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How To Track Your Location On iPhone

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Can I Tell If Someone Is Tracking My iPhone

Your iPhone Is TRACKING Your Location

Usually yes, if someone is using the Find my Phone feature, it will display things on the iPhone screen indicating tracking. However, after many tests with the iOS 13 update, when tracked, the phone received no messages or indicators that it was being tracked. Unless the alert or Play Sound options were activated, there were no tracking notifications.

Find my iPhone is the gold standard when it comes to locating your lost iPhone. Heres how to use it to find your missing iPhone then track down your phones exact location.

How To Find Significant Locations List On iPhone

  • Open SETTINGS app
  • Scroll to the bottom, select SYSTEM SERVICES
  • At the bottom, youll see a tab for MY PLACES. Tap the location listed under the MY PLACES header.
  • Once youve done this, youll be presented with a list of significant locations, its a list of a lot of places youve been and/or regularly frequent. Click on one, say, your home town, and youll see minute details on hundreds of location points maybe more. Its pretty crazy.

    Now, this post isnt designed to have a dig at Apple. Rather, it is to highlight the kind of things your phone is doing without your knowledge. No one reads Apples T& Cs, despite the fact you REALLY should, so no one knows about this kind of stuff. And the fact that Significant Locations is buried seven-clicks deep in iOS tells you that Apple doesnt really want you to find it.

    OK, so how do you turn off significant locations on iPhone? Again, Apple makes this super-simple: just follow the above-noted steps and toggle the Significant Locations toggle to off. This will completely switch off the service, so you dont need to worry about it anymore.

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    Best Free Mobile Tracker Online In The World

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    Can You Even Track A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

    Well, the answer is short and simple- YES. There are many methods through which you can track anyones cell phone location very easily.

    Notably, while there are many ways to track a cell phone location, it is important that you do it without the other person knowing. This makes it a little tricky. However, with the ways I mention in this guide, it will be as easy as pie.

    I will give you many ways to track a cell phone location for free. Some of them are paid while others are free. With the paid ways, you will get so much more to do than just track a cell phones location.

    Without waiting any further, let us start the discussion with the best way to track a cell phone location without them knowing. So here it goes

    Solution : How To Track An iPhone Using Google Maps

    How to turn off location tracking on your iPhone or iPad

    Google always gathers information about your iPhone. Therefore, you can rely on Google Maps to track an iPhone anonymously.

    Step 1 Locate history.

    Step 2 Select today’s date from the calendar.

    Step 3 Check the last reported location and related updated time.

    Track an iPhone using google maps

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    What Do I Do If Someone Is Tracking My Phone

    If youre concerned theres someone tracking your device without your knowledge or consent, deciding what to do next can be difficult. Depending on who is tracking you and why will determine whether youd like to get your local law enforcement involved but for the purpose of our article you have two options.

    First, you can head to the Location Settings in your phone and toggle the applications location permissions off. Second, you can simply long-press the app and uninstall it. Both of these options mean the other person will no longer be able to track your location assuming theyre using a third-party app.

    If you suspect someone is checking your location using iCloud, change your password and be sure that your two-factor authentication is turned on and the contact information is up-to-date.

    How Do I Track / See Where I’ve Been On My iPhone

    How do I track / see where I’ve been on my iOS 7 or later iPhone?

    The location services feature on your iPhone allows location-based apps and websites to determine your location based on information from GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular and iBeacon networks. If you have location services enabled, your iPhone will keep track of places you have been, when you were there and how often you’ve been there. If you want to see this information, here is how you do it in iOS:

  • Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services.
  • Scroll all the way down and go to “System Services.”
  • Go to “Significant Locations” at the bottom.
  • Enter your passcode if prompted, or verify with Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Scroll down and you will see a “History” section that lists places you have been. If you tap on a location you can access more detailed information, including a map with more specific locations marked on it. Tapping on one of these will show you dates and times that you were there.
  • It is interesting to see where and when you’ve been to various places, but if you are uncomfortable with it you can always turn the service off by going to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services -> Significant Locations and toggling the switch at the top.

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    Why Should I Use Neatspy

    There are a lot of great benefits of using Neatspy Free Cell Phone Tracker. It is a completely legal software that you can use to monitor iPhone devices. Its used and trusted by over 1 million people from 190+ countries so its entirely trustworthy.

    Furthermore, it also comes with a no-jailbreak function, whereby you can monitor the target device even without having to physically access it.

    Once You Select Your Phone Options Will Appear

    How to turn off location services that track you on your iPhone so you can get back your Privacy!

    As soon as you select your device on the page, iCloud will begin to search for it. If the search is successful, you will see your device on a map, pinpointing its location. Before you sprint out the door to get it, there are some other options you should take a look at.

    Once you select your device you will have three additional options in addition to seeing your phones location. These options are playing a sound, activating Lost Mode and erasing the phone.

    Playing the sound is a great way to find your phone if you lost it somewhere around your house. If you click the option, an audio alert will go off on your phone which will hopefully help you find it. The alert will sound like a loud pinging noise alerting you that your phone is at home with you and not at the coffee shop you just visited. The sound will be activated whether or not your phone is on silent or vibrate, increasing your chances of finding it.

    When enabled, Lost Mode will lock your phone with a passcode and will display a message of your choice. This can either ensure it will be safe until you can find it, or will alert the thief what you expect of them and that you know where they are. This mode can also enable location services on your phone too.

    However, if things have gone too far and you think there is a very slim chance you will ever get your device back perhaps your phone has already crossed an international border the best course of action is to simply erase it.

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    Why You Should Stop This Hidden Location Tracking On Your iPhone


    Theres no such thing as absolute privacy or absolute security when it comes to electronic information. The best way to keep something secret is not to capture and store it in the first place. And thats the crux of the privacy versus convenience debate now redefining our applications and software-based services. Facebook and Google are usually painted as the main villains of the piece, with their huge tracking ecosystems that know more about your likes and dislikes than your closest friends and relatives. But its an endemic issue.

    Apple has anointed itself privacy protector-in-chief. The people who track on the internet know a lot more about you than if somebody’s looking in your window, a lot more, CEO Tim Cook said last year. And iOS 14 is a testament to its privacy-first approach. Just look at the battle between Apple and Facebook over ad tracking. Exploitation of our personal data has become a commodity traded between the worlds largest organisations.

    As ESET cyber guru Jake Moore warns, significant locations is one of those features hidden within the privacy section which many users tend not to be familiar with. I cannot think of a positive or useful reason why Apple would include this feature on any of their devices.

    Recover Your Lost iPhone: The Find My App Is Key

    Every single iOS device has Apple’s Find My service, formerly Find My iPhone, built into its system settings. The app is connected to and managed by your Apple ID. The moment you realize you’ve lost your phone, the first thing you should do is visit on a computer, open the Find My app on another Apple device you own or have a member of your Family Sharing group use the Find My app on one of their Apple devices. Alternatively, you can use the Find My app on another Apple device by signing in with your Apple ID.

    If accessing Find My via the website or on someone else’s device, it’s important to sign in to the same iCloud account linked to the lost iPhone. After signing in, click the All Devices option at the top of the screen, then select your phone from the list. The map will refresh, taking you to the current location of your phone. If the device has been turned off, the last known location will be shown.

    When viewing the device’s location, use the card in the top-right corner of the screen to play a sound, turn on Lost Mode or remotely erase your phone. Or in the Find My app, you can scroll down to find the same options, with the addition of turning on notifications for whenever the device is found if it goes offline.

    The Find My website makes it easy to track down your lost Apple devices.

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    Locate A Missing Device On Icloud

    If you don’t have another Apple device handy, you can visit your iCloud website to find your phone. Launch your browser and go to Sign in with your Apple ID and password. Click the icon for Find iPhone. Open the drop-down menu at the top that says All Devices and select your iPhone. You can then run the commands to play a sound, activate Lost Mode, or erase the device.

    How To Secretly Track Someones iPhone

    How to turn off location tracking on your iPhone or iPad

    In order to track an iPhone secretly, you just have to follow these three easy steps:

    Step 1: Register for a Spyine account and get a subscription plan for iPhones.

    Step 2: Verify the iCloud credentials of the iPhone that you wish to track. Spyine does not store these credentials on its server to protect your privacy, so these credentials are only known to you.

    Step 3: Click on the Start button. You will be taken to your dashboard.

    Your dashboard is the place where the magic happens. All the features of Spyine are available here on the left hand side. In order to use any feature, you just have to click on its tab.

    When you are thinking of tracking an iPhone location, you will find the following features to be helpful:

    Location Monitor:

    The location monitor gives you the live location of the target iPhone 24×7. You will also get to check out the recent locations of the device along with the timestamps.


    If you like location tracking, you will love geofencing. The geofencing feature lets you add boundaries on the devices location on the map. If the iPhone crosses these boundaries, you get an immediate alert about it.

    If you want to have a glimpse of these features and how they work, you can try out Spyines live demo totally free.

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    Share Location From Another Device

    Another thing that you can do is pick up someone elses phone and share their location as yours as a stationary location. This way, your location will remain intact from getting shared by iMessage and Find My App. This method will also send away the message that you are at another location.

    You dont always need to do it with someone elses device. If you have an iPad at work or office, you can do this through that device as well.

    In case some check where you are, they will get to see the location of your iPad and not your actual device. Even if your iPad doesnt have GPS and works on WiFi, your location will still be shared. Although this is not a full-proof step, for some, this could be close enough to solve the purpose.

    Heres what you need to do.

    Step 1: On the other device, click on the Settings option.

    Step 2: You will see your name appearing on the top click on that.

    Step 3: From the list, search for the Find My option and tap on that.

    Step 4: You will see the Use this iPhone as my location option, click on that, and you are done.

    Once you have done that, your iPad or whatever other device you are using will display its location to others. Also, it wont affect your location history, and neither there will be no gaps.

    Turn On Airplane Mode

    The fastest way to hide your location right away is by turning on the airplane mode feature. To do this, you will have to open the Control Center. Once done, tap the Airplane logo.

    Apply this method only when you are fine not using WiFi or a cellular network. Also, receiving calls or messages will be barred too. Once you are done visiting the location, and you are all set to share your location, all you will have to do is click on the Airplane mode again, and airplane mode will be disabled.

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    Additional Device Protection Steps

    Apple recommends all users update their software to the latest version of iOS for the best protection, as each iOS update includes security fixes to patch known vulnerabilities and flaws that can be exploited by malicious entities.

    If you suspect that someone has accessed your device and may have done something to it, Apple recommends restoring it to factory settings after a data backup. You can find instructions below:

    Make sure that only YOUR devices are associated with your Apple ID by opening up the Settings app and tapping your profile name. If you see a device that does not belong to you, tap it and choose “Remove From Account.”

    Protecting your iPhone is essential to preserving your privacy. Make sure that you have a passcode enabled and that Touch ID or Face ID are enabled depending on which device you’re using. You’ll also want to make sure that there are no alternate appearances set up under Face ID and no fingerprints that don’t belong to you under Touch ID.

    It’s also important to have a strong Apple ID password and to make sure that your Apple ID login and password are not shared with anyone. If you have shared your Apple ID and need to change the password, it’s simple to do, and no one can log into your Apple ID without your knowledge if two-factor authentication is enabled. There is never a need to share an Apple ID, and those who want to share apps or other information should instead use Family Sharing.

    Way # : Use Turepeoplesearch To Track iPhone Location By Phone Number

    How to Stop Location Tracking and Spying on Your iPhone (2021 Update)

    TruePeopleSearch is another reliable and trustworthy phone lookup service. The well designed and intuitive interface makes the phone number search easier.

    TruePeopleSearch will retrieve the owner name and approximate location. This will help you determine if a call is worth returning.

    Besides, you can also search for someone by name, address, and email address. The search results generate well-formatted reports quickly. This service can be used to screening creditors, telemarketers, and nasty friends.

    The best thing about TruePeopleSearch is its accuracy of data. You get a full refund if you receive wrongful reports.

    You may find this service expensive if you intend to run multiple background checks.

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