and click download. Hashtagsforlikes is free to use, you can download as many Twitter videos/gifs as you like.


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    How to Save Animated GIFs from Twitter

    How to Save Twitter Videos on iOS, Android, and Windows

    Top 5 trusted Twitter Downloaders to download Twitter videos and gifs

    How to Save Animated GIFs from Twitter

    How To Download Gifs From Twitter To iPhone/ipad

    If you don’t mind saving GIFs from Twitter in MP4, you can send them to your iOS devices with EaseUS MobiMocver, after downloading Twitter GIFs with it. In addition, you can save GIFs on Twitter to your device via mobile apps, like GIFwrapped, which you can get from the App Store. See below for how to save a Twitter GIF to an iPhone/iPad.

    Step 1. Download and install the Twitter downloader app on your device.

    Step 2. In Twitter, tap the down arrow in the top-right corner of the tweet and choose “Share Tweet via” > “Copy link to Tweet.”

    Step 3. Open GIFwrapped, paste the tweet URL into the address bar, and click “Search.”

    Step 4. Click “Share” > “Share Photo” > “Save Image” to save the animated GIF to your iPhone Camera Roll.

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    Save Twitter Gifs On Your iPhone

    Every GIF on Twitter has some options when you want to save the content on your device. In this case, we have the share button which you can find under the original post. Click on the button and see the options. There are usually three options which are useful in the overall process. Choose the third option where you can see the Share Tweet via solution. Once you click there, you will see the Copy link option. Go for it and copy the link.

    Another step is very important because you will need to use a proper Twitter GIF downloader. You can find a decent one on EZGIF. This downloader is presented to the public as the ultimate solution for GIFs and other types of content on Twitter. Many users use it on a daily level and they all admit this downloader has the fastest and the most reliable solutions when it comes to Twitter options.

    When you are on EZGIF, paste the link in the offered box and start converting the GIF.

    Use the Upload video option and choose the download speed up to 25fps. This is the speed you can use every time when you want fast download and good quality.

    In the end, select the Convert to GIF option. The file will be available in your camera roll and youll be able to see it every time you open the application.

    Saving Gifs From Twitter On Ios:

    How to Download/Save GIF’s from Twitter on Android, iPhone & Computer

    I know it seems like a bigger deal as compared to computer and android on how to save GIFs from twitter. But, thankfully there is a free app called GIFwrapped on the Apple Store which works effortlessly to let you download your favorite GIFs from Twitter. It runs pretty well on both iPad as well as iPhone and requires iOS 9 or later.

    Step 1: Launch the Twitter app on your iOS device and go to the tweet you want to download.

    Step 2: Tap on the upward arrow at the down right corner of the tweet and select Share Tweet via Next, select Copy link which prompts a flash notification to let you know that the link to tweet is copied on the clipboard.

    Step 3: Launch the GIFwrapped app on your device and select the Search tab at the bottom. Tap on the Use the Clipboard option and you will see the GIF file.

    Step 4: Select the file preview and tap on the Share button located at the top right corner of your screen. A menu will now appear with different options, select Save to Library.

    Since the Photo app on iOS supports the GIF file now, you can open the Camera role on your device and view the GIFs directly. Additionally, GIFwrapped has a separate tab called Photos to list all the GIFs you have saved in the Camera Roll.

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    Check Following Video For How To Download/save Gifs From Twitter:

    Apart from GIFwrapped, there are many of such GIF downloader iPhone application available on Apple store. Make sure you read their reviews and ratings before you install such applications to your smartphones.

    I hope this article has helped you understand how to save GIFs from twitter.

    Did this work for you? Are you facing any issues following the steps or have any queries? Are there any other better/easier method you know and would like to share with us? Les us know in the comments section below.

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    How To Save Gifs From Twitter On iPhone And Android

    Whenever a user uploads a gif on Twitter, the file format gets automatically converted to a video file. It means that even when we are watching a gif and calling it so, in reality, what we are seeing is a video file. Hence, you need to download and convert the video file into the .gif format with the following methods.

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    Save Animated Gif From Twitter Ios

    There are quite a few apps you can use to save a GIF from Twitter on iOS. We recommend using GIF Viewer. You will need the URL to the Tweet that the GIF is attached with.

    To get the URL

  • Open the Twitter app.
  • Tap the that you want to save the GIF from.
  • Select Copy Link from the .
  • To save the GIF

  • The GIF will be downloaded.
  • Can You Save Twitter Videos Natively On Your iPhone

    No. Unlike images on the platform, you cannot save videos from a tweet directly from the Twitter app on iOS. When you open a video on the Twitter app, you get options to share it via a tweet or on other apps. This would give you Twitters share sheet that will get you options to share the video via Twitter DM, bookmark, copy link, and options to send the tweet on other apps installed on your iPhone.

    You can also access iOS native Share Sheet from the Share via option that will provide you with more options like opening the tweet on Safari, adding it to Safaris Reading List, and using other tools you may have configured the iOS Share Sheet with. However, theres no in-built option that lets you store videos from Twitter onto your iPhone.

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