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How Much For An iPhone 10

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Wait What Is The iPhone Upgrade Program

iPhone X TRUE COST // How Much Is the iPhone X WORTH?

The iPhone Upgrade Program lets you switch to a new Apple phone after a year’s worth of payments. You’ll also get to enter your payment information before everyone else, which should help you breeze through Apple’s occasionally buggy iPhone preorder process. And as noted above, you get AppleCare+ coverage as part of the deal.

In exchange for all of this, you’re agreeing to a higher monthly payment. A 64GB iPhone X costs $49.91 per month for 24 months through the iPhone Upgrade Program. Otherwise, Apple offers the phone in monthly payments of $41.62 or $41.63, depending on which carrier you select. That extra $199 or so over the course of two years essentially covers the cost of AppleCare+ with the right to upgrade early thrown in.

The 256GB iPhone X costs $56.16 per month over 24 months when you get it through Apple’s upgrade program. Otherwise, the phone costs $47.87 or $47.88 depending on the carrier you select on Apple’s website.

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How Much Is The iPhone X Worth


On Swappa, the iPhone X is worth around $305. Compare these averages with the iPhone X trade-in values from Apple, Best Buy, and Gazelle and theres simply no contest. You always get the highest value for your old tech like the iPhone X when selling it directly to buyers on Swappa.

The crown jewel in Apples 2017 iPhone lineup, the iPhone X , was announced alongside the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The iPhone X wasnt officially available for purchase until November 3rd, giving the phone a late start. Pricing started at $999 and $1,149 , making it the most expensive iPhone ever at the time.

The iPhone X was succeeded by three new models in 2018 built upon the original X design: the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. This was also the year the iPhone X was discontinued , with the iPhone XS adopting the same physical body only with upgraded internal hardware. Because its no longer available from Apple, used iPhone X models remain in high demand. So dont trade in your iPhone X for peanuts sell it on Swappa and get top dollar instead.

How Much Is My iPhone Worth

Technology moves fast and if youre looking to get the most money for your old iPhone, the sooner you sell it the better. Whether youre looking to upgrade or get rid of an old iPhone youre no longer using, there are a few options you can use to get paid.

Although you could always use Apple Trade In to get store credit for your iPhone, like a used car dealership, you wont receive anywhere near your iPhones true resale value. Why receive peanuts for your used iPhone when selling your phone on Swappa can get you a lot more money?

Unlike trade-in services like EcoATM, SellCell, or Gazelle that flip your old phone for profit, Swappa lets you sell your iPhone directly to buyers, allowing you to pocket the full value of your old iPhone. Simply put: Swappa is the best way to get the true iPhone resale value.

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What About An Unlocked iPhone

Initially, Apple was only selling carrier-tied versions of the iPhone X, but as of today , you can now buy the phone unlocked from Apple. You’ll have to pay the full price upfront for an unlocked model either $999 for the 64GB version or $1,149 for the 256GB phone.

Even if you plan on using your new iPhone with either AT& T or T-Mobile, you may want to pick up the unlocked version of the iPhone X. That version uses a Qualcomm X16 modem, just like the iPhone X models tied to Verizon and Sprint. The iPhone X models from AT& T and T-Mobile use Intel’s XMM7480 modem.

Why is that a big deal? Studies indicate that Qualcomm’s modem delivers faster LTE speeds, particularly when the signal isn’t strong. If you’re going to pay $999 for a phone, you probably want the one that delivers the best performance.

How Much Is My Used iPhone 12 Pro Worth

How Much will iPhone X Cost in the Philippines?

The average resale price for a used iPhone 12 Pro is currently $610.94. By comparing, the best resale value you can get is $706.50 for the , while the models with more storage are $781.50 for 256GB, and $880.00 for 512GB.

For comparison, the top resale value for a 128GB iPhone 12 Pro Max is currently $826.75, with the higher storage models reaching $901.75 for 256GB and $971.75 for 512GB.


Based on current trends, we estimate that the 12 series will be supported by iOS from October 23rd, 2020, until around 2027. This means theres plenty of time before this phones unwanted by buyback stores and other private buyers.

Selling Apples iPhone 12 models privately is more lucrative with a third party than using carriers or Apple trade-in. Companies value an iPhone 12 by the network carrier, model, storage size, and condition. Second-hand iPhone values drop 16.70% the first year, 22.53% the next year, and 33.63% the third year after release.

The value of an iPhone 12 is currently peaking but will hold value well over the next few years.

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Butcheck The Sales Tax

While its traditionally cheaper to buy Apple products in the US, savvy consumers should do their due diligence

Across the board, Hungarians will end up paying the most for the iPhone X, while consumers in the US will pay the least. But Apple fans in the US looking to score a deal might think about a trip to Japan US prices do not include sales tax, which varies widely between states, and can add a significant amount to the final purchase price

In countries where the sales tax is the same in all areas, Apples prices typically include tax in the total amount. So, buying an iPhone X in Hungary in reality is a better deal than it appears because the price includes VAT.

Is Your iPhone Covered By Applecare+

If you have an AppleCare+ plan, you can use it to cover screen repair. AppleCare+ gives you expert technical support and hardware coverage from Apple, including accidental damage protection. Each incident of accidental damage is subject to a service fee or deductible, depending on your plan. If you don’t have an AppleCare+ plan, you’ll pay the out-of-warranty fee.

If your device is covered by AppleCare+ and you request onsite service, the additional onsite visit fee will be waived.

iPhone model

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How Much The iPhone X Costs When Compared To Samsung Galaxy

The latest Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone, the 64GB Galaxy Note8 costs about $960. It is about $40 less than the iPhone X, though still more expensive than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Other Android phones are available at a much lower price point, including the Motorola Moto G5 Plus, which is available for about $230.

How Long Will My iPhone Repair Take

How Much Does it Cost to Make an iPhone X?

The Apple Store and many of our Apple Authorized Service Providers offer same-day service for some repairs, such as screen repair. If you send your iPhone directly to an Apple Repair Center or if your technician needs to ship it for you, it will be ready for pickup in about 8-10 days.

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How Much Is An iPhone X Worth


As we previously mentioned, storage capacity plays a role in your iPhone X selling price. The device will have either 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of storage space.

The devices condition also determines the final price, but how much is an iPhone X worth under different circumstances? Here is an overview of various conditions and their meanings:

What do the conditions mean?

  • Mint Condition: The iPhone X will have no marks or scratches and will look brand new. It will also have excellent functionality, from the software to the power ports for charging.
  • Good Condition: The device will have minor cosmetic issues like a scratch or two but no significant problems. The device will power on and work correctly.
  • Cracked Screen/Case: A damaged iPhone X is one with significant cracks, chipped glass, or dents. However, all software and hardware components are fully functional.
  • Faulty: Faulty phones usually have exterior damage and power issues. They may also frequently freeze, crash, or malfunction in other ways.

A common misconception about trading in iPhones is that they must be in near-perfect condition to have some worth. This assumption isnt correct. While a mint condition 256GB phone will bring in more money than a 64GB iPhone X with a cracked screen, both phones still have value.


AT& T usually yields a high price for an unlocked iPhone X. Devices from T-Mobile and Verizon are also upper tier because their phones automatically unlock 60 days after purchasing.

How Much Is The iPhone 8 Worth


On Swappa, the iPhone 8 is currently averaging around $185, while the larger iPhone 8 Plus is currently averaging around $265. This, of course, varies depending on the size, condition, carrier, and storage capacity. Again, why would you want to trade in your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus with Apple, Best Buy, or Gazelle when you can double the money by selling it on Swappa?

In 2017, Apple made the surprising decision to drop the S moniker and jump a full number with the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Initial pricing started at $699 and $849 , with Apple dropping the price to $599 and $749 in September 2018.

Apple dropped the retail price of the iPhone 8 to $449 and $499 , while the iPhone 8 Plus dropped to $549 and $599 . The iPhone 8 256GB and iPhone 8 Plus 256GB models were both discontinued in September 2019, with the release of the iPhone 11, followed by all iPhone 8 models being discontinued in April 2020 with the release of the iPhone SE .

Of course, you can still find all iPhone 8 models for sale on Swappa where its one of the most popular phones sold in our marketplace. If youre looking to upgrade to a newer iPhone, nows a good time as ever to sell your iPhone 8 on Swappa and get more cash than if you traded it in at Apple.




On Swappa, first-generation iPhone SE prices start at $70 and go up depending on the condition, carrier, and storage size.

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iPhone Battery Replacement Pricing

These prices apply only to battery repairs made by Apple. Pricing offered by Apple Authorized Service Providers may vary.

iPhone model
$ 0 $ 65

We’ll add a $ 10.77 shipping fee if your repair requires shipping and isn’t covered under warranty or AppleCare+. All fees are in Canadian dollars and exclude local tax.

Can I Add More Storage

How much Apple

You can choose a model with more onboard storage, but Apple hasn’t included a slot for microSD cards on its phones and the iPhone X is no exception.

If you want storage beyond the 64GB or 256GB that comes with your phone, you can turn to iCloud. You automatically get 5GB of storage when you sign up for iCloud, and Apple gives you the option to add more cloud storage for a monthly fee.

Boosting your iCloud allotment to 50GB costs 99 cents per month. Apple also offers 200GB and 2TB options, which you can share with family members.

iCloud costs are optional, but if you think you’re going to need extra space to stash photos, music and other files, factor in that monthly cost to your iPhone expenses.

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Sell Your Used iPhone On Swappa For More Cash

Swappa is absolutely the best way to get the most money for your old iPhone no matter which model or storage configuration you own. This is because the Swappa Marketplace allows you to deal directly with buyers and pays you actual cash for your old iPhone. That means more money in your wallet that you can spend however you like.

Whether youre looking to upgrade to something newer, need money to pay off bills, or simply want to save for a rainy day Swappa helps you get the most money for your old iPhone. So why trade in your iPhone when you can sell it on Swappa and get more cash today?

A Phone For Everything: iPhone X 256gb

The iPhone X 256GB is a phone made for excessive storage and usage ranging from talking to text to gaming, apps, movies, and TV. The phone has many features to fulfill anyone’s needs in a cellphone.

What features are included in the iPhone X 256GB?

The iPhone X includes all of the Apple features it is known for such as iMessage, Music, FaceTime, the App Store, and iTunes. With its 256GB of storage, the phone is equipped to store a wide array of media and content. It can hold hundreds of apps, hundreds of videos, or thousands of pictures. The iPhone X also offers a 12-megapixel rear camera and 7-megapixel front camera with a Super Retina high-definition display. The iPhone X also includes FaceID and Apple Pay, both innovations by Apple to make using the phone safer and more convenient. The iPhone X is a customizable device with enough storage to allow the user to add and remove any apps they do or do not need, making their experience completely their own.

Is the iPhone X 256GB waterproof?

The iPhone X 256GB is waterproof up to a limit. When submerged in water up to 1 meter, or 3 feet, it should not see damage or stop working. The iPhone X 256GB is also dustproof up to 1 meter or 3 feet. This limitation applies for 30 minutes before the phone will need to be removed to prevent damage.

How big is the iPhone X 256GB?The iPhone X 256GB priceContent provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Apple.

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iPhone 12 Vs iPhone X Price And Availability

That longer upgrade cycle for modern smartphone users is a trend that was partially driven by the iPhone X. It was the first mainstream phone to push a $1,000 / £1,000 price tag, resulting in many users spending more but upgrading less often.

The X landed on November 3, 2017, with prices starting at $999 / £999 / AU$1,579 for the 64GB model. Bumping that up to 256GB would set you back $1,149 / £1,149 / AU$1,829.

Interestingly, this turned out to be one of the shortest-lived iPhone models in history. Apple discontinued the line less than a year after its launch, thanks to the arrival of the more affordable iPhone XR alongside the iPhone XS in 2018. Given its age and brief circulation, Youll struggle to find a brand new handset from third-party sellers.

The iPhone 12 became available to buy on October 23, 2020. Prices start from $799 / £799 / AU$1,349 for the 64GB model, moving up to $849 / £849 / AU$1,429 for 128GB and $949 / £949 / AU$1,599 for 256GB.

As this suggests, the iPhone 12 is actually the cheaper phone of the two if were going by launch RRPs. Apple would ultimately come to repackage the Xs premium offering under the Pro moniker.

What Does The iPhone X Cost

How much does the iPhone X actually cost Apple? | Top 10 iPhone manufacturing prices

The iPhone X starts at $999. For context, that’s $200 more than what Apple charges for an iPhone 8 Plus and $300 more than the iPhone 8. Among Apple’s leading competitors, you can get a Galaxy Note 8 for $950 from Samsung, a Pixel 2 XL for $849 from Google and an LG V30 starting at $800 depending on which carrier you turn to. In other words, the iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone out there.

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How Much Each iPhone X Model Costs

The iPhone X like the XR, XS, and XS Max is no longer sold in new condition by any retailer. But, you can buy it certified refurbished from Apple, which is the safest bet to guarantee the best condition.

However, if you prefer a cheaper option, the iPhone X is available refurbished or used from third-party sites.

Important: If you’re buying directly from Apple, all models are fully unlocked, meaning they will work with any cellular carrier. On Amazon and Best Buy, you’ll be able to buy the phones unlocked from any carrier, or from a specific carrier if you choose. Some other retailers may require you to register the device with your cell phone carrier. All prices listed below are for the unlocked versions.

Sell Your iPhone Yourself

If you want to put in the effort selling your phone yourself, youll probably be able to get notably more than any of these trade-in programs can offer. Selling your iPhone X on eBay, Swappa, Letgo, or Craigslist will almost certainly get you the most money in return for your used goods. You can read about more options for trading in and selling your iPhone X in our full ultimate guide.

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