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How To View Sd Card On iPhone

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Solution : Check If Sd Card Is Supported

Connect Memory Card, USB Drive, SD Card to iPhone, Android, Post Photos on Instagram

The camera adapters of Apple can import different media files from an SD card or a digital camera. But if the file format is not compatible with iOS, you will not be able to view it on your device. Thus, it is important to check if the SD card is supported or not. Some of the SD card and image transfer protocol includes:

  • Picture Transfer Protocol

Thus, check if the SD card is supported or not.

Connect A Usb Drive Or An Sd Card Reader

  • Attach the USB drive or SD card reader to the charging port on your iPhone using a compatible connector or adapter.

    You may need the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, or Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader .

    Note: A USB drive must have only a single data partition, and it must be formatted as FAT, FAT32, exFAT , or APFS. To change the formatting of a USB drive, use a Mac or PC.

  • Do any of the following:

  • Insert an SD memory card into a card reader: Dont force the card into the slot on the reader it fits only one way.

    Note: You can import photos and videos from the memory card directly to the Photos app. See Import photos and videos on iPhone.

  • View the contents of the drive or memory card: In a supported app , tap Browse at the bottom of the screen, then tap the name of the device below Locations. If you dont see Locations, tap Browse again at the bottom of the screen.

  • Disconnect the drive or card reader: Remove it from the charging port on iPhone.

  • Note: The Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter can be powered with a USB power adapter. This allows you to connect USB devices with higher power requirements, such as external hard drives, to iPhone.

    How To Import Photos From Camera / Sd Card To iPhone

    Want to transfer photos from a digital camera to iPhone? You can easily import photos and video from a digital camera or SD card to an iPhone with the help of an appropriate adapter and the super simple iOS Photos import procedure. This tutorial will walk through the steps to copy images and media from an SD card or camera to an iOS device.

    To be able to successfully transfer and import photos from a digital camera or SD card to the iPhone, you will need the following:

    Assuming you have those prerequisites met, youll be able to copy images from the digital camera or SD card to the iPhone. And in case you were wondering, yes all of this is the same on iPhone as it is on iPod touch and iPad, so long as the iOS device has a Lightning port.

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    Transfer From Sd Card To iPhone In Virtue Of Computer

    Except for iTunes, you can realize the transfer in another way – making use of computer. What does that mean? It means that you can first move your SD files to computer and then transfer the data from computer to iPhone. This method may sound a little bit complicated, but it is easy to operate since most users know how to transfer data from SD card to computer and from computer to iPhone.

    Now let’s see how to transfer from SD card to iPhone via computer:

    Step 1. Insert your SD card to a card reader and then insert the card reader to your computer.

    Step 2. Open the card reader on your desktop computer and find out the files that you want to transfer.

    Step 3. Create a new folder on your computer and go on to copy and paste the wanted files to the new folder.

    Step 4. Now you can connect your iPhone to computer via a USB cable and then move the data from computer to iPhone. To accomplish that, you can turn to some tools like iCloud Drive, Google Drive, email, AirDrop, etc. Let’s take Google Drive as an example here:

    – Login to Google Drive on your computer and select “New”> “File upload”/”Folder upload”.

    – Then you can select the files you want from computer and upload them to Google Drive.

    – When the uploading process ends, you can download, install and launch the Google Drive App on your iPhone and sign in with the same Gmail account.

    – Next, you can find out the files or folders that you have uploaded just now and download them to your mobile phone.

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    What Micros Sd Cards Are Best For The iPhone

    Connect Memory Card, USB Drive, SD Card to iPhone, Android ...

    Micro SD cards that are name-brand and have high read and write speeds that follow the speed class you require. Some professional photographers may require higher speed classes. This is also true for those that run 4k HD.

    Which is best will depends on the adapter and your personal needs, however a SD Card reader that has usb-c compatibility is best for adding an iPhone memory card.

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    Best Sd Card Reader For iPhone And iPad In 2021

    One thing that remains common throughout iPhones is the lack of an SD card slot. With large-sized images and videos, iPhones in-built memory often falls short, especially for photographers. Besides, if budget is a thing, you may even choose to go for an iPhone or iPad with lower memory. Thats where the SD card reader comes in handy! It doesnt cost a fortune and can help you seamlessly manage your vast data. Lets have a look at some of the best SD card readers for iPhones.

  • BoneView
  • How To Recover Lost Folder & Files

    You should think twice before deleting your photos and videos inside the folder. However, a lot of users said their DCIM photos are deleted mistakenly or all photos are lost suddenly & the iPhone DCIM folder empty. Can they recover the deleted DCIM folder or photos? Certainly, yes. You should get a reliable program like MiniTool Power Data Recovery to restore missing files from DCIM.

    Step 2. Connect your memory card that was used in the camera or phone to the PC.

    Step 3. Run the software after installation and select Removable Disk Drive in the left pane.

    Step 4. Look for your memory card in the right pane. Then, select it and press Scan. You can also double click on the card to start scanning it directly.

    Step 5. Wait for the scan and browse the photos found on your card.

    Step 6. Please check the DCIM folder or check the photos & pictures you want to recover one by one. You can select a photo and click Preview to determine whether its needed or not.

    Step 7. Click on the Save button and choose a storage path for the recovered DCIM folder or photos.

    Also, this software can help you recover files from a dead/corrupted/formatted memory card.


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    Force Clear Undetected Sd Card

    If you have tried everything but all are invalid, you may have to force clear the SD card and set it up again. Please note that you will lose all the files stored in the memory card, which could be permanent.

    • Step 1. Click on Start menu, type CMD, then right-click on Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator.
    • Step 2. In Command Prompt , type the following lines and hit Enter one by one.
    • diskpart
    • list disk
    • select disk #
    • attributes disk clear readonly
  • Step 3. When you see Disk attributes cleared successfully message, close Command Prompt.
  • Restart your computer, remove and reinsert the SD card, and check if the problem is solved.

    Bottom Line

    In this article, we list 8 methods for fixing SD card not showing up in Windows computers for various occasions. This annoying problem could be caused by different reasons, so you may try the solutions one by one, most of which have been proven to be helpful. Dont hesitate to share your experience with us in the comment so that more people will benefit from it.

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    How To View The Camera’s Dcim Folder

    How To Transfer Photos and Videos from SD Cards or Micro SD Cards to your iPhone or iPad

    There are two options available for viewing DCIM folder of your camera.

    One: Connect Your Camera to PC Directly

  • Find the cable that came with your camera.
  • Insert one end of the cable to the camera and then insert the other to the computer.
  • Wait for a few seconds and Windows will mount it as a new drive.
  • Open File Explorer and look for the camera drive.
  • Double click on it and youll see the DCIM folder.
  • Two: Connect the Camera’s Memory Card to the PC

  • Prepare an SD card reader.
  • Power off your camera and take the memory card out from it.
  • Insert the card into the card reader properly.
  • Connect the card reader to your computer via a USB port.
  • Repeat step 4 and step 5 mentioned in option one.
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    Best Sd Card Readers For iPhone& iPad To Transfer Media Files

    Disclosure: Mashtips is supported by its audience. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    iPhone SD Card Readers are to extend iPhone memory capacity with an external media card. There is no need to worry about the iPhones memory full error. These lightning SD card readers can use to transfer photos and videos from the camera to mobile phones. For photographers, these iPhone SD Card readers are an ideal solution. They can transfer pictures between the camera and the iPhone/iPad. iPhone memory cards are already in the market those are coming with Lighting Connector and Memory Card Slot.

    Here are some of the best iPhone SD Readers available to transfer files between Camera and iPhone or iPad.

    What To Do If The Fault Is A Corrupt Sd Card

    If you discover that the SD card is corrupt, format the card. Yes! You got that right. You can recover the files you have formatted from the SD card by using the expert Recoverit Data Recovery tool.

    Recoverit is a third party recovery tool that gets back files lost due to corrupt SD cards, formatted storage systems, and computers, files deletion, etc. With Recoverit, your different file formats can be recovered. Also, the tool can be used in both Mac iOS and Windows OS.

    To retrieve your files from the formatted SD card, follow these simple steps:

    Step 1: Connect SD Card to Computer with Card Reader for PC:

    Insert the SD card in a card reader that your PC supports, and plug it in to access the card.

    Step 2: Select the SD Card

    Open the SD card with the Recoverit tool, as the location where the scan for your formatted files should be conducted.

    Step 3: Scan the SD Card

    Step 4: Preview and Save

    View all the scanned and retrieved files, then click “Recover” and they will all be saved. Now you can eject your SD card reader and use your card on iPhone as usual.

    You may want to refer to this tutorial video

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    Apple Lightning To Sd Card Camera Reader Best Official Choice

    The lightning to SD card reader comes straight from the house of Apple. Hence, theres no way you should be concerned about its reliability and durability. It allows you to quickly transfer photos and videos and view them on your iPhone. Once connected, your device will instantly open the photos app to display your photos and videos.

    It offers data speeds up to USB 3 for JPEG and RAW files, along with SD and HD video formats, including H.264 and MPEG-4. Besides, it features premium quality that assures delivering unbiased transfer speed to smoothen your experience. The only drawback is that except for iPad Pro, all iPads will support the speed of USB 2.


    • Might have issues with iOS 13

    Price: $24.95

    How To View Dcim Folder Android

    Get More Memory And Better Battery Life For Your iPhone 5 ...

    You can connect the Android phone to the PC directly and view photos.

  • Use a micro-USB cable to connect your Android device to the computer.
  • Tap the Turn on USB Storage button on your Android device screen. Then, press OK or Mount to continue.
  • Open File Explorer on your PC . The easiest way to open is pressing Windows + E.
  • Look for the Devices with Removable Storage section in File Explorer.
  • The drive that stands for your Android device will show up there. Please double click on it to open.
  • Double click on the folder that is named DCIM.
  • Double click on the Camera folder to view all the photos/images/pictures and videos that are stored on the Android device connected to the PC currently.
  • Also, you can take out the memory card and connect it to your PC via card reader to view the pictures and videos.

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    Import Photos Using Apple Camera Adapters

    Learn how to import photos and videos from a digital camera or SD Card to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using Apple camera adapters.

    You can import photos and videos from an SD card, digital camera, or other supported accessory to your iOS device using one of these:

    • Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader
    • Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter
    • Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
    • Apple USB-C to SD Card Reader

    If you have an iPhone 5 or later, it needs iOS 9.2 or later. If you have an iPod touch or iPhone 4s, it needs iOS 9.3. If you’re using a Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, you need an iPad with iOS 9.3.

    Solution : Check If Sd Card Reader Is Defective

    The next thing you can do is to check if the SD card reader is defective. To check for sure whether or not the card reader is the source of your problem simply change the card reader. Sometimes card readers that are built-in devices need to be replaced and this might just be the case for your iPhone. After inserting your SD card in a different card reader, if it works, then there you have it.

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    Reinstall/update Sd Card Driver

    When you update Windows 10, it will automatically renew all device drivers. But if you still have problem with a device, it is still well worth a try to update or reinstall the driver. Heres how to update/reinstall driver to repair SD card not detected on Windows 10:

    • Step 1. Click Start and enter Device Manager. Select it from the results.
    • Step 2. Find your SD card and right click it, then select Update Driver.
    • Step 3. Select Search automatically for updated drive software. If there is no new driver, try to look for one on the manufacturers website and follow the installation wizard.
    • Step 4. If it doesnt work to update driver, just right click the device and select Uninstall. Then restart your computer, and Windows will reinstall the driver by itself.

    Sync Sd Card Files To iPhone With Itunes

    how to transfer photos to iphone using sd card reader 2020

    Speaking of transferring files from/to iPhone, iTunes is a tool that cannot be ignored. So when you try to move data from SD card to iPhone, you should first think of iTunes. This is also the simplest and directest way to perform and complete the SD card to iPhone transfer.

    Here is how to sync SD card files to iPhone with iTunes:

    Step 1. First of all, you need to disable the auto sync of your iTunes. Just run the iTunes on your computer and then go to “Edit”> “Preferences”> “Devices”> “Prevent iPads, iPhone and iPods from syncing automatically”.

    Step 2. Put the SD card containing your wanted files to a card reader and continue plugging the card reader into your computer. After that, you need to use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the same computer as well and iTunes will recognize it automatically.

    Step 3. After the recognition, you can tap on the “Phone” icon on iTunes.

    Step 4. Then go on to select the category containing the files that you want to transfer to iPhone, such as “Photos”.

    Step 5. Mark the “Sync Photos” option in the right panel and click the drop-down icon next to “Copy photos from”. When you get the drop-down menu, please select the option “Choose folder…” to choose the wanted files from SD card.

    Step 6. Once completing the selection, you can tap on “Apply” to begin the SD card to iPhone transfer.

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    Smartq Micro Sd Card Reader And Adapter

    Its a breeze to transfer images and videos to and from your iPhone and iPad with the SmartQ C628 Lightning to SD card reader. Its got a sturdy build and will last you a long time.

    Further, it offers transfer speeds up to USB 3 and supports all standard picture formats such as RAW or JPEG along with SD and HD video formats like H.264 and MPEG-4 for convenience.


    Anker Sd Card Reader: Get A Sd Card Slot On Your Laptop Or Pc

    Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

    If you dont want to buy an iPhone adapter for file transfers, you can just put an affordable SD card reader on your laptop or PC. In this way, you will quickly transfer the files you need from or to your phone through the Apple USB cord. This is a fantastic alternative for those of you who dont need to transfer files occasionally.The Anker reader is one of the most reliable, popular, and fast adapters on the market. However, all the SD card readers will work fine on laptops, PCs, or tablets . We suggest the Anker adapter for those of you who dont already own a card reader, as it includes all the essentials you will need.

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    A unique feature this reader includes is that it allows you to simultaneously read and write on two cards. Apart from that, the latest Anker reader has a breakneck 5Gbps transfer speed enabling high read and write speeds.

    Finally, Ankers adapter is compatible with all Windows and MAC OSX devices. Therefore, this is an intelligent alternative to an iPhone-specific adapter that allows you to transfer any file via your PC, laptop, or tablet.

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