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How To See How Many Miles You Walked On iPhone

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Can I Use The App To Track A Specific Run Walk Or Bike Ride

How to use your iPhone to see the distance you walk, hike, or run

Yes, the app can track specific activities. To do this, click the circular button in the bottom middle of the screen and select the most appropriate activity: Outdoor Walk, Outdoor Run, Outdoor Bike, Indoor Walk or Indoor Bike. Note, youre not limited to those activities. We just like to keep the list simple. Pick whichever activity is most applicable to what youre doing. For example, if youre golfing outside, you should pick the Outdoor Walk option. If youre running on an elliptical machine, you could use the indoor walk or indoor run option.

Also, please note that the activity you select will tell the phone how it should be measuring your activity. If you choose an outdoor activity, the app uses the GPS which is very accurate. If you choose an indoor activity, the app uses the phones pedometer sensors, which can be more or less accurate depending on your phone and your activity. For example, if you are on an elliptical machine, the phones indoor sensors may not be as accurate because the phone is not detecting the same impact that it would if you were walking on the ground or a treadmill.

Curious About Your All

Developer Rahul Matta, creator of Tempo for iPhone and Apple Watch is out with a slick new iPhone app that offers a look at the grand total of all-time Apple Watch Activity stats.

Weve been trying out Activity Stats here at 9to5Mac and have loved the simple and useful app with a colorful design. Its a great way to look back and celebrate all the healthy activity youve achieved over the years with Apple Watch and also motivate you for the future.

Rahul shared how the idea came about for his latest app on his blog as well as on 9to5Macs recent episode of the Watch Time podcast:

Heres the data youll see with Activity Stats:

  • Total active calories
  • Total walking and running distance
  • Total walking and running distance
  • Total walking distance from workouts
  • Total swimming distance
  • Total workout time
  • Total workouts

At the top bottom of the app, youll see the first date your Apple Watch data was pulled.

Activity Stats for iPhone is a free download from the App Store. For more from Rahul on developing for Apple Watch, check out this previous episode of our Watch Time podcast.

For those interested, here is Rahuls privacy policy for Activity Stats:

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links.More.

How To See Your Activity Data

Your iPhone can show you data on today’s activities as well as trends across time. Here’s how to see it.

  • Tap the Health app icon on the iPhone Home screen.

  • Tap the Summary tab at the bottom of the Health screen.

  • Scroll down to the Highlights section, where you can see snapshots of your activities, such as Steps and Walking + Running Distance.

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    Mobile Phone Gps Apps

    In the ancient past you needed a special GPS unit to measure walking distance via satellite technology. But now GPS is built into your smartphone and is used by walking apps that can track your speed and distance, such as MapMyWalk.

    Mobile Apps Pros

    These apps couldn’t be more convenient since it’s likely you’ll bring your phone along with you on your walk. Besides knowing how far you’ve walked, you can also see the route you’ve taken, which can help you navigate back to where you started.

    Many smart pedometers and fitness bands, such as Fitbit, are linked to apps that have an exercise-tracking function that will use the phone’s GPS to map and measure your walk. In addition to measuring total distance, you often can review your route on a map, and some apps allow you to save and use the same route again.

    Mobile Apps Cons

    The accuracy of GPS distance measurement depends on several factors. Phone GPS measurements tend to be off by as much as 10%. This is because your phone must have frequent communication with multiple GPS satellites.

    If your phone doesn’t have a clear view of the sky, it won’t be locking position with as many satellites. If your phone loses contact with one or more satellites, you can see a sudden jump in distance. If you look at your route as plotted on a map, you can see this “GPS jitter” and the errors it introduces.

    For better distance accuracy, you can walk the same route several times and compare the distance each time.

    Gps & Tracking Accuracy

    How to See How Many Miles You

    The main workout menu screen of Endomondo shows you GPS strength at the very bottom. The better the GPS can track, the more accurate Endomondo Pro will be at delivering the best results and gauging your stats.

    I took Endomondo out with me for a day and spent the day counting steps periodically as well as measuring distances with another device. For the most part, Endomondo Pro was spot on if not within just a couple steps or meters off. A lot of this had to do with GPS reception. In areas where the GPS tracking had a high to medium signal, the results were almost always the same and within less than a step or two difference. If I wandered into an area with reception was less than stellar to very poor, Endomondo has more trouble with keeping up with steps and typically fell short.

    This is something that’s expected with any step or run tracking app that relies on native GPS. I did find Endomondo to be just as accurate, if not more accurate, than RunKeeper, another popular run tracker app available in the App Store.

    When it comes to creating routes or scheduling workouts, you’ll obviously want them to be in areas where Endomondo Pro can track your activity. For most users, this won’t be a problem. In my experience, I only needed a minimum of two signal bars or so in order for Endomondo to be able to keep up.

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    Change The Distance Units On iPhone

    Open up the Health app on your iPhone and then do the following.

    1) Tap to open the Walking + Running Distance activity. You should see this widget on both the Today screen and the Health Data screen. So, just tap it.

    2) When the graph page opens, scroll down a bit and select Unit.

    3) On the Unit screen, tap to change from miles to kilometers. Youll see a nice, red checkmark indicating your choice.

    Now you can view your activity distance in kilometers below the graph for your average as well as on the Walking + Running Distance widget for the current day. You should also see the change in your Activity app.

    How To Use Your iPhone As A Pedometer

    Your iPhone measures your steps only when you carry it with you. It’s the same for your Apple Watch you have to be wearing it.

    The system is pretty accurate. Research shows it tends to under- rather than over-estimate your activity.

    iPhones now automatically monitor the steps you take when you walk or run. They will also track Activity data from your Apple Watch.

    • To check this information, open the Health app and go to the Health Data section.
    • Tap Activity and youll see information about how many steps you have walked, how many flights youve climbed, standing, running and so on.
    • You can explore a full analysis of your current progress in the Today tab inside the Health app. Tap on any of the metrics there for more information.

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    How To Use Apple Health App To Track Your General Health

    You can track steps on iPhone using the Health app, but you can also use the app to track a wide variety of other things.

    Basically, you can begin tracking any activity by tapping the Edit button in the top-right corner of the Summary screen. Next, tap the All tab to begin scrolling through all the activities and measurements Health lets you track.

    For example, suppose you want to track your weight. Heres what you do:

    Step 1: Open the Health app, then tap Edit once youre on the Summary dashboard. Next, tap the All tab.

    Step 2: Scroll down to the Body Measurements category. Tap Weight, so that the blue star next to it becomes bold. Then tap Done.

    Step 3: Back on Summary, scroll down and tap Weight. It will say No Data. However, you can begin adding data manually, based, for example, on your morning weigh-ins. Tap Add Data. Doing this will allow you to enter your weight for today. Finally, tap Add.

    Obviously, youll need to do this every day to build a daily profile of your weight. However, doing it in the Health app is arguably more useful and instructive than simply writing your weight down in a journal . Thats because the graph the Health app shows for your weight gives you a very clear picture of how well youve been doing in terms of losing, gaining, or maintaining weight.

    How Do I Track My Walk On Google Maps

    How to See How Many Miles You Walked on iPhone – how many miles you can walk in one hour in iphone

    Draw a Route on Google Maps Alternatively zoom and drag the map using the map controls to pinpoint the start of your route. Draw your walking, running or cycling route by clicking on the map to set the starting point. Then click once for each of the points along the route you wish to create to calculate the distance.

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    How To Track Steps On An iPhone Using The Apple Health App

    Its easy to track steps on an iPhone. Its also easy to use the Apple Health app more generally. Not only does it track your steps for you, but it can be used to track your daily physical activity, from minutes exercised to the hours you spend standing. So, while it may not be quite as glamorous as some of the , it does a very good job of giving you a handle on your basic health and fitness.

    This article explains how to track steps on iPhone using the Apple Health app. It also provides step-by-step explanations of how to use the Apple Health app in general, including how to use it to monitor such things as your sleep, heart rate, weight, nutrition, and more.

    Home Walking & Exercise

    Home Walking & Exercise is an interesting alternative for monitoring your walks and losing weight. The app works as a step counter, but also enables you to use GPS to map your walks and get extended data regarding your activity. You can track everything from your step count, to the duration, calorie burn or pace during your workout session.

    The app places at your disposal a combination of walking plans of interval and non-interval training, as well as strength workout plans. You can choose a plan based on your fitness level: beginner, intermediate or advanced, and benefit from guidance during your exercise from experienced trainers and physical therapists. Home Walking & Exercise provides audio feedback during each workout and real time stats regarding your progress.

    • Price: Free
    • Requirements: iOS 10.0 or later
    • App Store

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    How Do I Get Sponsored By My Employer

    Our Employee Empowerment program enables companies to create private teams for their employees. They can run friendly intra-company challenges. And, at their option, they can sponsor their employees miles.

    When they sponsor their employees miles, the terms of the sponsorship are up to them. They can choose the rate per mile, the total sponsorship cap, and whether to sponsor their employees for the charity of each employees choice, or for a particular charity of the companys choice.

    If your company has an Employee Empowerment team on Charity Miles, for more information on how to join that team.

    How To Add Data From Other Apps To Apple Health

    How to See How Many Miles You

    Many third-party health-related apps integrate with Apple Health.

    To see which apps you have already installed that will work with Health, open it and tap the tab. If you see an app listed there, you can tap it to explore, enable or disable the categories it tracks.

    You can also search for and install new apps through the Health app. To do so, tap a category, such as Sleep.

    • You will see a selection of Recommended Apps.
    • Tap one of these items, and youll be taken directly to the relevant App Store page where you can download and install the software.
    • Once you have installed the app and set it up as you want it, you should open Health> Sources, tap the app name that will then be available, and enable the categories you want to track.

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    How To Use Apple Health App To Track Steps

    First, open the Apple Health app by tapping on it on your iPhones Home screen. When you first open the app, youll be prompted to set up your Health Profile. In other words, youll enter basic information such as your name, sex, date of birth, height, and weight. You dont necessarily have to enter this information, but it helps the app to provide a clearer, fuller picture of your overall health.

    As soon as you finish your Health Profile, youll be taken to the Health apps Summary screen, which is the main dashboard summarizing your health data. You should already be able to see your steps data on this screen, without having to activate it or grant permissions. However, if you dont see Steps on the Summary, heres what you can do:

    Step 1: On the Summary screen, tap Edit .

    Step 2: Tap the All tab in order to see all the different kinds of activity you could monitor. Scroll down and tap Steps, so that the blue star next to it becomes bold. Then tap Done.

    Step 3: Having tapped Done, youll return to the Summary screen. Scroll down and tap Steps.

    Step 4: This brings you to your Steps dashboard. Youll be able to see a graph that shows you how many steps youve taken today . You can see your average steps for the past week, month, or year by tapping on the W, M, and Y tabs above the graph. You can also scroll down to see a variety of Highlights summarizing how your step count has changed over certain periods of time.

    How Do You Get Totals In Apple Watch Activity Tracker

  • In Apple Watch activity, I see the circles for each day but I can’t find a total for steps for the month or YTD?01-26-2017 12:39 PM
  • SwitchBeachGo in the Health App on your iPhone. Tap Activity. Also, you can select “Today” at the bottom and the screen. Then select the date you wish to view.01-26-2017 06:05 PM
  • I don’t want to know ONE day – I want to know the total for the whole MONTH. How can I do that? Where can I find that information?02-08-2017 11:35 AM
  • SwitchBeachGo in the Health App on your iPhone. Tap Activity. . Tap the metric in which you are interested. Active Energy, Exercise, etc Tap MONTH. You might have to do some calculations with data listed.Also, you can select “Today” at the bottom and the screen. Then select the date you wish to view. After you select the desired metric, you can also select MONTH or YEAR. Didn’t think I needed to add that originally.Alternately, you can tap on your User icon in the top right corner of the main screen in the Health app and select Export Health Data. You can email the ZIP file and when extracted, it will contain two XML files. You may or may not be able to do anything with the XML files.Alternately, you can download an app named QS Access. You can use it to select the metrics you desire and export the data as a CSV which you can open in various programs and manipulate the data there.02-09-2017 07:32 PM
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    How To Manage Your Apple Health App Data

    It almost goes without saying that your health data is sensitive and personal. As such, you may wish to delete data the Apple Health app has recorded. Heres how you can do this.

    Step 1: On the Summary screen, tap your Apple ID icon in the top-right corner.

    Step 2: Tap Apps, which is under the Privacy subheading. Then tap Health.

    Step 3: If you want to delete all data youve added to the Health app, tap Delete All Data from Health. If you want to delete only some data, tap the relevant type of data .

    Step 4: Tap Edit. Tap the red, circular Delete symbol on the left of the piece of data youd like to delete. Then tap Delete, on the right. Alternatively, you can delete all Weight data by tapping Delete All in the top-left corner.

    Editors’ Recommendations

    Viewing Step Count Walking Distance & Flights Climbed

    How to Make iPhone Count Your Steps (And Get Healthy)

    Open the Settings app and scroll past the first few sections. Find the “Health” option and tap on it to open the settings menu for your Health app. Next, tap on “Data Access & Devices,” and find your current iPhone under Devices. If you have multiple Apple devices or have had previous ones, they’ll all appear in this list.

    Once you’ve tapped on your device, you’ll see all of the health activity that you device has tracked: Walking + Running Distance, Flights Climbed, Steps, and Headphone Audio Levels. Tap on any of them to view your data, which is broken up by date and time. Even if you walked to the bathroom with your phone, it will appear in this list. If you tap on any of your recorded data, you’ll get more details about your activity, such as start time, end time, source, device, and more.

    Although you can go into the Health app to view this information, it’s easier to see all of it at once in the settings. In Health, each activity is broken up into different pages, so if you want an easy way to go over this information, you should do it here. If you want it in graph form, go into Health.

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