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How To Set Birthday Reminders On iPhone

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How To Add Birthdays To iPhone Calendar

How to Set iPhone Reminder for Credit Card Bill, Birthday, Meeting that Repeat on iPad in iOS 12

The display of birthdays in your iPhone calendar is enabled by default. You can check whether the setting is enabled on your device by opening up the Calendar app and tapping the Calendars button at the bottom. Make sure that Birthdays in the Other section is checked.

This way the birthday will appear in your iPhone calendar automatically.

How To Add A Birthday To Contacts On iPhone iPad Or Mac Via Icloudcom

You can also change the contact information through the cloud service, for this:

1. Login to your account and go to the section » Contacts «.

2. Search for the contact you are interested in or click the plus sign and select » New contact «.

3. For the selected contact, click Edit .

4. Scroll to the bottom of the list of fields available to complete and click the button Add field.

5. From the menu that appears, select “Birthday”.

6. Add information in the corresponding form and click the button » Finalize «.

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How To Set Up Birthday Reminders On iPhone Or iPad

1. Open the application on your iPhone or iPad The calendar Apple

2. At the bottom of the screen, click on the inscription Calendars.

3. Scroll down the screen and check the box next to Birthdays.

4. Click Done in the upper right corner of the screen.

Now your friends birthdays will be displayed in the iOS system calendar .

Note: If you wish, you can add other sources there, for example, official public holidays of Russia .

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Set Lunar Birthday Of Contact Person

Open the iPhones built-in Phone app, tap the Contacts tab, find the contact information you want to set the birthday, and click Edit in the upper right corner.

It will immediately jump out the corresponding Lunar Birthday , and then click Finish at the top right.

Lunar birthday and Chinese birthday are on different days. For example, Bingers parents are both evening paper Chinese birthdays, so they are based on Nonglis birthday.

Instructions For Creating iPhone Birthday Notification Date

How To Set iPhone Birthday Reminders

Step 1:

In the Contacts interface, click on the contact name to create a birthday notification. Then click the Edit button in the top right corner of the interface.

Step 2:

Scroll down to the content below and click the extra birthday field . You will then select a birthday by swiping up and down to select the date.

In addition, we can choose the type of calendar we want to use. When you have added a birthday, press the Done button in the top right corner to save the information. Going back to the contact information interface will display an additional birthday field.

Step 3:

Then go to Settings on the device and then select the Calendar item then choose the default Calendar at the bottom of the interface.

Step 4:

Click on the Birthday section and users will be given the option to notify their birthdays saved on the iPhone. You will have 4 different notification options.

  • No reminders.
  • Remind on the correct birthday, at 9am.
  • Remind before 1 birthday at 9am.
  • Remind 2 days at 9am.
  • Remind a week before the birthday.
  • Step 5:

    If you do not want to create a birthday message, you can switch to notification mode. Do not prompt, or delete the date of birth in the contact.

    Along with the birthday school created in the Contacts contact and the notification feature of the Calendar app on the iPhone, we have a notification for birthdays, with different reminders.

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    iPhone Tip: How To Take Charge Of Birthday Alerts

    by ben patterson | Nov 29, 2012 | how-tos, phones

    Feeling guilty about forgetting your aunts 70th birthday? Or, on the flip side, tired of your iPhone buzzing every time some Facebook pal from your distant past has a birthday coming up?

    Good news: its easy to set your iOS devices to give you ample warning before a friend or loved ones big day.

    Or, if you prefer, you can turn off automatic birthday remindershandy if youre sick of getting birthday alerts for former high school buddies, random business contacts, or anyone else whose birthday party youd rather skip.

    Note: In order for your iPhone to remind you of any birthdays at all, youll need to make sure youve filled out the Birthday field for your various contacts in the Contacts app.

    Our first stop is the iPhones Calendar app. Open it up, then tap the Calendars button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

    You can set your iPhone to automatically remind you of birthdays by tweaking your calendar settingsor, if you wish, you can turn off birthday alerts altogether.

    Scroll to the bottom of the Calendars page, and youll find a Birthdays calendar under the Other heading. If you want reminders on your iPhone for the birthdays of all your contacts, your first step is to make sure the Birthdays calendar is checked. Dont want to see any birthdays listed in the iPhones Calendar app? Then tap Birthdays to un-check it.

    How To Set A Repeating Alert Due Date Reminder On iPhone

    To set a repeating alert due date reminder on the iPhone, follow the procedure below.

    Step 1: Launch the Reminders app.

    Step 2: Select the list you would like to add an alert by tapping it.

    Step 3: Select the reminder you wish to add an alert to or create one. Then tap the Info icon, it’s an ‘I’ enclosed in a circle, located in the top right corner of the screen.

    Step 4: Tap Repeat. A list of alert options will be displayed: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. If you want a custom, alert tap the Custom button and set date and time by choosing Remind me on a day.

    Step 5: Tap Done to finalize the process.

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    How To Set Birthday Reminder On Android Phone To Wish On Time

    Do you usually forget to wish your beloved persons on their special occasion, especially on their birthdays? In this tech-advanced world, no need to give your brain that pressure of recalling everything.

    If you know how to set birthday reminder on android phone you can stay relax. And every year, your phone will make you reminded with its reminder notifications. Then you dont have to be ashamed for forgetting your beloved persons birth dates or other special dates.

    Read the whole article to get vast ideas about it in detail. Lets not make you wait anymore.

    Using Birthday Alerts On iPhone

    Birthday Reminder App for iPhone

    If you tend to be forgetful or just want to make sure to remember birthdays, you can use your iPhone birthday reminder to do so. This is all done without having to install an additional app or configure complicated features, thanks to Apple.

    This is how birthdays will be displayed in the Calendar app on your iPhone:

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    Turn On Your Birthdays Calendar And Activate Reminders On Mac

    If you are an active iPhone user and have been adding birthdays to the additional contact fields for a long time, on the Mac you only have to turn on the display of the special calendarBirthdaysIn which these dates will be marked.

    1. Launch the The calendar»And in the menu bar through a similar tab, go to Settings + comma)

    2. In the tab The mainCheck the box next toShow birthday calendar.

    3. In the sidebar on the left, check the box opposite the calendar Birthdays.

    Note: if you dont see the list with calendars in the sidebar, open the calendar, select in the menu bar at the top View Show Calendar List.

    If you want to receive birthday notifications, select Settings Alerts and specify the desired interval.

    Now, when an event occurs, you will receive a system notification in advance and directly on the persons birthday.

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    How To Add Birthdays To An iPhone Calendar

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to see your contacts birthdays in the iPhone Calendar app.

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    How Setup Birthday Alerts On iPhone

    In addition to displaying birthdays on iPhone Calendar, you may want to setup birthday Notification Alerts on your iPhone. This will provide you with additional protection and make sure that you do not forget birthdays.

    Open Settings on your iPhone and tap on Calendar.

    On the next screen, scroll down and tap on Default Alert Times.

    Next, tap on Birthdays and on the next screen, choose when you would like to receive Birthday notifications on your iPhone.

    As you can see in the above image, you can setup your iPhone to alert you on the day of the event or prior to the event, in case you want to buy gifts or make preparations for the event.

    Once you make your choice, this setting will apply to all your Contacts. This setting works on a global basis and currently there is no option in iOS to customize birthday alerts for individual Contacts.

    How To Add A Birthday On iPhone Or iPad

    How To Set iPhone Birthday Reminders

    You can enter a memorable date through the application Contacts o Telephone . Find the contact you are interested in and click the button “Edit” .

    In the countryside ” Birthday «, Add information and click the button» Ready «.

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    How To Set A Reminder On iPhone

    To set a reminder on iPhone, follow the procedure below.

    Step 1: Launch the Reminders app from your home screen.

    Step 2: Select a list you wish to add a reminder or create a new one.

    Step 3: Tap the Add Reminder icon to display the keyboard. The Add Reminder icon is a ‘+’ sign.

    Step 4: Type in your reminder then finalize by tapping Done.

    How To Set A Due Date Reminder On iPhone

    To set up a due date, follow the procedure below.

    Step 1: Launch the Reminders app from your home screen.

    Step 2: Select the list you wish to a due date reminder.

    Step 3: Select an existing reminder by tapping it.

    Step 4: Tap the Info icon, it’s an ‘I’ enclosed in a circle, located in the top right corner of the screen.

    Step 5: Set or change the date and time of the alert b tapping Alarm. Do so by swiping the picker up and down.

    Step 6: Tap Done to complete the process.

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    Show Birthdays In Contacts And Calendar

    When you create a new contact on your device, whether you use the Contacts app or another method, you can add a birthday. So if you happen to know the date of birth for that person, you can add it to their contact card and have birthdays display in the Calendar app.

    Follow the same steps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

    1) Open Contacts and select the person whose birthday you want to add.

    2) Tap or click Edit.

    3) Select Add birthday on iOS and the birthdate field on Mac.

    4) Enter the month and date. You can enter the year if you like or leave it with dashes .

    5) Hit Done.

    Youll see your contacts birthday with the rest of their information on their card.

    While thats wonderful, its not helpful unless youre notified of their birthday. So, head to your Calendar app and turn on the birthday calendar.

    1) Open Calendar and display your calendars. On iOS, tap Calendars and on Mac, click the Calendar List button on the top left.

    2) Mark the option for Birthdays which appears under Other.

    You should then see your contacts birthdays show up on your calendar as all-day events.

    To set notifications for birthdays on iOS, open Settings> Calendar> Default Alert Times> Birthdays. On Mac, open Calendar> Preferences> Alerts. For Birthdays, choose when to receive the alert.

    Birthdays On iPhone iPad And Mac: How To Add And Enable Reminders

    How to Use Reminders on Your iPhone in iOS 7

    09/02/2020 by ALOK DAS

    It is impossible to remember everything and it is much more logical to write down a significant date and not forget about it than to rely on memory and miss an important holiday for a loved one or friend. Of course, you can assign this task to reminders on social networks, but its much more reliable to use the standard iOS and macOS tools. In this article we will tell you how to add birthday reminder to any contact on iPhone, iPad or Mac.

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    The proprietary Calendar application from Apple can track not only all your events and meetings, but also the birthdays of your beloved friends. But by default, this feature is turned off. How to enable it?

    The Calendar in iOS has a special, separate calendar for the birthdays of all your friends added to the iCloud Contacts application. It also stores similar information from friends on Facebook and contacts in Google, Microsoft, and similar sources.

    The calendar can not only show dates with birthdays. He will also notify you of how old your friends are, and will send you a reminder of this momentous event.

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    Use A Birthday Reminders App

    A birthday reminder app is an excellent way to keep track of all birthdays no matter who theyre for. One such app is Birthday Reminder & Countdown, developed by us here at iDB. It lets you connect to your Contacts, so youre covered for those birthdays youve already entered. Plus, you can add others not in your contacts, receive reminders, see a countdown to the date, and use a convenient Home Screen widget.

    To get started, download Birthday Reminder & Countdown from the App Store for free. Then, follow these simple steps.

    1) Youll be asked if you want to import birthdays from the Contacts app, which is the best way to begin. Tap Yes, or No if you prefer.

    2) Next, tap Yes if youd like to receive birthday notifications. Of course, you can select No and set it up later.

    3) Youll then see a list of contacts with birthdays if you chose Yes in Step 1.

    The list displays the name, age, birthdate, and number of days until their birthday. Tap a contact and you have a mini contact card with options to text, call, or email the person. You can also see notes and enable Custom Reminders just for that person. Tap Edit to adjust the other details if needed.

    To add a birthday, tap the plus sign and enter the details. You can optionally enable Save to Contacts which is convenient.

    To adjust the settings, tap the Settings icon. You can then adjust the reminders, show todays birthdays as an icon badge, enable dark mode, and more.

    Query And Automatically Notify The Contact Persons Birthday On The Lunar Calendar

    After the above settings are completed, you can check the national calendar and lunar birthday of the contact person through the iPhones built-in Calendar app, and even automatically push notifications on that day.

    First, open the Calendar App, click on the Calendar text at the bottom to confirm whether the Birthday is displayed, and finally click Finish in the upper right corner.

    You can use the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the calendar to directly enter the name of the contact person, and you can see when the birthdays on the Chinese calendar and the Chinese calendar are in the next two years.

    Even on the day, iPhone will automatically push notifications to notify someone of their birthday! Of course, you can also use the built-in message iMessage text animation special effects to congratulate you.

    You can even make an e-card through Canva, or choose an iPhone suitable for your elders, and dont forget to set up the elderly mode for your parents!

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    Create New Reminder On iPhone

    1. Open the Reminders App on your iPhone.

    2. In Reminder App, tap on the Today tab.

    3. On the next screen, tap on New Reminder.

    4. On New Reminder screen, type what you want to be Reminded about and tap on the details icon .

    5. On Details screen, enable Remind me on a day, Remind me at a time options and tap on Alarm.

    6. From the Alarm drop-down, select Date and Time at which you want the Reminder Alarm to trigger on your iPhone.

    6. Tap on Done to save this reminder on your iPhone.

    What Is The Best Birthday Reminder App On iPhone

    How To Set iPhone Birthday Reminders

    Birthday Reminder & Countdown is a nice and simple app for keeping track of upcoming birthdays. It lets you sync birthdays from your existing contacts and easily view whos having a birthday and when. Cost: Free with an in-app purchase for the Plus version which lets you remove ads and enable iCloud sync.

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    How To Add A Birthday To A Contact On Mac

    If you don’t have an iPhone, or you just want to add a birthday to a contact directly from your Mac , open the app Contacts .

    Find the contact you are interested in using the search form.

    If it doesn’t already exist, click the plus sign and select » New contact «.

    To add birthday information to the selected contact, press the button » Change »Or click the plus sign and select the item» Birthday «.

    In the countryside Birthday , enter the day, month, and year, and then click Finalize .

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